It’s a full moon tonight 👀🌕

2021.09.21 04:51 freedom_fruit It’s a full moon tonight 👀🌕

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2021.09.21 04:51 GothikaXenon Fresh TV vs Networks; plus Viewer Reviews

I want to know people’s perspectives on the Fresh TV vs Networks topic.
What are your pros and cons on Fresh TV’s ideas and the networks’ ideas?
Whose ideas do you agree with and how do you think Fresh TV could improve their productions?
From my perspective, I prefer Fresh TV’s original concepts for specific reasons. Cartoon Network and Teletoon ruined Total Drama with a lot of undesirable alterations and they are continuing to take away Fresh TV’s creative rights.
I think the pros from Fresh TV are the creators preferring their original plans (even though they are forced to obey networks) and them regretting some of their mistakes. For the cons, they are refusing to depart from Cartoon Network and are continuing to please the networks instead of listening to the majority of fans.
I believe there were no pros and only cons from the networks because they always seem to favor money over moral and don’t care about Fresh TV or viewer reception.
A possible ways I think Fresh TV could improve their media would be to close contracts with Cartoon Network and Teletoon and to move to a streaming service that doesn’t force executive meddling. I would like Fresh TV to restore the TD characters’ original personalities and bring back the intended concepts. Maybe they could also bring back the talented staff who were fired by networks.
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2021.09.21 04:51 MaeSolug Something similar to Wild Castle? Defense game where you have to protect a side instead of the enemies following a certain path. I like it, but WC is grindy af

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2021.09.21 04:51 inebriatedferret Onewheel XR 4210 - Turning on by itself

My board has been turning itself on... I keep it unplugged in my closet and I'll wake up at like 3 am with a light shining from my closet door... I bought it new so it shouldn't be haunted or anything... I haven't used it in a while, is it trying to guilt me? but serioudsly it keeps turning on by itself like every night
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2021.09.21 04:51 hnet74 used this frame to commute in Chicago last year. now building it up RIGHT to be the beauty queen of the local sscx scene 👑

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2021.09.21 04:51 AlternativeMap8615 Dw young buck I remember when I used to not score😎..... 😔I still don’t..

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2021.09.21 04:51 Sikh_Sophists2020 A Rebuttal to Brown Boxer Brigade-A history which never existed.

