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What bars are still doing weekly trivia? Just curious because a lot of places are still operating weird because of Covid.
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2021.09.21 03:30 Grellshusband Ok before I start I know many people have worse parents than mine, I’m not here to say my life is worse than yours.

So I’m a trans man from what I know, I am 13 and I’ve put 2 years of thought into this, I know I might not be sure but that’s what I know for now. Btw this is more of a rant than anything
I’ve come out to my parents 4 times I’m getting sick of being ignored, just at least TRY to call me Skye and he it really isn’t that hard, all my friends can do it and they are all 13 so it shouldn’t be hard for a two 40 year olds.
Nobody acknowledges that I’ve said I like girls and I’ve said that I’m a boy. I wouldn’t even care if my friends outed me at this point because my parents will just ignore it. I’m sick and tired of this bullshit.
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I don’t remember exactly what he did, but for example; turning her clock alarm off daily stuff like that.
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2021.09.21 03:30 Ifasogbon The creation story as shared by Chief Popoola

In the beginning that signified the end. It was the beginning of the beginning and the beginning of the end. It was the beginning of existence and the end of nothingness. It started in a sporadic but gradual manner. It started at a time that was timeless. It began in a form that was in itself without form. It started with a Being that cannot be described with any adequacy. This Being is neither a ‘he’ nor a ‘she’. The Being is neither human nor superhuman. It has neither flesh nor blood. It has no water. It exists in a body bthat is in itself without body. It is the universal spirit of the universe. That is the Being which started the universe from nothingness. It is not from the void as some people say, because void itself is something. The universe started from nothing, absolutely nothing. The universal spirit that began the universe is known and addressed as Akamara. In the corpus of Odu Ifa in Osa Gunleja (Osa Ogunda), Ifa states that there are five stages of the creation before existence in the universe, especially in the planet earth can reach the stage of perfection. It is the fifth stage of exsistence that is the ultimate. In this Odu, Ifa says:
Iri tu wili tu wili Iri tu wili tu wili Iri tu wili-wili Koo tu reke-reke Dia fun Origun Ti nloo s’eda ibu orun ati aye ni’gba ijinji Iri tu wili tu wili Iri tu wili tu wili Iri tu wili-wili Koo tu reke-reke Dia fun Olu-Iwaye Ti nloo p’ero si ibu orun ati aye in kutukutu owuro Iri tu wili tu wili Iri tu wili tu wili Iri tu wili-wili Koo tu reke-reke Dia fun Baba-Asemuegun-Sunwon Ti nloo yan ipa fun ibu orun ati aye ni’gba iwase Iri tu wili tu wili Iri tu wili tu wili Iri tu wili-wili Koo tu reke-reke Dia fun Olofin-Otete Ti yoo tuu iwa wa si’le aye Ni’jo to nloo gba ado iwa l’owo Olodumare Ni’jo ti won yoo tu iwa s’aye Horo eepe kan soso O wa di agbon eepe kan Agbon eepe kan lo da aye Iri tu wili tu wili La fi da aye Oun la bu da ile Ki ire susu o waa su piripiri Ire gbogbo wa d’asuwa Origun lo bi Olu-Iwaye Olu-Iwaye lo bi Baba Asemuegun-Sunwon Baba Asemuegun-Sunwon lo bi Olofin Otete Olofin Otete lo ru agbon eepe wa sile aye Olofin Otete gbe agbon eepe da Ile-Ife Ire gbogbo wa d’asuwa Sikan ni Mogun Agiriyan ni Morere eerun Asuwa ni Morere eeyan Asuwa da Aye Asuwa da Orun Asuwa da sile Asekun-Suwada ni’gba iwa a se Asekun-Suwada nigba iwa a gun Asuwada ni’gba iwa a ro Irun pe susu won gb’ori Irun agbon pe susu won a di ojontarigi Omi pe susu won a d’okun Odo pe susu won a d’osa Igi pe susu, won a di’gbo Eruwa pe susu, won a d’odan Irawo pe susu, won a gb’orun Agbon pe susu f’owo t’ile Ita pe susu bo’le Giri-giri o tan ni’le aladi Giri-giri o tan l’agiyan eerun Asuwa ni t’oyin Asuwa ni t’ado Asuwa l’eeran nhu ni’nu oko Asuwa ni ti osusu owo Asuwa l’eeran nhu ni’nu ahere Asuwa ni ti Elegiiri Opo eniyan tii la a pe l’ogun Asuwa laa b’odan Asuwa l’esu fii je’ko Asu opo suu laa ba yindinyindin ni’nu ile e won Asu opo suu laa ba yaya l’agiriyan Asuwa opo suu laa ba ikan ninu ogan Asuwa opo suu la ba ekunkun l’eti omi Asuwa opo suu laa ba labelabe l’odo Asuwa opo suu laa ba oore l’odo Asuwa opo suu laa ba lamilami Ewe adosusu kii duro l’oun nikan Asuwa opo suu laa ba ebe Asuwa opo suu laa ba Igi Erimi Asuwa opo suu laa ba eja egbele l’okun Asuwa opo suu laa ba egungun Akaraba egungun Bo ba si je l’odo Gbogbo eja ni te lee Alasuwada mo be o o Ki o ran iwa susu wa Ki o ko ire gbogbo wa ba mi o B’ori kan ba sunwon A ran Igba o Ori Origun-Aseda sunwon O ran mi B’ori kan sunwon A ran igba Ori mi to sunwon Lo ran yin Ori i yin to sunwon Lo ran mi B’ori kan ba sunwon A ran igba ​​​​​-Osa Ogunda
