On Mary and Martha

2021.10.16 03:44 Dan_Defender On Mary and Martha

'On one occasion a certain brother came to Mount Sinai to visit Abba Sylvanus, and he saw the brothers working with their hands to supply their wants, and he said to Abba Sylvanus, with boasting, 'You toil for the food which perishes; Mary chose a good portion for herself.' Then Abba Sylvanus said to Zechariah, his disciple, 'Give him a hook and take him to a cell wherein there is nothing.' And when the time of the ninth hour had come, the brother looked this way and that way to see if they were going to send for him to come and eat, but no man came to seek him. Then he rose up and came to the old man and said to him, ' Father, have not the brothers eaten today?' and he said to him, 'Yea.' And the brother said to him, 'Why have you not called me?' The old man said to him, 'You are a spiritual man and have no need of the meat which is for the body, but we are corporeal beings, and we require to eat, and it is for this reason that we work. you have chosen the [good] part; read all day, and do not seek after the food of the body.' Now when that brother heard [this] he expressed his contrition, and said, 'Father, forgive me'; and the old man said, 'Even Mary had need of Martha, for through the labour of Martha Mary triumphed.' - The Sayings of the Holy Desert Fathers
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2021.10.16 03:44 Sure-Telephone-7590 FAFSA more than 10 schools

If FAFSA says it’s been processed is it safe to remove the first 10 schools and put in the rest? Or do I have to call each school even though I haven’t even submitted any apps yet
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2021.10.16 03:44 LayerApart Absolutely insane and demanding another cultural + ethnic genocide unless you convert.

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2021.10.16 03:44 JawnLit So about that Parabolic barrel set I posted about last weekend, this looks insane in person. Pictures can’t do it justice but I tried.

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2021.10.16 03:44 Kapples14 What if Leon was in Smash?

I'm redoing an idea I had a while back. So now if Leon was in Smash, he would actually use the Galarian starter Pokémon Grookey, Raboot, and Inteleon. Inteleon will be a tall, fast, and agile Pokemon in the below-average weight class. It has three jumps and can wall cling and wall jump. Raboot will be an average-weight fighter who can run decently fast, and has three jumps. Grookey is the slowest of the three, but has three jumps and can wall jump and wall cling.
Grookey's attacks will be best for setting up combos, Raboot's are best for hit-and-run strategies, and Inteleon is best as a zoner.

Dash Attack:

Side Tilt:

Up Tilt:

Down Tilt:

Side Smash:
Up Smash:
Down Smash:
Neutral Aerial:
Forward Aerial:
Back Aerial:
Up Aerial:
Down Aerial:

Grookey will make some roots come out of the ground to ensnare a player and begins constricting them, Raboot grabs a foe with both hands and begins kneeing them in gut, and Inteleon wraps its tail around a player and begins constricting them.
Forward Throw:
Grookey: Grookey will turn its stick into a large, green, wooden hammer and bats the player away
Raboot: Raboot will kick a foe into the air and then swats them away with a roundhouse kick
Inteleon: Inteleon swings the player around, throws them forward, and then shoots them with a Snipe Shot to get some extra damage

Back Throw:
Grookey: It swings above the foe's head to kick them away a short distance
Raboot: It will slide underneath the opponent, bouncing the foe into the air, and then lets out a Heat Wave that launches the foe back
Inteleon: Same as the forward throw, but backwards

Up Throw:
Grookey: Grookey makes the vines begin blossoming so fast and rapidly, the foe gets launched up in a flowery geyser
Raboot: Raboot does a blazing split kick so hard that it launches the foe into the air
Inteleon: Inteleon pulls back its tail so fast, that it makes the foe spiral into the air

Down Throw:
Grookey: Grookey will jump onto the opponent and slashes them several times with its claws before jumping off
Raboot: Raboot jumps in the air and bounces on the opponent's head, making the opponent bounce away
Inteleon: Inteleon slams the foe into the ground before spraying them with a jet of water, making the opponent slide forward a small distance

Neutral Special:
Grookey will give a loud screech, making a large damaging barrier around it. This will have massive hit stun that can stop some foes mid-attack while knocking them back a slight bit. This doesn't have K.O. or launching potential, but works to keep foes at bay
Raboot has a button-mashing attack where it begins spewing small fiery sparks in a funnel-like array. This does weak flinching damage that can rack up small damage, but quickly loses power as the attack goes on. It immediately stops after five seconds and will instate a five second recharge. This works best as a get-off-me tool, or as a stunning attack for potential combos
Inteleon will charge up a water bullet, and via player input, while fire a sharp attack at any forward direction. This shot moves fast and far, able to do massive damage if it lands a direct hit. The main problem is how the attack takes three seconds to charge, and is somewhat easy to telegraph. So unless things are already chaotic, or the target is distracted, it's going to take some strategy to use

