idea that would make rec room 10 times more fun

2021.10.16 04:41 SnugPuppy577 idea that would make rec room 10 times more fun

maybe fix the infinite loading screen glitch that has been around for months and you literally never fixed? but no removing a game breaking glitch isn't important enough you gotta make recolors of outfits no one cares about.
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2021.10.16 04:41 incogne_eto Psycho Christina Columbus

Haven’t finished the 2nd season yet, but so far this episode was the most off putting.
They just let this attempted mutineering monster and her band of merry colonists takeover a planet because they weren’t able to feed 24 more people.
She showed that she has no qualms about eradicating the native species and stealing their planet because she views them as primitive. The idea of the genocide that they would commit made my stomach turn.
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2021.10.16 04:41 jamuirfdsdsd I have a few guesses...

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2021.10.16 04:41 Pigdu Minor Improvement

Minor Improvement but I'll take it
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2021.10.16 04:41 Jpriest09 Alucard and Maria: the beginning of the Lecarde Clan?

I’ve been thinking lately about how the relationship between Alucard and Maria, how it may have proceeded following Symphony, and how it affected the timeline later on. One thing that comes to mind is how, later on, the Lecarde clan is gifted the Alucard Spear so they may fight alongside the Morris clan as well. Alongside this, the Lecarde clan are the ones who are capable of unsealing the true power of the Vampire Killer. Now, why is this important? Well, said capability of breaking and restoring the seal when needed would obviously take a tremendous amount of magical power. Alongside this, the Lecarde clan is related to the Belmonts by blood as well (though not as close as the Morrison branch), with Maria having been related to them through Richter and Annette’s union (the Renard blood being joined together with the Belmont clan).
Is it not possible that the union of Alucard and Maria produced children who would later on form the Lecard Clan? Alucard would obviously outlive his beloved, but would keep an eye on his progeny and gift them a weapon to aid them in their efforts against the forces of darkness when he could not do so himself (having taken a more background role after Symphony). Maria, being a gifted magical vampire Hunter herself, would pass on her own capabilities which would mix with Alucard’s own genetic magical lineage that he’d inherit from his father. As was seen with the Belmonts after Trevor (being capable of magical abilities he couldn’t utilize, thanks to Sypha and her family tree of magic users), the ensuing descendants would be gifted with a supreme talent in magic and have a natural tendency to fight against the forces of the night.
What do you all think? Apologies if this reads more akin to word vomit, been a stressful day and I’m nursing quite the headache but it was something that was lingering on my mind.
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2021.10.16 04:41 notbotforsure Future is in good hands.

a 12 year old kid dmed me after i posted some wholesome meme. kid then proceeds to give me some pick up lines to use them on my crush lmao. a day later same kid rickrolled me. but what a 12 year old is doing on reddit? even idk. and their account is marked as nsfw lol.
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2021.10.16 04:41 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Arina Bernardini

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2021.10.16 04:41 pmni Control anger.

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2021.10.16 04:41 morassmoss The BNAD

Does anyone know if the University of Manitoba Engineering Symonized Marching Band aka The BNAD is still active? I tried emailing the email provided on the UMES website last year(when I was trying to join as an Arts student) but didn’t get a response. I sent another email this year because I am trying to start a pep band and I’d like to be in contact with a similar group to get advice for organizing, maintaining the longevity and success, and maybe even coordinate events/ performances together! After doing some digging, I found an application for a jersey application for Winter 2021 on the UMES Instagram so I know they exist in recent history I just have no idea how I’m supposed to reach them from here. If anyone knows anyone or can point me in the right direction please let me know!
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2021.10.16 04:41 Jayowden93 The ESPN casters are really boring. Our radio guys are way better

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2021.10.16 04:41 Otherwise-Cap-man I had a dream

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2021.10.16 04:41 A1pinejoe What's your favourite stage when making a knife?

My favourite stage is after glue up when I finally get to shape the handle. I love the first part when I use the slack belt and start rounding over all the corners and I start to feel the final shape coming through. How about you guys?
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2021.10.16 04:41 nokonineko Now Steve, you know your girl stays strapped to the crock pot but I was recently informed that a turkey wouldn't fit in one.

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2021.10.16 04:41 DandyWhyYouLion I've been thinking about getting a friend for my mini rex. I'm just unsure about the space (read more in comments)

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2021.10.16 04:41 BATAAFTW Can I recover from this potential scam?

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2021.10.16 04:41 Electricpuha420 Prescribed thc/cbd

For inflammation and anxiety, depression. Cannabisclinic Dr was good and understanding and got a letter for my employer. Yeah there is only the tilray 10/10 at moment but i was more intrrested in maintaining my quality of living and becoming legal.
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2021.10.16 04:41 Morgan-992 Whether you're an expert decorator or just starting to learn, this tip set should be a staple in your kitchen. This delicate piping set allows you to create enticingly elaborate designs on cupcakes that will leave everyone stupefied! With the coupler and piping bag included

Whether you're an expert decorator or just starting to learn, this tip set should be a staple in your kitchen. This delicate piping set allows you to create enticingly elaborate designs on cupcakes that will leave everyone stupefied! With the coupler and piping bag included submitted by Morgan-992 to CakeDecoratingIdeas [link] [comments]

Unlimited uses, just have to create new accounts whenever you’ve used up your three previous discounts and want more cheap food! 🙂
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2021.10.16 04:41 AdLarge6538 Wanna learn how to make money? Click my link dead ass ❗️❗️

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2021.10.16 04:41 Crowxzn The Toronto Huskies' revamped jersey return was only fitting for the NBA's 75th Anniversary. It was literally among the first NBA teams 75 years ago and was the first team to tip off alongside the Knicks on November 1st, 1946. Also the first town to host NBA games since this was a Toronto home game.

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2021.10.16 04:41 Impressive-Syrup4658 Local Idiot tries the Sovereign Citizen Routine. Ends up getting tased.

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2021.10.16 04:41 HHPhotographyWI Abandoned Chicago Church

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2021.10.16 04:41 cyanideyogurt Driving out of state

This may only be able to be answered by someone in my area….
I’ve been doing Lyft for several months (they had streak bonuses on top of other bonuses like all day every day) until they dropped all the bonuses last month. So, I started Uber.
I live in NJ, and dropped someone of at the Philadelphia airport today. The Uber app then said I couldn’t get add’l rides because I’m not allowed to drive in PA.
I never had this with Lyft. If I take a pax to the city, I’ll often just stay there and take additional rides (depending on what part of the city), or at least do a destination filter toward home and get a ride or 2. Also, if Im not allowed to drive in PA, why would they send me a ride to PA?
Any thoughts/ideas? I can get rides at times that would take me 30-40 minutes to drive back to NJ (like today), so if they don’t allow me to accept rides there, I can’t see how driving for them would be practical.
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2021.10.16 04:41 walkerzivi Dirty Dancing on the beach

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2021.10.16 04:41 tessarturM H: aristocrats explosive light machine gun W: An offer

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