Translation May the dew burst out quickly May the dew burst out rapidly May the dew burst out continuously And be so vast throughout the expanse These were the declarations of Ifa for Origun When going to coordinate the creation the vast expanse of the Universe In the very dawn of time May the dew burst out quickly May the dew burst out rapidly May the dew burst out continuously And be so vast throughout the expanse It was also declared for Olu-Iwaye When going to sooth and pacify the hotness of the universe In the dawn of life May the dew burst out quickly May the dew burst out rapidly May the dew burst out continuously And be so vast throughout the expanse And also declared for Baba Asemuegun-Sunwon When going to assign roles and order To the vast expanse of the universe In the dawn of creation May the dew burst out quickly May the dew burst out rapidly May the dew burst out continuously And be so vast throughout the expanse And also declared for Olofin Otete Who would steer the boat of existence to the earth When he was going to collect the mini gourd of destiny of from Olodumare When the wanted to steer the boat of existence to the earth​ A grain of sand Metamorphosed into a basket full of sand A basket full of sand was used to create the earth Let the dew burst quickly That was the command used to create the universe It was also used to create the lands So that the cluster of goodness and wellbeing should gather henceforth All goodness and wellbeing then cluster in harmony Origun begot Olu-Iwaye Olu-Iwaye begot Baba Asemuegun-Sunwon Baba Asemuegun-Sunwon begot Olofin-Otete It was Olofin Otete who carried the basket of sand to the earth Olofin Otete created the land of Ife (for habitation) (Olofin Otete- A primordial name for Oduduwa) Indeed, all the goodness and wellbeing became cluster in harmony Sikan ni mogun (Sikan are tiny little insects cover Ogun shine) An anthill is the abode for emmets Groups of human beings cluster together The creations of the planets were manifest in clusters Likewise that of the heavens The totality of creations in cluster began since the beginning of time Human hair cluster together and situate on the head Human beard cluster together and turn thick and bushy Drops of water cluster together to become mighty seas Brooks cluster together to become lagoons Trees clump together to become forest Grasses clump together become a savannah land Stars cluster together and situate in heavens Hornets group together to reside on the wall of a house The red ants cluster together on the ground The nest of aladi insects is never bereft of occupants An anthill is never empty of emmets Bees cluster as swarms Ado cluster as swarms Eeran grasses grow in clumps in the farmhouse Elegiiri usually fly in flocks A large number of people moving together is an army Banyan plants are found in tufts Esu, locusts devour plants in plagues Maggots are found clustering together in their abode Yaya insects are equally found clustered in Anthill The white ants are found clustered in large anthill Ekunkun are also found clustered in the water Oore plants are found in clusters at the riverside Dragonflies move in plagues Adosusu plant does not grow in singles but in tufts A heap of earth for planting is seen in clusters Akaraba fish When it feeds in the water All other fishes go follow it in droves Lo, the maker of this perfect order, Alasuwada, I beseech you Please send a conglomerate of good essences And bring abundant blessings and ire to me If one Ori is good It will extend to 200 others The Ori of Origun the creator is blessed And it affects me positively If one Ori is blessed It extends to 200 others My Ori that is blessed Has affected you positively Your Ori that is blessed Has equally affected me positively If one Ori is blessed It will affect 200 others.
In this Odu Ifa explains the sequence of the creation of the universal as follows:
Stage 1: The emergence of Akamara in the universe and the dawn of life is shrouded in mystery. As soon as Akamara emerged according to Osa Gunleja, the first thing that Akamara created was a grain of sand. It blew its mighty breath into the grain of sand and it first of all developed into a basket of sand and from the basket of sand, hot gases in form of dews began to ooze out with a mighty explosion for uncountable period of time. The whole universe was engulfed in these gases and dews. There was no physical or liquid matter in exsistence at that period. The gasses and dews are integral parts of Akamara. The mightiness of the whole universe today is just the breath of Akamara. The implication of this is that as vast and mighty as the universe is, it is just an infinitesimal part of Akamara, the universal spirit of the universe, which came into being from the breath of this Being!
The second assignment was the creation of another universal Being which can be called a higher Irunmole to begin the process of coordinating the gases and dews as they ooze out to form the stars. This higher Irunmole is known as Origun. This was how the stars were created in various forms and sizes. The formation of stars which Origun was given the assignment to do continues up to this day. The expansion, solidification and formation of gases and dews into stars is a continuous process from the dawn of life up till today the assignment which Akamara gave to Origun continues without end. That was the work that was accomplished in stage 1.
