Meet 'Flippy': The robot that's cooking burgers at this Shoreline restaurant

2021.10.21 18:47 OnlineMemeArmy Meet 'Flippy': The robot that's cooking burgers at this Shoreline restaurant

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2021.10.21 18:47 Duncan_Lucciano All I want is to see my goddess Lili spread her legs in front of me, ready for me to make her a baby

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2021.10.21 18:47 Estrogen_Sandwiches That woman behind the bar looks like the aroace flag

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2021.10.21 18:47 llFarzanll FOLDING CARD HOLDER FOR BOARD GAME

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2021.10.21 18:47 bombochido Superhero showdown question

Hey all, not sure if this has been done yet, so irregardless I will ask you what you think, if it wasn’t already in an episode
Iron man v Magneto
Thank you for your time
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2021.10.21 18:47 876ixRoadRunna This is the best one that I’ve seen

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2021.10.21 18:47 B4_4 Curso de Adm da USP está no mesmo patamar do Insper e FGV?

Se estão no mesmo nível, por que tanta gente se dispõe a pagar mais de 5k de mensalidade? Algum diferencial deve ter, fico até com um pé atras, vejo que a maioria das pessoas nem cogita usp - é só insper ou fgv.
Tem algo nessas faculdades que eu não sei? Ou são só boyzinhos que querem se formar com os amigos ricos tb?
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2021.10.21 18:47 SneakySW MCD X MS Interaction Ideas

Okay! So a while back I had the idea of making the comic, but stuff began to build up. I'm working on the comic now!
But! I'd like to see some ideas! This can also be a full discussion for anyone wanting to talk about how characters would react to others!
I already have some ideas set, but just in case, I'd love to hear more! So far I just want the not evil characters from each world to be interacting. The bad guys I already know what to do! But if you wish to still give ideas for them, then by all means go ahead and share!!
The comic will have my own twists by the way. It'll be a continuation after season 6 for MyStreet, but it'll be different that'll hold my own theories. So just incase, be aware that not everything will be accurate.
Thank you and enjoy this sketchof Zane walking Celestia!! One of the first slides for the comic!
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2021.10.21 18:47 ittsopu What is the best movie/show about someone stranded on an island?

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2021.10.21 18:47 Sparkle_SS Community update!

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2021.10.21 18:47 tstanze03 TNF DEN/CLE Props – 10/21/21

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2021.10.21 18:47 daredevil_bornagain Disney Plus Buys ‘The Hardy Boys’ for International Distribution (EXCLUSIVE)

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2021.10.21 18:47 IAmNot_ARussianBot Poll: Figuring out the percentage of getting gold orders from the day 15 chest. Attempt 2

Hopefully we can get a better sample size this time now that more people had a chance to actually get the chest.
We do know that gold orders don't have a ridiculously low chance, but we still have no idea what the chance is.
If you got the chest twice, please only vote with the latest result.
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2021.10.21 18:47 whaateverduude OTC Calmylin in ON, Canada 👌🏼

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2021.10.21 18:47 sailorspaceraptor Sprintchen 4 Ever

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2021.10.21 18:47 Wolfie9797 Suzuki RMZ250 trouble

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help I had my bike out in the boglands and I came off the bike pretty hard and when I got up the bike was still running on it’s side I got back on a drive about 5 minutes back to the lads took a break and then went back out on it and it was running fine but I noticed the bike was leaving a trail of coolant so I took it back again let it cool down and added more coolant then I started it up got about 15 feet in 1st gear and it cut out and seized up when I took the head off the barrel was also damaged so I’m looking at a pricey fix basically my question is: was it normal for so much coolant to leak out because of overheating or did I crack something when I fell ?
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2021.10.21 18:47 Vacantarcade Photo treatment work

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2021.10.21 18:47 mh0413 African man begs online for Zacian code

Does anyone have a spare code for shiny Zacian they could send me? There's no where to get them in South Africa
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2021.10.21 18:47 ChrisDaMan07 happened not even a min ago

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2021.10.21 18:46 chompster123 Looking for 86 vardy HMU

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2021.10.21 18:46 rofflesufunny RIP Riley

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2021.10.21 18:46 Icecoldwitch About the season finale...

