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Fakemon regional bird Iwatori (Flaora region)

2021.10.24 02:27 ULTRAreddit348 Fakemon regional bird Iwatori (Flaora region)

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2021.10.24 02:27 ASICmachine Beginners Guide to NFTs! (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.10.24 02:27 Dripzye [REVIEW] MFDOOM dunks from Onlykickz

Quick Review of the MF DOOM dunks given to me by Onlykickz
I got them in hand use code “Dripzye” for 15 off (yes, I got them for free)
without bias, theyre pretty good. My friend has retail and the material is pretty good, his insole looks the same as mine but mine feels a little bit softer then his.
The toebox is very slightly thicker but it’s hard to tell cause his are creased to infinity.
Soles are too icy, just wear them and they’ll be good
Doom text looks pretty spot on, feels like a good material
The material on the toebox is super nice, the reps have a softer material then the retail pair my friend has, you can definitely skate the reps.
Back of the shoe was pretty good, his laces were the same as mine, however the tip of my laces feels weird
Back stitching is good, nothing too big of a deal breaker.
Insole stitching is off
Tongue is a little bit more puffy on retail
Nothing too obscure, this wasn’t too in depth because I only had such limited time with his retail that were incredibly beat, thank you if you did read this.
This review is without bias and my personal opinion, if you do not believe me and think I’m lying because I got the pair for free, you can believe what you want. The pair is good and isn’t call outable on foot.
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2021.10.24 02:27 reilpikram_ Manual transmission issues

So I have an 01 mustang 3.8 with a 5 speed manual transmission and every time I try and shift into 1st it grinds. The only way to go into 1st is to shift into 2nd and then 1st. And even then this only works if the car is completely stopped. If the car is just slightly rolling it doesn’t go into the 1st even if I try the 2nd into 1st method. The car has 206,000 miles and the clutch was just recently changed but it’s always had the problem. Thanks in advance
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2021.10.24 02:27 Full_Package6349 Notorious couponer night

So to start, this took place the night of when we do monthly and weekly tags. We only had 4 people total for the store, me closing(CSA), 2 CSA’s leaving at 8 and 10 respectively, and of course the closing SFL. Now we are also very very busy on saturdays, and so we have to work really hard to balance between tags and customers. When the last CSA left at 10, my SFL and I were exhausted, and still had to face the store and get the rest of our nightly duties done. I already knew it was coming, but 11 arrives, and so does our notorious couponer. To give some background, no one at the store likes them. They like to come in an hour before closing, and do all the these wacky transactions that take way too long just to get some dumb register rewards, which half the time don’t even work. We really can’t do anything about it, and we’re not going to give them free rewards because of it either. There have already been a couple times where we didn’t leave until close to 12:40, 40 minutes after we closed, just so they could get a few items for nearly free, which aren’t that expensive to begin with. Not only that, they take up a register and worker the entire time they’re there, so that we’re very restricted on what we can do around the store, and makes it impossible to do any nightly duties while they’re there. Anyways, they come, do the usual and come up to the register. SFL’s usually deal with them because they have to void transactions so much but tonight I rang them up. We were very pleasant to each other the whole 40 or so minutes we were talking. I told them about 15 minutes before we closed that we weren’t going to ring up any new transactions after 12, and they said “well then let’s make this quick”, acknowledging what I said. Closing time rolls around and they try to have both me AND the SFL ring up separate transactions at the same time. I told them I wasn’t going to do it because it was past closing time and that I couldn’t do that. My SFL rang up one more transaction but didn’t let it keep going either. Right after I basically told them no, they immediately god mad and asked my SFL for my name to call corporate. I leaned over and told them myself with a smile. Not only do they make it impossible to get store duties done, we’re not there to be personal slaves to one person, especially when we are supposed to be leaving and going home. We had both worked very hard for nearly nine hours straight. I didn’t even take a lunch(manager approved) because I was worried about the store not being done. Is there anything I could’ve done better or is there anything I need to be aware of?
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2021.10.24 02:27 chloecgp Mischiefs Halloween Costume

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2021.10.24 02:27 waydeultima Suggestions for a monitor mounting solution

I'm kind of at a loss, PCMR. I've got an ultrawide and 3 smaller monitors, I'd to mount the 3 in-line above the ultrawide. The problem is, they all mount to a single arm in the middle of the desk and the weight of all 3 on there makes it feel like the whole thing wants to tip forward. I had them mounted like this before, but the added foot or so of height has posed me a physics problem that I wasn't expecting when I was looking for a taller bar.
Here's what everything looks like with a single one of the 3 monitors on there:
Here's the mount that it attaches to. The photos are hard to really get a good idea from so here's the manual for installing it. I've been unsuccessful in finding a weight limit for this piece but it's pretty hefty.
Don't bother to say anything about my cable management. I know it's horrific and it's the next thing I plan to tackle once I figure out this mounting situation. But first things first.
Restriction: It's a standing desk so I can't use wall mounts.
It would be nice to have the upper screens as far forward as the ultrawide, but the middle one doesn't adjust forward-back so I'm not sure how I would go about that. I'm open to purchasing a different mounting arm but I haven't been able to find one that'll work with this configuration yet.
Any suggestions?
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2021.10.24 02:27 ccnnerr giving the iphone 13 pro a shot

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2021.10.24 02:27 NoahMccoy654 m

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2021.10.24 02:27 MintGeckoArt Our second set of 5 birds will be hatching soon! Adopt one of the gen zero birds while they are still available (0.35ETH each 1/1)

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2021.10.24 02:27 MedicalFriend9335 Is constipation/bloating/stomach pain common?

