Grand Staircase/Southern UT Ultras?

2021.10.18 18:11 iyamthejd Grand Staircase/Southern UT Ultras?

Anyone know of any ultras in the Grand Staircase/Escalante/Kanab/Capitol Reef area of Utah? I am aware of the Zion/Bryce ultras and the G2G stage race, and saw something about a Grand Staircase stage race but couldn’t find much info on it. Just curious if I’m overlooking races that aren’t on ultrasignup etc. Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.18 18:11 Few-Caterpillar4692 Void 3.0 ideas

Just some ideas that's been bubbling in my head since the TWAB that showed a sneak peak of Void 3.0 coming in the Witch Queen. Some of these were inspired by Kujay's videos, but mostly just trying to read the patterns and see (and hope) how Bungie will elevate Nightstalkers, Sentinels, and Voidwalkers in the upcoming expansion. Discussion and criticism are welcomed.
Enemy combatants = PvE Guardian opponents = PvP

= My reasoning
Identity: Suppress, Weaken, Volatile (debuffs), Devour, Invisibility, Overshield (buffs)
Suppress - The target has their power locked; enemy combatants can only perform basic moves with slower attack rate for 6s, while Guardian opponents have their Mobility reduced and are unable to use abilities (jump, grenade, melee, Super and class ability) for 3.5s.
Weaken - The target's defense is reduced; enemy combatants take increased damage from all sources, while Guardian opponents take slightly increased weapon damage and Resilience and Recovery stats are reduced. Weaken lasts for 6s.
Volatile - Unstable Void energy courses through the target for 8s; when defeated or after taking a certain amount of damage, enemies detonate in Void light for moderate damage, can harm nearby enemies, and grants a small amount of grenade and melee energy to the Guardian that inflicted Volatile.
Devour - Benefactor sustain themselves with the Void; each enemy combatant or Guardian opponent defeated immediately restore half their maximum shield. Devour lasts for a base duration of 8s.
Invisibility - Benefactor becomes harder to detect, visually or thru radar; lasts for a base duration of 6s or until performing an offensive or defensive action.
Overshield - Benefactor gains extra "padding" on top of their normal shield, allowing for more survivability; against enemy combatants, overshield also grants additional protection from melee attacks. Against Guardians, with a topped off overshield, you negate the full damage of one precision shot. Overshield lasts for 15s or until removed by incoming damage.
While Arc, Solar, and Stasis also have Overshields, Void would have more ways of accessing it as well as refining them through the Fragments listed below.
How the Void subclasses would evolve to conform to the identity of Void 3.0:
Vanishing Smoke - Ranged melee that grants Invisibility for you and nearby allies; each ally (including self) affected refunds a portion of melee energy.
Corrosive Smoke - Ranged melee that deals area damage over time, hinders sight, and steadily applies Suppress.
Assassin's Blade (new) - Melee attack that deals increased damage when attacking from behind or overhead, and inflicts Weaken for 6s.
Vortex Grenade - Strong damage over time 'nade.
Voidwall Grenade - Horizontal line 'nade that inflicts Volatile.
Spike Grenade - Attaches on surfaces and slowly inflicts Weaken.
[Revamped exotic armor that grants Nightstalkers easier access to Overshield and Devour]
Liar's Handshake - "Using your charged melee ability or being hit by a melee attack will allow you to follow up with an extremely powerful melee counterpunch that grants an elemental Overshield (based on your equipped subclass)."
Wormhusk Crown - "Dodging restores your health and a small portion of shield. Defeating an enemy shortly after dodging grants Devour."
Shield Toss - Ranged melee that ricochet off enemies and grants a chunk of Overshield on each hit.
Shield Bash - Sprinting melee attack that knocks back and Suppresses enemies hit.
Tactical Strike - AoE melee attack that grants class ability energy and inflicts Volatile to nearby enemies.
Voidwall Grenade - Same as hunter.
Magnetic Grenade - Attaches on enemy and detonates twice, dealing high damage.
Suppression Grenade - Delayed blast 'nade that Suppresses enemies hit.
[Revamped exotic armor that grants Sentinels easier access to Devour and Invisibility]
Wormgod Caress - "Charged melee kills grant Devour, regardless of your equipped subclass. While Devour is active, gain increased melee damage and energy regeneration."
Mask of the Quiet One - "Taking damage grants Dreaded Visage, increasing your ability recharge rate, stacking up to 3 times. While critically wounded, defeating an enemy consumes Dreaded Visage, granting Invisibility and Recovery based on the number of stacks consumed."
Entropic Pull (new melee mechanic) - Channeled melee that grants Devour and a large portion of grenade energy.
Atomic Breach - Melee attack that knocks enemy back and inflicts Volatile.
Pocket Singularity - Ranged melee that pulls in enemies and Weakens the first enemy hit.
Vortex Grenade - Same as hunter.
Scatter Grenade - Multiple munitions 'nade that Weakens enemies hit.
Axion Bolt - Tracking void orbs that Suppress on hit.
[Revamped exotic armor that grants Voidwalkers easier access to Overshield and Invisibility]
Winter's Guile - "Charged melee kills grant an elemental Overshield (based on your equipped subclass) and return a portion of melee energy."
Apotheosis Veil - "Activating your Rift grants a brief moment of Invisibility for you and allies standing within it. Precision or ability kills while inside your Rift can reactivate invisibility."
Void "Fragments"
[12 in total, with Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks having 1 exclusive Fragment. If these look familiar, it's because some of them exists in the current Sandbox to retain a certain playstyle. As with Stasis, Fragments will revolve around strengthening the identity of the Void playstyle]
Warden - Increases the duration of Devour and Invisibility effects, and the strength of your void Overshields.
Pugilist - Defeating enemies with an active Overshield grants melee energy.
Sneak Attack - While Invisible and for a very brief moment after Invisibility, your grenade and melee attacks deal increased damage.
Embrace - Charged melee kills and finishers restore a portion of shield for you and nearby allies.
Sustenance - Void ability final blows refresh the duration of Devour.