I keep hearing about that the season finale is most likely to be Galactus vs Unicron, but can I ask why so many people seem so sure about this? I know it's a legacy match that has been requested for years, but is it really more popular than all the other matches we've gotten this year, and is also an epic enough match that it can be the season finale?
I mean, going by the preview, wouldn't it be more likely that Madara vs Aizen is the finale? The very first shot was of The Valley of the End from Naruto, and the last one was, probably, a line read from Aizen's voice actor as the last image we see is Aizen's grinning face. Not to mention the fact that the Bleach anime was announced to return back in March 2020, Naruto's sequel series is still going strong (in terms of viewership), the fact that they're both considered the best villains of their respective series, and that Naruto vs Bleach matchups have been some of the most popular battles to discuss for a while now.
I'm not trying to say that one matchup is better than the other, but I just don't really get what exactly it is about Galactus vs Unicron that makes people so sure that it's the best choice for a season finale in a season full of some of Death Battles most requested matchups of all time.
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2021.10.21 18:46 shiny_happy_persons My Grandmother Burned Her Last Dreamcatcher, Part 3 [Final]

When I was a kid, my dad would hang those cheesy looking dreamcatchers in the room my sister and I shared. They would go missing, and he would hang replacements. My grandmother was destroying them because it blocked me from talking with my late mother. My sister broke one and my dad had a meltdown over it. He was taken to the emergency room, barely alive, and knocking on death’s door.
In small town rural hospitals, sometimes the rules get bent. It’s one of those things that happens when everyone has ties with someone, mostly through blood, or marriage, or faith. The charge nurse was a member of our church, and she let my dad have three overnight visitors - Granny, Kelly, and me. We wanted to be there for him because there was no way to be sure he would make it through the night, let alone pull through. The tests hadn’t come back yet, but they thought it was possible he would die in a few hours. Nobody should die alone, even if they screamed like a loonie before having a seizure. He wasn’t conscious, but he seemed comfortable. They must have put some pain killers in the IV drip.
I wanted to talk to Granny about what happened, but she said the walls had ears. She had a point, if my dad knew when Kelly broke the dreamcatcher, how did he find out? Was he psychic or what? And why would he be so upset anyway? He always had a new one to hang in a day or two.
In the morning, he was still out of it, but his vital signs looked a little better, so we decided to take shifts. Kelly would stay with him for the first watch. Granny and I would go home to take showers, get a bite to eat, and rest up a bit before returning to the hospital.
On the ride to Granny’s house, we talked about my parents and how they met, how Granny didn’t really think much of Dad, but he won her over with his support of Mom’s creative side, and how he cared for her when they had problems conceiving. She said she’d never forget the look on his face when he found out I was on the way. “He was over the moon with joy,” she said. I wished I could have seen him happy.
We didn’t stay at her place for long. Granny packed a bag and took a quick shower, then we headed home. When we got there, Granny said she’d get something cooking while I showered. Once I dried off and got dressed, I walked into the kitchen to find her making pancakes. I asked if I could help, and she said I could set the table.
“Can we talk about what’s going on?” I asked. With a plate full of pancakes and a few creature comforts, I was anxious to look at the bigger picture.
“Well, I’m not sure it’s safe to talk here, but I’m also not sure anywhere is safe when we don’t know the scope of the problem. I guess we’ll find out shortly.” Granny sipped at her iced tea while looking out the window.
“Before I start, you’re going to have to promise me you’ll keep your ears open and your mouth shut. Some of what I’m going to say may sound familiar, and some of it won’t, but you don’t know enough about any of it to have an opinion. Agreed?”
I nodded and added the zipped-lip gesture for good measure.
“Okay, then. There’s not really a name for it. My mother called it the path, so that’s what I call it. The path is something passed down from mother to daughter through the generations. It’s a way of connecting the past to the present, and even the present to the future. It’s like a river that we navigate through our lives, and your job is to keep the boat afloat until the next generation can take the wheel.
“Your mother died before she could pick one of you girls to be her successor.” Granny saw the look on my face. “Again, picture the river. If the river forks and half the water goes one way, and the other half another, the strength of the water is decreased. That’s the hard part, picking just one heir. It’s not easy, and that’s where the danger comes in.
