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2021.10.24 09:01 max028 Easiest phd program?

Before I get hit with the “you’re asking the wrong question” and “that’s subjective” we all know what easy subjects are. I’m thinking education or some liberal arts type studies are the easiest but not sure.
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To learn more and apply for the job, please see Software Developers Jobs in Hoboken, New Jersey | Facebook
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2021.10.24 09:01 onionslicecake Does anyone else talk to themselves as if they're talking to someone else

I constantly speak out loud saying can you just shut up to myself up when ever I'm having weird/sad thoughts. I was wondering if anyone else does this. I also say stuff like why are you so sleepy to myself
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2021.10.24 09:01 Beautiful-Flight-321 Will (M1) 8c CPU/ 16c GPU will be powerful than (M1 pro 14 inch base build) 8c CPU/ 14c GPU?

I get that the ssd (200 Gb/s) is much faster but still makes me wonder. Can anyone answer?
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2021.10.24 09:01 UnderTheBed8 ESPN - waiver question

My opponent has darren waller and no backup tight end. I have Collins and penny and I want to add Everett to block my opponent cause Everett is the Monday night TE.
If I drop penny now, can I add penny as a free agent before the game Monday night for Everett? Or would penny become a waiver for next week?
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2021.10.24 09:01 PhantomKawaiiDemon Getting Left Alone (Phasmophobia)

