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Nice weekend!

2021.10.15 23:04 timlaurenz_ Nice weekend!

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2021.10.15 23:04 willx500 Badly Drawing Paul Blart until Paul Blart Mall Cop 3 gets announced [Day 548]

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2021.10.15 23:04 lokisgold So….

Is it alright to start getting excited about the U.K. tour now? I can’t wait for a fucking drunken singalong
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2021.10.15 23:04 PM_ME_KNOTS_ Behringer should make a dante capable s16 stagebox

Do they find it hard to compete with the yamaha Tio1608-D which goes for $1150?
I think Behringer could make them for $899, and I would buy at least two of them.
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2021.10.15 23:04 Taltos75 Did I use my LEM well? This or Treachery Armor?

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2021.10.15 23:04 oracionpoderosa Don't forget to pack Windscribe. https://t.co/gcDMGjZ0wK

Don't forget to pack Windscribe. https://t.co/gcDMGjZ0wK submitted by oracionpoderosa to oraciones [link] [comments]

2021.10.15 23:04 ZoolShop FIFA says football gaming "must involve more than one party controlling and exploiting all rights" • Eurogamer.net

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2021.10.15 23:04 shade-queen_ make assumptions about my ocs

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2021.10.15 23:04 fonduerendezvous How often does Omega do significant design updates?

I'm saving for my first nice watch, and I really like Omega - in the current range I would go with either an AT or Globemaster. I'm wondering if anyone knows how often to expect major redesigns? For example, the switch from vertical to horizontal texture on the AT dial. Right now the AT is borderline too flashy or "sporty" for me, although I do like it - and the Globemaster seems due for an update (maybe wishful thinking). I'm curious whether these designs will be with us for a while or only a year or two. Thanks!
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2021.10.15 23:04 spicyvahagn [Task] I need someone to write short and meaningless one liners [NO SKILLS REQUIRED]

Hey there, this is quite an odd request so I'll try to be as thorough as possible.
You will be asked to write short, one-liner, bios that fit with my criteria. You will be provided with a huge list of bios so it won't be very difficult. Also, this has to strictly come from your brain and not google, all bios need to be unique, you literally have to just be creative and pump out meaningless sentences.
I'm paying 5 cents a bio, so $5 for 100.
Payment methods are bitcoin, and (maybe) PayPal. My Paypal is a little iffy so I cannot guarantee that it will work.
Examples and criteria will be sent in DM's.
I WONT RESPOND ON HERE, DM MY DISCORD! My discord: vahagn#0001
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2021.10.15 23:04 Metalhead2211 Any tips for home tattoo removal?

Just out of curiosity, I have a couple tattoos on my hands that I got in my late teens and I’ve started removal on the left hand but haven’t gotten around to the right one yet. I’m doing this way because I want to do one at a time. However, I’ve looked into some home removal techniques and came across the salabrasion technique which I am very skeptical attempting due to to potentiality of infection. Does anyone know of any other at home methods that might work?
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2021.10.15 23:04 Feisty-Lie8612 iCloud photos stuck at 1%

Hi everyone. So yesterday my phone told me I was at full storage (12, 126g) and half of my storage is photos and videos so I went to turn iCloud photos on and it is stuck at 1% I’ve started the process, stopped, then started again Restarted my phone Logged out of iCloud Turned on airplane mode Tried doing it with secure wifi, tried doing it with cellular data I checked to make sure I have enough iCloud storage space, it seems like I do
I’m not really sure what else to do does anyone have any guidance?
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2021.10.15 23:04 Stifu Gopnitsa redesign, before and after

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2021.10.15 23:04 MonsterSwag69 H: Q2525 Fixer + VE90 GL+ BE90 GL W: VE90 Flamer (3:1)

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2021.10.15 23:04 TheBlueBeatl3 Laughs at Tony Khan in self-made billionaire

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2021.10.15 23:04 Calpert411 Texted my bf some photos…

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2021.10.15 23:04 Toome123 RSAT for ADFS

I intend to build a server core ADFS FARM, but I cannot see a RSAT to run on a GUI 2019 management box.
Is there a remote GUI for it?
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2021.10.15 23:04 gavep98 Am I shadowbanned?

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2021.10.15 23:04 Unable-Airport-9121 Aditi Rao Hydari

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2021.10.15 23:04 bloomspicy please help - info in the comments

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2021.10.15 23:04 2hawt2sexxxi Ubisoft at it again…

Am I seeing this correctly? The battle pass costs $40?
Please tell me it’s a typo, that’s the cost of an entire AA game
Ubisoft, you break my heart every chance you get
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2021.10.15 23:04 passionfruit_ii Edinburgh City 2-3 Kelty Hearts

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2021.10.15 23:04 Tweed_Man It needed substantially more writing and dialogue. [rant]

Hey guys and dolls,
So I first want to specify that I do like this game. I need to say this because my post is going to be a bit negative. So once again I give this game a thumbs up. Now with that out of the way on to the complaining...
This game is seriously lacking writing. I love to see more games like this. Taking D&D rules and making a video game out of it needs to come back. But the problem is by having it be a video game you take away the social element of playing round the table with your friends. And so you need to fill it with something and this game forgets to do that most of the time. It needs significantly more conversations, preferably with NPCs. The party convos are a little... awkward, something I'll discuss later. When you look at other CRPGs, particularly D&D inspire ones, you rarely go through long stretches with out dialogue or other interaction with the game world. And when you do go to long without it's often considered a slog. That's why people mod out the Fade in Dragonage Origins. Too long it's just combat and moving around with out talking to anyone or anything. Puzzles are non existant to just too easy to be considered puzzles. So we need something to interact with in game every now and then. And what conversations we do get are often over quickly and few and far between. We need more to brake up the monotony of combat.
Now while the whole creating a party thing is a neat idea in concept. In reality it makes their conversations somewhat stilted and at times broken. With out any set personalities the system has to generate opinions for them to take which at times can come across as random. I had one conversation where the fighter wanted to open a chest, the rogue didn't and it ended with the fighter saying we shouldn't open the chest and rogue being enthusiastic. Or characters just repeating greetings and phrases at eachother with seemingly no reason. If this is the direction the devs want to go with then we need these guys talking less to each other and more to NPCs.
TLDR: pls more talking and puzzles.
Bonus complaint: Combat animations need to be sped up by at least 1.5x.
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2021.10.15 23:04 ManyATrueNerd Dragon Age: Origins - Part 12 - Blood Magic & Hedgehogs

Stop right there, criminal scum
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2021.10.15 23:04 stupidusername2112 I made the mighty brothers of GWAR in HeroForge

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