"All it took was being a guy who played minecraft and these autistic kids fucking worshipped me." [+163]

2021.10.16 05:17 docbrown69 "All it took was being a guy who played minecraft and these autistic kids fucking worshipped me." [+163]

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2021.10.16 05:17 Sandman1k2 Headphone amp to pair with DT 1990 Pro and SoundBlaster AE-9

My ACM quit working for my Soundblaster AE-9 soundcard so I don't have an interface for my headphones. The soundcard has aftermarket op-amps from mouser.
Would it be beneficial to get a third party amp like the Schiit Magni connected to my soundcard via RCA?
Maybe an optical alternative be better for quality?
Or am I wasting money when I could just use an RCA adapter to plug my headphones straight into the soundcard?
I do not want to bypass the dac and amps on my soundcard unless an external amp would provide better quality.
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2021.10.16 05:17 reidmefirst The sad times

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2021.10.16 05:17 wolfmangpuck My girlfriend has opened three containers of the exact same cream cheese (I stocked up on them because they were on sale)

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2021.10.16 05:17 SeaSurprise777 A tree fort tower looking down from the side of Fury Road. Perfect for rock chucking.

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2021.10.16 05:17 BakulaSelleck92 Let's be gganbus

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2021.10.16 05:17 Ekyt It was gonna happen eventually [Bruno's Magpies]

It was gonna happen eventually [Bruno's Magpies] We have finally had a takeover, and thankfully, I can keep my position as the manager.
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2021.10.16 05:17 Gimme_Some_Memes Yay the cd that me and only me owns currently

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2021.10.16 05:17 omegacluster Peripheral Cortex - God Kaiser Hell (technical death metal) [2020]

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2021.10.16 05:17 BackyardAnarchist Tested 18 different wine and cider yeasts.

Note I have a bit of a uneducated palette. I'm doing this because I like cider and wanted to know the best yeast to achieve the best cider. I started with canned apple juice and made about 8 gallons of juice. Then checked the sg which was 1.061. Then used Camden tablets to sanitize and get rid of any chlorites. After that I added all the yeasts to the juice which I have put in 18 separate 2 liter bottles. Then left to ferment for about 2 months. Most were finished about 2 weeks in.
Bm4x4:. Semi clear, farty sour
Ec-1118: clear yeasty fruity sour
Rs premier blanc: hazy sour, floral, slightly alcoholic
D47: slight hazy Carmel sour mocha
Rs premier rouge:cloudy, alcoholic sour
Qa23: clear, light honey sour
71b: hazy, slightly farty, fruity, sour
Staff s-33: hazy, slightly farty sour applely
Bourgovin rc 212:hazy sulfur alcoholic
Staff us08:hazy, apple, old, oxidized,herbal, sour
Ki-v1116: farts
Wyeast cider Mead: very clear,light,not sour, tasteless.
Rs premier classique: hazy alcoholic maple farts
Rs premier Cote Des Blanc: hazy, sour
Staff t-58: hazy, alcohol prominent, sour,
Rs premier cuvee: semi hazy, yeasty, sweet alcohol prominent.
Staff so4: cloudy: bananas, fruity, slightly sweet, alcohol not very noticeable, sour prominent.
247 home brew super yeast Mead cider: clear, sour sweet and musty,
Top 5.
5.Ec1118 4.Wyeast cider Mead 3.Premier blanc 2.Saff so4 1.247 home brew mead Cider yeast
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2021.10.16 05:17 ____ERROR____404____ Anyone know what this is and how it is use? It came with my glasses ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯

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2021.10.16 05:17 filmscores Fountain Pen Friendly Cheap A5 notebooks

Does anyone have any recommendations for cheap (not more than $7-8) notebooks that are fountain pen friendly? Going to need 5-6 notebooks a semester for nursing school and bulk buying Rhodia/Leuchtturm is out of the picture for me lol.
Can be spiral or bound. Just need at least 80 pages, but more would be great too.
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2021.10.16 05:17 ALN-Isolator Wait, did you think the CROSSBOW was overpowered?

