Albums Survivor Day 18

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2021.09.21 05:06 usernamealreadytak25 Albums Survivor Day 18

With 30.30% of 33 votes, "Off to See the Lizard" is our next album out.
This album has a few great songs and a lot of crap. "The Pascagoula Run" is fun and danceable, with a great singalong, a great message, and it's the perfect set opener. "Off to See the Lizard", a song about looking for adventure despite the absurdity of life, has a great reggae beat, quick witted lyrics and a catchy melody. "Gravity Storm" is nonsensical but a damn fun song if there ever was one. "Take Another Road" is an inspiring song leaving behind the material world for adventure in the natural world despite the risk, a spiritual sequel to "Cowboy in the Jungle", this time a cowboy on the beach. "Changing Channels" is the album's closer, an ethereal acoustic ballad about a woman who breaks her family's history of being "basket cases" so seek peace on the islands. It's paradoxical: the Gringos who inhabit the island have all broken patterns to leave the urban, materialistic world to get there, but if they've all been there for generations, they're still keeping patterns from generation to generation. It's a beautiful song about being an agent in your own life, and finding freedom amongst those who've done the same. Then there's the crap. Like "Carnival World", the embarrasingly bad song that would still be terrible even without its unlistenable 80's arrangement, about con men and drug dealers. There's many more embarrassingly bad songs like "That's My Story and I'm Stickin' to It" about white lies; a fake deep philosophical song, "Why the Things We Do", that comes up empty; "Boomerang Love, the gimmicky love song that Jimmy dares to play straight; "Strange Bird", a cringeworthy novelty song, about seaplanes flying around the Caribbean; "I Wish Lunch Could Last Forever", another cringeworthy lunchtime love affair song Jimmy dared to present as a serious song, and the jazzy "Mermaid in the Night", a misogynistic song about spotting a naked woman on the beach that did not age well. This album has some gems, but overall, it's pretty terrible, and it would have been one of my least favorites. But alas, democracy rules!

  1. A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean
  2. Living and Dying in 3/4 Time
  3. A1A
  4. Havana Daydreaming
  5. Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes
  6. Son of a Son of a Sailor
  7. Volcano
  8. Coconut Telegraph
  9. One Particular Harbor
  10. Last Mango in Paris
  11. Floridays
  12. Fruitcakes
  13. Barometer Soup
  14. Banana Wind
  15. Far Side of the World
  1. Off to See the Lizard
  2. Riddles in the Sand
  3. Take the Weather With You
  4. Somewhere Over China
  5. Life on the Flip Side
  6. Songs You Don’t Know By Heart
  7. Hot Water
  8. License to Chill
  9. Beach House on the Moon
  10. Buffett Hotel
  11. Don’t Stop the Carnival
  12. Songs from St Somewhere
  13. High Cumberland Jubilee
  14. Down to Earth
  15. Christmas Island
  16. Tis the Season
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2021.09.21 05:06 WhatTheHotDogNFT 10 NFTs in twitter, link in comments

10 NFTs in twitter, link in comments
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2021.09.21 05:06 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 05:06 urmanss Stretching part of a sample in Fruity Slicer?

I'm trying to sample an ost and it hits this one trumpet note I love, but it's too short in the original song. How can I make the note longer?
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2021.09.21 05:06 HarryRichard2069 Georgia

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2021.09.21 05:06 Inevitable_Net_5312 Ew

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2021.09.21 05:06 TheN3rdW0rd Late Night Lofi Vibes | Destiny 2

Late Night Lofi Vibes | Destiny 2: <3
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2021.09.21 05:06 jaysharpesquire IF WE ALL agree this is better than the studio cut... Then what other SP treasures can we add as being even better than the recording??

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2021.09.21 05:06 sakiswaggger He’s gonna stop at 808 followers because he’s gonna drop 808s & Heartbreak pt 2

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2021.09.21 05:06 swarthout21 [WTS] BNIB EOTECH EXPS3-0 (CA)

Howdy folks! What we have here is a brand in box Eotech EXPS3-0. This was an impulse buy for me and I love my giraffe neck T2 setup so this has got to go. I am asking $600OBRO of your hard earned dollars for this bad b. Not taking trades at this time! Appreciate y’all’s time. Cheers 🍻
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2021.09.21 05:06 Progress_8 Is Texas following El Salvador?

