My current situation

2021.10.18 19:59 GinyuForce420 My current situation

Like the title says, I’m just sitting here getting baked and watching Seinfeld when it hits me all of sudden, I want a Chicken Bake from Costco! Who’s coming with?
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2021.10.18 19:59 barryfuckle5001 Fripp goes mad with power

Meant with a huge amount of affection for the great man...

Robert Fripp Has Gone Mad With Power - YouTube
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2021.10.18 19:59 Retro_Tech_or_Die Update thumbnails for older videos?

Hello everyone, is there benefit to revamp old videos thumbnails to attract more views?
I originally wanted to follow a uniform template, but I’ve seen the benefit of eye catching thumbnails.
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2021.10.18 19:59 wtori26 Heerf for graduated students

have any graduated students heard anything back about the heerf 3 funding?? they sent me an email awhile back saying i would receive an email stating whether or not i’m receiving it within 4-6 weeks. it’s been more than 6 weeks and i still haven’t heard nothin :/
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2021.10.18 19:59 -Agant-47- Mood swings

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2021.10.18 19:59 Lunyan4 Bring back "shitty" game graphics

I can't put into words how much I miss old school game graphics. Like Silent hill for example. I would trade HQ modern game graphics like for example Death Stranding for old school games. I miss it so much. i still haven't found anyone who agrees with me. I wonder if anyone will here.
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2021.10.18 19:59 MemerThoughts Veterinarians are the only medical field profession where it is socially acceptable to hug and kiss your clients.

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2021.10.18 19:59 cinematicpizza What game would you like to add in the Squid Games?

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2021.10.18 19:59 kkpoker CN Reactions to Group D [BiliBili Thread]

Bilibili's comments are not as harsh as weibo's, but still hope you enough it! (also sorry for poor english)

你一次Ruler都没杀死,凭什么说我Gen.G输了!来,我让你打大龙,你敢跟我打吗! 感觉管泽元和伞皇一样激动,不知道是不是我的错觉
"you dont kill ruler even once, how dare you say my geng is losing! Hey i will let you touch the baron, but dare you fight me?" feel like Guan Zeyuan(lpl caster teddy, famous for being a samsung/GenG fan) is as exciting as San, maybe not my illusion.
-- Park Zeyuan Again
>! 看到一个弹幕蚌埠住了:Gen g是LPL的吗 !<
see a danmaku (chat) and cant hold it : is geng a lpl team?
-- because a caster is extremely excited, but i wont tell you his name!
>! 最后龙坑那一波,朴泽元怒吼:clid抢到了!!!!!!笑麻了属于是 !<
the last fight Park Zeyuan shout out : "Clid steal it!!!!!!!!!!" LMAO
>! 比巴卜来全杀了 !<
if its bwipo then he will kill them all /s (this is a copypasta for theshy since he always just go in and int)
>! 这就是以后期团战著称的mad嘛 !<
Wow this is the MAD famous for late game teamfight? [doge]

>! 热知识:目前LPL第二轮对欧美胜率百分之0,对韩胜率百分之25,梦回s5s6了属于是 !<
New fact : lpl week2 0% winrate towards na&eu, 25% to LCK. is it s5/s6?
>! 现在知道昨晚翻盘韩华为什么这么热血吗,四天唯一能看的比赛 !<
Now you know why winning against hanwha was so enthusiastic last night? The only good game in 4 days!
King Jensen actually tears the "old player" fig leaf apart.
>! 简皇是个老将了,也确实玩得不是特别强,但是他总给我一种:“你要是敢看不起我,我必要你好看”的狠劲…… !<
King Jensen is actually a old guy and not so good, but he always give me a feeling like “if you dare look down on me, then i will just give you a look”
--mid gap

