I have to give practical examples more often

2021.10.24 09:17 dizzycrazycheesy I have to give practical examples more often

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2021.10.24 09:17 ickybus overview for fmtbebuckvxzvs

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2021.10.24 09:17 polcomppatrol Which flair tells you to flair up the most?

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2021.10.24 09:17 dinhnhatlinh2017 Which one should i use on my Venti?

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2021.10.24 09:17 NBGNL Pumpkinhead is comming for you! And we he touches you, you have a pumpkinhead too!

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2021.10.24 09:17 Equal-Solution-9675 Wallet address PENDING

Morning guys, why wont my wallet address get confirmed? It said to send x amount of add to confirm my address. I sent that amount to an unused address on my daedalus wallet that holds the WMT tokens. Its been about 15mins but the WMT vault still says pending is that normal? Do I just have to wait?
Was I supposed to send ada from a specific wallet?
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2021.10.24 09:17 RandomCZ AEW this coming week

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2021.10.24 09:17 dubbbi I have 690 hours in this game and i just started my first mage Character.

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2021.10.24 09:17 nevertoolate1983 A record amount of Americans are quitting their jobs due to pandemic burnout

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2021.10.24 09:17 Unique_Pattern9936 تسلیت میگم فردا باید دوباره هفت صبح پاشی بری سر کلاس 😔💔😂🐈‍⬛

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2021.10.24 09:17 writingbug_ THE RUMOUR

Tag is the worst game to play in the woods and not only because of the wild habitants. The things hiding in the dark were the greater threat. I should have explained this to my sister that day.
On the last day of our stay in a rented cabin, Riya insisted on exploring the area. So, I had to take her for a walk.
"Reyansh, don't go too far, okay?" Mom said. I nodded. Riya grabbed my finger as I led her out of the cabin.
The wind ran through the branches of the trees, making the leaves rustle in symphony. We walked along the gravel path as the floral scents wafted our way. The sun was slowly sinking below the horizon, and we had to go back before dark. I decided we only walk around the area from where our cabin would be visible. Riya had other plans. She released my finger and darted away.
"Riya, come back here!" I bawled.
She stopped. "You have to catch me first."
When I ran towards her, she ran too. For an 8-year old, she was fast. "Riya, stop this moment!"
She did not listen and kept running and laughing. Just when I was getting closer to her, I tripped over a stick. Luckily, I did not get hurt. I stood up immediately and looked behind. The cabin was out of sight. I turned back and continued chasing Riya, who had finally come to a halt in front of an abandoned house.
I called her again but ignoring me, she went inside the house as if it was luring her. I had heard rumours about that place. People believed whatever you see in there could be a sneak peek into your future. That place was one of the reasons I came here. I sneaked out once or twice to look for it. Riya was not supposed to go in there.
"Riya!" I called and then followed her inside.
The lights were on, even though no one had lived there for ages. A cold breeze brushed my face, sending a chill down my spine. The entrance door slammed shut, making me jump out of my skin. I tried opening it but failed. My body trembled when I thought about Riya. I ran across the entire ground floor, calling her name, looking behind curtains, going through every room. She was still missing.
"Riyaaaa!" I cried as loud as I could. My voice echoed. And then I heard the echoes of her comical little chuckle reverberating around the house.
Shivering feverishly, I tiptoed up a staircase, hoping she was up there. Just halfway on the flight of stairs, I heard a sickening thud. A rush of fear washed over me. Following the sound, I darted upstairs.
I saw a door, ajar, and went through it, revealing a large room. And the next thing my eyes witnessed has been haunting me since. My 8-year-old sister was lying in a pool of blood.
"Nooooooooo." I dashed towards her. But the lights went off before I could reach her. I bawled again. My head began to spin. I reached within myself, frantically scrounging for words to call for help. Closing my eyes, I tried to scream, but no sound escaped my mouth.
I don't remember for how long I remained that way. When I opened my eyes, the lights were back on. Her body had disappeared.
I heard Riya's giggle again. I turned around, and there she was, standing, hale and hearty. "I scared you." She laughed. Her hand was on a light switch. I wrapped my arms around her.
When we came downstairs, I tried opening the front door again, and it worked. When we were going back to the cabin, the only thing in her mind was that she pranked me. And the only thing running in my mind was the rumour.
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2021.10.24 09:17 happeria Map Cat!

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2021.10.24 09:17 Charmotiseur Long time ago..!

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2021.10.24 09:17 luna_moon026 ME : MR SNOW CAT || THEM : NEON BEE

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2021.10.24 09:17 TheXBoxer [PS4] H: Junkies FFR FR Cryolator W: Railway offers

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2021.10.24 09:17 05259577 26 [M4F] Putting myself out there

Searching for someone during this pandemic is really hard, So I'm putting myself out there and maybe you will be my plot twist before the year ends.
About Me:

About You:
So if you're interested, maybe you could hit me up and lets start from there
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2021.10.24 09:16 Maguffins Neat app changes don’t update thermostat

Have found a few posts similar. Some still active, some saying it’s been fixed.
My flavor of this is sometimes they changes on app make it to thermo, sometimes they only do if I go stand in front of it, and then it’s instant.
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2021.10.24 09:16 BahariterraGirl Tallest Bridge in Bahariterra

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2021.10.24 09:16 PtAndrew18 Ape and Jerk 😆. Check my profile for more Nft-s

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2021.10.24 09:16 TaxReligion Check out my web novel: The Merchant Prince

Description: Enter a world of deceit and assassins. Augustus DeCastellian is a member of a wealthy merchant family, with ports all over the known world. He is sent on a voyage to new lands to open trade routes, but when he returns he will need to fight, using his tools of manipulation and cunning, for what he is owed.
Hey, just wanted to plug my web novel and hopefully get a few readers. If the synopsis seems interesting please check it out. If you are faint of heart though, my novel does contain some dark themes.
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2021.10.24 09:16 BarfQueen Mid-flower. Leaves are drying out from the tips. Starting from the bottom. Thoughts?

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2021.10.24 09:16 RadicalLeftyRed "The Only Place to Eat After the Apocalypse" by artist Meg Owenson

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2021.10.24 09:16 Northern_Irish_08 America's thoughts on communists?

Is there such thing as an American communist????
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2021.10.24 09:16 Strider_outdoors Multiple questions for a jeep wrangler

I will be first to admit I know shit about cars, my 2008 jeep wrangler has a good bit of rust build up on the front and back axel and the drive shaft. Is that detrimental to them operating? Secon questions how do you tell if the transmission is going bad, when I accelerate it sound like a dry rattle.
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2021.10.24 09:16 BotDefense overview for rattenbtvcxfrfw

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