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blurry picture of a cat

The College of Education is committed to inclusive excellence. We focus on outstanding teaching, consequential research, and meaningful outreach to fulfill our mission of making a better world for all. UD to dedicate Hathcock Hall. The University of Dayton will honor the legacy of Jessie S. Hathcock, a noted educator and humanitarian who was the first African American woman to graduate from UD, by formally dedicating a building in her name on Oct. 22. Welcome to the California Department of Consumer Affairs. The Department of Consumers Affairs (DCA) administers more than 3.9 million licenses in more than 280 license types including certificates, registrations and permits, from architects to accountants, dentists to veterinarians. The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 The influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 killed more people than the Great War, known today as World War I (WWI), at somewhere between 20 and 40 million people. Comprehensive listing of links to biographical and bibliographical information about women writers, and complete published books written by women. Searchable by time period, country, and author's last name. Welcome to the Web's first edition of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. This site has offered Shakespeare's plays and poetry to the Internet community since 1993.

2021.10.24 02:34 verycooltriceratops blurry picture of a cat

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2021.10.24 02:34 MysticWithThePhonk Average r/stupidpol user. So sad how that sub turned out.

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2021.10.24 02:34 LOLONGG Happy birthday pewds

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2021.10.24 02:34 RobbyCooper Worms reloaded is now running at 1 frame per minute on my PC, someone help

It just happened when I decided to play it after over a year
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2021.10.24 02:34 VexOnTheField [Unknown > English] Was playing a game and someone was sending these messages.

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2021.10.24 02:34 krazyconnected Going snowboarding in sweatpants ? should i be alright

its early in the season so i think i should be okay in general but i wanted to know if you guys think id be alright ?
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2021.10.24 02:34 whyamIonly5fttall The beast within

I hate the monster in my head I’d like for it to leave now
This is life with adhd
Is this artistic vision a gift or is it a prison I wonder
I am not so certain. I don’t think anyone actually cares.
You can’t see my tits or my green eyes after all. Why would anyone care beyond the fun. They never do. Cest la vie. Time to smoke a joint and suck it the fuck up, the Davi way.
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2021.10.24 02:34 No-Community-4863 บอล

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2021.10.24 02:34 aztect-jr tri-brigade mix decks

Hey guys so i wanted to know what are other tri-brigade decks that are meta or aint meta decks i want to mix up my deck to either TKO,play around negates or negates other ppl cards any advice or point me to the right direceation
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2021.10.24 02:34 askyourdaddyplz Started working out, ate alot of meal, now i feel like shit.

Yeah, you read right. I started to workout, i just not only wanna build the muscles, but want to build the endurance and be healthy. I was trying to switch to more vegetable but meat was easy to make, at least for me and I was worried from missing out of those protein.
Today, i was watching netflix and there was a documentary about the gladiator and they mostly ate barley and was very strong. I kept watching, there was tremendous amount of athlete who are on plant based diet and has done better.
I was living my life in dark, always used to think meat is necessary. Think i was wrong about that. Do anyone has some vegetarian meal plan or have some ideas. I went to internet and did some research as well but there was super complex meal plan taking multiple hours to make. May be I am just too dumb, just could not find it. I am never been so picky about the taste of food. I can eat whatever, just lazy too cook long time daily. Also i do not have much time.
tl;dr : someone please suggest me some easy to make plant based meal plan, to be healthy and develop endurance and muscles.
Gracias 🙏
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2021.10.24 02:34 yeathatsmebro I'm proud of y'all

Before anything else, I want to say that I'm centrist. Kind of. I don't like any of the current ideologies we already have. I only believe in people that respect others as long as they don't fuck up my or my family's safety and independence. Guess the term is apolitical or something, but that's not the point.
I've been rich and poor, lived in poor houses during my high school era and in rich houses back in my elementary school era (had a best friend that was super rich). I had shitty paid jobs that treated me bad and I currently have my dream job. I know how to be both and this experience changed my view around people.
I am antiwork. People should be treated with decency. Should be paid accordingly. Make them suffer by either quitting or consuming their money they spend on work related stuff. Add two extra nuggets on people's order. Give them a bit more than a 50 of vodka. I'm suggesting it because you both cut profit from your place and make people happier.
I usually just try to make essential worker's life easier whenever I can. Picking up dropped products in the store if i encounter them, thanking them every time with a kind voice, starting small talk and boosting their morale. It's about the small things. I know how to be there. It's just that we're all humans.
I am proud of y'all that step up and know your worth. Even if i work, I am antiwork. I support y'all's targets to a better life.
Keep going, my fellows. Until the fall of the last greedy fuck.
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2021.10.24 02:34 septic_sergeant Is this workbench at all worth it if I can get him to come down some?