Im nearing the end of my accutane treatment - only 20 more capsules to go. However, for the last few day, I have been feeling stomach pain, bloating and constipation. I feel gassy in my stomach which would come ago - same with a knotty or aching feeling in my stomach. I have a hard time having a bowel movement as well and if I did, it’ll be in small quantities. I always feel like I didn’t fully poop. Should this be a huge concern? Should I talk to my dermatologist? Possibly stop the medication? I heard that accutane can affect the GI tract which can cause irreversible damage such as chron’s or colitis and that is my biggest fear.
Ive only been drinking water and trying to increase my fibre intake. I did take Gas X today though so Im not sure if that will make a difference.
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2021.10.24 02:27 Great-Shopping-7461 TUBBO WON MCC :D

im so proud of him man :)
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2021.10.24 02:27 Sad-Education361 Should I report this twins or not go to school?

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2021.10.24 02:27 Cavee_Was_Here Help me lmao [cry]

So I'm ar 42 and my friend is ar 33. His Kqing has 1200 and his Xiangling 1120. Any tips on how to get my character's DMG to be higher? I don't exactly remember how much each of my characters do, but when I have my computer I will update. Regardless if I'm not wrong Beidou has 1006 DMG and Kaeya 1106. Could be wrong but I think that's right.
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2021.10.24 02:27 MoreFreedom1032 Bootylicious!!!

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2021.10.24 02:27 wtfmatewtf Juiced Jonathon Taylor

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2021.10.24 02:27 SeveralAfternoon3865 Yesterday I was hating myself all evening, so I need your guys' honest opinion about me.

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2021.10.24 02:27 MwGLTike Help to decide sub box enclosure

I currently have a Kicker 44CWCS84 subwoofer installed in my 2009 Honda Accord in the factory sub-location. I'm looking to get a box and do a custom mount to the rear deck. For ported I've heard you need to tune to a specific frequency and for both ported/sealed you need to meet a certain volume. How strict are those specifications? I was looking at getting this RetroSound but the volume is too small for my sub specs.
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2021.10.24 02:27 sean1477 My hate values result

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2021.10.24 02:27 Pokemondogod (OCs) Some meals you can grab as a demon in Hell

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2021.10.24 02:27 Wicker__ Any software for stitching together 2D images?

I'm trying to make a map for a 2D video game. I'm having trouble trying to use Hugin, since it assumes images were taken with a camera. I'm just wondering if there is ANY software in existence made for this specific task. Thank you for any help.
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2021.10.24 02:27 meizinhell hola beelce esto no es un meme es solo un post para mostrarte las portadas de España/Argentina y Mexico del manga de JoJo, por si es de tu interés comprarlos. PD: creo que la edicion de ivrea es mejor :)

hola beelce esto no es un meme es solo un post para mostrarte las portadas de España/Argentina y Mexico del manga de JoJo, por si es de tu interés comprarlos. PD: creo que la edicion de ivrea es mejor :) submitted by meizinhell to BeelcitosMemes [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 02:27 grapeanna Is it problematic to say I’m interested in a psych major because of my anxiety?

Please help. I want to say that after I was diagnosed with anxiety I did a lot of reading into anxiety/psychology and that my counselor really helped me feel more confident about taking care of my mental health and I want to help others feel confident too but I’m worried AOs will think it’s not good for someone with mental illness to study psych or be a doctor (also interested in pre med)
This is for a “why x major” essay btw
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2021.10.24 02:27 Queasy-Ad4166 “Working on things”

I (f21) have been with my boyfriend (m23) for about 4-5 years now. Moved in together & all that.. recently went through a messy break up about 3 months ago. Our reasoning: mine was because I felt like he lacked attentions towards. He just stopped being romantic with me & it led to me mentally checking out.. his reasoning was because he thought I didn’t support his career, felt like I was manipulating him, & basically that I was a bad person towards. I guess you can say we saw both sides to each other’s issues.
Now we about a week ago we decided to “work on things”. I’ve been really insecure in the way I’ve been treating him & talking to him. I’m just overly cautious because what he said really put a dent in me, to say the least it bothered the shit out of me. As much as I love him & want to rekindle this how do I stop feeling this way? I don’t believe I was all the way that terrible.. I sacrificed a lot for his career. I never spoke on it because I felt like he should’ve seen it and been appreciative. (Not asking for a thank you now) it’s this feeling that’s holding me back from letting my guard down again. Im scared that I’m the villain. I don’t know if I’m doing anything right or wrong now. He shows me no sign of appreciation, happiness, security or growth.
Are my thoughts leading me to believe it’s over for good or am I just over thinking this?
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2021.10.24 02:27 Ltnumbnutsthesecond art I made corssoving Deltarune

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