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My 9 year natural transformation (59kg - 74,5kg)

2021.10.24 09:43 Autisten1996 My 9 year natural transformation (59kg - 74,5kg)

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2021.10.24 09:43 EleCre3p AI has come so far…

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2021.10.24 09:43 ladalyn Jeff Bezos new Superyacht

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2021.10.24 09:43 lrfsdad $50 gift ideas

Need some ideas for a family Christmas gift exchange. Books, gadgets, gift certificates (to what vendor) stock up on supplies?
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2021.10.24 09:43 Disha_77 Tried to draw this using dip pen and nib...

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2021.10.24 09:43 Rggutierrez21 Looking for schoolarship

Good Day MANAGER. I would like to apply for a spot in your schoolarship program.
Here's quick summary of what i can do: - I am dedicated and willing to attain the required SLP gain of 150/200 a day or more. - I am quick to learn and always finding ways to improve my gameplay and playstyle. - I can communicate in the team to help out the other schoolar, if they are needing assistance.
☑️Trustworthy ☑️Active 24/7 ☑️Gamer ☑️Experienced in arena 🇵🇭From PHILLIPINES
Thats all thank you♥️☺️ Contact me via: discord/gmail Discord: RGGG#1324 Gmail: gutierrezrodrigojr@gmail.com
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2021.10.24 09:43 candlestickfone Looking for dramas with lush, natural settings

After recently watching Thai dramas The Stranded and A Tale of Thousand Stars, I'm craving more beautiful natural settings, such as beaches, mountains, and rural locations. I welcome suggestions of any Asian dramas like that. Any genre is fine too! I'm in the US and more likely to watch what is accessible here (and subtitled in English), but please recommend whatever you want, if you can think of something.
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2021.10.24 09:43 spectaculardreamer I think this belongs here - SP

I’ve been a lurker on this sub for some time. I was reading some old posts today and I have something I’d like to share which I think could be beneficial for a lot of people, especially the SP crowd.
To begin, the single most important thing I love about this sub is the critical thinking, which everyone can benefit from more critical reflection on their “process” and making improvements rather than relying on “self love” as a plaster.
Now onto my story
That time I almost manifested an SP
I was with a girl for 2 years, thought we would get married the whole shebang, we broke up. After that I was an absolute wreck I did plenty of embarrassing awkward soul destroying stuff to get this girl back. Showing up at her house, writing letters, begging texts in the middle of the night, going no contact just to text her 30 days later, I did this for about 6 months to the point where I was blocked every which way possible. During all of this I discovered LOA (bs - I pretty much thought because I had a high vibration all of that embarrassing stuff would work. Awkward)
After all of that drama, I felt pathetic and I looked at myself in the mirror one day and said to myself you know what, I’m gonna at least just manifest being ok. I got deeper into manifestation, read Neville and Joseph Murphy. Started practically applying the methods to simple things, I got my life on track again it took about 4 months and I was thriving. At this point the feelings were still there so I decided to use what I’d learnt about belief and assumption to manifest her back again, god knows why I think more than anything I wanted to prove manifestation to myself.
I did self hypnosis before sleep, visualising we were together pretty simple, and during the day sometimes I would visualise too. I did this for about a month with no idea how it could possibly happen given the past but I persisted with it anyways. I got loads of attention at this time, one of my affirmations was girls bend over backwards for me and a girl legitimately bent over backwards in a club to kiss me. (But I digress) suddenly my SP starts showing up everywhere I go, and I mean everywhere. The first time her best friend comes up to me and I shut her down, SP spent the whole night next to me I ignored her, soon every club I went to she was there near me and I just ignored her every time.
All the while I’m still persisting right for 5 months (I realise I was an idiot here lol) still doing all the techniques and wondering why oh why is she not coming up to me when she sees me? why is she standing next to me but not saying hi?
Not for one second did I think maybe I should’ve just gone up to her, said hi how are you, do you want a drink?
Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t regret not doing it, I’ve actually learnt a lot more from not being with this SP then I would’ve if we’d gotten back together.
But there is an important lesson in this story, Do Something
What I did right