Stage 2: The solidification of gases and dews into stars and other heavenly bodies brought about another development. It is discovered that this stars and other heavenly bodies were too hot and would not be able to accomplish the mission which Akamara designed them for. These stars needed to cool down from their ultra high temperature to a normal temperature. It was also realized that the stars would solidify much quickly if the temperature was lower. This was the reason why Akamara created another higher Being to cool down the temperature in the stars and other heavenly bodies, The name of this higher being is Olu-Iwaye Being a universal spirit, Olu-Iwaye succeeded in this assignment, thereby making it possible for the stars to solidify much quickly.
Stage 3: As soon as the stars and other heavenly bodies had been stabilized through the assignment being performed by Olu-Iwaye, the creation in the universe moved to the third stage. In this third stage, many things happened. The first thing was the creation of another super Irunmole called Baba Asemuegun Sunwon.
It was discovered that the stars and other heavenly bodies created at that time had no particular movement pattern. This made the stars to collide and crash into one another. The crashing resulted into mighty explosions. The function of this Irunmole was basically to make all the heavenly bodies to rotate in an anticlockwise manner in order to stop what Ifa calls “The war of the Stars”. When this was done, the stars and other heavenly bodies stopped crashing into each other. This facts was further buttressed in a stanza in Ogbe Ofun where Ifa says: Ota Agidi Gbongbo Agidi Agidi gbongbo ni je laarin apata Adifa fun Irawo saasaa Ti nse ologun lalade orun Kogun ma ja waa o Irawo saasaa Ogun o jorun
Translation The stubborn rock And the stubborn root It is the stubbornness of the root that enabled it to live in the midst of rock Ifa’s message for the Twinkling Stars Who were the warriors of heaven May we not be victims of war The Twinkling Stars There is no war in heaven
In this stanza, Ifa describes the stars as warriors of heaven. The assignment given to ed Baba Asemuegun Sunwon was to ensure that there was no war in heaven. That was the assignment that ed Baba Asemuegun Sunwon had been doing from time in memorial up till today. The anticlockwise rotational pattern that all stars and other heavenly bodies follow today are the handiwork of ed Baba Asemuegun Sunwon.
Baba Asemuegun Sunwon also created planets and other smaller heavenly bodies from the stars. That was how all the planets in the universe were created from the stars. This work of Baba Asemuegun Sunwon continues up till this present day. The implication of this is that the gases and dews continue to ooze out up till this present time. The cooling down and solidifying the gases and dews into becoming stars continue up till today. Forming planets and other smaller heavenly from the stars continue up till today. Just like the works of Origun and Olu-Iwaye, the assignment given to ed Baba Asemuegun Sunwon continues up till today. The assignments of these great higher Irunmole will continue ad infinitum.
In our own solar system, which is our own star, Baba Asemuegun Sunwon created seven planets in the beginning. The solar system, especially the planet earth, was handed over to a female higher Irunmole called Aye. (it should however be noted that Aye is not part of the 401 Irunmole who used to travel from heaven to earth and back to heaven). The planet earth was ‘the home of Aye’- meaning ‘Ile Aye’ and not ‘Aye’ as many people erroneously refer to it.
In order to service the solar system, Akamara created 801 Irunmole. The major assignment of these Irunmole is to see to the development, peace, harmony, progress, and sustainance of the solar system.
Aye was on the planet earth alone and lonely. This was the reason why Aye sought the service of one of the 801 Irunmole known then as ‘Forankun kan soso Owu’ whose name was later known as Orunmila to come and perform Ifa consultation for her. At this period in time, there was no such thing as Ikin, Opele or Iyerosun. As a matter of fact, there was no plant or animal on the planet. When Fonrankun kan soso Owu arrived, he told Aye to place her hand palm down on the ground. Doing this, the Odu Oyeku Logbe appeared on the ground. In this Odu, Ifa says:
Fonrankun kan soso owu Awo Aye lo dia fun Aye Aye nbe loun nikan soso girogiro Ebo ni won ni ko waa se
Translation Fonrankun kan sos owu The Awo of Aye, cast Ifa for Aye Wyen Aye was living a lonely life She was advised to offer ebo
Forankun kan soso owu, nay Orunmila told Aye that she asked for consultation because she was feeling lonely and without companion in her home. She was told that another Being which would be greater than her and even the 801 Irunmole who are assigned to take care of the solar system in general and the planet earth in particular would soon appear. She was advised to offer ebo. She complied. The content of the ebo material is not for this occassion.
The important thing about the ebo that was offered was that on the 303rd day, a Being, and almighty Being, emerged from the pot where the ebo materials were put. The pot was bringing forth rainbow throughout the 303 days. The power, the might, the force, the influence and the authority of this almighty Being was totally overwhelming. Both Aye and Forankun kan soso owu bowed their heads in supplication for this Being.
What is the name that this almighty Being would be called? The name was ‘Olodu-Ikoko ti ntan Osumare” meaning – ‘‘the owner of the pot that brings forth the rainbow light”. This name was later abreviated to Olodumare, the almighty Being.