There is a significant portion of Texans that have an interest in Crypto. It is the beginning of evolution and this is within the USA. Flexa Network with its AMP collateral is already implemented in El Salvador. AMP is the collateral power that gives Flexa the ability to have the Guaranteed settlement with the merchants. The utilization of Flexa with AMP is the most logical and fraud-proof way for crypto payments!
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2021.09.21 05:06 ryn69076 Shaving profile

I am currently in the national guard as a SSG coming up on 9 years TIS. I have my masters degree and have been getting a lot of push from recruiters and mentors to pursue OCS. My issue is I have had a bad skin problem going back to high school with acne and bumps. Shaving terrorizes my face no matter the things I try. I want to pursue ocs but I have a permanent shaving profile and most people I’ve talked too only say they have never seen it, not that it’s not authorized. Does anyone have any regulations or information on this?
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2021.09.21 05:06 anonymouslawyer101 Sales lately

How’s everyone’s sales doing lately? Friday traffic had randomly picked up after I posted twice that week. Nothing since. Hoping sales pick up soon! Thoughts?
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2021.09.21 05:06 aaksmach4 Any side effects from Sputnik?

Hello, I tried looking through this subreddit and the Covid mega thread but didn't find anything or maybe didn't look properly, but I wanted to ask if anyone here has gotten Sputnik and what has their experience been like? Thank you.
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2021.09.21 05:06 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 05:06 Ghostwolfking Kekkei genkai like Shikotsumyaku?

Thinking on how we only saw two examples of kekkei genkai that could drastically alter the human body, what other kinds of kekkei genkai like that would there be in the Narutoverse? Instead of the basic elemental ones
Kimimaro could manipulate his bones, Sakon/Ukon could divide/fuse/clone their cells - Juugo's abilities aren't classed as kekkei genkai so I won't include that - but there's plenty of other body parts to choose from. I've just never been sure which ones would work.
Blood is the most obvious candidate. It's easy to see how it could be implemented into techniques, and there are almost no existing examples are blood-based techniques (except novel shenanigans) so there's no overlap with anything else.
After that, I'm scratching my head. What else can you plausible turn into a kekkei genkai on par with the above and isn't already taken by ordinary ninjutsu.
Hair Release ?
Or other Kekkei genkai outside of the elements
Elasticity Release ? The ability too allows the clan members to bestow the property of elasticity to anything they touches.
Similar too Gentle from MHA
Wire release?
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2021.09.21 05:06 Matlabguru How to do Data Visualization in Python

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2021.09.21 05:06 Outcast_Outlaw People who have a drink with their cereal, what is it and why not just drink the mill in the bowl?

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2021.09.21 05:06 PandaPalmStyle Started over on Pokémon Sword this weekend

I was curious what you guys think of my fighting team lineup!:) please don’t be mean and I haven’t really been hella into Pokémon since Ruby/Sapphire and the gens before that! Here goes nothing: Heracross, Kommo-o, Hitmonlee, Poliwrath, Hawlucha and Pangoro(one of my fav 3) I gotta say after using this team Hawlucha became a top 5 Pokémon for me for sure!! I’m looking forward to eventually finding shiny versions and even Kubfu looks like a cool addition to the team!
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2021.09.21 05:06 Impossible-Owl-777 Very first time making bread! Braiding isn’t on point but I am glad I tried making bread 🥖

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2021.09.21 05:06 Pristine-Data-9589 AirbBnb in atl?

Is anyone staying in an Airbnb in atl? What are some good options?
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2021.09.21 05:06 raikouraikou Legendary Fish

I'm currently collecting all legendary fish for 100% completion and I have 3/13 delivered. Im just seeing now that i have already at somepoint caught the Legendary Nothern Pike without ever delivering it. I have had this saved game for 2 months and really don't want to restart. Am I fucked or can I catch another one?
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2021.09.21 05:06 AdRepresentative7600 Coca-Cola India and Water Pollution Issues

