Look at least they have something lol

To us, the bushy brow look will never go out of style. "If someone has really full, thick eyebrows, it means many things: they're very decisive, they have a natural self-confidence, and they feel like they can figure anything out," says Haner. "They're very logical people and tend to be kind of linear in how they do things. Between hilarious pranks, funny one-liners, and overall craziness, The Office offers up many memorable quotes that still make us laugh. Below are some of the best you’ll ever have…That’s what she said! RELATED: Best Gifts For People Who Can’t Get Enough Of ‘The Office’ “Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. Hunt’s delivery made the line LOL-worthy and the nod to the 1999 Brad Pitt movie of the same name didn’t hurt either. 2. Coach Beard noticed something was up with Ted Lasso and asked about it ... Well, look no further because you have just landed yourself the best place to buy lol Smurfs. We know that there are so many out there who claim to sell legitimate lol Smurfs only to discover that they are fakes and perhaps even worse, fraudsters who are bent on exploiting enthusiasts of the game with falsified group accounts. If you find something you like, you should let the creator know! And if you see any beginners asking for advice, maybe you can help them! About BeepBox is developed by John Nesky, also known as @shaktool. BeepBox does not claim ownership over songs created with it, so original songs belong to their authors. TurtleCoin is a decentralized Peer-2-Peer open source electronic currency. It's easy to get, completely private, and ready for you today. To avoid a misunderstanding or seeming sarcastic, we recommend only using LOL to mean laugh out loud or laughing out loud. LOL was first coined in the ’80s on a bulletin board system called Viewline in Calgary, Canada. How to Look Good When you use LOL. When you find something mildly amusing to outright hilarious, use LOL. How to use MP3.LOL? Easy!! Well, if you are reading this, maybe something isn't clear enough. We know, sometimes programmers forget that others don't often see things the way they see them.. So, if you find something is not cleat, here are a few step by step instructions. ‎JustFall.LOL is the new free online multiplayer game and battle royale style where you can compete against thousands of players online. You must be the last penguin left alive without falling out of the hexagon. Discover our fighting 1v1 games online! Considered by many players one of the best mult… MIAMI, Fla. — America’s football fans can’t help but root for Appalachian State to upset the University of Miami on Saturday, Sept. 11 — well, at least the ones who are also fans of country music star Luke Combs, an App State alum and post-game locker room crooner with head coach Shawn Clark ...

2021.10.15 22:21 Babylowrider Look at least they have something lol

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2021.10.15 22:21 bonifaceviii_barrie Gin makes a party mean

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2021.10.15 22:21 VacationDelicious855 Belly Binders or Compression Underwear Recommendations? Did your stomach get flatter after?

Hi! My robotic laparoscopic hysterectomy for fibroids is next week. Does anyone have any recommendations for compression underwear or abdominal binders? Also this may be a bit vain, but did you notice your stomach becoming any flatter after recovery? Even at my very skinniest (XXS sizing and 96 lbs) my stomach always stuck out like I was 2-3 months pregnant. I'm a solid 25 lbs heavier now but I still have a small, hard, stomach pooch.
My uterus is enlarged, and my fibroids (at least 3 but there may be more) are all about 3 cm big. I'm ready to not be in pain anymore and wondering if I can at least get a flat stomach out of this! Ha ha thanks for reading.
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2021.10.15 22:21 golangprojects Go/Golang job: Principal Software Engineer at Splice (work from anywhere in US!)

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2021.10.15 22:21 whatadrag44 Rileys return

Is the new track not available yet? I can see it on the DLC tab but I can't download it...
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2021.10.15 22:21 HildaMarin Oct 14: 1 Yellow Lake, 29 Orange