As soon as Olodumare emerged on the scene, Ifa consultation was performed. Just as Aye, Olodumare placed his hand palm down on the ground and the Odu Idin Aisun (Odi Irosun) was revealed. In this Odu, Forankun kan soso owu explained that in the whole solar system, no being would command as much power, force, energy, authority, or influence as Olodumare. Forankun kan soso owu also stated that Olodumare would have no child and would not be able to sleep or doze even for a moment. In this Odu, Ifa says:
Olosun idi l’omode nda Omode kekere kii da Idin Aisun Idin Aisun Ifa kifa Dia fun Olodumare Agotun Oba a t’eni ola legelege f’ori s’apeji Ni kutukutu owuro Ebo ni won ni ko waa se Olorun nsunkun Omo araye sebi ojo lo ro Ekun omo l’Olorun nsun o
Olosun Idi is for the child Idin Aisun is not for a child Idin Aisun is a delicate Odu These were the declarations of Ifa to Olodumare Agotun He who spread the mat of honour over the sea In the dawn of time He was advised to offer ebo The Heaven weeps Human beings mistaken it for rainfall It is the issue of childlessness that the Heavens are crying over
This Odu made it clear that Olodumare cannot sleep and he cannot beget any child of his own. Instead of Olodumare to beget any child, he normally shed tears of rainfall that makes it possible for all the beings on earth to beget children and multiply.
Olodumare commanded the 801 Irunmole to his presence. He divided them into three groups – 200 Irunmole permanently on the right hand side of Olodumare; 200 permanently on his left hand side; and the remaining 401 travel back and forth from heaven to earth.
As soon as this was completed, the assignment of populating the planet earth began. Olodumare sent Ogun, the Irunmole in charge of metals and creativity, the matter architect, suveryor, planner and pathfinder to come from heaven to earth in order to make the world habitable. When Ogun was coming, he came with other Irunmole such as Ija and Osoosi. They brought plenty of wood and sticks from heaven to the planet earth. When they began their assignment, they had nothing to eat. Before long, hunger set in and they started to eat the wood and sticks that they brought. This could not sustain them at all because the wood and sticks proved to be inedible. This made them to return to heaven to report their failure to Olodumare.
Next, Olodumare sent Obatala to come and make the world habitable. Obatala brought plenty of water along. He also came with other Irunmole such as Alaaanu, Oloore, Sungbemi, Magbemiti, Losootoro, Eroko, and Larogbe. They began the work; but before long, they too realised that only water could not sustain them on the planet earth. They returned to Olodumare to report their failure.
After this, Olodumare sent Orunmila to come and make the planet earth habitable for other beings. When Orunmila was about to depart, he went for Ifa consultation in the home of a group of awo called Agba dudu Orimo. During Ifa consultation, Eji Ogbe was revealed. In this Odu Ifa says:
Agba dudu Orimo Dia fun Orunmila Baba nlo se ile aye Nigba ijinji Ni kutukutu owuro Ebo ni won ko waa se O gb’ebo o rubo
Translation Agba Dudu Orimo They cast Ifa for Orunmila When going to make the earth habitable In the very beginning At the dawn of time He was advised to offer ebo He complied
The group of Awo told Orunmila everything he would need to bring with him to have success on his mission. Some of the important items he was told to bring was seeds and food. They also told him to use the wood and the water that Ogun and Obatala had already brought. Orunmila offered his ebo and brought all the materials indicated by the group of Awo in heaven. Orunmila was successful in making the planet habitable for other beings. As a result of what happened at that particular point in time, Olodumare gave Ogun the name “Baba Jegi-jegi”, the wood eater; he gave Obatala the name “Baba Mumimumi”, the water drinker; and gave Orunmila the name “Baba Jeun-jeun”, the food eater. These acts still happen up till today. Whenever we wake up in the moning, we will wash our mouths with either chewing sticks or brushes. After this, we will rinse our mouthswith water. We will also take our baths with water. After this, we will eat our food. This is in recognition of the works done by Baba Jegi-jegi, Baba Mumi-mumi and Baba Jeun-jeun.
During this time period, only 6 pots existed on the planet in where water was located. Orunmila started cultivating the land and planted seeds. The first plant to germinate was a plant called Tete-Abalaye, which in Ifa is the most sacred plant in the world.
When the planet was ready and had water, plants, animals, etc. Olodumare sent to the planet some beings called Eniyan so that they could live with Aye permanently. These beings for a long time lived in harmony with Aye on the planet but as time passed they started destroying the planet and other planets. They were corrupted because of the extensive esoteric and spiritual powers that they possessed. Olodumare then became angry and after giving them many chances to change their character which they ignored, Olodumare finally decided to remove them all. This is when Olodumare ordered the waters that were underground in the world to rise and drown the Eniyan. The six pots later became the six oceans of the world. All the waters with Olokun and Olosa formed more than three quarters of the surface of the world. Many of the Eniyan tried to run away and save themselves. Some climbed to the highest mountains in the world, others hid themselves in caves, and others climbed into the holes of trees etc. Some of these Eniyan survived. In other words, not all of them died. And some of these Eniyan still live on the planet with us to this date.