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2021.10.16 05:17 F1GMAN Was watching Torchwood and happened to notice a familiar handheld device in the show

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2021.10.16 05:17 Traditional_Two6718 Need help with printing a dictionary with a for loop

I'm sure if this is the right place to post this but I'm stuck on this problem from my Python course. The section didn't say much about how to print a dictionary with a for loop so I'm a bit stuck at the moment. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
The question is to print each contact in contact_emails

contact_emails = {
'Sue Reyn' : 's.reyn@email.com',
'Mike Filt': 'mike.filt@bmail.com',
'Nate Arty': 'narty042@nmail.com'

new_contact = input()
new_email = input()
contact_emails[new_contact] = new_email
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2021.10.16 05:17 Nick6y373u Hunter is a really cool guy

Hunter seems like a cool guy. It would definitely be a fun time doing drugs and fucking hookers with him. The issue is the fuckimg hypocrisy. Only the elites get to fuck hookers and do drugs while nothing happens to them. Hunter should in prison for breaking the laws. If some regular guy was caught fucking hookers while smoking crack he would be locked up. I am a libertarian so I believe drugs and hookers should be legal. If you want to take drugs and potentially get addicted go for it. Personal freedoms baby! Shooting off guns after railing a line and railing a hot hooker from behind with Hunter would be the best time.
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2021.10.16 05:17 binario1979 -006

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2021.10.16 05:17 TreKs You are loved

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2021.10.16 05:17 Ruisumaru What's your favorite Queen Sayoko design? (OVA & TV series)

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2021.10.16 05:17 woodstockbird9 yesterday was Dusshera in India. Victory of Good over Evil. Took a longexpo of the celebrations.

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2021.10.16 05:17 AdEuphoric9489 Pick your competition throw...

View Poll
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2021.10.16 05:17 Plenty_Patient3087 How do you beat a ryuji kenichi x minakaze user?

I can't even auto dodge
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2021.10.16 05:17 atk700 26 [M4F] Western NY/USA A lid for every pot?

