What build for solo lvling after 46?

2021.10.15 21:49 Dallaswolf21 What build for solo lvling after 46?

So I have been trying a few builds and wondered if I missed anything been using ice Gautlet and fire staff and just tried a focus hammelife staff build which I hated.. What did you guys use to lvl this last areas?
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2021.10.15 21:49 sk0omaADDICT Raid Community Open to Non-Clan | Multiple Daily Raids | All Raid Triumphs | GM Farm | Master VoG Farm | Trials Teams | Chill Community [PC][Cross Play][D2]

Bad Rattle is an adult clan (21+) focused on endgame content. All platforms and time zones are welcome; however, our peak hours are 4pm to 2am CST. If there is a challenge, we will get it done. During Season of the Splicer, we completed the Fatebreaker title and Flawless Vault of Glass, and we helped our community get hundreds of Timelost weapons.
We are a hybrid of a single clan with a much larger Discord Community. Unlike the massive Clans, we aren't interested in having multiple sub-clans. Some of us came from those huge clans. You can feel lost in a sea of people, and forming ongoing fireteam synergy is difficult. Small clans can run into issues with not having enough online to do anything.
Stay in your clan. Be a lone wolf. Or apply to join us. Regardless of what you are after, our Discord is a great place to be if raiding and endgame are your goals. We only ask for a good attitude and a willingness to learn. We can teach the rest. Join us for the journey.
We cleared Master Vault of Glass in week 3 of this season, and almost all scheduled raids have triumphs and challenges attached on rotation so members can complete each raid seal and get the accompanying titles and shaders. We will also have several Day One raid teams.
We have teams who have gone Flawless in Trials this season, and loads more who love Iron Banner, Survival for Glory, and all other forms of PVP. We even have members who were dedicated enough to complete an entire Vault of Glass and Last Wish with a fireteam of only 3.
We play hard, but we also keep things chill. Take 2 parts Rambo, mix with 1 part Bill and Ted, add some aliens, and shake vigorously.
Endgame is our focus, but we understand that not everyone is to that point yet. We can help you get there. Positivity is expected. We can teach strategy, not personality. Solid players with good attitudes are welcome.
We are a very social clan. During peak hours, groups are always forming in Discord, and it is not unusual for people to just hang out in channels to talk. We grow to know each other by voice, and we try to help out everyone who continues to show up as much as we can.
Presently we are seeking active players who want to complete all raid triumphs and challenges. Our goal is to have a full roster of players, all of whom can push endgame content. We welcome you to join us.
After you join Discord, please read #server-info and react in #roles. Until you do this, most Discord channels are hidden. If you have any questions, please reach out to Skooma#0132 in Discord.
Discord: https://discord.gg/badrattle
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2021.10.15 21:49 joeycool06 What's the most romantic thing you can think of?

In my opinion it's cold train ride home with your partner (not a subway train, the train where u get ur own room with a table and seats)
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2021.10.15 21:49 Hugolino84 Best coment gets a piece of cake 🎂. Happy birthday financial terrorist! 🎁🎉🎊

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2021.10.15 21:49 Mortakay Kaip mėto Ulanovas:

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2021.10.15 21:49 Mycroft2033 Redditor is glad grandpa is dead because he said mean words.

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2021.10.15 21:49 landon1397 got him a new scratch pad. I think it's safe to say he likes it.

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2021.10.15 21:49 Whhoopty Why does Christian music suck so much?

Most of their songs are about repetition about three things: “praise the lord”, “he’s great”, “holy holy holy”. They’re so quick to call other forms of music satanic like if big daddy whispers to their ears the exact moment. I grew up as a Christian boy but even I hated the Christian music I still do and only think it’s gotten worse, the only good Christian song I feel is Jesus Freak but they won’t play it anymore because it’s rock, and rock is “devil music”.
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2021.10.15 21:49 EtOHMartini TIL that after receiving the Nobel Prize for his work on cancer, Howard Temin chided members of the audience - including the Queen of Denmark for smoking. He refused to allow an ashtray to be placed on the Laureates' Table

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2021.10.15 21:49 mandeeday 🍆 M/f 💦Solo and I squirt 🍼🥛 Milky tits 🍑anal Cum check out why I'm everyone's favorite curvy BBW with big mommy milkers. I accept custom requests and never kink shame. My specialty is close up 🐈 play with real squirting and lactation fetish and more. Links are in comments

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2021.10.15 21:49 GrandpasStickyTowel Made a phone background themed around faces using the file drop on Macs website

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2021.10.15 21:49 TryingMyHardestNot2 The “American Dream” is being LUCKY enough to sell your soul to work the rest of your life for crap pay that in the end is not worth it

I have a bachelors degree that has done nothing for me.
I have work experience that has done nothing for me.
All I have is hope that one day some company will value me enough that they’ll want to suck away my mental and physical well being so that I can have the faux impression that I am on the right path.
Tonight all I have is a bottle of wine and dreams the Proletariat will rise once more.
Fuck this world.
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2021.10.15 21:49 Wavy_Nectar Uber/Lyft alternatives in tulum?