“You heard me right. You think sibling rivalry is bad now, there was a time when walking the path was the most valuable gift a young girl could receive. In a larger family, there would be more than two successors to choose from, and it could get ugly. I’ve heard stories of deception, betrayal, and even murder from those who would take what otherwise might not be given.
I asked the only question that came to mind. “What’s so valuable about this path thing?”
“Well, it’s hard to say these days. We’ve got so much technology and information available at our fingertips, it probably doesn’t have the same appeal. At the same time, that forking of the river has happened so much over the generations that the piece of the path our family walks just doesn’t have as much power as it once did.
“Picture a nomadic people who are in harmony with the world around them. They endure by knowing where to find good hunting grounds, when to make shelter in advance of a coming storm, not just how to survive, but how to thrive. And they did it with the guidance of a spiritual elder. She could walk the path, communicate with the earth, and even talk with those who came before her. When the time came, she would pass on that knowledge and skill to one of her daughters to carry forth the tradition.”
“Not much point in knowing where to hunt the buffalo these days, right?” I asked.
“Very funny. There’s more to it than that. I haven’t worked a day in my life. After your grandfather passed, I listened to the voice of the path as it guided me. Whenever I was in need of money, the path showed the way. Lottery winnings, investment ideas, or even just finding cash, I always got what I needed to get by.
“And that’s just one aspect of it. The path is a source of borderline miraculous power, if you know how to use it. More than money, it’s knowing when to be in the right place at the right time, where to plant the seed, who to trust. Look at what I’ve achieved with only a taste of what it can offer. That is where the danger lies. Someone who walks the path could take the strength of another, and combine it with her own to become even more powerful.”
“Oh,” I said. “Wait, how do they take the power?” Granny just looked at me, waiting patiently for the answer to click. Then it hit me. Murder. I didn’t say it out loud, but Granny nodded all the same.
“Your mother died because someone wanted to knock our family from the path, and claim that power for herself. At first, I blamed your father. How else would he be able to use those so-called dreamcatchers? The killer put those in place to block your mother from visiting with you and telling you what happened, and to keep her from teaching you how to be a pathwalker. A man cannot walk the path, but someone could trick him into doing her bidding.”
Granny paused for a minute to let it sink in. She could have given me an hour to process it, and I would have needed more time. This was too much to handle.
“There’s more,” she said.
“How much worse can it get?” I asked.
“A lot worse. Whoever is behind this, their work isn’t done yet. There are still three loose ends for her to tie.” She was right. The two of us and Kelly. This was starting to sound like a nightmare.
“Can we fight back?”
“Well,” she said, “we can try. First we have to sniff her out. Then we snuff her out. Let’s not put the cart before the horse. What say we clean up and then give Kelly a break at the hospital?”
“Works for me,” I said. “What can I do?”
“How about you take out the trash while I do the dishes? Be careful with the bag, I don’t want it to rip. I’m not sure why you three left that casserole in the fridge to rot. I had to throw the whole thing out, tray and all.”
“What are you talking about?” I asked. “It’s been in the refrigerator for less than a day.”
“See for yourself,” she said. I walked over and lifted the lid, and I was greeted by the smell of decay. When I looked closer, I saw the core of the casserole had turned into a blackish sludge. I gagged as I dropped the lid back down and turned away.
“Sorry, hon. I had to make sure you saw it too. You say it’s less than a day old?”
“Yeah. I put it in the fridge last night before Dad had his meltdown. Mrs. Truesdale came over to drop it off, and …,” No way. It couldn’t be.
Granny read my face and said, “What else happened?” I told her about the conversation we had and how it ended with a judgy comment about the no-kill mousetrap by the carport.
“Please excuse me,” Granny said. She stepped out through the rear door and walked over to the carport. She came back inside a minute later and set the oversized box on the kitchen table. She reached to open it and I stopped her, fearful that the mice inside would escape into the house.
“The only mice in here are us, and we’re being baited into the trap,” she said. Granny popped the top off. We both looked in to see a replacement dreamcatcher that my father never got to hang. He was too busy in the hospital, trying not to die.
“Did you say she lives next door?”
I nodded.
“This is bad. This is extremely bad. She’s powerful enough to use this type of charm against you, and to cook a poisoned casserole that nearly killed your father, and may yet cause him to go to his reward. But the worst part is that she’s flagrantly living next door to you, like a tiger playing with its prey before devouring it. Whoever she really is, she’s fearless. We need to act fast to have any chance against her.”