This picture is a critical piece of evidence. It is also nightmarish as well for our bleeding heart clowns with their “democracy will never fall” and “we fart rainbows” line as well as RSS supporters. Featured in the centre of the picture is Master Tara Singh, on his extreme left is Jathedar Udham Singh Nagoke and on his immediate left is Jathedar Ishar Singh Majhail. On his extreme right is General Mohan Singh and on his immediate right is Jathedar Darshan Singh Pheruman.
This picture was taken in early 1947. Around this time, it had become evident that the British would leave the subcontinent to its fate and that rather than dividing Hyderabad and modern-day Bangladesh into India and Pakistan, they would do the sundering along the Punjab. The Muslim League had already announced it would purge the Punjab of all Sikhs and Hindus because it wanted the region undivided. The Hindus couldn’t care less though a few Punjabi Hindu leaders succeeded in whipping up a communal frenzy against the Muslims. The Sikhs presented two alternatives: no partition or a three-way partition with a Sikh nation formed. Obviously, the problem was that the Sikhs retained no majority in either district other than a few areas in current day Punjab. Intelligence Chief Petrie had suggested nearly a decade prior that the Sikhs be forced into moving en-masse to areas where they could form enough of a majority for independent nationhood. The plan had come to naught given that the Sikhs themselves proved tactless.
On 28th of February 1947 Master Tara Singh presided over a meeting of 2,000 Akalis. Over the previous few months Sikhs in Amritsar had purchased guns and swords en-masse and prepared themselves for the eventual battle which was on the horizon. The Amritsar battalion of Akalis was named the Akal Dal and placed under the command of Jathedar Udham Singh Nagoke who ringed Darbar Sahib and fortified portions of it. Of course, there were many Sikhs who argued, “why do we need weapons in a democracy Ji; British democracy cannot fall Ji” and likewise. My grandfather told me that he witnessed the Jathedar reply “if I was raping a woman or destroying a house on the strength of my weapons than tell me what you are saying now. If not, then wait patiently to get killed like cowards. I will go out like a Sikh.”
On the 1st of March, Amritsar became tense as reports filtered in of violence in and around Lahore. On the 2nd, an emotional Master Tara Singh-in retaliation against Muslim violence directed against Sikhs-roared his famous death to Pakistan slogan. On the third the violence in Lahore escalated. On the evening of the same day, British reports noted, that Sikh Jathas incited a gruesome retaliatory bout of violence against Muslims in Amritsar who themselves were in preparation for something major. On the 4th reports filtered in that since late ’46, the Muslim League had been preparing for a massacre of Sikhs in Amritsar. Periodic bouts of violence broke out with Sikh women being gangraped and children being set aflame. The Sikhs retaliated in the same vein. The on the 5th of March at 4pm all hell broke loose. Thousands upon thousands of Muslim belligerents poured into Amritsar and war was on.
Jathedar Udham Singh Nagoke, armed with a sword and pistol, led his men in charge after bloody charge to open by-lanes to allow Sikh non-combatants to reach the fortified Darbar Sahib and seek shelter within. Guns, even grenades, and swords rent flesh and heads as the Akal Dal and Shahidi Jathas gave as good an account of themselves as they got. It would only be in early April that Amritsar’s mini war would be carried by the Sikhs and Amritsar prevented from becoming a part of Pakistan.
British, Indian, and Pakistani reports would all impugn the Sikhs as being responsible for the violence in Amritsar. The Sikhs took this to be a recognition of their effective strategy. Survivors would record the Sikh nature of all Akal Dal fighters; their Sikh war cries and proficient Punjabi. Members would later be identified by media personalities and even medical staff given the Dal’s conspicuousness.
Then in the 90’s the RSS would publish a book called ‘The Fiery Saga of the RSS.’ This book claims:
(a) Sikhs left Amritsar for Hola-Mohalla which falls on the 18th of March.
(b) That seventy-five RSS Hindus defended the entire Darbar Sahib from a mob over 40,000 strong.
(c) That a few Sikh sevadaars joined them while others ran away.
(d) Some Brigadier-General G.S. Singh was the lone man defending the Darbar Sahib and the 75 Sanghis helped him.
We are well aware that re-writing history is a fixation of what Huxley calls the enslaved races i.e. races who feel they have nothing to be proud of. Let us look at the book’s claims once again. We are grateful to Retired Brigadier General Rupinder Singh Dhillon (Operation Cactus) for the information.
Point a: This claim is entirely false as newspapers of the time noted that throughout undivided India much restraint was in the air and the question of Punjab had unsettled many Muslims and Sikhs. Notice was taken by authorities of the fact that not many Sikhs had arrived at Anandpur to prepare for Hola Mohalla. This lent credible dimensions to their fears that the Sikhs were planning an ethnic cleansing of Muslims from Amritsar and other Sikh majority areas in retaliation for Muslim League violence.
Point b: There are now over 20,000 various accounts on social media claiming that these 75 were their grandfathers. It seems that these grandfathers’ sexual virility was such that they sired over 20,000 descendants between them in the span of near two generations. But, as noted by the Brigadier, the names of these 75 are fabricated and the addresses provided in the book are also falsified. These can be checked against Amritsar municipal records 1947.
Point c: Based on intelligence reports of over 2,000 Sikhs fortifying the Darbar Sahib to defend it, this is a piece of fiction worthy of the greatest Sanghi intellect.
Point d: The first Brigade to be posted to Amritsar was in 1948 and not in 1947. Indian Army Rolls (Army Records Division, Meerut) hold no record of any Brigadier G.S. Singh in service at the time commanding even a Battalion, let alone a Brigade. The first Brigadier based in Amritsar post-independence was Brigadier General M.S. Chopra. Upon further inquiry it is revealed that the book claims that in December 1947 Brigadier G.S. Singh publicly feted out the RSS. Incredibly enough, he is later said to be made Quarter-Master General of the Indian Armed forces. There is no mention of such a Quarter-Master General ever in Indian Army Records. Sanghi duplicity has seen them misappropriate Brigadier-General Gurbachan Singh of the Remount Veterinary Services (RVS) who was based at Indian Army Headquarters as a Veterinarian in New Delhi from October 1947 to November 1947 and transform him into some super soldier to claim brownie points.
The real hero, the true hero of the Battle of Amritsar 1947 was Jathedar Udham Singh Nagoke and none other. Definitely not tongue polishers of British boots.
See Less
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2021.09.21 04:51 Los-Angeles-Diamond I make poems the way I bake cakes