Feed the Void - While Devour is active, your Super energy recharges faster.
Darkest Reach - Increases the blast radius of Volatile explosions.
Lockdown - Grenade effects last twice as long, allowing for strong territorial control and increased damage potential.
Last Stand - When critically wounded, activating your class ability unleashes a wave of Void energy that Suppresses nearby enemies.
Triple Foul - Suppressing an enemy already Weakened with a Void source, and vice versa, also inflicts Volatile.
Heavy Toll - Enemy combatants that are Weakened have an increased chance of dropping Heavy ammo bricks when defeated.
Hunter exclusive: From the Shadows - Increases the recharge rate of your lowest charged ability while Invisible.
Titan exclusive: In the Trenches - When surrounded, defeating enemies grant additional Super energy.
Warlock exclusive: Instability - Defeating Suppressed or Weakened enemies will trigger a Volatile explosion. Volatiles inflicted by you can detonate up to 2 additional times, randomly.
Hunter "Aspects"
[Similar to Stasis, up to 2 Aspects can be chosen at a time. A small change I would propose is that each Aspect grants 2 Fragment slots, allowing you to equip 4 Fragments at a time]
1) Stylish Execution - Defeating a Weakened, Suppressed, or Volatile target grants Invisibility and Truesight. After performing a Stylish Execution, your next melee attack while invisible Weaken enemies.
From the TWAB, no changes.
2) Doppelganger - Spawn a Void clone that mimics your Shadow Shot or Spectral Blades super. When taking fatal damage, your doppelganger will die in your place, ending your Super but restoring your health.
The clone would only inflict 50% of your normal Super damage. For Shadow Shot, it will fire only 1 arrow but otherwise behave the same as yours (so 2 arrows total with the upcoming Shadow Shot change). For Spectral Blade, the clone would mimic your movement but will have a very slight delay to its attacks, and again, only deal half your damage. For its defensive aspect, it would only restore your red health, not top off your shield.
3) Cloak of Shadows - [🅱️,🅱️/⭕,⭕] while midair to consume your dodge, wrapping you in a shell of Void energy that grants a brief moment of intangibility, allowing you to phase through most attacks.
Might seem very strong, but its a very brief invulnerability window (maybe ~1.1s). Void weapons and abilities would also bypass this technique, similar to how Void shields take increased damage from a Void source. A lot of playmaking potential, nonetheless.
4) Escape Artist - Dodging grants Invisibility for a short time. When becoming critically wounded, drop a Smoke Bomb at your location which acts as trap that hinder enemy sight and movement, allowing for an easier retreat.
The Smoke Bomb effect would have an internal, long-ish cooldown to prevent continuous, successful retreats in PvP.
Titan "Aspects"
1) Overwatch - Your Towering Barricade is amped up with Void energy, granting an overshield to you and allies bunkering behind it. Defeating enemies with an active Overshield replenishes the durability of your barricade.
From the TWAB with the added barricade "cure" effect. Would not be super strong in PvP as barricades are easily dispatched with special weapons.
2) Controlled Demolition - Volatile from your Void abilities build up quicker and deal more damage. Nearby enemies hit with the Void explosions are also afflicted with Volatile.
Basically Code of the Commander's whole shtick, just now labeled as Volatile. Still one of the most fun playstyles imo, and I hope it's retained for WQ.
3) Impenetrable Wall - Casting Banner Shield or Ward of Dawn with a full barricade energy consumes it, reinforcing its power. Enemy combatants that dare challenge its defenses are repelled and Suppressed.
Would add to the Titan fantasy of being the "Immovable Object", though it might come off as being OP if not tuned properly. There should still be proper counters, but right now (imo) Ward is countered by a lot of other Supers.
4) Support Fire - Your Rallying Barricade spawns a Void sentry turret that briefly highlights and attacks the nearest threat. Consecutive hits with the turret Weakens the target for a short time.
Actual mechanical turret unlike floaty Arc Buddy or Bleak Watcher. Highlighting effect would only work in PvE. Otherwise, similar damage profile to Arc Soul, and destroying barricade/death would despawn turret.
Warlock "Aspects"
1) Chaos Accelerant - Hold [LB/L1] to overcharge your grenade, increasing their lethality and granting Devour for you and nearby allies when it defeats an enemy.
Basically how it is now with the added Devour function.
2) Dark Matter - Enemies defeated with your Void abilities coalesce into clumps of dark matter which only you can see and collect, granting a small amount of Super and class ability energy.
Removed the healing aspect and grenade/melee energy regen to not take away from the effects of Devour and Volatile, respectively. Would pair nicely with:
3) Abyssal Calling - Summon a sentient force with your Rift, which seek enemies and drain their essence for you. With Healing Rift, the Sentient increases the recharge rate of your grenade and melee ability; with Empowering Rift, defeating enemies damaged by the Sentient restores a portion of your shield.
From the TWAB, just changed some of the wording.
4) Void Adept - Nova Bomb or Nova Warp take on the characteristics of your currently equipped grenade ability: [Vortex] - Nova Bomb and charged Nova Warp blasts leave a Void zone that continuously damages enemies trapped inside. [Scatter] - Nova Bomb splits into 4 smaller tracking projectiles, covering a large area. Charged Nova Warp blasts release 2 Axion bolts. [Lance] - Nova Bomb is fired like a rocket, traveling faster and farther and dealing increased damage on direct hits. Enhances Nova Warp's teleport distance.
Mostly for flavor, but would bring back some of that D1 space magic feel. While "wordy", would only display one modified Super based on your equipped grenade (e.g. Having Axion Bolt equipped would only show [Lance]).
Sorry for the wall of text , just excited with the prospects of the upcoming Void update. Hoping anyone who reads these enjoyed my ideas and tangent, would love to read others' ideas or opinions. Keeping my expectations reserved as to not be too disappointed when most of these don't make it (would be amazing though if some of these do).
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2021.10.18 18:11 RealAd56 Sex