>! 这么多年过去了,最经典的还是“杀尺帝” !<
after all those years, "kill ruler!" is still the classic
>! 米勒说的对啊,一味的模仿别人是没用的,我们lpl会的就是强开团,能赢的就是硬辅,这才是我们的长处啊!<
miller is right, imitate others is useless. lpl is good at engage supports and starting a teamfight, this is our advantages
>! 这把洛发育有点差,被刀妹压了30刀 !<
the rakan seems not so good, he is 30cs behind the irelia!
Gen Ruler( Aphelios): top no feed.
Gen Ruler( Aphelios): top no feed.
Gen Ruler( Aphelios): Again???
Gen Ruler( Aphelios): stop trash talking, waiting for me to carry
Gen Ruler( Aphelios): ??KS????
Gen Ruler( Aphelios): gg. report top pls.

>! 我不是不想LNG赢啊,但我真的挺想看到四个3-3的,玩到天亮,还有抽签仪式,真就三个倒霉蛋 !<
its not that i dont want lng to win, but 4 3-3 is just interesting. playing to next morning and then the draw, just 3 poor casters.
>! D组的混乱厮杀……给我的感觉就是一群衔尾蛇在互相吞噬…… !<
Group D in chaos... ouroboros....
理性告诉我下一把我想LNG赢 但是心底总有一个看热闹不嫌事大的声音想让LNG输
Sense tells me I want lng to win next
But there is always a loud voice at the bottom of my heart who wants LNG to lose
>! 我现在不想看lpl赢了,我想看四个3-3 !<
i dont want lpl to win anymore, im just for four 3-3
>! 《30分钟,凯南的入门到精通》 !<
"30mins, kennen's from beginner level to mastery"
>! 观众这么团结想让一支LPL队输这也是难得 !<
actually rare to see we all unite to want a lpl team to lose

>! 优 秀 的 匹 配 机 制 !<
GoOd MaTcHiNg SyStEm
--worthy opponents (hearthstone meme)
>! lpl小组赛第一天一把没赢.第二天赢一把.第三天赢两把.第四天理所当然赢三把.所以今天结局是什么不用多说了吧 !<
0 win first day. 1 win the second day. 2 wins the third day. i could see the pattern...
>! 死亡之组?友爱之组!都舍不得对手那么快离开赛场 !<
Group of death? Group of kind! They just dont want their opponents to fly home so early
>! 懂了,D组就是莫比乌斯环 !<
well, Group D is just Mobius strip
>! 我以为4个3杠3已经让我很蚌埠住了.结果刀妹的4396大晚上直接让我忍不住了.创造了历史,也创造了第二个4396.精彩精彩,这个d组可真是精彩啊 !<
i have thought 4 3-3 is enough, but the irelia 4396 is just hilarious. Making history and the second 4396. excellent,the group d is just excellent [doge]
>! 为什么不ban猛犸 !< Why not ban Magnus
--Why not ban luna (lucian + nami, also a reference to luna lovegood)
--Why not ban poppy
--Why not ban Galio (issues left over from history)
--Why not ban MordeKaiser(same)
5 man's team, 4 regions, 3-3, 2 will out, a legend!
>! lpl近代第一个睁眼看世界的人--高振宁 !<
lpl's first one to look at the worlds -- Ning
(before Worlds he said in his stream that this is lpl's worst year and was laughed at hard)

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2021.10.18 19:59 joshsoccer9 Any one else see this cop every Monday on W Elizabeth street? He sits here for several hours with cameras propped up in his Trunk point towards the intersection of W Elizabeth and Constitution Ave . Wish I had a job that easy.

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2021.10.18 19:59 TheGamer12289 Jim?