Have you ever heard the old saying that their is a lid for every pot. All it means is that their really is someone out there for everyone. I'll be honest I've tried in my opinion rather hard for relationships, had a two rather serious ones. Hell I got married at 22 had a son good job everything went well until the last year and a half. To be true though I'm really starting to think their really just isn't anyone for me, I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks that way but this is my attempt at finding a female counter part in the US not just western NY. So in this wall of text post I'll try my best to completely describe myself, and who I am looking for.
Intro TLDR: Haven't had great luck in relationships, curious to see if their is anyone in the US that would match me. Warning this will be lengthy I'm laying out a lot and I tend to get wordy more TLDRs will be included.
I'm going to attempt to keep this as coherent and segmented as I possibly can but when trying to lay out who you are entirely as a person I have a feeling that its going to be not only a lot but a tad messy as well.
So in general and what lead me here. I'm a 26yr old Mixed native American man living in western N.Y. currently. I was born and raised here, I moved away 5 years ago following the woman I am currently divorcing and have a 3 year old son with. I say currently because I have plans on moving to N.C. in January after my divorce is finalized, for those curious me and my soon to be ex-wife have been split for 7 months and have about 350 miles between us, that aside with everything that happened its a said and done deal. I'm here writing this simply as the title, not meaning to get into a repeating myself loop I haven't ever had a relationship where I shared more than about 50% of my interests, Ideology, goals, religion, temperament, intelligence and sexual attraction/compatibility. That's on me not so much my partners in my opinion, I simply accepted it as my reality. Call me full of myself but I consider myself rather unique in my combination that makes me well me. This time around assuming their is a next relationship for me I want to find someone that shares about 80% or greater compatibility with me.
Interests / Hobbies TLDR: Hunting, Quads / Dirtbikes, Shooting / Firearms, Martial Arts / self defense, Driving / Adventuring, Welding, Mechanics, Carpentry, PC building, PC Tactical FPS, Video Editing, History / Military history, Politics.
Ideology TLDR: American patriotism, Right leaning though not a fool without a brain I think for myself and do not agree with every right leaning view, 1st and 2nd amendments, Staunch anti communist.
TLDR Religion: Christian and complicated, please note that this doesn't cover everything I just need to curtail things at a certain point.
Intelligence TLDR: I strongly value intelligence in a partner and I like to believe that I have above average intelligence that or I've been around to many below average people artificially inflating my own self perception.
Temperament TLDR: Respectful, Honest to a fault, Disliking of Confrontation but willing to engage if needed, Strong willed, Very loving / kind and willing to do alot for the right person.
Sexual attraction and Compatibility TLDR: As long as your not over weight and didn't fall off the top of the ugly tree hitting every branch on the way down I'll find you attractive regardless of height and race. Weakness for natural red heads, green eyes, blacks, fellow natives, and those of Asian decent. Following that I have a huge breeding kink both in fantasy and actual baby making, and THIS IS A HUGE AND I want to find a Cuckquean, not a swinger, I'm not to being cucked myself but a Cuckquean.
Interests / Hobbies: I enjoyed Hunting when I was younger and want to get back into it. Mostly I hunted small game, never killed a deer with a firearm but interestingly with a literal tomahawk. I grew up trail riding quads and dirt bikes but have taken a lengthy break from it but want to get myself a bike again when I make it to N.C. something like a 250 2 stroke or 450 4 stroke I like the idea of a KTM 250XC. In the same vein as hunting I enjoy firearms, I want to live in a state where I can have a AR or AK without it being a shadow of itself and target shooting in a place where rattling off a 30rnd mag doesn't arouse suspicion. I have no experience but I would like to learn a martial art, specifically I have my eye on Krav maga. I like driving, specifically I like manual vehicles and driving fast in a area where I feel confident their are no cops and it poses no danger to anyone other than myself, while I like to push my speed I do it as responsibly as possible. To add to the previous I like to explore cruise and find a nice spot to drop the tail gate drink and watch the sun go down or come up. Leading to taste in drinks I should preface that i'm not a regular drinker and avoid alcoholic counter parts, been down that path and wont go down it again. Basically I will drink anything that isn't Jaeger, tequila, or Corona, but my preference is Canadian beer, Labatt, and Molson. In wine Dry Red, for Liquor I prefer to drink straight Jack, vodka, or shine. In terms of drugs I simply don't do any, have I tried sure but really just not for me. I like building and fixing things I'm a professional welder, amateur mechanic, amateur carpenter, lets say decent at building computers. Leading to the hobby I enjoy alot but am least proud of is playing PC games, specifically tactical military FPS titles. My favorite is squad i've played it for years, I like Arma in small doses, and I like Tarkov along with alot of unmentioned titles I have a rather large library of games. I like editing videos of my gameplay and have a small YouTube channel I would link it but I don't really want to give myself completely away. In that similar vein I enjoy history in all senses but specifically military history. I like political discussion and lean to the right, perhaps unsurprisingly given everything I've said about myself thus far. I'm sure that I'm forgetting stuff but I think it paints a decent picture.