Stage 4
The world was full of water and Olodumare decided to rebuild the planet. Olodumare decided to send Obatala again to make the planet habitable. Obatala accepted the job but failed to accomplish the assignment again. Olodumare then ordered an Irunmole called Olofin-Otete, also known as Oduduwa to make the planet habitable. Before starting the job, Olofin-Otete decided to consult Ifa with Orunmila before going to the planet. The Odu that was revealed was Okanran Ajagbule (Okanran Owonrin). In this Odu, Ifa says:
Okanran Ajagbule Onile lo l’aare Ajeji o m’ese ile e to Dia fun Oodua Nijo ti baba nr’aye omi Ebo ni won ni ko waa se O gbebo, o rubo
Translation Okanran Ajagbule The owner of the land is always right over the land A stranger knows now how to walk on the land This was the declaration of Ifa to Oodua (Oduduwa) When going to the earth that was covered with water He was advised to offer ebo He complied
He completed his ebo and followed all the instructions Orunmila gave him. Oduduwa rebuilt the planet, he used the basket of sand which Akamara used to create the universe, spread it over the water and the areas where he spread the sand to became solid earth again. He lowered the waters and grew the plants.
Meanwhile, Aye the owner of the planet in the solar system gave birth to a child called Ayin. Ayin turned out to be a worthless child. In the peak of his misbehaviour, he sold the solar system belonging to his mother to Oduduwa at an unbeliveably cheap and almost worthless price. He sold it in order to get the skull of an animal from Oduduwa! In Okanran Ajagbule, Ifa made it clear that the selling of the seven planets in the solar system to Oduduwa was the reason why two more planets were added to the solar system in order to complement the male energy in Oduduwa. A stanza in Okanran Ajagbule says:
Otito awo Aye Dia fun Aye Aye nsunkun oun o bi’mo Ni’wonran ola, ni’bi ojumo tii mo Ebo ni won ni ko waa se O gb’ebo, o ru’bo Igbati yoo bii O bi Ayin Eni to bi’mo to gbon Lo r’omo bi Eeyan to bi asiwere Lo p’adanu omo Dia fun Ayin Ti yoo ta’le fun Oodua Nitori akokoro ori eran gbigbe Ayin to ta’le ni won n le kiri Eyin o mo pe Ayintale omo lasan ni?
Translation Otito, the Truth, the Awo of Aye He cast Ifa for Aye When she was lamenting her inability to beget her own baby She was advised to offerebo She complied When she would give birth She begot Ayin Those who give birth to children endowed with wisdom They are the ones who have children Those who gave birth to fools They are the ones who lost the opportunity of having children These were the declarations of Ifa to Ayin Who would the lands to Oduduwa At the price of the skull of an animal Ayin who sold the land was the one being chased about Don’t you know that Ayin who sold the the lands was a worthless child
This was how the solar system increased from seven to nine planets. The name of the solar system still remains Ile Aye because Ayin sold the land to Oduduwa without Aye’s consent.
Olodumare then decided to create a different type of life called “Human Beings” which are also called Eniyan. (It is important to note that the first beings and us human beings are both spelt as Eniyan but the accents on the word Eniyan are different)
When it was time to create the first human beings, Olodumare did so all by himself. The first human being so created by Olodumare was named Ninibinini, or Eni-bi-eni, meaning ‘the one in our likeness’ who was a woman. The name was later adjusted to Ninibinini. In other words, the first human being created was a woman and not a man as some other scriptures indicate. Olodumare personally created this woman. Olodumare then brought this woman to earth by himself and passed her through Odo Aro and Odo Eje. He then handed this woman over to Oduduwa who had been given the assignment of populating the earth as wife. In between Oduduwa and Ninibinini, they gave birth to eight sets of twins making a total of 16 children. This was how creation on earth changed to procreation. It is not known for sure how many of these children were males and females but it is important to state that these first 16 chidlren have nothing to do with the first 16 Odu Ifa. They are different.
In a stanza in Oyeku Logbe, Ifa says:
Paa l’akisa n gbo Oodun ogede ni o fa ya paara-paara bi aso Dia fun Olodumare L’ojo to n gbe Ninibinini bo wa’ye Ebo ni won ni ko waa se O gb’ebo, o ru’bo To ba k’eni-k’ola dede K’aye Olufe o baje Omoniyorogbo a si t’aye Olufe se
Translation With ease does a rag tear A fresh banana lraf cannot tear into two like a cloth This was the declaration of Ifa to Olodumare On the day that he was carrying Ninibinini into the world He was advised to offer ebo He complied If it remains a day For the world of Olufe to spoil Omoniyorogbo will intervene and mend the worle of Olufe