What I did wrong - Didn’t take conventional action when it was required.
At some point at some time in any manifestation in our lives we’re actually gonna have to be an active participant and take conventional action to get what we want. It doesn’t mean forcing (like I did at the beginning of my story) but LOB when used effectively will create circumstances in your life where you are 100% allowed to behave conventionally to get what you want.
I’d like to open up a discussion for critical feedback and exploration of this with the intention of clarifying the easy mistakes people fall into when manifesting because at the end of the day we all want to help each other get what we want.
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2021.10.24 09:43 Imgmatch "Sponsor Visa"

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2021.10.24 09:43 Immediate_Toe_4973 ShibaBurgers ⬆️ | Boost! ⚡ | Launching Now 🚀 | LP Locked 🔒 | Ownership Renounced 📝 Moonarch Gainers Will Be Coming! | Coinsniper Newest Top #1

🟢 At the start of the plans are to grow a very strong and stable community through the use of Telegram and Reddit. Some paid promotion is in the works and hopefully the community can also band together to help the token out!
🔴 For the remainder of we will be working hard on getting everything developed, including; Discord server, Facebook, Instagram, a subreddit, and a youtube channel for informational videos on how to keep your assets safe. We will also be doing some marketing to help get more people on board, during this time period we plan on getting listed on CoinGecko and CMC. We will be exploring different possible use cases in this time period as well. We will be bringing in devs to help with future projects.
🔴 During we will be focused on marketing, and partnerships. We will be exploring many different use cases for our token. We will start looking into ways to promote our token use. We will also be looking for more people to bring onto the team, i.e devs, graphics designers, marketers.
🔴 During we will start development on tools to help flag risky tokens. Also potentially scan contracts that do not comply to best practices. This comes with the beta launch of the Exchange Platform!
Total Supply: 1B 🟢
🗑 Anti Dump Protection 🗑
7% Redistribution in $SHIB 💵
Auto-paid: You hold and receive SHIB 🙌
2% Liquidity pool 💦
1% to Charity wallet ❤️
📊 Chart - Dextools or Poocoin
- 5K (Coinsniper Frist Page Boost, Gemhunter First Page Boost , CoinHunt Application) 🔴
- 15K (1 CMS Post Per Hour + 1 Random Hot Trend CMS) 🔴
- 25K (Twitter Influence on our road - Messiah!) 🔴
- 50K (Application & Listing on CoinGecko) 🔴
- 100K (Dextools top 3 Trend) 🔴
- 125K (Poocoin ADS) 🔴
- 200K (Application & Listing on CoinMarketCap) 🔴
📝Contract address: 0x88101C4c6e84A1c813186e3D41B8c82633A1c351
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x88101C4c6e84A1c813186e3D41B8c82633A1c351
LP Locked:https://deeplock.io/lock/0x7f563fcadeb1523f5cb55b18c2bbef833b3e62ce
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x88101c4c6e84a1c813186e3d41b8c82633a1c351#readContract
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2021.10.24 09:43 chelsea707 South Korea’s street lights up as road safety for pedestrians that stare at their phones while crossing

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2021.10.24 09:43 Hellfire-24 SWifT drone taxi trial pic [Source:- DefenceReach(Twitter)]

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2021.10.24 09:43 kingcaspr Who’s ready for some comedy?

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2021.10.24 09:43 d-jt123 Darkrai raid starting asap adding 9 people be online and ready 9697 7027 5065

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2021.10.24 09:43 Al_the_Alien Ever had a problem with a double glazed window company? Marc Joint aka HeadJunk answers to Ivor Hardy in my latest animation, Treacle.

Ever had a problem with a double glazed window company? Marc Joint aka HeadJunk answers to Ivor Hardy in my latest animation, Treacle. submitted by Al_the_Alien to EbSynth [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 09:43 Unhombremasxd Can someone add me to the telegram group of Chelsea?