Ideology: This one is going to be messy and ranty. To start I lean to the right of the aisle though I follow no one and nothing blindly I like to think for myself. That said I think the big 3 for me are 1st amendment, 2nd amendment and I am a staunch anti communist. 1A is rather self explanatory I feel that all people regardless of position deserve to speak without fear of threats, yes even those that I oppose like communists or abortion supporters. I dislike the way I see my country heading in this sense, with large social media companies being used to actively suppress opposition whilst pedaling their own ideals is deeply concerning given its unfortunate importance in this modern age. With the exception of Reddit I reject all other forms of social media and lament that I feel that anonymity is a requirement of this post lest it lead to unforeseen dangers for myself and family. Though by no means is this trend constrained to just large corporations and companies you can see it in individuals and groups that actively strive to suppress anything that doesn't align with their world view through propaganda, disinformation, and at times violent means. I could add more to this but I feel like that is a excellent Segway into the importance I place on 2A. Short simple and sweet, in small scale I believe that is the right of every American to have the ability to defend not just themselves but their family and others. Bad people exist in the world and for a myriad of various reasons they do what they do and most certainly / obviously will do so outside the confines of the law and rules of society. The simple fact is that if you are defending yourself from a aggressor with a firearm you are at a immense disadvantage and your chances of defending yourself or others is slim to none. Fun fact about myself I was almost murdered one night by a mentally Ill coworker who broke into my apartment at 3am while I was sleeping. The condensed version is that I yelled at him before he reached my room, knowing that I had a 12G in the room stopped him in his tracks and after a tense minute caused him to flee, the best part it was in the closet and I wasn't ready I bluffed my way out of death and have never made the mistake to not have a ready weapon again. So the anti communism part, when I was young my parents grandparents and everyone else that was older was fresh of the cold war and simply told me communism was bad but would leave it a that and that lead to a fascination into learning why as a young adult. The best way to sum it up is I have found that throughout history communism is nothing more than a effort to seduce the masses with promises of a better life and equality through communist control and bureaucracy of every part of society, from the largest manufacturing industries down to the individual. Then every time communism is ushered into power by mislead masses the party instantly turns on them and turns their country into a utterly nightmarish dystopia ruled by fear, if you are unaware of what I am talking about and think I'm just spouting bullshit or simply wish to educate yourself I would suggest looking up these events in history and countries. Ukraine Famine of 32, Soviet Invasion of Poland with Nazi Germany, Soviet Gulags, Rape of Berlin, NKVD, East German Stasi, The Great Leap forward, Pol Pot, Khmer Rouge / killing fields, Childless 100 days (this one is really rough), anything North Korea, Venezuelan Economy, Chinese uyghur concentration camps, Chinese forced organ harvesting, Tiananmen square massacre, shit the list goes on and on and on but if you look up half of these you'll get the idea.
Goals: To start I want to live in a place with more 2A freedoms hence my planned move to N.C. , in that same vein I would like to gain my CCL when I become a N.C. resident. Getting back into riding dirt bikes and quads. I want to get some DOT welding certs to further my career as a welder. I'd like to buy a house with property. Learn a martial art. Build a new gaming computer. Find someone who reads this and is interested in what I have to offer and have a family. Have my own side business either welding or opening a ATV trail and camping park with my friends. Work on some Ideas I have for firearm related products. Get into seriously good shape. pick back up learning Mandarin. Obtain a CDL. That's just what I have going on off the top of my head in no particular order.
Religion: I was raised Christian by my parents and grandparents. I still retain my religion though I have some thoughts and questions that I think would off put rather straight edged Christians and possibly those of other faiths. For instance I believe in evolution and big bang scientific theories, the short explanation is that while faith and science are often portrayed at odds with one another I think that they echo each other. Its written " In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep , and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. ... And God said, Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear. And it was so. " To me that sounds very much like the big bang and what science knows about the early formation of the earth " Dense metals sank to the center of the Earth and formed the core, while the outside layer cooled and solidified to form the Earth's crust 4,500,000,000 years ago, Water vapor was released into the Earth's atmosphere through volcanism ". Now for the evolution part, i'll try to keep this short and sweet. Now this is where the eye rolling will start for both sides, its important to note that I personally interpret scripture in some but not all instances as not entirely literal but in many cases metaphorical. The complaints I hear from both sides is that if viewed in such a way you can get nearly fit anything any way you want, you can't have some things be metaphor and others literal, I simply disagree. " And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." now it is my belief that this is a biblical interpretation of evolution, note that god crated man from dust he didn't just poof mankind into existence