As time passed on, these children began growing up and maturing and they began to look at each other in a sexual way because they were starting to go through puberty. One of the Irunmole called Omoniyorogbo noticed this and informed Olodumare about what was happening and in order to avoid incest (Because incest is a taboo in Ifa) Olodumare ordered Esu Odara, Ogun, Obatala, and Orunmila to create more human beings so that they couid procreate with the first 16 children. Esu Odara was in charge of supplying the sand which he got by returning to Akamara to carry the same basket of sand which Akamara used to create the universe, which was also used by Oduduwa to bring forth solid land on earth when it was flooded with water, Ogun was in charge of creating and oxidizing the bones of men and women. This is why men are known as Okunrin (Hard Iron) and women are known as Obinrin (Soft Iron). Obatala was in charge of molding the bodies of men and women and Orunmila was in charge of consulting Ifa during the whole process and supervising. Please see my new book, Ifa Dida; Vol 2 which came out today on the full story in Ogbe Ofun
The first human beings created from the sand by these Irunmole were black in color. These Irunmole created 2000 human beings using this sand. As time passed, Olodumare decided that 16 and 2000 human beings were not enough to cover the planet. So he ordered Esu, Ogun, Obatala and Orunmila to create more human beings. They accomplished this task, but this time, they decided not to use sand but parts of animals, plants, trees, birds etc. to create 2000 more human beings. They later created other groups which were yellow and then red in color.
After this process was finished, one of the members of Obatala group named Oluorogbo with the help of some of the other members of Obatala’s group decided to create even more human beings. They are the ones who created the white group.
It is also important to know that during the whole process of creating the black, yellow, red and white groups, one of the members of Obatala’s group named Edun Beleje (the Ape) who was very mischievious, is the one responsible for causing deformities of all types in human beings. Many blame Obatala for this but it wasn’t Obatala’s doing but the fault of Edun Beleje who was a member of Obatala’s group. The blame was put on Obatala because as we all know when the members of group does something wrong, the leader is always held responsible for what his members do.
It is also important to note that during this state the ground on the earth was united. In other words it was one, pangaea, and all human beings lived together during this period. But as the ground began to spread and break apart, the groups also began to separate.
Stage 5 We are still in the 4th stage but we are now moving into the 5th stage. Ifa says that during the 4th stage human beings will be doing almost the same things the first Eniyan (beings) did. In other words, we’ll be destroying the planet, we’re going to have many powers (technology), we are going to have many wars, many are going to die, and we are going to reach a stage where we will be forced to return to a more balanced and traditional way of living to save ourselves. Ifa says that not everyone is going to want to live traditionally but many others will do it.
WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO LIVE TRADITIONALLY? Answer: Living in the way our ancestors did. In other words, living in balance with nature and with everything on the planet. We need to stop wasting and using up all our natural resources in an ignorant but arrogant manner. We need to stop the abuse of our fellow man in all parts of the world. We need to stop using technology that destroys the environment and contaminates it. We need to stop wars. We need to stop destroying the natural environment, etc. We have to relearn to live in harmony with all that exist on the planet. We must live in a communal fashion where everything we do: our jobs, our relationships, how we make money, how we use technology, etc bring benefit, not only to the individual but the community.
WHAT IS CONSIDERED TO BE THE COMMUNITY? Answer: The community is everything that exists on the planet. In other words, its not only your neighborhood, your city, your region, Nigeria. The United State, Colombia, Europe, Asia etc. The community is the planet and everything that lives on it. It is taboo to do something that only brings benefit to the individual. Also, we need to start doing things that not only bring benefit to human beings but to the animal, plants, trees, birds, fish, the earth etc.
Ifa says that after all the chaos that will happen, those that survive will be more intelligent, wiser, and they will know how to use technology and our natural resources to maintain balance in the world. These people are going to have a philosophy of life that is more communal that individualistic. They are going to know how to work, not only with communities where human beings live, but with the communities of the fish, birds, plants.etc
That is the whole essence of Asuwada Eniyan Aboru Aboye.
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2021.09.21 03:30 sankalp_pateriya The Update is Dropping in 10 Hours And 31 Minutes From Now!

