How is the quality & durability of their vegan leather? Does anyone have a piece that has held up for years?

2021.10.21 17:04 realthrowuaway How is the quality & durability of their vegan leather? Does anyone have a piece that has held up for years?

Does anyone here have Aritzia's vegan leather items and can attest that they don't peel after a couple of years? Not sure if the current vegan leather is new for Aritzia or if their old vegan leathers are the same material. Also, is the quality better than other brands like Zara, Topshop, Lulus, A&F, Express and thus, worth the higher price?
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2021.10.21 17:04 Luna_Jadex Hey guys! The ten days before Halloween I will be playing one horror game per day! I’m a big baby, but I’m the spirit of halloween I’m doing it!(: 🎃 I won’t know what the games are until I stream. Feel free to join me ! 8 pm EST daily. Link in comments 💕

Hey guys! The ten days before Halloween I will be playing one horror game per day! I’m a big baby, but I’m the spirit of halloween I’m doing it!(: 🎃 I won’t know what the games are until I stream. Feel free to join me ! 8 pm EST daily. Link in comments 💕 submitted by Luna_Jadex to Twitch_Startup [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 17:04 78ford The Great Frontier Statistics (S1-S12)

The Great Frontier Of Time Stats Seasons Season 1 - 1.2 rTo3
Season 2 - 1.3 FFA
Season 3 - 1.4 To4, Captains, Ender Dragon Rush
Season 4 - 1.5 rTo5, Moles
Season 5 - 1.6 To3, Drafters, Joust
Season 6 - 1.7 cTo2, Krenzinator
Season 7 - 1.8 wTo4 , Scenario Stackup
Season 7b - 1.8 LAFD To4, Best PvE
Season 8 - 1.9 Rigged To3, Modified Terrain
Season 9 - 1.10 Double Dates To4, Go To Hell, Modified Terrain
Season 10 - 1.11 Chronological To3, Cursed Enchants, Modified Terrain
Season 11 - 1.12 Mystery To4, Wacky World
Season 12 - 1.13 Rigged To2, Flippers, Purchasable Effects
Winners 1.2 - iceshardeleven, MercuryParadox, LoliShiro
1.3 - KingsGaming
1.4 - GoldenNs, Spongey, SiahStone, SoulRawr
1.5 - Do_You_Minecraft, TuxedoPenguin, TheRealHagrid, _mrcool, glypper
1.6 - Potsie, TuxedoPenguin, IzunaLoli
1.7 - ColdBacon, ShyGus
1.8 - Spongey, Pelargo_, Austronomical, DaPenguin19
1.8b - ShyGus, glypper, Pelargo_, SoulRawr
1.9 - MercuryParadox, glypper, DisturbedPeace
1.10 - JamestheDouglas, Vawqer, glypper, wowjennawow
1.11 - TheRealHagrid, Broseph, GoldenNs
1.12 - Fensua, ScottPirie, Arich, Flouzemaker
1.13 - Bobbytheturtle, Fensua
Runner ups 1.2 - MlDouble07, JasonGamesFTW, Fensua
1.3 - Ryfri
1.4 - TommySX, Wilsonkong, Regifloat, TalonIII
1.5 - Austronomical, maximum50, CHOCK3N, Itz_Isaac
1.6 - _mrcool, Digitale, Pelargo_
1.7 - Hoookey, Vawqer