Steven turned around and found himself looking into a pair of very dead eyes, the skin around those eyes gone, the burnt appearance of the muscle exposed forcing him to take a step back. In that instant the EMF went off again, the ghost turned its head toward Steven, the frown on its face the last thing they saw as it disappeared.
"What the fuck?" the male muttered as he moved away from that side of the bed. "He was naked!"
Rose couldn't say a word, but a nervous giggle managed to escape. Steven shot her a surprised look, the fact that she was laughing questionable.
"What's so funny?" he inquired coming to stand before her, but before she could give him an answer their companions reentered the room.
"What happened?!" Oliver asked, his eyes taking in the small female giggling and the serious male standing over her. Rose opened her mouth to explain but all that escaped was another giggle. Steven hmphed and shot the other male an embarrassed look as a blush appeared on his cheeks.
"What the fuck is going on?" Madison asked, irritation in her tone. "We heard something, like someone breathing harshly after a run or something!" The small brunette burst out laughing. The darker haired female shot her a look of shock at the sudden emotion. Rose waved her hand as she tried to stop laughing.
Oliver couldn't help it as he joined her, the look on Steven's face when Rose began laughing telling him that while something may have happened it had the other male upset.
Madison was growing more and more upset. She was used to getting what she wanted as she was an only child but the fact that no one would answer her coupled with the fact that the person who knew was laughing?! This was damn insulting! "We are here to do a job and you are all lazing about as if we're at a damn pa-"
Suddenly all their flashlights began to dim, the lightning flashing in the background illuminating the male ghost that had appeared before the pair just moments before.
"Run! Hide!" Oliver cried as he shoved Madison toward the door. "Turn off the flashlights!" Steven took off toward what appeared to be a closet, Rose didn't move at first, her blue eyes wide as the ghost moved toward her in the fading light. As it got a foot from her a hand reached out and grasped her arm before yanking her into another room.
The flashlight was yanked from her hand and thrown next to another one as the door was slammed shut. The only sound was the rough breathing of the ghost as Rose was pushed behind Steven, the male putting himself between the door and the small female.
In the hallway Madison was shaking as Oliver turned off her light before grasping one of the doors, her own hands on the ground as she tried to calm her breathing.
"Madison, hold the door and be prepared to keep it closed." At first it was like it hadn't registered but with another command from the male with her the dark haired female did as he instructed. The rough breathing of the dead form moved closer, his footsteps growing louder in the quiet house. It felt like they waited forever, but it was only a matter of seconds before Oliver's door was yanked open, the sound of his heartbeat bumping loudly in his ear. Madison fell back as he yanked his door closed, the ghost moving away from the spot. He shot her a look, the fear still real after all he had already seen. He had worked for Phasmophobia for a few months, but the hunts never failed to instill fear in him. Countless people had died before him, even his own teammates had gotten killed when on the job with him. He had been lucky but how long would that luck last? "The door!" he hissed. She jumped, her fingers grasping the door so hard that her knuckles turned white with the exertion.
Soon the footsteps stopped, the breathing gone leaving all four occupants time to breath. Oliver rushed out, calling to Madison and the others to come out of the house quickly. No one hesitated as all the hunters ran from the home, the door still open as the four stood in the rain scented air. Even the lightning wasn't enough to bother them.
"What the fuck?!" Madison shrieked as she looked to Oliver. "You neve-"
"He did," Rose stated, pointing out that their leader had indeed warned them about the possibility of death and that the ghost might hunt them. The dark haired girl groaned. The brunette was right but she hadn't believed such a thing was real!
"Still, who would have thought that would be true! I just thought he was joking!" Oliver sighed.
"Everyone thinks it's a joke, but why would I joke about death?" Hell, he hadn't even been smiling and he had pointed it out in the book as well, so why think he was kidding? Then again, most people were stupid, at least a good portion that he had met on this job were prone to being or doing stupid things until they had been in it as long as he had been.
He had believed the man who had trained him and while the other two with them on that first trip, that first job, had not they had learned the awful truth when a teammate had died right before their eyes! The death was bad enough but to know that you couldn't fight against the unseen force that was grasping you by the neck, the air that couldn't come thru your windpipe, and then the hard truth that you would never see your friends or family again... For the viewer it was the sounds!
The first time he had heard the gasp of his teammate had been awful! He had heard the cry of fear, the gasp of pain, the crack of bone and with it the death rattle. He had seen his comrade crumple to the ground like a rag doll, his neck sinking into his body as his eyes slowly glazed over and he was gone.
"We need to check our sanity and take pills," Oliver said before turning from his group. He lived on the edge, his family glad to see him at the end of the day because they knew how gruesome his job could be. There would be days he would come back in such a state that he needed to be alone, the anger, the sadness, any of those emotions that crawled around in his gut during his job could cause him to react in a way that his family didn't deserve to have thrown at them. He loved them and didn't want to bring them down or crush them in his angers. It was like a possession, he took part of that ghost home with him every time.
Madison had no qualms about the job as it was easy money, but to know that it was really dangerous just to collect that sum of money, well, there were questions... pros and cons to work thru on this. She turned the corner of the van to find the others looking at small pill containers with what appeared to be two pills in the orange containers. Rose noticed her first, grabbed the last container and handed it off to her.