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2021.10.24 09:43 arya_is_my_shooter I’m not fucking selling 💎🙌🏻

As SHIB has hit a new ATH, I just bought 127.5 million of it just so we continue to soar. Keep those hands strong SHIB army and don’t fucking sell. .01 here we come 🚀🚀🚀
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2021.10.24 09:43 socalquest An ethereum-based ETF may come as soon as this year, but other altcoin funds will have to wait, an expert says. I'm long-term 104 ETH, staked at 4.5% APY, & HODL to riches!!! GLTA!!!

An ethereum-based ETF may come as soon as this year, but other altcoin funds will have to wait, an expert says. I'm long-term 104 ETH, staked at 4.5% APY, & HODL to riches!!! GLTA!!! An ethereum-based ETF may come as soon as this year, according to Trey Griggs, US CEO of crypto trading firm GSR.
"The heavy lifting has been done with the launch of the bitcoin-futures ETF," he told Insider.
Griggs said the crucial milestone was the listing of ethereum futures on CME in February 2021.
An Ethereum Futures Based ETF is Next
1-Week ETH Portfolio Performance:
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2021.10.24 09:43 Minestrike207 "jontron uploads every 6 weeks has studio+no kids" bro i can't....

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2021.10.24 09:43 undead_david Lone bird. (Canon AE1-P/50MM,1.8/ Fujifilm superia x-tra 400)

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2021.10.24 09:43 LabB0T Introducing LabB0T

beep boop: Hi, I'm LabB0T and I'm here to make your browsing and posting experience better.
I'm only a few weeks old, so my creator u/n3rding is only giving me some basic tasks to get started and you can contact him should I look like I'm doing something wrong.

  1. Serve the public trust
2. Protect the innocent (later)
  1. Uphold the law (Ensure posters of LabPorn are aware of content requirements and hide posts until they are ready & add direct links to the detailed comment posts)
  2. Any attempt to ban a moderator of homelab results in shutdown
LabB0T will temporarily hide LabPorn posts, giving the submitter the time to add a well thought out top level comment telling us about their lab and what they plan to do with it.
Once the OP has added a comment meeting some minimum criteria the post should automatically be approved, if this is not the case the OP will need to send a mod mail for manual review.
When LabB0T approves the post, it will also add a helpful pinned comment linking to the OPs top level comment to save users digging through comments to get to the good bit!
Although it has been tested in a private sub, it has not been let loose on an active sub which can introduce a number of additional challenges, it's not likely to become sentient, but could fail to do something it should have done.
During public testing we may decide to take LabB0T offline temporarily or permanently if it is not performing sufficiently to have a positive impact on the community
If you encounter what is likely to be a technical issue with the bot then please contact u/n3rding directly, however do not expect an immediate response.
If your issue is about post approval / content then please send a Mod Mail
If you think there is a major issue with LabB0T or it has become sentient then contact both of the above, any Mod can take immediate action and terminate LabB0T.
Updates will be added here, and this post will be pinned in homelab and in the profile of u/LabB0T
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2021.10.24 09:43 dr-mantis--toboggan Question for those who added RGB to their FTW3 Optimus blocks

How’d you do it and what kind of rgb strip did you use?
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2021.10.24 09:43 cowgang123 Good ol' electric meme

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2021.10.24 09:43 rincewindTGW I'm looking for a good controller and/a og xbox duke controller that works for 360

Does any one know of one? i've been looking through amazon and they all look like trash I remeber when 360 was out there was tons of good ones lol I want to buy a duke but i'm pretty sure they aren't compatible
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2021.10.24 09:43 wolfepack01 Can't watch the match? Listen to me!

If you are in a situation where you are not able to watch the game, I will be hosting a commentary of the entire 90 minutes at the link provided. [Colorcast Broadcast](I’m tuning into Liverpool vs. United on Colorcast https://app.colorca.st/bMSz/2f855eac?tid=A95XDAR)
The app is really well made and I have the ability to talk to any member of the audience throughout the match and discuss whatever their heart desires!
Help a brother out if you don't have any other options. DM with questions
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