Why is Usagi drawn like this?

2021.10.15 22:11 Artistic_Citron2 Why is Usagi drawn like this?

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2021.10.15 22:11 bojackedwhoresman Need help, having relationship troubles.

I (M21) have been dating my girlfriend (F20) for 19 months today. I started earning at the age of 17 to support my gas bills. 3 years later, picked up another job and bought myself a phone. Safe to say I've been independent for over 2 years now. For further studies, I need to buy a laptop- a good one. I've been trying to save up for that, and picked up a night shift apart from my day job so I could fast forward the process and continue with my studies. I can't ask my folks for the money because, simply put, they won't give it (in part of me being independent for the last couple years). I still Live with them (third world country), but never had to ask for any money for my expenses. Anyway, the new jobs mean I'm working for 12 hours a day. At this rate I'll be able to buy my laptop in a little over 2 months, after which I plan to drop the night job I've taken on. Unfortunately, the long work hours have driven a wedge in my relationship. I can't see much of my girlfriend anymore (she lives about a 20mins drive away), because it comes directly in conflict with my day jobs. Neither her nor my folks know we're together, and the only time she gets to go out is for evening walks in her nearby park (overprotective parents). The timing at which she goes is the same at which I'm working, and gas prices in my country are way too high. Because of this, and my inability to come see her, things have been HORRIBLE. I have absolutely no idea what I can do to be able to see her AND work at the same time. Having ran out of answers, I'm turning to fellow redditors to help me out. I love her very much, and actually do imagine a future with her. But our relationship is literally hanging by a strand because of this.
My schedule
I go to bed at 4AM (after my watch has ended) and wake up at 12PM (8 hours' worth of sleep). At 2:45 I report to the first of my day jobs (I'm a tutor), and it continues till 6:30, including travel time. I come back, and at 7PM my shift starts. 9:30 is dinner time at which I walk my dog. 10PM I have my dinner while working.
Leaving any of my jobs isn't really a viable option for me since I plan on doing those long term. College hasn't yet started for me so that's not really an issue for me right now. How do I make it up to her, reddit? Help a guy win his girl back.
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2021.10.15 22:11 BDoesEverything #destinationstone

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2021.10.15 22:11 producedbytobi Looking for new music? But not sure where to find it... My New Independent Friday playlist is your weekly introduction to the week's best new releases from independent artists. From the grassroots to the rising stars of the independent scene.

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2021.10.15 22:11 ZoobBot 179716

This is the 179716th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.15 22:11 Accomplished-Tip-472 Can you get banned for having the word sex in your nickname?

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2021.10.15 22:11 Complete-Juice5141 #حق آقا باز نیاین بگین از اینجا اسکی رفتی از اونجا مرسی❤💙💚💚

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2021.10.15 22:11 puglina66 Lazy hound, assuming the jelly bean pose

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2021.10.15 22:11 elffie22 The raid is so bullshit I live in Australia and the raid starts at 1 am and when I woke up it said it had finished. I was so excited to get a good Morty but guess I will never be able to do raids unless I do an all-nighter

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2021.10.15 22:11 longfellowdeads What is life like for associates leaving B4?

Looking for advice about exiting public. I’m currently an A2 working at B4. I have been here for over a year and for the most part I haven’t minded it.
My main concern is that I haven’t been able to really study for the CPA like I wanted to. My schedule has been brutal and is going to be for the foreseeable future, because of 6/30 YEs and an unexpected carve out, my deployment is looking basically busy season hours since the beginning of this past august until the end of next March, and then who knows what after that. I know other people get it done while working but it’s been a struggle finding the motivation to study after working 10+ hours a day and then weekends. On the other hand, is leaving without a CPA as an associate even worth it? I don’t want the time I’ve spent working these long hours to have been a waste. Then I also am just concerned about being let go. I know they’re desperate for bodies but I was only rated tier 3 this past annual performance review. My reviews have been somewhat mixed, mostly feedback has been average, doing what I should, etc. Then the engagement I was on this august I got a glowing review, but my last engagement I think will have more negative feedback (I was working on a lot of new stuff and learned a lot, but made a lot of mistakes that feel kinda dumb looking back and senior seemed a bit frustrated).
TL;DR Thinking about jumping ship because I’m worried about performance and want more time to study and get CPA. Also don’t want to waste my experience at B4 by leaving early with no cpa. Any advice/experiences appreciated.
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2021.10.15 22:11 Sufficient_Zebra_391 Was having a wank until I shattered my toilet😂😂

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2021.10.15 22:11 MasterChief813 Have you gone cashless at your property?

Have any of you guys gone cashless at your property? If so how has it worked out? Has it kept the bad customers and riff-raff that comes from cash payers away? For any reason would you like to go back to accept both cash and credit/debit?
Most of our cash payers are locals up to no good or people who book with expired or deactivated cards online to get a cheaper rate and then want to pay cash only to cause damages or steal items that we cannot get reimbursed for unless we take them to small claims court which we don’t have the time for considering that we are severely understaffed right now.
We started taking cash deposits for guests who pay in cash but they always throw a fit and want their deposit back early even though we specifically tell them at check in that their cash will be returned after a housekeeper checks their room at 9am the date of their checkout. These issues have led us to potentially going cashless to avoid the headaches.
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2021.10.15 22:11 X-pert74 Hardcore Gaming 101: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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2021.10.15 22:11 TheCheeryStranger What is the dumbest thing a customer said to you?