Hello! just wondering what are some reputable/safe taxi companies to use in tulum! Is there an app available that's similar to uber?
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2021.10.15 21:49 APE_PHEROMONES Final inspection passed!!

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2021.10.15 21:49 McC6 Someone who works for the Sainsbury's web team has had enough!

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2021.10.15 21:49 thunderflies What I see every day when I come home

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2021.10.15 21:49 ChrisChrispie [Civ Holiday]

Thank you to the people on Civcraft Mumble who told me that they would appreciate me doing this day. I didn’t take down your names at the time, but I’m sure you know who you are.
Also, happy birthday to bodhidharma6!
Hello everyone. Today, April 2, 2014, is designated as World Autism Awareness Day by the United Nations. Like last time, this post is to promote more thoughtful discussion in the Civcraft community. The meaning behind this day is to, as the name implies, raise awareness about autism. Not only that, the day aims to reduce the stigma of autism and build support structures for those with autism. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has stated:
"World Autism Awareness Day is about more than generating understanding; it is a call to action. I urge all concerned to take part in fostering progress by supporting education programmes, employment opportunities and other measures that help realize our shared vision of a more inclusive world."
This post will be pretty brief compared to my last few posts (as the history of autism is comparatively brief compared to that of racial prejudice, and its rights movement is still developing), but I hope to provide a bit of a baseline, as well as to address the stigma against autistic people in the world.
Schedule of Dates
Previous Dates:
January 27, 2014 – International Holocaust Remembrance Day
February 20, 2014 – World Day of Social Justice
March 8, 2014 – International Women’s Day
March 21, 2014 – International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Current Date:
April 2, 2014 – World Autism Awareness Day
Next Date:
April 7, 2014 – World Health Day
What is Autism and the Autism Spectrum?
Autism is typically medically defined as a collection of neurodevelopmental “disorders”. They are identified by difficulties in social interaction, both verbal and non-verbal. This, of course, comes with its own extremes.
The autism spectrum, then, is basically the collection of all medical “disorders” considered to be autism. Indeed, all of the autism spectrum has been condensed into a single classification in the DSM-V. Sometimes you will hear autism spectrum “disorders” referred to as “pervasive developmental disorders”. The most famous of these is Asperger’s Syndrome, which is usually considered to be “high-functioning”, and in general is the type of autism most people are exposed to.
Recent studies point to autism largely developing during pregnancy, which implies that it likely isn’t due to environmental factors. The demographics of autistic people are largely uncertain. Cases of people in racialized groups, women, and other marginalized groups are said by the Center for Disease Control to be underreported.
A Very Very Brief History of Autism
Autism was initially medicalized in the 1940s by researchers (namely, Leo Kanner) in the United States, who used this to describe children with a tendency to be “withdrawn”. Hans Asperger coined Asperger’s Syndrome around the same time, describing something similar. The term’s origin, however, was from the 1910s, where it was associated with schizophrenia, and this association stuck with autism for some time.
Since autism has been identified by medical professionals, it has been misunderstood, and autistic individuals have been mistreated during treatment and by society. Early attempts at treatment of autism during the 1960s and 1970s can only be described as horrific (including shock treatment and the like). To some degree, such mistreatment of autistic individuals continues to this day, one example being through that link. To speak personally for a moment, I have also seen an autistic child being pulled by a leash. Certainly, misunderstanding of autistic individuals is still prevalent, as scientists are still trying to figure out the exact causes of autism.
As time as gone on however and criticism of the medical establishment has continued, perspectives among people have shifted to be more accommodating, with activists of all types fighting for educational and employment opportunities amongst other things, as well as basic human rights.
Is Autism Something to Fight or Something to Accept?
To this point, I have put the term “disorder” here in quotes, as some in the autistic community feel that autism should not be seen as something to be cured, but rather just a difference like any other (and as such shouldn’t be considered a “disorder”), while others disagree (to varying degrees). People who side with the former generally class all or some autistic people as being merely neuroatypical (with non-autistic people being neurotypical). This terminology has also been taken on by some people with other developmental disorders. This difference, and the degree it should be taken to, often defines differences in approach in the autism rights movement, which generally takes a more anti-cure tack.
Traditionally, autism activist organizations have come from a pro-cure perspective (such as Autism Speaks for example, who heads up the Light It Up Blue campaign for autism awareness). Anti-cure activists (such as the ASAN) approach autism activism more strongly from the perspective of accommodation and respect (though pro-cure activists do support education initiatives as well). This does not mean that anti-cure activists are against treatment all together (this, as implied earlier, comes in degrees), but rather call for the acceptance of difference and what is called neurodiversity, and wish to preserve a unique autistic culture. They feel that “curing” autism perspective lacks perspective and leads to more harm than good (see: the shock therapy earlier). They focus in on the elimination of discrimination and the stigma against autistic people, and emphasize self-advocacy by autistic people. While pro-cure organizations touch on eliminating stigma as well, anti-cure organizations focus on this more strongly.
The Stigma of Autism
Often, autism is stigmatized (here in the Korean community) and derided in our society, and autistic individuals are treated as somehow “lesser”, and often being an autistic child or being the parent of an autistic child can be difficult not only because of systematic neglect with regards to this issue, but because of personal values that people have. This can come in simple forms such as treating autism as an insult (as I have seen here on Civcraft), or at extremes saying that autistic people are of no use to society (the implication being that they should be euthanized). Needless to say, these are the sorts of attitudes that Ban Ki-moon seeks to address in his message. Activism, of course, is still very much at the stage of generating awareness of these problems and other institutional problems.
I hope everyone takes some time to become more aware about autism and the issues surrounding it today. Frankly, I have some awareness to gain myself. Consider this a short primer.
Real Life Questions
Have you or anyone else you know been affected by autism? Let us know in the comments, as we would love to hear more about it. Civcraft Questions
How do you feel about some individuals on Civcraft using “autistic” and similar terms as an insult?
Do you happen to know anyone on Civcraft who is on the autism spectrum? Feel free to talk about how great they are.
Additional Reading
As this is an awareness day, I’d encourage you to go seek your own additional reading
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2021.10.15 21:49 the_mox2 Has anyone tried using Canon EF-S lenses on a viltrox speedbooster?