Read the title ^
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2021.09.21 03:30 RubyBoyYT Favorite scene from OG Spongebob!

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2021.09.21 03:30 malborocwn please 😊 I Will return

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2021.09.21 03:30 Entire_Property9242 My boyfriend talks to a girl at work that i dont like and feel uneasy about so please help!

My boyfriend and I met at work a year ago everything went perfectly fine until this summer this girl started working at out workplace. At first i really did not care about her talking to my boyfriend she seemed really sweet but lately i have noticed her clinging onto him a little too much and in a romantic way.
She is doing the most to the point where people ask me if we had broken up cuz she gives him too much attention. She has a boyfriend which is the most disturbing part and her current boyfriend was her bestfriend’s ex. He left her bestfriend to start dating her, so in my head i would say she loves to flirt with men in relationships for validation.
I talked to my boyfriend about her and all the things she had done that made me question her intentions, he said yes i have noticed it myself but still continues talking to her and i had a panic attack once at work because it made me sick how happy they both were and when i bring her up he calls me a jealous person and gets all defensive.
He promised to not talk to her but i have caught him multiple times talking to her behind my back and that is when he stops so what is stopping him is my presence not respecting the relationship.
I already have mental health problems and this is ruining our relationship and my mental health so bad. He is even very controlling i am not allowed to talk to any boy at work which i used to do before everybody at work knew me and talked to me and he said my “popularity” was too overwhelming for him so I respected him , of course it took me time to stop talking to the guys at work but in the end i actually stopped, i barely have any male friends left on any social media account too.
But when i tell him to stop talking to this one girl he is struggling and still talking to her behind my back. I really need help cuz its bothering me a lot and my work life.
Thank you a lot for reading and sorry for my grammar english is not my mother tongue!
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2021.09.21 03:30 Silent-Yandere You get to change 1 in society that is a permanent what is it and why?