"What is this?" the dark haired female inquired as she took the vial, her brown eyes narrowing to read the inscription on the bottle. Take both in case of low sanity. Ghost Hunter Sanity Pills. Will raise sanity to counteract attacks by ghosts. This couldn't be real, could it? She looked up from the container to see Oliver and Rose down the pills before throwing the containers in a box in the corner while Steven seemed unsure about taking the pills. He looked at her, his own brown eyes full of confusion and skepticism until Rose made a surprised sound. They looked to see that she was observing the chart on the screen that showed their sanity. Both Oliver and Rose's sanity showed it to be at nearly 80% while his and Madison's were at 43% and 35% respectively.
"The average is what matters," Oliver explained, his green gaze on Rose as he pointed to the top number that was displayed under 'average'. "As a whole we are stronger than individually, but if we all go under then..." he faded off, his voice grim. "So far we have figured that only a few ghosts can hunt above 50%, but for the most part we are safe in this range as there are ways to protect against hunts, but even these are not 100% effective, not that anything really is." Steven knew that he was just doing his job, but this male before him seemed to know more than he was telling. Maybe he was wrong, but while he had used the book earlier to point out about the hunts, he hadn't been using the book for this. How long had this male been doing this job for and what wasn't he telling them?
"Oliver," Steven said and then he noted that Rose was looking less nervous. Could he cause her more distress? He gave himself a mental shake. He had just met this girl and yet he felt like he needed to protect her... What was wrong with him? The other male looked at him expectedly. "How long have you done this job?"
"Not quite a year, but still long enough to know what to expect and what could happen," he stated, a dry chuckle coming from his lips. "Even then there are situations that one will never be prepared for." Rose could see it in his eyes. He had seen death. She reached out and touched his arm. His green eyes met hers and the pair knew that they had seen the same thing, but their visions were so different as her darkness was different from his own. She smiled at him and then turned to the other two.
"We have one evidence and very little time before we fall back into the hunt zone. Let's get this job done!" Everyone blinked at her sudden attitude change, no one noticed how her hands shook as she held them close to sides. To ensure that no one saw how much it scared her to go back in she grabbed one of the books, Steven following behind her with D.O.T.s. The pair disappeared leaving the other two alone. Madison turned to Oliver.
"If you get me killed, know that my parents will sue you," she muttered before heading back into the house. Oliver had no doubt about that, but he also knew that each person had signed an agreement and in that document there was a clause that should a teammate perish during a job then their immediate family could not sue but that their funeral costs would be covered. Most places probably wouldn't even do that, but Phasmophobia had insurance to cover the death of an employee. He headed back into the house, the feel of the rain beating down on him almost refreshing as he crossed the threshold of the house and into the silence. The group had turned on the light in the room, the sound of the spirit box a static sound that grew louder when he got near the room.
"Hey, that works better when you have the lights off," he stated as he stepped into the room. He was surprised to find Madison moving stuff around while Steven and Rose were standing off to the side, the small female holding the device in her hands while Steven held the D.O.T.s. He showed the other male how to place the device, explaining how if they put it on the walls then the ghost was known to knock it off forcing them back into the room to reset it before walking over and flicking the lights off. As soon as he did that Madison moved out of the room, the nervous energy coming off of her in waves. The other female looked a bit nervous but she still stood firm as she began to talk.
"Is there someone here?" Static. "Where are you?" Static.
"You should move around since the ghost sometimes doesn't stay in one place," the dark haired male explained. "Or it's an alone ghost." A brow rose at that, Steven looking at the small girl next to him. Could she do this alone? He was about to volunteer to do it but she nodded and began to walk where the ghost had first appeared. Oliver grabbed him and yanked him out of the room, tho the light haired male really didn't want to leave and fought a little against the grip of the other male. As soon as the pair left the room, Steven refusing to close the door they heard her ask again. "Are you here?" Static. Footsteps as the small female moved around the room. "Are you close?"
Behind you. There was a thud followed by another one as the small female made a sound. Both males rushed in, Madison staying by the door.
"What happened?" the light haired male inquired as Rose moved away from the bathroom. She turned and looked at them.
"It spoke," was her response as she pointed at the still active device. "And then it threw something in the bathroom." Oliver walked past her and into the bathroom, another thud was heard in the dark room as Madison turned on the bedroom lights, the dark haired female moving into the room with her eyes darting around her. The dark haired male turned on the light to the bathroom, the space lit up to show that the ghost had indeed been in that room as there were shampoo bottles and toothpaste on the ground. "It said it was behind me."
"Okay, we need to put this in our journals so we ca-" Scribble. Scribble. Scribble. All eyes turned to the book on the bed, the one that Rose had placed, as the pen flew up, the book shifting with the force of the pen to paper. All four leaned forward to see what it was writing. It was a black mass. Oliver grabbed the book as soon as the ghost was done and instructed all to head out. He had a feeling, that feeling that usually let him know a hunt was about to begin. The four of them rushed to the door, but just as Rose was about to step out the door slammed on her face, her flashlight falling from her hands as the raspy breathing began.
"No," she whispered, but knowing that she just needed to hide she rushed to grab the flashlight and find a space to hid. The closet behind her was slightly open so she ran over to it, dropping the light to the ground as soon as she was in the small space. Something had told her from the way that Oliver had reacted twice now that there was no leaving the house when a hunt began, well, that and the fact that no one had tried to open the door... As soon as she slammed the door close the sound of a locked door rattling hit her ears. Well, that confirmed what she had thought. She was here...in the house...alone...with a ghost that wanted to kill her.
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2021.10.24 09:01 womanwrappa Exclusive Benefits of Gravis Finance 🔥🔥🔥💯💯

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