1.8 - chloesad, MajowWoof, The22Scoops, DJblak
1.8b - Austronomical, MercuryParadox, Potsie, miles1baseball
1.9 - GoldenNs, Ryfri, zCent
1.10 - DisturbedPeace, 78ford, ConnorExists, Dee957
1.11 - 6BU, jamietheelite, vishs
1.12 - Brodator, Just_Gerald, scoobysnacks3, ZachMcD
1.13 - Flouzemaker, TheRealHagrid
First Blood 1.2 - Abdalain (Fensua)
1.3 - GoldenNs (MewtwoX)
1.4 - DJblak (Austronomical)
1.5 - glypper (Mincrooft)
1.6 - MaverickMC_ (Chipzzy)
1.7 - Bobbytheturtle (Apex_Twinkie)
1.8 - ColdBacon (SummerBqsh)
1.8b - glypper (MajorWoof)
1.9 - Ryfri (buttergolem1)
1.10 - ConnorExists (SiahStone)
1.11 - MaverickMC_ (Greeples)
1.12 - Brodator (Maxaa)
1.13 - Fensua (MaverickMC)
Iron Man 1.2 - Wilsonkong
1.3 - Ryfri
1.4 - Regifloat
1.5 - TheRealHagrid
1.6 - glypper
1.7 - glypper
1.8 - DaPenguin19
1.8b - Pelargo_
1.9 - MercuryParadox
1.10 - JamestheDouglas
1.11 - MajorWoof
1.12 - Brodator
1.13 - Kiinako
First Death 1.2 - Fensua
1.3 - MewtwoX
1.4 - Fensua
1.5 - CHOCK3N
1.6 - Chipzzy
1.7 - Apex_Twinkie
1.8 - SummerBqsh
1.8b - MajorWoof
1.9 - buttergolem1
1.10 - SiahStone
1.11 - Just_Gerald
1.12 - 78ford
1.13 - MaverickMC
First Damage 1.2 - scoobysnacks3
1.3 - Fensua
1.4 - Austronomical
1.5 - Broseph
1.6 - Spongey
1.7 - Sluggyg
1.8 - dRawry
1.8b - Spongey
1.9 - Spongey
1.10 - Potsie
1.11 - Ryfri
1.12 - Just_Gerald
1.13 - Austronomical
Most Kills 1.2 - iceshardeleven (3)
1.3 - KingsGaming (4)
1.4 - GoldenNs (4)
1.5 - TuxedoPenguin (4)
1.6 - TuxedoPenguin (9)
1.7 - Bobbytheturtle, SoulRawr (4)
1.8 - ColdBacon (4)
1.8b - Austronomical, Broseph (3)
1.9 - Ryfri, GoldenNs (3)
1.10 - GoldenNs (4)
1.11 - TheRealHagrid (5)
1.12 - Fensua (5)
1.13 - Bobbytheturtle (7)
Kill Tracker GoldenNs (15) - MewtwoX (S2), BlackGarrett (S2), Austronomical (S2), Chipzzy (S3), CountryCutie (S3), Professer_TNT (S3), Ryfri (S3), Beastaxel (S8), JamestheDouglas (S8), Spongey (S8), Fensua (S9), buttergolem1 (S9), TheRealHagrid (S9), wowjennawow (S9), wowjennawow (S10)
TuxedoPenguin (13) - iceshardeleven (S4), maximum50 (S4), Spongey (S4), Wilsonkong (S4), Spongey (S5), MaverickMC_ (S5), Sluggyg (S5), Professer_TNT (S5), glypper (S5), BlackGarrett (S5), TheRealHagrid (S5), Austronomical (S5), SoulRawr (S5)
Fensua (13) - IzunaLoli (S2), 78ford (S10), Chipzzy (S10), TxTalonTx (S10), vishs (S10), TheRealHagrid (S11), SummerBqsh (S11), Regifloat (S11), Potsie (S11), scoobysnacks3wolf (S11), MaverickMC (S12), SiahStone (S12), TheRealHagrid (S12)
Bobbytheturtle (11) - Apex_Twinkie (S6), DianaB (S6), Austronomical (S6), glypper (S6), buttergolem1 (S12), Charrlottie (S12), LoafOZ (S12), Spacepod (S12), QuilJ1 (S12), Wizarde (S12), Brodator (S12)