I make poems the way I bake cakes I don’t I can’t create. I follow the recipe Yet, Its a catastrophe. I try again, It’s to dry, I try again It’s to sugary. What am I missing. By blood boils, My lips thin At last I am able to make I open the oven It’s not perfect But I’m satisfied. I make poems the way I bake cakes.
Please critique this is my first poem. It’s for my 7th grade English class. I know it’s sucks but what am I missing? Should I just delete this poem and create a new one??
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2021.09.21 04:51 Yaass97 Ios 15

Do you think AirPods reps will work on ios 15 without any trouble ?
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2021.09.21 04:51 Pastlactose3213141 What Is Up With The Cummy Bot?

Why's it always downvoted? The website it sends you to is marked as a dangerous website by some anti-virus softwares too... Is it an official bot for this sub? Why's it getting downvoted? Is the website it links to dangerous?
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2021.09.21 04:51 Rexor87 Kvk 2 pairing

Need advice on my paring. I’m more of a cav player. Planning to get 5 team out for war.
Khan (Max) Saladin (5553) Mina (Max) Caocao (5553) Martel (5552) Ysg (Max) El cid (5551) Alethafled (Max) Richard (5511) Alex (5311) All epic maxed
For far my team now is:
Khan/Saladin Mina/Cao Martel/sun Ysg/el cid Alethafled/joan
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2021.09.21 04:51 CabelTheRed Happy National Rum Punch Day!

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2021.09.21 04:51 suewhxjrjsucjedicod Im making a rocket luague arena im minecraft (survival bedrock). Im not done, but the crowd area is a HUGE pain to make.

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2021.09.21 04:51 herbschmoaka What do you call someone who is ignorant and apathetic?

I don't know, and I don't care...
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2021.09.21 04:51 DrNic714 How embarrassing. This is the leader of our third largest political party begging for votes on election day. Would the US please just annex us already? The Russians are already trying...

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2021.09.21 04:51 Expert-Brain7258 This may be not be related to the subreddit but I still need it answered.

I've been debating with myself whether to get a headset or to get headphones and a microphone separately. And if you recommend, can the budget be 100 bucks or less. Cheaper would be better though.
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2021.09.21 04:51 labolarueda New to this… did I make a big or little mistake?

I fed starter this AM and let sit for 3 hours, then fed it more and accidentally let it sit out for 7 hours instead of the recommended 4 hours. It didn’t float in water if that means anything. Smelt okay though. I went ahead and mixed all the stuff for the bread and am planning on letting it sit in fridge overnight for cooking tomorrow but I’m just curious if the starter left out screwed this batch or what? Thanks! 🙏
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2021.09.21 04:51 not2dv8 Dozens of painful kidney stones

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2021.09.21 04:51 Silguard Hardy/Coral Aloe. Started dropping and turning white. Not sure if this is mildew or something else/how to make it go away. Appreciate any feedback 🙏

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2021.09.21 04:51 strawberrrypancakes 21 F with my best friend wondering if you’d like to join a group chat

pm me about yourself and we can make a friend making community:) please be over 18!!
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2021.09.21 04:51 ru701002 Samples to try?

I'm located in Canada (Montreal specifically) and I'm wondering if there is a way to get samples of some disposable menstrual discs to try. I'm struggling with the cup and the discs look slimmer, but I don't want to pay $40 before I'm sure that it'll work out at least to some degree.
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2021.09.21 04:51 Satanslolipet finally ended up buying a laptop to use for work and gaming. not quite the performance i expected. any suggestions for next time?

I bought a 14 inch HP with a ryzen r3 3250u with vega 3 graphics for $300.
And yeah seems vega 3 isnt that good, and the 4 gigs if ram and dual core cpu probably dont help. im only able to get like 34fps on the low preset. I was hoping at least a semi stable 60 on low but since its only really for a mobile setup its fine.
If you know any laptops that are around the $300 price point and can get higher than this laptop then im sure others might like to know.
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2021.09.21 04:51 Own_Citron_9718 Day 4

I couldn't sleep untill 3am in the morning. Is this happen when we try to stop porn?
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2021.09.21 04:51 WannaBeMechanic_666 What is your favorite cactus species and why?

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2021.09.21 04:51 beebandaid how do you make your sandwiches?

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