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2021.10.24 02:34 HLMenckenFan QAnon followers prepare for '5D earth civilization' at Las Vegas conference

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2021.10.24 02:34 its_a_celtics_burner I had my first day on Friday and no called no showed on Saturday

Line cook at a high end breakfast/brunch spot that’s fairly new. Indeed at states $22 an hour plus tips. I get hired. It’s $16 an hour, and the tips make the difference hourly. So apparently I’m supposed to get $6an hour in tips cash, along with my hourly rate. Friday ends, I kill the line, everyone sees how professional of a chef I am, how on point at my stations and expo….all smiles and handshakes.
It isn’t until I get in my car I realize I didn’t get my tips. Gas is almost $4 a gallon, those tips help out…..so I call the chefs wife and she says “since you are training you don’t get tips until we feel your training is complete”……oh???
So they mislead me into thinking I’m getting my top pay, only to be told it’s split with cash tips which I’m ok with; but the tips come when they feel I’m ready for it…..yeah fuck that.
No called no showed Saturday morning. Checked gusto, checked 7shifts apps, no messages or anything. My shift next shift starts in t minus 4.5 hours away and guess what???? No call no show again. Let’s see how long it takes them to message me with my hot $130 pre tax waste of paper.
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2021.10.24 02:34 summerelizabethhhhh Not sure if this has been asked already?

what is the point of the little town called “Pleasance?” I’ve tried everything I know to get in the houses/buildings/churches there, with no luck.
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2021.10.24 02:34 TaintModel Lol, the pathetic little bitch is still stalking me 😂

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2021.10.24 02:34 Every-Lawfulness-566 New Crypto project 🤑 Free mined !! You do not need investment The cryptocurrency will be released this December It's easy and fast, all you have to do is download the application: STAR NETWORK Code:sharmaarkeyusuf And activate it every 24 hours And that's it ✅🚀

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2021.10.24 02:34 PedaleFrancisca Don’t worry about the prestige rat-race. It never ends.

Many people in community college wish they went to a four-year research university. Many people from your average four-year research university wish they were a state flagship. Many people in state flagships wish they were one of the “elite privates” such as Cornell/Brown/Dartmouth/Duke. Many people in Cornell/Brown/Dartmouth/Duke wish they were at Penn/Columbia/Stanford. Many people at Penn/Columbia/Stanford wish they were at HYP or MIT. Many people at Yale/Princeton wish they were at Harvard (or MIT if an engineering/CS nerd). Many people at Harvard wish they were in the Porcelain. Many people in the Porcelain wished they were multimillionaires… then billionaires… and so on.
So don’t worry about it. If you have to go to UVA after being rejected from UPenn or have to go to Stanford after being rejected by Princeton, life will go on. Everyone feels a little disappointment—its about whats next.
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2021.10.24 02:34 Klobasnek_or_Kolache What is your random good luck charm?

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2021.10.24 02:34 strawbabyfrog Got my first gratis

So yesterday I came in for my first 8 hour shift (closing) and was mainly focused on getting rid of the massive pile of boxes from truck.
Today, I was putting the labels for the perfume (if that makes sense?) and the store’s about to close. It’s just me and my manager.
I do damages, set up a spot on the side for the last of our Simpson’s project, and then try to fit everything on the tower.
We’re about to leave and she asks if I got to cashier today and I told her “not really”… She said to grab a gratis then told me where the drunk elephant was. She’s the sweetest y’all 😭
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2021.10.24 02:34 iinvierno two part question! will you help me locate this last piece for my halloween costume? and does anyone know of any halloween events happening on saturday the 30th or sunday the 31st?

i finally decided on my costume and would love to be patrick bateman from american psycho. the last piece i’m missing is a clear raincoat but i’m not sure where to look. i saw that amazon has some for about $10 but might arrive past halloween. has anyone seen clear raincoats anywhere in town for cheap?
and i want to know if anyone knows of any bars or places in town holding events? none of my friends are having parties so we want to go out. thanks everyone!
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2021.10.24 02:34 you_cant_pause_toast Is it just me or have the quality and excitement of the games been through the roof so far this season?

Maybe because arenas are full again, maybe bc we have a new team, maybe bc we’re back on ESPN, maybe bc the past 2 seasons were so weird…
I don’t really know why but the boys are really buzzin out there. I’ve seen some great games already, playoff quality games.
Anyone else notice this? If so what game stands out? I think yesterday’s Stars / Kings OT game was incredible.
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2021.10.24 02:34 IHaveEightEyes Websites I like to use for collecting.

I have been collecting caps for the better part of 2-1/2 years now. I have around 230 hats to my name. Here are some of the websites I have found useful for buying specific brands/types of hats for cheap!
For dad hats, I have opted to use the ‘47 website. They offer something called the “47 Family.” Once you join, you make points off of every purchase, and those points can be used for discounts for future purchases. Also a website called “RetailMeNot” always has coupon codes on there for this site.
For new era fitteds, I always check a few places depending on what I want. I personally use Fanatics, Mercari, and EBay. Mercari is basically another version of ebay.
For vintage syle hats, I always use Etsy. A seller called KapKingdom is my personal favorite!
For cowboy hats/newsboy hats. I use Amazon/Ebay.
I hope this helped you in your hat collecting/searching endeavors!
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2021.10.24 02:34 jimmyjackson23 I swear, if jakks dosn’t complete the sega sonic arcade trio, I’ll do it my self

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2021.10.24 02:34 DemUnderground Perfect representation of covid

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