I was already scared, but after remembering my dad on his back, with that bloody froth coughed onto the floor, I was closing in on terrified.
“There is still hope. We’ll have to catch her off guard, force her hand. I know you’d want more time to prepare, but there is no time. The cat is out of the bag - with the mousetrap open, she’ll know we brought that cursed charm into the house, and she’ll know she’s exposed. She will strike, and soon.”
“Okay. What do we do?”
“She’s powerful, and she’s cocky, but she’s not expecting me to take the battle to her and challenge her to a duel, in a manner of speaking. Do you trust me?”
“Of course!” This was entirely true.
“Good. Take the folding table and two chairs outside. Set the table up right on the property line, half of the table on her yard, and half on yours. Put one chair on one side, and one chair on the other. Are you with me so far?” I nodded.
“When you come back to the house, I’ll step out and challenge her. Do not come back outside under any circumstances, no matter what you think you see or hear. It won’t be safe. Now close your eyes and hold out your hand.”
I did as she asked. I felt Granny press something crinkly in my hand, then she squeezed my fingers around it. “Put it in your pocket without looking at it,” she said. I did.
“I love you, Jilly Bean. Now let’s go kill this fucking bitch.”
I set the table up first, and then I brought out the chairs. I took a look over my shoulder as I was walking back to the house, and I could see Mrs. Truesdale watching me from a window. She didn’t look like a sweet old lady anymore. She looked like pure evil. I shuddered. When I got back inside, Granny hugged me, then she stepped out with one of those reusable grocery bags.
Granny walked out to the table and sat down. She reached into the bag and pulled out a dark bottle and two glasses, which she set down on the table. Then she picked up the dreamcatcher, held it above her head, and snapped it in two. She put one piece on one side of the table, and the other piece on the other. Then she sat there, waiting. Mrs. Truesdale walked outside.
I called Kelly from the house phone, but she didn’t answer. I left a comically exasperated voicemail. “Kelly, come home quick! Granny figured out that Mrs. Truesdale is behind this whole thing and she is going to challenge her to some kind of drinking game that’s going to kill one of them. Please help!”
I moved back to the window and saw that both Granny and Mrs. Truesdale were seated at the table. I could see they were talking, but I couldn’t make out the words. Granny opened the bottle and poured two drinks. There was no toast, no clinking of glasses. They knocked back their drinks, and Mrs. Truesdale reached for the bottle. She filled their drinks, and they knocked those back as well. They took turns like that for four or five more rounds. It really was some kind of drinking game.
Both of them started nodding their heads before slumping over at the table. I was so tempted to go outside to help, but I remembered what Granny told me. I thought about calling 911, but I got the sense to wait, whatever was going to happen would happen soon. That’s when I heard the tornado warning siren go off.
It was the end of November, nearly December, practically Christmas as far as the store decorations were concerned. The siren was blaring just the same, and I saw dark clouds in the sky. I looked back to the table and saw both Granny and Mrs. Truesdale still slumped over. I wanted to run over and help. I had no idea what was happening between them, but I could feel the raw strength of it. The air was electric, even inside the house. Something big was happening out there, some sort of struggle I couldn’t see. I’m not sure how long this showdown lasted, but it felt endless.
Hail started falling from the sky. Large chunks of it fell down, but as I looked toward the table, there was a kind of invisible shielding that protected the two combatants. The ground around them was getting covered in hail, but their table was dry, their seemingly unconscious bodies untouched.
The ground started vibrating. Not shaking like an earthquake, but vibrating. The wind picked up at the same time, and I could see a funnel start to take shape in the distance. Two old ladies were having some kind of spiritual deathmatch at a plastic folding table with a tornado on its way. I couldn’t think of anything else to do, so I prayed. Not to God, but to anyone who would listen, like my mother, or the earth, or even the path itself. I don’t know if you can hear me, but Granny and I need your help here. Something real bad is going on out there and I think someone is going to get hurt.
Suddenly, it all stopped. The wind died down, the hail trailed off, and the funnelling clouds just sort of dissolved. I looked to the table and watched the victor rise to her feet, while the loser stayed slumped over the table.