out of nothing it appears to me that their are steps that the creator must follow himself. To add to this its important to keep in mind that god had created all other life on earth prior to this and man came last, echoing key tones of evolution theory. So in terms of questions I really have one big one and it ties into other religions views of reincarnation which is not referenced in the bible in any capacity to my knowledge but i'll try my best to explain. Now if you ask nearly any Abrahamic faith the purpose for mans being on the earth and they will answer in base that humanity is here to determine through the actions of a lifetime if a individuals soul deserves eternal salvation or damnation. My question is one of how to compare the righteousness of a soul with such wildly different and varied life's and paths in the world. For example, at extreme ends of the spectrum you have a poor orphaned child born in a 3rd world country in turmoil, and at the other end you have a well off child with loving parents born in a 1st world country. The poor child to simply survive is most likely going to have to commit sins just to survive, that could mean stealing, killing, prostitution, any manner of mixing that including being roped into such things at a young age by literally evil predatory adults. Then for salvation that's assuming that they ever hear the message of god let alone have any knowledge of Christianity. Contrast that to the life of the well off child, they are lovingly nurtured and cared for by their parents. They grow up learning right from wrong and in a Christian family they are raised from the start with the message of god. From there the child has a much more comfortable life with multiple social safety nets that protect them from ever knowing hunger and true poverty. Now both are still capable of salvation or damnation but as I see it the well off child will have a far easier time reaching salvation that the poor child. I simply don't see how god himself would see that as fair, which leads me to question or reason the possibility that reincarnation may be a possibility if only to see a true test of a soul is worthy of salvation through every walk of life whether that's extreme poverty, wealth or any and everything in between.
Temperament: This is a tricky thing for me to put into words because this is how I perceive my own temperament and may not be indicative of how others view me. Personally I think that I'm a rather mild mannered person, I try to be respectful to everyone only showing disrespect to a individual after they have proven themselves unworthy of my respect. Often though rather showing flat disrespect to such a individual I prefer to avoid interaction, not out of a position of weakness just that such people are not worth my time in general. Personally I like to think I am more honest than most, honestly its landed me in some hot water at times and I've questioned at time if its worth it but I try my utmost to have a sense of honor and honesty. Understand this doesn't mean that I've never lied I have, what this means is I never want to lie about what I want or how I feel about something to a partner ever again. I suppose that sounds bad but its the truth, Just to be clear I've never cheated on anyone or anything like that I have a absolute hatred for cheaters. Which leads me to a cheater which to me is someone that engages in anything with another person without any consent with a partner. I simply have no time for such people been cheated on enough and there are no second chances, if there is something your into talk to me about it, well that doesn't mean I would always go along with it I would have immense respect for you if you showed me that level of honesty and trust. I've gone off the intended topic a little but at times context is needed to paint a fuller picture. So for the rest of my temperament like to think that I am kind and slow to anger. I know that I am giving and try to help anyone in need that I can, admittedly its gotten me seriously burned helping people but I make my best attempt to not let it get to me and do so without ever expecting a return in kind. I'm not very confrontational and honestly lament getting into arguments with a partner but will do so if its required. In terms of confrontation regarding violence with others I actively seek to avoid it but will stand my ground and if I won't win I intend on at least making a aggressor seriously wish they had not, not to say my intention isn't to win just that I have the kind of will that if you push me into such a situation its going to suck for you to. Which leads me to a big part of my character which is will power, honestly I feel that I have more resolve than the average person to attain what I want and when it comes to tough and hard decisions and things that need to be done I am capable of anything. While that means I may really dislike what needs to be done I will do it. In terms of a relationships I believe that I am very loving caring willing to do alot and I mean alot for my partner. I have worked 12-14 hr days for 2 months straight 7 days a week to get a apt. while I was the only one working, given a place to live for a ex and her father. I've supported others probably way to much. Traveled 4hrs one direction for someone I had a seemingly good connection with and that's just some of it, I think in a way this paints a poor picture of me as a desperate man but that isn't my intention, all I'm trying to say is I'm willing to do alot for the right person. Which unlike the past due to the school of hard knocks and life experience will actually be someone that deserves it.