Side Special:
Grookey will glide forward, leaving a grassy trail behind it. This will be a fast move that does weak damage to opponents while knocking them away, it also gains slight super armor throughout this attack. The move does lift Grookey slightly off the ground, making it immune to low-ground attacks
Raboot dashes forward for a flying kick, reaching a short distance if it doesn't land a hit. If Raboot does hit a foe, the kick will launch them forward as Raboot charges for another kick at a player controlled direction. This has no real launching chance, but it does give Raboot a good range for combo potential
Inteleon shoots several icicle as gravity-affected projectiles. These come out fast and can freeze moving foes. This attack lacks noticeable power and launching capabilities, but this can work for crowd control

Up Special:
Grookey begins a series of aerial attacks while moving in a zig-zag motion. This hits up to six times, and can work as aerial recovery and combo set-up
Raboot will make a lightning-fast jump into the air to deliver a light kick, and then lunges in another direction for an even stronger kick. This works similarly to Sora's Up Special, with it being a player-controlled special that allows the user to make a fast dash
Inteleon does a corkscrew jump into the air, enveloped in torrents of muddy water. This is a more defensive special that gives Inteleon super armor while knocking opponents back when they get too close. Inteleon will go straight up, and cannot use the move again until it lands on the ground or if it is hit.
Down Special: Pokemon Change
Same as the Pokemon Trainer, Leon switches his from Grookey, to Raboot, and finally to Inteleon and back

Final Smash: Gigantamax
Leon will start a cinematic final smash by making his Pokemon use an elemental pledge that launches an opponent right into Wyndon Stadium. Any players caught will be faced with a Gigantamax Charizard who fires a G-Max Wildfire that racks up massive damage before the foes are launched. Anyone with over 110% damage at the end of the smash will be K.O.d

Alternate Colors:
  1. Leon in his base outfit
  2. Leon in a violet and red alt, based on Eternatus. His Pokemon take purple hues
  3. Leon in a white and black alt, based on Macros Cosmos employees. His Pokemon take white hues
  4. Leon in a gray alt, based on Chairman Rose. His Pokemon take gray hues
  5. Leon in a brown and green alt, based on Sonia. His Pokemon take green hues
  6. Leon takes a teal and peach colored alt based on his brother, Hop. His Pokemon take black alts
  7. Leon takes a navy and orange alt based on his rival, Raihan. His Pokemon take blue
  8. Leon takes his Battle Outfit tower outfit on. His Pokemon take orange hues based on his Charizard

  1. Grookey beats out a rhythm on its stick, making some music notes appear
  2. Grookey will slam its stick on the ground, making grass and flowers rise up before disappearing
  3. Grookey jumps with its hands the air, happily dancing around
  1. Raboot kicks up a fireball and plays with it like a hacky sack before stomping it out
  2. Raboot turns its back to the camera with its head to the side
  3. Raboot hops on one foot to the other, ready to go
  1. Inteleon poses with its finger gun
  2. Inteleon blinks, showing its nictitating membranes for a second
  3. Inteleon swings an arm to its side as it points the camera

Victory Animations:
  1. Leon will throw his cape in the air and says "Now that was a champion time!". Either Grookey will jump up in the air and begin bouncing around to celebrate, Raboot will do a somersault and does a pose, or Inteleon roars into the air and does a finger gun pose
  2. Leon will throw his cape into the wind, points at the camera, and says "You know I don't lose battles". Meanwhile, Grookey will begin beating the ground, making grass and flowers appear across the ground, Raboot will slide in and does Cinderace's victory pose where it gets on its knees and yells into the air, or Inteleon will glide in and wave its cape back
  3. If Leon uses his final smash in the later half of the match, Leon will do his iconic victory pose with his Charizard breathing a stream of fire into the air as Leon says "Thank you for the greatest battle I have ever had!"
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2021.10.16 03:44 americunt1 Newbie but need recommendation.

I want to get into custom made business cards and photos but the main thing I want to do is create detailed images on glass PC side panels. I see the GlowForge all up in my face when I Google it but if that's the case then surely there is a better cheaper alternative?
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2021.10.16 03:44 haiisenpai Malnourished gecko got brought to my job i took it home hoping it has a chance any advice will be greatly appreciated

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2021.10.16 03:44 MrSquigg [WTS] Everything at or slightly above Greysheet Bid! Cleanse me of these coins!

Good Evening and Happy Friday! At the time of my post silver spot is: $23.44 per OZT and gold spot is: $1775. I use Apmex and Kitco.
Payment I have Venmo (preferred), Paypal FF (G&S +4%) and Cash-app. Will also take Crypto (USDollarCoin), otherwise +4% to cover fees for unstable coins.
Shipping Shipping starts at $5 for 1-2 oz, $6 for 3-6 oz and $7.50 for 7-14 oz and goes up from there depending on weight.
$9 for SmallFlatRateBox and $16 for MediumFlatRateBox.
Proof: https://imgur.com/a/NKL99nM from my post on Coins4Sale here
The Not so Fine Print I AM OPEN TO TRADES & Reasonable OFFERS on multiple items!