Coca-Cola is a multinational corporation that is considered to be one of the most profitable businesses in the entire world. As people live in a consumerist society and the age of globalization, various companies try to expand their marketing strategies in the territories of the world’s largest states to attract new clients. At the end of the twentieth century, the Coca-Cola transnational corporation was established in India and faced a plethora of issues regarding the local organizational and cultural standards. What Aspects of U.S. Culture and of Indian Culture May Have Been Causes of Coke’s difficulties in India? The first difficulty that the representatives of the Coca-Cola Company happened to face due to their campaign in the territory of India was caused by the concerns of the local government. The politicians from the Indian Ministry of Health requested the corporation’s managers and employees to disclose their products’ formulae and secret technologies that were used in the manufacturing process (Berglund and Helander 296). It would be proper to mention that the government of India did not welcome other businesses at that moment. However, the local politicians managed to detect that the soft drinks produced by Coca-Cola contained a tremendous amount of chemicals and pesticides. Therefore, the Minister of Health did want to allow the corporation’s expansion in the territory of India (Henrik 339). Moreover, different restrictions and fees were imposed on the Coca-Cola Company when regular citizens of the country faced the problem of water pollution caused by the factory’s manufacturing processes. How Might Coca-Cola Have Responded Differently When This Situation First Occurred, Especially in Terms of Responding to Negative Perceptions Among Indians of Coke and other MNC? The representatives of Coca-Cola in India should have considered responding to the requirements of the local government and residents quicker than they did in reality. It would be proper to ensure safety to the local consumers to gain more authority and respect among them (Chaklader and Gautam 101). Unfortunately, the company could not respond to the demanding needs of its customers due to several time-consuming laboratory tests and evaluations of their products’ main ingredients. Nevertheless, people of Indian culture think that a person or an organization that remains quiet for an extended period might be guilty of something and does not want to admit it (Karnani 13). Another inconsiderate mistake that many multinational corporations make in the Indian market regularly is that they try to defend themselves by putting particular blames on other manufacturers, instead of reconsidering their policies. If Coca-Cola Wants to Obtain More of India’s Soft Drink Market, What Changes Does It Need to Make? As India has certain problems in its economic system, it would be advantageous for the country to give jobs to its unemployed citizens. Coca-Cola should aim at providing career opportunities for the local inhabitants. Another step that the multinational corporation is recommended considering implies financial investments in the state’s cultural and national values (Mooij 35). Usually, people appreciate such deeds and thus trust a particular organization. Moreover, managers from Coca-Cola should address the problem of water pollution in India and build some filtering equipment to cause less harm to the environment. Unfortunately, many sources in India do not provide drinkable water. Therefore, this issue has to be eliminated with the help of different organizations that strive to occupy various markets in India. Also, it would be proper to learn the most important aspects of the local population’s culture to understand their primary needs and possible reactions to diverse marketing or business policies. How Might Companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo Demonstrate Their Commitment to Working with Different Countries and Respecting the Cultural and Natural Environments of Those Societies? As both Coca-Cola and PepsiCo companies were established in the United States of America, they should know that it is challenging to make a multicultural society pleased with every marketing and business decision. Therefore, it is essential to understand the primary needs and values of clients of different ethnic backgrounds by asking them to complete questionnaires or opinion polls (Spring 86). Feedback strategies let people from different countries unite and understand one another’s culture, which improves the quality of communication among the representatives of various states as well. In turn, the awareness of the local cultural aspects might be helpful for the future expansion of the companies mentioned above in particular locations. In conclusion, it is essential to learn and understand the national background of any country before communicating with its residents. Conclusion Coca-Cola is one of the most profitable businesses in the world as the company sells over a billion bottles of its drinks per day all over the world. When it first came to India, the country’s government was discouraged by the fact that some products of Coca-Cola contained pesticides. Despite the respect and authority that the company gained in other states, its business was not prospering in India due to the local population’s ethnic values that the corporation violated. Therefore, any business needs to understand diverse cultures and national qualities before going global as some people might be displeased with particular marketing policies or other actions of a certain company.
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2021.09.21 05:06 rickyandika97 YES! 15 Sec bug is BACK on iOS 15

It was gone on iOS14 now its back on iOS 15. Thanks apple really loving this feature! Glad you brought this back
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2021.09.21 05:06 itsbluumi F key not working with musical typing

Hi guys! So I have a very hyper-specific problem with Logic Pro X and it drives me crazy. When I'm using musical typing and I'm on C2, my F key doesn't make any sound. Every other key works on C2, and the f key works on all other octaves. It doesn't matter what instrument I'm using, it even does it with 3rd party VSTs. I've tried reinstalling logic, which did nothing, and can't find anything online about this issue. It seems so small but it drives me up a wall, so any advice would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you!
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