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2021.10.15 22:11 Content_Software_549 you can see Peck and Krev in the tower

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2021.10.15 22:11 coomis3 Engine swap

Hi. I have. 2000 323ci and the motor has been making some concerning noises. But, I donot plan on touching anything for a while. My question is what is the best bang for your buck engine swap and what’s the estimated cost. As much as I love the inline 6 I have in my car it would be fun to put something else. Like an LS or something. This is just a question and not any sort of definitive plan any time soon. Thank you 😄
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2021.10.15 22:11 TheNitroMelon Congratulations on the Weekly Winners!

**Season 3 - Week 5** Twilight Library (book smarts) https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/c8cee100-2a0f-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-m.png 1000 Gold Leaper Gnome (1/1 now) https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/0c396500-27b3-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-s.png 1000 Gold Hostly Ghost :slight_smile: https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/2e8c8800-295a-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-s.png 1000 Gold Yellow Fellow https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/831a61a0-27b9-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-s.png 1000 Gold Seeker Light Haunt https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/353b5f80-29ac-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-s.png 1000 Gold Palm of Flames https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/a90a7290-2941-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-s.png 1000 Gold Ila Seeker of Futures (highlander tiiime) https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/91c64410-2874-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-m.png 1000 Gold Yoricho Champion (Duelist.dec payoff) https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/f5e54760-294c-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-s.png 1000 Gold Backalley Princess (Upscaled to a 5 4/5) https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/bb5d7da0-2894-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-m.png 1000 Gold Arm of the Usurper (ScouDeck Banish Payoff) https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/ff88d2a0-2942-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-s.png 1000 Gold Flash-Tipped Onnabushi https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/e1fa1470-286a-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-s.png 1000 Gold
**Update** Glory Chaser (Now has Overrun instead of Duelist) https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/fc3a91f0-2795-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-s.png Adventurer's Call (+1 Cost almost got in last week) https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/21abaf50-28a4-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-m.png The Gathering Tree (Roosters don't give Entomb to themselves and cost 1 instead of 0) https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/937bcd10-2794-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-m.png Hassen Enforcer (Pain effect deals 1 less damage) https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/164e3150-28a9-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-m.png Haunt of the Mist (+1 Cost +1 HP) https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/8a571fe0-27cc-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-m.png **Cosmetic Update** Wicked Alchemist (Updated Art flavour text wording and is also a demon and human) https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/d5c7b7f0-29e8-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-m.png
**Halloween DC Winners**
[DC] Combat Vase, https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/2b5543d0-29f4-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-s.png
[DC] Ghost in the Storm (Might as well retry this and take one of the DC slots we ain't using), https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/12d461b0-2bbb-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-m.png
[DC] Yaela Blood Witch, https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/3df2e980-28a4-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-s.png
[DC] Matthew Hollows (gonna gettem all), https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/6aa984f0-2897-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-s.png
[DC] Dutchess Danza, https://files.collective.gg/p/cards/35129c20-288b-11ec-a560-3dfd4d1fd4c0-m.png
Steam Post will come out a bit later, see you next week!
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2021.10.15 22:11 Redditer6969hazbin i wonder how Gerards life would have been if 9/11 didnt happen

i was wondering this when listening to skyline and turnstiles. if 9/11 didnt happen would we not have had one of the best bands in the world and would Gerard keep working on The Breakfast Monkey?
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2021.10.15 22:11 luminenkettu rip out your eyes and put them in your schizophrenic neighbor's sink

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2021.10.15 22:11 dasheeown Self relationship lazy loading, but only one level

I have a user account class with generic account information for each user. Each account has a 'sponsor' that initially authorized the creation of the account, and is responsible for the user going forward, so it's a parameter within that class, linked to the sponsor's user account. I'm using lazy loading proxies to build complete model outputs with all the relationships I have, which works well for my use case. However, it also lazy loads the sponsor's relationships, which gets their sponsor, and that sponsor's sponsor, so on and so forth.
Hoping this is an easy directional question, is there a way to maintain lazy loading proxies, but limit how many levels it traverses, or completely abandon the proxies and load the relationships myself?
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2021.10.15 22:11 Captain_LeChimp TIL trees change color depending on the season! (Gunsai Touge)

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2021.10.15 22:11 Wookiegonewildx Look at that GLOW Queeeen

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2021.10.15 22:11 Crovaxian Player / PvP bounties?

Is this something that has every been alluded to? (Just brainstorming) It seems to me there are a few different version easily compatible with existing systems such as:
- PVP Assassinate Mission - hunt players (where the system can direct opposing factions with same mission to same area)
- Players drop tokens that can be turned into faction leaders similar to resource contribution to Town Board (there would need to be some type of limit/throttling/rules to mitigate gaming).
- Good old fashion bounty boards where players pony up $$$ as a bounty (with some limitations - perhaps only existing during a war (organizers can then prioritize targets with compensation), someone that has recently killed you, etc)
Thoughts? It seems like some of the spirit of old Star Wars Galaxies is inherent in the game already (player driven economy, weapon classes/trees instead of character classes, player owned cities, fort battles, faction reputation, etc), why not bring in one of the most controversial / exciting features from that golden age?
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2021.10.15 22:11 Safe_Poli Netflix Fires the Organizer of the Trans Employee Walkout; Bye Bye 🖐

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2021.10.15 22:11 pining4thefiords word salad

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