  1. This means THE BUYER makes ME an offer!
  2. No more "What's your best price" nonsense!
  3. Silver and Gold preferred for trades but WILL consider most anything.
  4. I can offer best deals if you are buying 3+ line items!
  5. The first person to pay me for an item gets it, I no longer hold items for folks unless previously discussed. I will hold items for a down-payment of 10% of the item. This will go towards the cost of the item. This is a HOLD, not a payment plan. I can hold the items for a week or so, but anything longer becomes too much to keep track of.
  6. All prices are cash prices. Trades will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  7. Feel free to ask for more pictures!
  8. I am not a professional grader.
  9. Once items are shipped I am not responsible for any lost or damaged items.
  10. Minimum order is $100 or 3 items. If this isn't feasible let me know and we'll work it out!
Item Price Pictures Details
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1891 Seated Dime - F12 $30 https://imgur.com/a/96lFcYg
1936 D Merc - MS60FB $5 https://imgur.com/a/1lR3KpU
1907 P Barber Quarter - AU50 $80 https://imgur.com/a/Vn4hnWY
1925 Stone Mountain - MS64 $90 https://imgur.com/a/pIsviB3
TONED 1893 Colombian Half Dollar - MS65 $225 https://imgur.com/a/G25Su1H Monster Toned
1884 O - MS63 Toned Obverse $75 https://imgur.com/a/SyM9OHA
1891 CC - AU55 $370 https://imgur.com/a/a34IQWo
1897 - MS64 Toned Obverse/Reverse $125 https://imgur.com/a/2Uk7uJT
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2021.10.16 03:44 ShrimpDirty U know some of them Fritos got put on the sandwich whilst consuming

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2021.10.16 03:44 Alexander_Gaddis I was banned from r/196 ama rule

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2021.10.16 03:44 carrypotter89 It would take 1 to 6 years to lock the float

I know. No target just up. But it's important to face the reality. Mod11 has been proven by many apes and those failed the test turned out they did calculation wrong. I did it for myself multiple times and it worked. Sure, mod11 can be proven wrong in future but it is the most accurate method to track down the account #s for now. I estimated the time for the float to be locked with different average shares per account IF mod11 is 100% right.
Shareholder float: 62,800,000 (ideal target)
It seems like there are about 10k accounts being created per week. And average share per account seems to be 20-100 range.
At 10, it requires 6m accounts. It would take 12 years.
At 20, it requires 3m accounts. It would take 6 years.
At 60, it requires 1m accounts. It would take 2 years.
At 100, it requires 600k accounts. It would take 1 year.
At 200, it requires 300k accounts. It would take 6 months.
I want to encourage apes to spread DRS even more to public to boost the transfers. This is the endgame and probably the most important catalyst apes have found out after all those months. DRS even more and BUY in CS. Tell your shitty brokers that you will make an issue about it to FINRA if they can't process the transfer fast enough. Not financial advice.
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2021.10.16 03:44 fiirchan Difficult waiting times for TW/HK/MO Co-op

TW/HK/MO server player here. Where are the serverbro's at? Need help in domains, would be especially nice if there is a discord server where only TW/HK/MO server players are only in it to be able to do co-op with by pinging people. If there is one, please direct me to it.
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2021.10.16 03:44 Old-Promise-220 Barbell weight inconsistency

For those of you who train on different gyms often or travel a lot, how do you account for bar weight changes? I've seen barbells on public gyms ranging from 20lbs to 55lbs, and often you can't tell the exact weight by eyeballing. A 12lbs difference on the TMs account for a two cycle difference for upper body lifts when calculating the training percentages, which I think is a lot. How do you manage to keep sanity in check when training like this?
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2021.10.16 03:44 mntsxgh Is it wrong to ask my LGS if they have wiggle room on a couple of basses I’m looking at?

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2021.10.16 03:44 Rainwalker007 Sneak Peek: Area18 Hospital interior

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2021.10.16 03:44 IAmTheLetterF What is the best emoji?

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2021.10.16 03:44 theunforgivablesalad Does anybody know what wattage is needed for me to play games?

I am looking for a secondary charger so I don’t have to bring my main charger when I travel. I know I can charge using usb c. But I don’t know how many watts is needed to play on. Any help?
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2021.10.16 03:44 Cheshirkaizer My first image. Give some makeup tips)

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2021.10.16 03:44 Burnery1988 What type of person disgusts you the most?

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2021.10.16 03:44 mrsyanke Keep on keepin’ on!

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2021.10.16 03:44 OperationScare Sukon ;)

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2021.10.16 03:44 brianthesavage17 Soon

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2021.10.16 03:44 stefanwlb F1 - Stats - CPU MAX 23ms constantly

Hi Guys,
When I press F1 to check my stats, CPU is maxed (Red) at 23ms constantly, it was previously 4-5ms. Anyone had similar issue and knows how to fix>?
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