Intelligence: This is once again a rather subjective topic for both myself and and you the reader. Perhaps not only in that sense but it depends on your perspective “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”. With that said I strongly value intelligence and find it extremely attractive in a partner. In terms of myself I consider myself to be above average in intelligence, well I don't have a IQ number to through out for you I can hopefully paint a picture with some skills and examples. I'm a professional welder passing bend and X-ray tests, with good skill in SMAW (stick), Mig, Fluxcore, and schooling experience in tig, and brazeing, good skills in torch cutting and plasma cutting. Add in there some welding related math skills Ohms law, Pythagorean theorem for angles, and other fabrication related problem solving skills. In that same vein knowledge in skill in crane and fork truck application wait this isn't a resume what am I doing? I have skill in mechanics most recently I tore out a frozen ignition with a broken off microchip key in it, gutted it and successfully reassembled and fixed the ignition and key. Oh and it was a german car which if your unaware germans are the kings of making things elaborate and way over complicated to add to the fun factor. On top of that I've changed starters, tie rods, gas tanks, steering shafts, brakes, cv axles, all kinds of stuff. I can and have built my own gaming computers and maintained them. In terms fo gaming I enjoy games that require alot of thinking strategy and coordination I joke and say my taste is real time chess with bullets. Speaking of chess I really enjoy chess and at a amateur level I seen to be decent at it. From previous excerpts in my ideological and religious sections I hope that I have shown critical thinking and thinking for myself. As with the rest of the sections I could go on more but I hope this paints a sufficient picture.
Sexual attraction and Compatibility: So this is the section where I expect to lose most people so just a heads up. In terms of what I find attractive physically in a partner is someone that's not over weight, that doesn't mean that I'm looking for a super fit athlete just that you haven't let yourself go. After that height and ethnicity I'm a equal opportunity kind of guy you aren't going to be to tall or short or some ethnicity that I'm not into. That said I do have a weakness for natural red heads, green eyes, blacks, fellow natives, and those of Asian decent. To reiterate that doesn't mean if you are not those things I'm not interested or will find you less attractive its just simply we all have things that we find a little bit extra attractive. So compatibility... well in a way this is a little uncomfortable for me to admit but I have suppressed these things in pervious relationships simply because I thought I couldn't possibly have what I actually want and have a relationship with anyone. With that out of the way I have two things that I am really into and want to have for my next relationship. One I have a very intense breeding kink whether that's fantasy or actual baby making. To ease some concerns I'm not looking to start making a family within 6 months of dating but I would like to have a family with 2-4 kids depending on my partners preference and combined financial and support network situations. Back to the meat of the matter though I am into anything and everything that deals with breeding and their is no bigger turn on for me. Now for the part where I really think I'll lose people. Have you heard of a cuckquean? If yes then you know what I am about to say, if not then I'll explain. A cuckquean is a female cuckold meaning that you find pleasure and enjoyment in your partner having sex with other women, this may go as far you wanting to join in on the fun with myself and another. Now what I would want is a woman that finds that enjoyable and isn't trying to force themselves to enjoy that, now sometimes their is a sense of degrading or punishment but I'm not into that. To add while it must seem hypocritical with what's good for the goose is good for the gander in all but I am not into being cucked myself or swinging I suppose I'm to possessive of my partner in that sense Ironically though I would like to have my partner join in the fun with other women with me if they felt so inclined. Yeah so I'm rather certain that thats the point I've made myself sound like a massive hypocrite given my religion and preferences in a given situation, to which is a conversation in itself but to put shortly as long as no one is getting hurt and all parties are consenting I would hope god would forgive me for my short comings.
Closing thoughts: First if your reading this and you have read everything damn you may have more patience than me and I have quite a bit so thank you. I know that there is alot here but there is even more to me than what I have written here this has been a attempt to paint a detailed picture of who I am and what I am looking for. If I actually get anything from this I think I will be extremely surprised as the combination that I am and what I am looking for has to be extremely rare. Once again thank you for reading through this post and I hope to hear from you.
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2021.10.16 05:17 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-john-keats-14

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2021.10.16 05:17 marinagalb What is something you wished you knew when you first started learning AbletonLive or producing music & what is something you wish you knew or could learn today?

My business partner and I are starting a new online educational platform dedicated to helping DJs and producers who use AbletonLive to elevate their sound, techniques, skills and learn how to get their music released! There will be online courses along with 1-on-1 mentoring and some other exciting things.
It would be great to connect with others in the music/Ableton scene and hear about your experience with producing music. We want to ensure we are catering to music producers' actual needs and wants and build the best services and products from that!
If this interests you, please share an answer to the question above, or, if you feel inclined, we have a 2-min survey https://form.jotform.com/212842865790061 with a prize giveaway draw as a thank you!
We will be launching in early 2022! We look forward to connecting with all of you!
Thank you! Marina from Elevate Music Academy
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