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2021.10.18 19:59 01seulgi how does one learn sufficient content knowledge for their subject?

hi all! i'm currently doing a history PGCE and starting my second week in placement. the thing is, i don't have a history degree (instead i have a politics degree but chose history as my pgce subject as i really enjoyed it in school and thought it's way more employable than politics - hopefully when i finish the course i can teach a-level politics in a school also). my mentor's informed me that he'll slowly incorporate me into teaching yr 7s-yr10 and by the beginning of next term i should be planning and delivering starters, teaching yr 7s fully first.

though i'm feeling really uneasy about the content. since i recently found out about my placement i wasn't aware of the curriculum they chose and feel so uneducated about certain topics that the classes need to learn, such as the yr 10s doing history in medicine which i never learnt. but there are certain topics i feel confident about since i'd done it in GCSE myself. how do i get myself to that level of understanding before having to take on classes because i don't want to be put in an awkward position of not being able to answer student's questions. thank you!!
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2021.10.18 19:59 emilylikesredditalot A map of the Rhine River featuring the coats of arms of Switzerland, Alsace, Rhine Palatinate, Mainz, Trier, Cologne, Cleves, Guelders, Utrecht and Holland (c. 1670)

A map of the Rhine River featuring the coats of arms of Switzerland, Alsace, Rhine Palatinate, Mainz, Trier, Cologne, Cleves, Guelders, Utrecht and Holland (c. 1670) submitted by emilylikesredditalot to oldmaps [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 19:59 edszebra22 Police Activity at VPD

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2021.10.18 19:59 Cracked_legsGD What you guys think of my bossfight model? (Not a usb)

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2021.10.18 19:59 pinchybird Strange question but how long does test last? I have around 8 years worth of UGL on hand. Buddy of mine said it's fine if it gets cloudy just heat it ?

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2021.10.18 19:59 ANTristotle $10bn James Webb Space Telescope unpacked in Kourou

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2021.10.18 19:59 -2448-reddit-topic- Petition to make all aku enemies to have the abiltity to be immune to all effects especially strong against instead of a boring shield[Discussion][Enemies]

View Poll
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2021.10.18 19:59 confused_8819 Searching for resources for male survivors

Over the past year I was living in an abusive heterosexual relationship as a male. I am not sure if I want to tell my story on the internet, but I left and got my own apartment and I have been going to therapy. I told my partner I was going to be separated for 6 months. I have had a hard time dealing with things and making decisions about the future. My therapist suggested I try to find a men's group which I am willing to try. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a men's support group for a white heterosexual man who has been physically abused. I am aware that as a white straight male I have a lot of privilege in society and this is not about complaining. I simply am looking for a resource that I can't find.
If anyone knows of a support group or similar resource for heterosexual men who are victims of physical abuse, please share it so we can get the help we need.
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2021.10.18 19:59 yungstupidboy sorry, I'm a returning player after all my data was deleted a while ago. when does the hotel unlock ?

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2021.10.18 19:59 whiteferrari_7 Can you address an instructional assistant by their first name?

I’m trying to write an email but i don’t know how to properly address the IA’s. Please help!
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2021.10.18 19:59 ArthurMeursault911 Do we really want to eat stearic acid that is 50% C18 and 50% C16?

I know many people have read this study but then go on to buy the cheap stearic acid from Amazon or have glossed over the study and made the same decision. Bottom line, as I understand it, you really want SA without any C16 palmitic acid.
I made both mistakes - didn't read carefully and was eager to get started. Brad is out of good SA.
Thoughts and comments?
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2021.10.18 19:59 Sea_Dog7364 This fluffy jelly bean

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2021.10.18 19:59 Acrobatic_Machine_78 NEW Proof Dragons - YES WE CAN II ... and fu** the comex

NEW Proof Dragons - YES WE CAN II ... and fu** the comex Today Part 2 of : Dragons - 1 Oz Rectangular Dragon 2021 - PROOF (mintage p. 3888)
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2021.10.18 19:59 Orefeus Just found this site, and I have some questions

When signing up it is asking for what type of account I want to make, I have no issue paying but when I select Fastest Download it takes me to a Usenet service. Will I be buying a service from ABB or from a usenet provider?
It also says there is a 10GB limit then a flat rate with up to 2 Mbit/s, does that mean once I go past 10GB it limits my download to 2Mbit/second?
How much is it monthly?
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