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2021.09.21 03:30 mikeydangerous What would you give for a more balanced game?

Get rid of the meta and the game-breaking toons and have a game where almost all the toons are viable and it's actually a matter of strategy. Do you actually want that?
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2021.09.21 03:30 actariaa Where do you get your groceries?

The closest store near me is the expensive af Market of Choice. I have no car and every other grocery store is a 30 minute bus ride away. I’m considering signing up for getting groceries delivered from Safeway or Albertsons since it’s just a flat monthly subscription for shipping. What do y’all do?
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2021.09.21 03:30 Drutaru Pre Order Bonus Question! Steam vs Amazon.

Hey guys,
Had a question in regards to New Worlds Pre Order Bonus Set.
Will we get the Pre Order set if we Pre Order on Steam as well , or just directly through Amazon?
Thanks guys!
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2021.09.21 03:30 JRSelf00 I am safe!

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2021.09.21 03:30 stephan_aswan People with tattoos specifically made for kids to color in, how have those worked out?

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2021.09.21 03:30 ShirohigeJP Trading Card Offer

Hi fellow Witchers, currently I’m in search of the Triss Trading Card on Steam, I can exchange it for an extra Eredin Trading Card that I currently have. So if someone is interested in trading, please send me a private message and I’ll send you my friend code of steam.
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2021.09.21 03:30 47Silver47 .999 Fine Silver. Keep Buying Folks. Buy all the way to $20.00; if that even happens.

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2021.09.21 03:30 llamango Anyone else who enjoys this particular spirit

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2021.09.21 03:30 scienceGPT2Bot Study: Most people in developed countries would be better off if they were healthy, rich and happy - "the study reveals a paradox: the happier in life people are, the more they suffer from common mental health problems and lower life satisfaction."

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