Somebody here who is far in this journey and have take the conclusion about never have sex again or at least have a 5 years plan in total SR and celibacy?
Or will the hardcore retainers still prefer real sex without ejaculation?
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2021.10.18 18:11 xxAredhelxx Tarot readings available :)

Hi everyone! Lulu here.
My donation based readings are open again for the week! These are conversational style readings, trying to bring some insight or clarity to your situations :) If you're interested, please send me a chat.
Here I leave some reviews if you want to check :)
Donations are via paypal only
Have a wonderful week!! <3
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2021.10.18 18:11 Tomicarne1 so i now have a permanent climate adjuster
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2021.10.18 18:11 259felix How do you store your product data?

Hey all,
I am about to launch my first online shop which is a grocery delivery service based on Woocommerce. I am currently storing all my product data in seperate excel files which I mass upload directly into Woo.
However I feel kind of insecure using only excel. I have one procurement spreadsheet, one sales spreadsheet, one supplier spreadsheet and so on. When I change the name of a supplier for example, I would need to change it in every single spreadsheet. This is not only time consuming but vulnerable to human mistakes as well. This is only one example.
My question ist: How do you guys store your product data? Do you also you excel or do you use a PIM or ERP system? What is the standard way here? I don't think that I'm at the stage where I would need expensive software. I'm just looking for a small, clever solution.
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2021.10.18 18:11 MattDamonsTaco Schwab to Computershare in 3 days

Schwab to Computershare in 3 days Decided to join the DRS pool with some of my GME in Schwab. I was originally told that it would take 7-10 days to transfer the shares but it ended up taking 3 business days. Chatted with Schwab last Wednesday and checked CS this morning and there they were.
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2021.10.18 18:11 CommunicationWeird30 Phone deal for someone who is only in the country for 3 months.

My father visits Toronto 3-4 months a year. For the past year he was on a monthly plan with Koodo but now i'm starting to realize it's just a waste of money because he is only here 3-4 months a year. What would be a good option for him so that he can use his current number and not be on a monthly plan. What options do I have? When he is here he usually uses 1-2 GB of data per month and only calls within Canada.
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2021.10.18 18:11 1v1meWildy Its funny reading how much Bills fans hate us since the Hail Murray. Were even in our game thread.

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2021.10.18 18:11 jacobart finished this today! i don't do backgrounds often. any tips for improving backgrounds? : D

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2021.10.18 18:11 AdNatural9212 Unable to view ClinCheck

I’m scheduled to get my aligners in about 2 weeks (wooo!!) and my orthodontist sent me the link to view my ClinCheck at home. However, when I log onto the app, I don’t have the option to view my ClinCheck under the smile gallery tab… has anyone else had this issue?
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