Spongey (10) - RedSky (S3), _mrcool (S3), MaverickMC_ (S6), Chasmic (S6), Wilsonkong (S6), ColdBacon (S7), Professer_TNT (S7), Beastaxel (S7), 78ford (S8), Potsie (S8)
scoobysnacks3 (10) - BlackGarrett (S1), pariotsfan75 (S3), PokeMemes (S6), Spongey (S10), The22Scoops (S10), Normoh (S10), Flouzemaker (S10), ConnorExists (S11), MajorWoof (S11), Flouzemaker (S11)
Austronomical (10) - JasonGamesFTW (S2), Digitale (S5), DJblak (S6), Sluggyg (S7), Spongey (S7b), cubeh (S7b), SoulRawrfalling (S7b), Maxaa (S12), Fost (S12), Potsie (S12)
iceshardeleven (9) - JasonGamesFTW (S1), ChainingVermin2 (S1), MlDouble07 (S1), Ryboh (S3), scoobysnacks3 (S3), MercuryParadox (S5), oDogLFC (S5), maximum50 (S5), XeR0x4 (S6)
SoulRawr (9) - Broseph (S6), Potsie (S6), Pelargo_ (S6), Hoookey (S6), Broseph (S7), oDogLFC (S7), The22Scoops (S7), MercuryParadoxwolf (S7b), DJblak (S7b)
glypper (8) - Mincrooft (S4), Arich_ (S4), Arich_ (S6), oDogLFC (S6), MajorWoof (S7b), Ryfri (S8), Mathyy (S10), Potsie (S10)
Potsie (8) - Pelargo_ (S5), iceshardeleven (S5), Wilsonkong (S5), _mrcool (S5), Itz_Isaac (S6), DaPenguin19 (S6), Sluggyg (S8), ZachMcDlava (S11)
ColdBacon (8) - TheRealHagrid (S6), Vawqer (S6), SummerBqsh (S7), _undauntable (S7), TxTalonTx (S7), Chasmic (S7), Flouzemaker (S12), Ryfri (S12)
TheRealHagrid (7) - MercuryParadox (S6), SummerBqsh (S10), MajorWoof (S10), scoobysnacks3 (S10), Fensua (S10), jamietheelite (S10), Austronomicalfalling (S12)
Arich_ (6) - IMSTILLALIVE (S3), iceshardeleven (S3), Itz_Isaac (S4), Lucityy (S5), _mrcool (S6), KOKeowner (S6)
DJblak (6) - jus10_la3anca (S1), Austronomical (S3), Beastaxel (S3), _undauntable (S6), The22Scoopsteamkill (S7b), oDogLFC (S7b)
Normoh (6) - Bacan (S8), Vawqer (S8), glypper (S9), OnlyCosmia (S9), Wilsonkong (S9), ScottPirie (S10)
MaverickMC_ (6) - Chipzzy (S5), scoobysnacks3 (S6), Greeples (S10), BSBrent (S10), ChasmicWolf (S10), Vawqer (S10)
Wilsonkong (5) - IzunaLoli (S1), Professer_TNT (S6), Spongey (S6), YellowVitt (S7b), chloesad (S7b)
ShyGus (5) - BushieHalf (S6), Bobbytheturtle (S6), SoulRawr (S6), Chasmic (S7b), Broseph (S7b)
KingsGaming (4) - GoldeNs (S2), Professer_TNT (S2), Fensua (S2), Ryfri (S2)
Ryfri (4) - DJblak (S3), buttergolem1 (S8), Fensua (S8), DaPenguin19falling (S8)
Vawqer (4) - Fictional (S6), XeR0x4wolf (S7b), The22Scoops (S8), GoldenNs (S9)
JamestheDouglas (4) - Normohfalling (S9), Spacepod_ (S9), DisturbedPeacefalling (S9), MaverickMC_ (S10)
ScottPirie (4) - Emerricfalling (S11), glypper (S11), QuilJ1 (S11), SiahStone (S11)
buttergolem1 (4) - Dee957 (S9), Potsie (S9), Bacan (S9), WackoFlipper (S12)
Spacepod_ (4) - BlackGarrett (S9), ElGavinoSupremo (S9), MajorWoof (S12), harryb2001 (S12)