Mrs. Truesdale stood up and started walking toward me. She was smiling. I saw her reach into her pocket and pull out a folding knife as she made her way toward the house. I locked the door, unsure how that would help stop some sort of evil magic murder witch, but hoping I could buy Granny some time to snap out of it and move in for a sneak attack. In my desperation, I grabbed the house phone and dialed 911. I hung up the phone seconds later. What on earth would I say was happening?
In the distance, I heard the rumble of loose exhaust as a car came roaring to us. I looked out and saw Trevor’s Camaro come zooming down the road. It turned onto our yard, and then started skidding out of control on the hail-covered grass.
I watched in horror as the Camaro flew like a rocket across the grass, hitting the shagbark stump in the front yard and getting launched airborne.
I felt my stomach rise like I was on the downswing of a roller coaster, and for a second, I felt like I was weightless as I watched the Camaro zip across the yard. It landed with a sickening thud, right on top of Mrs. Truesdale, crushing her into the ground. The Camaro rolled off of her and slid a good bit further before coming to a stop.
I snapped out of my trance and ran outside. I gave Mrs. Truesdale’s body a wide berth. She looked dead, but I didn’t want to take any chances. I raced over to Granny. When I got to her, I checked for a pulse, but I couldn’t find one. I ran back to the house and called 911 again, this time staying with them long enough to tell them my grandmother needed help, and that there had been a car crash in the front yard.
I came back out to see Trevor and Kelly hugging beside the Camaro, and I was overjoyed to see them appear uninjured. I ran to them and hugged Kelly too. About ten seconds later, I heard a different siren, an approaching one. That was surprisingly quick for our quiet little piece of the county.
The first responder to arrive was Sheriff Koman. He told the three of us to sit inside the house while we waited for the ambulance. He checked on Granny, confirming she had no pulse. He didn’t bother trying CPR - he could tell as well as I that she was gone. He covered Mrs. Truesdale’s body with a sheet. No CPR for her, either. What was left of her face was no longer smiling.
Later, when he was taking our statements, I asked the sheriff how he got here so quickly. “Well, I got a call this morning from a buddy of mine in the State Patrol,” he said. “We go back a ways. He asked me to check out this area over the next few days, said he thought he’d seen a stolen car around these parts, but he couldn’t quite figure out where it was holed up.”
I told him it was a good thing he was already close to get here so quickly. He pointed a finger toward the sky, and said, “Yes, ma’am, the man upstairs sets all things in motion. Even when we are put to the test, God alone watches out for us.” I wasn’t so sure, but I didn’t argue.
Kelly had more immediate concerns. “Is Trevor going to be in trouble?” she asked. Sheriff Koman shook his head.
“No, ma’am, I’m sorry to say this looks like an unfortunate accident. This young man may have a bit of a lead foot on that sports car, but he can’t be blamed for rushing to the aid of his girlfriend’s ailing grandmother.” Trevor smiled and looked down, Kelly blushed.
The sheriff continued. “Seems to me this is just a matter of unfortunate timing, the result of a car losing control and hitting a pedestrian in a freak sunbathing incident.”
“Sunbathing?” I asked. I couldn’t believe he was serious. “In Nebraska, in November, during a hailstorm?” Sheriff Koman gave me a serious look, and I piped down.
“Miss Folde, this official report will be an accurate reflection of the events that transpired today. And this official report will contain only the information I deem pertinent. If a quirky widow with no children of her own, plenty of time on her hands, and no particular church of affiliation wants to sunbathe in her front yard, then so be it. I will not use her poor decision to hurt the future of a couple of decent young people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, will there be any further questions?” I shook my head. Sheriff Koman walked away, still taking notes for his report.
Kelly walked to the folding table and picked up the broken dreamcatcher. She said, “It doesn’t feel like anything. It feels like trash.” She sniffed the air, then brought the dreamcatcher to her nose and breathed in deeply. “This thing smells like that awful herbal shampoo we sell at the Dollar General.”
And that’s how it ended, with things sort of winding down. Sheriff Koman called the only funeral home nearby to come and get Granny and Mrs. Truesdale. They were taken away in the same van. The ambulance left without any passengers, the sheriff drove off alone, and I sat behind the wheel to steer the Camaro while Trevor and Kelly pushed it back on solid ground. We decided to go to the hospital to check on Dad.
On the ride over, I remembered Granny had given me something to put into my pocket, sight unseen. I pulled it out - it was a piece of paper folded neatly into a rectangle. One the outside, in her neat penmanship, she had written a short note: “Read this in front of your father. Love, always - G”.