Note there are still significant infection rates in most of the state. This is not the time to let our guard down, which keeps earning us new outbreak surges. This is not over and may continue to be deadly until next Spring as people head indoors as the weather cools. We also have the problem off severe drop of of efficacy on the Pfizer which is now known to be below 50% after only 5 months. You can definitely catch this if you are vaccinated yet don't take other precautions.
2021-10-14 7-day averaged daily new cases per 100k: 65 Red Counties:
Scott (85.6), Campbell (70.7), Hancock (61.1), Greene (61.0), Giles (54.7), Cocke (52.7), Union (50.8), Humphreys (50.2), Fentress (49.4), Weakley (46.2), Benton (45.0), Johnson (45.0), Henderson (44.6), Van Buren (44.6), Clay (44.4), White (43.7), Claiborne (40.9), Roane (40.9), Grainger (40.1), Warren (38.8), Carroll (38.2), Overton (38.2), Polk (38.0), Bledsoe (37.8), Trousdale (37.6), Rhea (37.6), Monroe (37.6), Sevier (37.5), Dickson (37.4), Morgan (37.1), Obion (36.8), Bedford (36.7), Hardin (36.6), Pickett (36.5), Macon (36.5), Marshall (36.5), Hawkins (35.4), Grundy (35.3), Carter (35.0), Lawrence (34.3), Jefferson (33.9), Sullivan (33.8), Perry (33.7), Franklin (33.4), Cumberland (33.0), Knox (32.2), Unicoi (32.2), McNairy (31.5), Lincoln (31.4), Anderson (31.0), Washington (29.5), Marion (29.5), Gibson (29.4), Sequatchie (28.8), Cannon (28.6), Hamilton (28.4), Montgomery (28.2), Hamblen (28.1), Coffee (27.7), McMinn (27.6), Crockett (26.9), Blount (26.6), Meigs (25.5), Bradley (25.3), Maury (25.1)
29 Orange Counties:
Tipton (24.8), Moore (24.5), Putnam (24.5), Decatur (24.4), Cheatham (24.4), Madison (23.7), Sumner (23.4), Jackson (23.1), Henry (23.0), Smith (22.9), Loudon (22.9), DeKalb (22.7), Robertson (22.5), Houston (22.5), Chester (22.3), Rutherford (22.3), Wilson (22.0), Davidson (21.7), Lauderdale (21.6), Fayette (21.2), Williamson (19.9), Wayne (19.0), Haywood (18.1), Hickman (17.7), Shelby (15.2), Lewis (14.2), Dyer (14.2), Stewart (13.7), Hardeman (13.6)
1 Yellow Counties:
Lake (9.6)
0 Green Counties:
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2021.10.15 22:21 ButterflyEvening789 For my fellow millenials who feel like failures, it's not your fault. Got to love the tagline, "Millenials are the unluckiest generation in US history".

And you'd have to imagine things wont improve for Gen Z either. We know, with 100% certainty that Gen Z will have even more student loan debt than millenials ( currently the most indebted generation in American history). It's gonna be a fun ride folks.
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2021.10.15 22:21 Appropriate-Town9171 Ovako je govorio pravi srpski Patrijarh! Njegova Svetost Gospodin Varnava!

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2021.10.15 22:21 MillennialCowboy Still of the best Simpsons games of all time

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2021.10.15 22:21 Wafflegod1227 M19 want a long term friend :)

Hellooo everyone, my name is Matthew or just Matt and I’m just lookin for a person who’s interested in a long term friendship. It doesn’t matter what your age, gender, sexual orientation is, I’ll accept anyone who wants to be friends and only friends.
About myself, I’m a bit of a nerd, love anime, manga, and video games. Im also an artist so it would be awesome to meet a fellow artist as well but it is not a requirement of course. I’m just a chill person overall, at least I’d think I am haha. I’m also an INFP, which I know is important to some people. Anyway, that’s all for now. I hope we can be great friends that can depend on each other when times get tough. Feel free to pm me and if things go well we can move to discord or whatever you are comfortable with. :)
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2021.10.15 22:21 French_ToastOps Paul should join Shady Oaks

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2021.10.15 22:21 zaddy275 Anyone know what this means ? 😂Was just trying to get my morning fufu in 😩🤦🏽‍♂️

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2021.10.15 22:21 moneymotivated711 I heard you guys like purple …

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2021.10.15 22:21 Paran0iaAg3nt Season 5