I've seen some videos on youtube of people using EF-S lenses like the Sigma 18-35mm however I've never seen any Canon ones. I have a Canon 17-55mm f2.8 laying around and I was wondering if I could use it with a speedbooster.
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2021.10.15 21:49 Andacarslan Mona Lisa Shakur

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2021.10.15 21:49 Level_Cover_8127 Bmw 335i e90 4 dr auto brake replacement question

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2021.10.15 21:49 RoscoeDK Selv sagt op...hvad nu?

Jeg er medejer og direktør i en SME.
Det er gået bedre og bedre de sidste mange år rent øknonomisk, men mit arbejdsliv ctr. familie- og fritidsliv fungerer ikke.
Jeg vil nu træde ud og sige op. Sælge mine aktier. Det er der forståelse for hos ejerkredsen...vi er 3.
Men hvad så nu? Jeg har de sidste 17 år lavet alt, hvad man overhovedet kan som selvstændig i en mindre virksomhed med 15 medarbejdere. Er vel en sweitzerkniv af kompetencer...salg, indkøb, kontrakter, HR, markedsføring, IT, regnskaber, GDPR og en masse andre ting.
Jeg er uddannet indenfor offentlig administration og har været udsendt til Afghanistan.
Hvad dælen skal jeg lave? Jeg kan blive så længe jeg vil, men jeg holder hurtigst muligt...desværre helt til 1.april.
Gode forslag til et godt arbejde, hvor man ikke forventer 100 rejsedage og +50 timer. Løn er ikke vigtigt. Salg interesserer mig ikke synderligt.
Har selv set på noget ved SKAT ved Bandeenheden (øko krim i rocker- og bander). Det gad jeg sku godt være med til.
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2021.10.15 21:49 cbvv1992 🔥75% Off Code – $15.00 30Pcs Magnetic Building Blocks Set!!

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2021.10.15 21:49 AdministrativeYam857 Liverpool News Roundup: Reds to be without three midfielders for Watford clash, target's agent says he will not sign a contract extension, and more

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2021.10.15 21:49 versaceblues Storing arbitrary data on chain?

Hey so say I wanted to make an app with one use case. I want a wallet to be a source of encrypted information rather than index of money. For example but not limited to, maybe something like my SSN, credit card numbers, bank info, etc.
Is this possible with ethereum, L1/L2/Side-chain is okay as long as I don't lose any security?
Does there exist any documentation on how I would do something like this?
I don't care if writing the data takes gas, but I should be able to read the data freely as long as I have my private key.
Ive read that having exposing encrypted data publicly like this could be a security threat? Is this true, if so why is this true?
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2021.10.15 21:49 -Zenith- LinkedIn summary. Any advice on how to not come across as a massive twat?

I'm looking to make a few moves soon and after speaking with a recruiter they asked me to spruce up the LinkedIn with emphasis on the summary part if possible.
I'm really not one for talking about or selling myself and I can see why it's important here but this feels fairly alien to me. Anything I've mustered up so far just feels cringey and egotistical.
I feel I can usually write quite well, especially on CS topics but when it's personal it just doesn't sit with me.
So, has anyone got any references/advice or articles on this? I've done a fair amount of digging but hopefully you lot can chime in.
My position is full stack dev and will be aiming to keep within that discipline so something with reference to that type of position would be ideal.
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