They do be rly hard sometimes

ArkPanda: How exactly do you break up a country like this? Red/blue states are a fiction. [Fark user image 425x379] Well, they're the ones who want to leave our country, right? Evacuate all the intelligent people from Texas, remove all federally owned and funded assets, ship all the morons to Texas (preferably in cattle cars), then just because we can, build a giant farking wall around Texas. And if they don’t, there are many other drugs in the works. Potential early treatments for COVID-19. Some drugs might be able to treat COVID-19 at the earliest stages of the infection, perhaps ...

2021.10.15 21:47 SnipinIsAgoodJobMate They do be rly hard sometimes

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2021.10.15 21:47 gattmoat Frank sounds just like Wiz Khalifa on “RAF”

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2021.10.15 21:47 ColadaColadaColada Did I screw up by not putting up a huge fight after we broke up?

We broke up on 7/1/21, and I begged for her to not do it, but she did. After the breakup I brought up wanting us to get back together once, but that was it. We texted for a couple of weeks, but eventually she implemented NC by never answering my texts.
I sent a her a lette flowers asking her back 6 weeks after the BU, but haven’t heard anything from her.
So my question is if I would have fought for her more and put more into us not breaking up could that have changed things? What do you think? Currently 100% NC for 2 months
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2021.10.15 21:47 Seves04 I’m not sure if I can make it through another wiik without our boi alex yiik

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2021.10.15 21:47 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Texas superintendent apologizes after official told teachers to offer books with ‘opposing’ views on Holocaust | Chicago Tribune

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2021.10.15 21:47 DEATHOFCLOUTCHASER Muwop Co Defendant Los Munna Denied Bond One of 2 Cars Involved in K!lling of FBG Duck "3 Victims"

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2021.10.15 21:47 sgeorgeshap 25 winners - Win a set of OnePlus Buds Pro (10/31/2021) {WW except where prohibited by US law}

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2021.10.15 21:47 Blacky_McBlackerson I just watched "Any Given Sunday" for the first time as an adult and Jason Garrett is 100% a younger version of Al Pacino's character, right?

*A family-type relationship with the owner. *Refusal to adapt play calling to the circumstances of the game. *Players simultaneously love and respect him, but also talk shit about him.
I could probably find more parallels, but I just finished it and I had to talk to someone about it.
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2021.10.15 21:47 sonnydaze75 Up up boy

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2021.10.15 21:47 somefoolmuttered How do people do online clothes shopping?

Do they already know what brands/sizes fit you? Or is everybody just working on the measurement/sizing charts are accurate? How on earth do people know what will look good on them without trying it on?
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2021.10.15 21:47 TomAto314 Squid Game

This is apparently Netflix's biggest show ever which is saying something. If you are somehow unawares it's a live action Korean "Death Game" show.
I thought it was pretty good. Maybe not quite as good as everyone else seems to think, but I've also seen a lot of death game shows so it was quite as shocking to me.
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2021.10.15 21:47 LilyMcAllister DEAL OF THE DAY! '$107 OFF! Amazon's Choice [Amazon] Philips Series 9000 Male Grooming Wet & Dry Shaver with 3-speed Control, S9721/27 (Amazon Exclusive)

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2021.10.15 21:47 ZeroHusakai Just Like Heaven - Fifty Pence Peace (The Cure Cover)

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2021.10.15 21:47 Imjust_there Croatia just got a new version of Survivor

My country, Croatia, just got it's own version of Survivor. We had 2 older ones, from 2005 and 2012 I believe, and the newest one is coming this year I believe. Not a lot is known about it so far besides the fact that it'll air on Nova TV. Here's the website for it: https://novatv.dnevnik.hzabavni/survivo
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2021.10.15 21:47 Acidelephant Finally some peace and quiet

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2021.10.15 21:47 BlankVerse Dickey's Debuts New Sweet & Smoky Dr. Pepper Wings And New Birthday Cake Marshmallow Treat

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2021.10.15 21:47 RadiantPear88 1322 DAMAGE IPECAC BRIMSTONE

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2021.10.15 21:47 sad_crock Please explain to me the message from the bot.

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2021.10.15 21:47 notthatbitchkaren What kind of hawk is this?

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2021.10.15 21:47 ethancknight Apparently if you listen to hip hop and rap you are a “low key sexist”

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2021.10.15 21:47 hugsoverhandshakes You Can't Always Trust Your Mind

You can't always trust your mind. You can't always trust your thoughts. As twisted as it may be, your mind doesn't want to destroy you. It wants what it think is best for you in the short term, even if it brings you great pain in the long term. In ancient times, this was useful because we lived day to day and survival was the biggest concern...but in today's day and age, it can be a destroyer of your goals.

Our minds are made for us to have the "easiest" most pleasurable life possible that's why surfing the web, jerking off to P, and watching Netflix require very little thought or will. But working on your business or school work seems to require so much effort.
Unlearn your instincts, my friends. Teach YOURSELF a newer, better way.
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2021.10.15 21:47 jjordan80521 Best restaurant in town? Where is the most delicious food in your opinion I need a place for tonight. I’m down for anything as long as it’s tasty!

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2021.10.15 21:47 SnooRecipes4851 "Your PSLF Payment Count is Going Up"

Hot off the presses! Be on the lookout if you have payments that will now count under the Limited Waiver. I just received an email about 5 minutes ago from the US Department of Education with the subject line: "Limited PSLF Waiver." Holy Crap, y'all, this is actually starting to feel like something that will really happen!
FYI, I submitted my most recent ECF on 10/4/21 and my counts were updated to reflect that time period yesterday, 10/14. Right now it just shows the 80 payments I have through FedLoans, but if they actually count my prior FFEL payments as described below, I'll be forgiven!!! I wanted to share because it seems like they are conducting some kind of (possibly automated??) review just looking at employment certification forms, so if you have older jobs during payments you thought wouldn't count you should try to get those submitted!
The email reads:
"On Oct. 6, 2021, we announced a change to Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program rules for a limited time. From Oct. 6, 2021, through Oct. 31, 2022, you can get credit for payments you've made on loans that wouldn't normally qualify for PSLF.
Under this limited PSLF waiver, your count toward PSLF will include any payments you made during your repayment of
• Federal Family Education Loan Program loans,
• Perkins Loans, and
• most Direct Loans.
These payments will count even if you didn't pay the full amount or on-time.
What Does This Mean for You:
Based on our estimates and your records, your Direct Consolidation Loan's payment count for PSLF should go up by at least 42 qualifying payments.
We based this estimate on your already approved periods of qualifying employment on file.
Please note: It may take a few months to process this change and for your account to reflect your updated count of PSLF payments.
What You Need to Do
You don't need to do anything to meet the Oct. 31, 2022, end date. But now is a good time to review whether all your employment history has been certified.
Have you already submitted a PSLF form for all your periods of working at a qualifying employer? If so, you do not need to take any action.
But what if there's a gap in the qualifying employment that you have certified so far? In that case, you should update your employment certification. Make sure to include periods from before you consolidated your loans.
You can submit an updated PSLF form by using the PSLF Help Tool.
For more information about this limited opportunity, please visit"
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2021.10.15 21:47 joshywongs19 Sally leaving! Anyone want her?

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2021.10.15 21:47 RR-Engineers PRE Fabricated Industrial shed construction services at chennai

Our Roofing Contractors Works, without any doubts. We have the very experienced team to get the best roofing structure designs, while at the same time we are using high quality materials for roofing .Also visit our channel :
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