I'm currently on season 5 of the show and I gotta say it's becoming my favourite so far...there are so many great episodes, both funny and heartwarming, and so many hilarious plots and one-liners...I was wondering what is the general consensus on this sub, what seasons are the best?
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2021.10.15 22:21 G00FYGR4H4M Watching DocM77s new video has me like

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2021.10.15 22:21 Ktmhocks37 Are there people who tilt way more internationally? Like 80/20 VXUS/VTI

I always hear people mostly caring about US stocks and heavily tilt towards them. Just curious if there are people out there who do the opposite and tilt heavy to international? Why do you do this and have you had any success or are you just planning ahead for when international outperforms US again?
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2021.10.15 22:21 Traditional_Yam_1985 You made my daisy

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2021.10.15 22:20 kromsh How does proton make money?

I love the concept and think that it solves a problem. But how does this coin make any money? Eth makes money with gas fees, Coinbase makes money with Coinbase fees. If there’s no fees and they’re providing a free service then what is the upside for proton? I’m new to the crypto world, made a few pennies on shib and decided to get behind a real coin so sorry for any ignorance.
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2021.10.15 22:20 ademaro14 if nobody got me i know kankan got me can i get an uh-uh, uh

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2021.10.15 22:20 clayCanoe We’re living in the future

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2021.10.15 22:20 Futureboy152 Trilogy Unavailable on EGS???

Im sure the Epic was worth it for Crytek, but EGS is terrible .
Boot up EGS, popup link to 30% off does nothing.
Store page says unavailable.
Im so excited to do research to give you(crytek) money because you chose an inferior platform to take money.
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2021.10.15 22:20 El-Discrepador Por eso no me gusta mi cumpleaños

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2021.10.15 22:20 jpntr 15 October - Python Demonstrations For Practice Course(14$ to Free)

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2021.10.15 22:20 Morbid_Cam Can anyone please tell me how Julius did this? Its never talked about and he never does anything like it again

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2021.10.15 22:20 PureReception9466 I miss being in love and the passion we used to have.

So a little background. I (35M) have been married to my wife (32F) for a little over 10 years, and we have 3 kids together. For the past four years, things just haven't been great. She just doesn't seem like she's interested in putting any effort into our marriage. I am more affectionate, I initiate sex 100% of the time, and when it comes to sex I do all the work. She's what you call a pillow princess. She likes to be touched to get in the mood but she rarely reciprocates. I plan almost all our anniversaries and date nights, and put so much thought into getting her gifts. I started noticing how she was changing a couple years ago, which caused me to sink into depression. I started losing confidence in myself and doubting everything I was doing. During that time, she didn't really seem to care. She would give me a hug every now and then but that was it. When I started seeing a therapist, she would ask how it went but didn't really seem interested. So I just stopped talking about it. It took months for me to get better after putting in the work. I decided to start working out, finish my degree, meditate and taking CBD which has really helped. I feel better but I miss being in love and the passion we used to have. I've been a hopeless romantic for as long as I can remember. I put my all into any relationship, I can't help being that way. I just live to make my partner happy. But when I don't get it back, it brings me down. We have talked about this before, but she likes the way things are now. She says that she's just not there anymore. She's not affectionate like she used to be and she doesn't really think about sex. She says that if I don't initiate, then it just won't happen. I decided to test that earlier this year and we went nearly four months without it, until she brought it up. She said that she knows that I have needs and that we should try to have sex again. That didn't really motivate me to try, but I did it anyway. She does enjoy it when we do it, because I love making her cum, but I'm left unsatisfied. When she's done, she just turns around and tells me to finish. The other morning I put my arms around her before she got dressed to drop off the kids, in the hopes I would get a hug back. But she just poked at me to tickle me instead of giving me a warm embrace which is what I wanted. We do play around and joke, but sometimes I need real affection to know that the woman I love loves me back. Is this how marriage turns out, one is starved for affection and real intimacy while the other doesn't care and just goes on without putting in any effort. The work I put into my mental health has helped me to not sink back into depression, but my feelings for her are starting to change. I'm not sure what to do anymore. Sorry if I went too long, just needed to vent. Any advice, suggestion or response would be appreciated.
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