Once at the hospital, Kelly and I sat at Dad’s side, still wondering if he would pull through. Trevor was in the hallway, clearly uncomfortable in the hospital, but he got points for trying. He seemed like a good guy, and Kelly was happy with him. That’s what mattered. I showed Kelly the note, and she nodded, so I opened it up. It was a type-written letter on an old piece of onion paper. The first part was from Granny.
Jillian, I am so sorry for not being completely honest with you. For your own safety, I couldn’t tell you what your mother and I discussed, or how she had seen what was coming. She was always stronger than I was on the path, but with both of us gone, you should have our combined power (and then some). Don’t miss me too much, we’ll chat again. Be sure to look out for Kelly. She may be older, but that doesn’t mean she’s always wiser. And don’t go thinking you’ve got all the answers, either. Listen to your sister, listen to your father, and listen to your elders. Love, now and always She signed her name below in ink. I’ve always called her Granny, but I really liked her first name. It was Elizabeth.
At that point, I was already feeling drained, but I kept going. I had to see this through. I read the next part. My grandmother may have typed the letter, but the words were Mom’s.
You did good, kiddo. I’m as proud of you as any parent could be. There’s a bit more left before the job is done, so I want the three of you to hold hands. You don’t have to say anything, just close your eyes and open your mind. You’re going to feel a little pinch, just know that your dad needs you to take some of the pain for him, to hold it for him so he can heal. I promise you I’ll be there with you, and I’ll share with you everything I know the next time we talk. Go get ‘em, tiger. Love, Mom
I did as she asked. We held hands for a few minutes, but I didn’t feel anything happen. Nothing spiritual, nothing magical, and definitely nothing painful. We were in a daisychain with me in the middle. Kelly suggested she could stand on the other side of the bed to form a circle. I didn’t see what difference it would make, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. When she and I reached over the bed to link hands, completing the circle, I felt that same kind of weightless roller coaster feeling from earlier, like I was almost floating. It felt like we held hands for only a few seconds, and when we let go, I looked down to see Dad had opened his eyes. He was awake. It didn’t hurt a bit.
We stayed together in the hospital overnight. I was too excited to sleep. Between watching Dad’s condition improve in real time and the thought of being able to talk to Mom again, I was positively giddy. Come morning, the doctor came by to do his rounds. He said he thought Dad would be sent home by the end of that day or the next at the latest. He couldn’t believe how much better he looked. None of us could. He looked like he was back to normal, and by noon, he was talking and even joking a little bit. For the first time in a good long while, he even managed a genuine smile.
About a week later, things felt mostly back to normal. Dad was out of the hospital and back to work. We had a small memorial service for Granny, and we made sure to honor her wish for cremation. One of the guys at the funeral parlor told me nobody came to claim Mrs. Truesdale’s body. In spite of all that happened, it still made me sad to hear it. Nobody should die alone, and nobody should be forgotten to rot in a potter’s field.
That night, I had my first dream with Mom. We were inside a room that looked like a fancy hotel suite. It wasn’t from a memory, I’d never stayed in a place this nice before. Mom was just as surprised. She told me the meeting place is supposed to be by a campfire, something in line with the traditions of the first people who walked the path. Feeling curious, I opened the door and found it led down a hall that stretched further than I could see. I knocked on the next adjacent door, and Granny was waiting for us. She seemed shocked to be staying at the spiritual Ritz-Carlton, or whatever this was.
“Something tells me you didn’t just receive our little stream of water running along the path,” Granny said. “I think you inherited every drop of water that Truesdale woman ripped away from others over the years. Who can say how many others, or how many years?”
Mom pulled us close for a group hug. I started getting that roller coaster feeling again, but this time, when I looked down, I really was floating.
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2021.10.21 18:46 OBJfits Discord!?

Anybody actually got the real discord, for fuck sakes!! W/o the invite bullshit
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2021.10.21 18:46 bunnykitten94 [intro] howdy y’all

Hey guys, I’ve lurked here a while but just saw that I need to do an intro (my bad!) I’m 26, I live in the Wild West out here in Nevada and I’m a perpetual student. Getting my real estate license next! I love exploring, being out in the wild (Nevada is so much more than just a hot desert, it’s beautiful out here!) and just trying to survive these strange times right now!! This sub seems so great and I’m happy to meet and interact with this community!!
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