[Grey Octane] [Grey Octane: Griffon] [Season 1 - Platinum] [Grey Plasma] [Sky Blue Carbon]

2021.10.24 03:58 RLCD-Bot [Grey Octane] [Grey Octane: Griffon] [Season 1 - Platinum] [Grey Plasma] [Sky Blue Carbon]

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2021.10.24 03:58 Treloaria06 Anyone else want random duos back

Such a fun feature I almost never got tked out of all the games I played and playing Vigor solo is boring.
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2021.10.24 03:58 puccapurple Another completed!

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2021.10.24 03:58 lonely_fungi Tattisqeuks does "Hinduism most progressive vro, we lobe gay people" and "why target Hindus only with gay propaganda?" in same sentence.

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2021.10.24 03:58 rabongrondo123 New all time high !!

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2021.10.24 03:58 ZoolShop Lil Nas X claims he collaborated with Lil Boosie...the rapper fires back with homophobic tirade

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2021.10.24 03:58 VolusSpectre Demon path retrain is still bugged

I made a new character a few weeks after patch 1.03 (the one that said it was fixed) and just finished up with Drezen.
I chose Demon mythic path and picked enlarge person and shocking grasp. Those were my only 2 spells in my spell book because I play fighter.
I went to Hilor as soon as I finished the quest. Retrained with mostly the same feats but with some levels in barbarian. Picked all the same mythic path options as before.
Wasn’t given an option to pickup any spells so if I want to retrain I have to miss out on the spells I’d get at mythic path 3.
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2021.10.24 03:58 Fast_Bumblebee184 Toothache!

I had root canal, it's been two years. Since then I've never felt toothache, not even once. But from the last two - three month I'm having toothache, the same tooth which I have had root canal two years back! Since I couldn't afford the treatment I'm not using the medicines, and I know medicines are for temporary relief, they cannot fix the pain permanently, So I'm just trying to find solution if there's anything that I can do to fix this toothache.
Sometimes the pain makes me think of extracting the tooth forcefully, and I know that's bad idea since I've no wiggling issue/loose tooth.
Please give me suggestions for this toothache problem, that would be very helpful.
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2021.10.24 03:58 rite_of_truth My first Faire (and why I love the pirates)

I think this is a good time to reminisce, because the Texas Renaissance Festival is an institution in our state, and a magical experience for a great many generations of people.
It was 1995, and I hitched a ride with a friend of mine from the Clear Lake area all the way to the woodlands. He promised that he could get me in, knowing that I had no money at the time. I was 16, and it sounded like an adventure.
We drove until the trees got a lot taller, and the air was crisper. We parked in a well-maintained forest of sorts, where the rows between cars were made of the local wildlife. He told me to wait outside while he used his ticket, and that he would come back for me later. Nearly four hours had passed, and I no longer looked out for him to get in, but to get a ride home. I was afraid he'd leave me there.
An older man approached me, and asked me what I was doing. He was very polite, and sympathetic.
I told him the truth, and he sighed with me at the foolishness of my fate. Then, he said to me, "I have an extra ticket. I noticed you being here, patiently, for a long time. Take it, and go find your friend."
I thanked the man and stood to go toward the ticket window. He asked me, "Do you have any money?" I replied that if I had any, I would have used it to get in. He then insisted on giving me $60, and I refused it a couple of times before being glad if his insistence.
I wish I knew who that kind old man was, because he really opened up a new world to me.
I wandered the faire looking for my friend, but found new friends along the way. Everyone was so delightful! Someone even bought me a turkey leg, just because they found out I'd never been there before!
I found this odd encampment in the middle of my adventure with barrels full of swords. One of them, a regular broadsword, was listed at 60 bucks. I told the man about how I got in, how I came across 60 dollars, and he let me slide on the queen's tax.
I found my friend, just before dusk, acting as though he never expected to see me again. (Now you know why I haven't used any names. We were kids!) I walked up with a sword and a contented smile, and he didn't even know what to say. I got a ride home, of course. It was all thanks to that kind stranger 26 years ago, and the pirates, who are my favorite bunch so far.
Happy Faire, everyone!
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2021.10.24 03:58 GabrielcM94 Goblin Destroyer. By me

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2021.10.24 03:58 grettledog Lighted license plate holder? Does anybody know it’s such a thing exists.

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2021.10.24 03:58 Rammdrian My first MOAB over an enemy

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2021.10.24 03:58 izumi3682 150 mph without a driver: Indy autonomous cars gear up for race - The first time ever that autonomous vehicles will be raced on a "circuit" track.

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2021.10.24 03:58 Polydull Pizza

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2021.10.24 03:58 tallcarenthusiast Returning player

Hey everyone, it's been a while for me. I am returning to the game and want to know where I should be looking as far as starting from scratch. I only have a few newer cards so I'm not super committed to anything. I am going to only be into it very casually, with maybe selling some of the expensive things that I get. I'd love some advice and direction for decks to build and things to buy.
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2021.10.24 03:58 Bubbly_Hat Don’t mix ‘em. Works Progress Administration 1936.

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2021.10.24 03:58 TySoprano [NFL Films] How @Titans zone running schemes set up @KingHenry_2 with cutback lanes to move the ball north-south 🔥

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2021.10.24 03:58 angizni Only got eyes for you

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2021.10.24 03:58 SnooHabits7647 Confidence

I been committed to do some workouts here and there and I’ve also been trying to be more open to some people. I always have been hiding my emotions because I was scared for others to think how I was but I feel like containing is far worse. I always think I’m the ugly kid as everyone stares at me they think I’m like dog shit on the pavement of the side of the road.
Im also kinda overweight so been starting to commit to working out daily and been lifting weights. I told one of my family members about this and they laughed at me saying they couldn’t believe it as I was the unfit person in the family.
That kinda de motivate me and I’ve also tried to express my emotions but they would call me selfish because I only think about myself. I don’t know what to do I just want to feel good about myself get fit and healthier even feel like I’m a good looking person for once.
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2021.10.24 03:58 gmercer25 Katrina Kaif

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2021.10.24 03:58 theMaizeOfficial Renderman failed to query serial number linux

Hello, I am a user of fedora 34, currently trying to get renderman for maya installed, how ever i cannot get the licence for the ncr version. does any one have a solution for the "failed to query serial number: unknown Network Related Error was detected" issue?
please note im aware that of system requirements however i believe i should not be singled out of use because of the choice of distro i prefer thats not what linux is about. please dont respond with use centos or redhat. because they simply do not provide me with the neccisary flexibilty and support of the other apps i require to be running, and no it is not viable for me to port 30 other apps over to redhat or cent os.

If you have the solution for this i would greatly appreciate the solution.
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2021.10.24 03:58 Academic-Fennel-8583 Hey I am currently conducting discounted natal chart readings for those who are interested. If so, let me know and we can start whenever you are ready.

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2021.10.24 03:58 Stillness__________ If you are here, hit me up and we grab a coffee

Hey guys,
If you are here, hit me up and we grab a coffee!
Do you think this sentence is correct?
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2021.10.24 03:58 PricePlayz Made a bte sour boy compilation

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2021.10.24 03:58 Jerukbiru A commission for someone OC

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