maximum50 (3) - patriotsfan75 (S4), Pelargo_(S4), glypper (S4)
Professer_TNT (3) - MercuryParadox (S2), jus10_la3anca (S3), scoobysnacks3 (S5)
Itz_Isaac (3) - FazedMC (S4), Broseph (S4), Potsie (S7b)
Broseph (3) - Wilsonkong (S7b), Professer_TNT (S7b), SummerBqsh (S7b)
Beastaxel (3) - DJblak (S7), wowjennawow (S7), zCent (S8)
MercuryParadox (3) - scoobysnacks3 (S1), TheBananaMonster (S8), GoldenNs (S8)
Chasmic (3) - Sluggyg (S6), dRawry (S7), 78ford (S9)
vishs (3) - Pelycosaur (S10), BurningT (S10), WackoFlipper (S10)
Abdalain (3) - Fensua (S1), _mrcool (S10), Broseph (S10)
Flouzemaker (3) - SiahStone (S8), glypper (S10), Abdalain (S10)
MajorWoof (3) - SoulRawr (S7), GoldenNs (S10), Brodator (S11)
Do_You_Minecraft (2) - Chipzzy (S4), scoobysnacks3 (S4)
oDogLFC (2) - Arich_ (S5), miles1baseball (S7b)
Pelargo_ (2) - chloesad (S7), Austronomical (S7b)
Pelycosaur (2) - ZachMcD (S10), Professer_TNT (S10)
jamietheelite (2) - Kiinako_ (S10), JamestheDouglas (S10)
Regifloat (2) - SoulRawr (S3), VawqerWolf (S11)
Brodator (2) - Maxaa (S11), ColdBacon (S12)
ChainingVermin2 (1) - Wilsonkong (S1)
jus10_la3anca (1) - Dragon_slayer (S1)
JasonGamesFTW (1) - DJblak (S1)
TommySX (1) - Arich_ (S3)
Septerinooo (1) - BlackGarrett (S3)
_mrcool (1) - oDogLFC (S4)
Chipzzy (1) - Sluggyg (S4)
IzunaLoli (1) - Broseph (S5)
BushieHalf (1) - Fensua (S6)
_undauntable (1) - iceshardeleven (S6)
DaPenguin19 (1) - Vawqer (S7)
Chessa (1) - MajorWoof (S7)
chloesad (1) - Chessa (S7)
cubeh (1) - Itz_Isaac (S7b)
The22Scoops (1) - Vawqer (S7b)
Bacan (1) - Broseph (S8)
swishduck (1) - Normoh (S8)
TheBananaMonster (1) - Flouzemaker (S8)
DisturbedPeace (1) - swishduckfalling (S8)
ConnorExists (1) - SiahStone (S9)
OnlyCosmia (1) - ConnorExistsfalling (S9)
ElGavinoSupremo (1) - Chasmic (S9)
TxTalonTx (1) - 3Dspoders (S10)
Kiinako_ (1) - oDogLFC (S10)
SiahStone (1) - GoldenNs (S11)
Wizarde (1) - 78ford (S12)
QuilJ1 (1) - Kiinako (S12)
PvE Deaths Fall Damage (5) - Abdalain (S1), Austronomical (S4), XeR0x4 (S7), ScottPirie (S9), BlackGarrett (S10)
Creeper (5) - Broseph (S2), Fensua (S3), TalonIII (S3), Kiinako_ (S11), WackoFlipper (S11)
Lava (4) - LoliShiro (S1), TheRealHagrid (S2), JasonGamesFTW (S3), 3Dspoders (S9)
Skeleton (4) - CHOCK3N (S4), Lucityy (S4), Arich (S11), Just_Gerald (S11)
Vex (3) - Just_Gerald (S10), 6BU (S10), Wizarde (S10)
Enderman (2) - Professer_TNT (S4), Ryfri (S10)
Timed Out (2) - RedSky (S4), 78ford (S11)
Zombie (1) - DJblak (S2)
Cave Spider (1) - RedSky (S2)
Fire (1) - Sluggyg (S3)
Note: Wilsonkong, TommySX, Regifloat, Broseph, Bacan, TheRealHagrid, Spongey, SiahStone and GoldenNs were all alive at the end of S3
Seasons Played 9 (2) - Broseph (S2-S8, S10), TheRealHagrid (S2-S6, S9-S12)
8 (6) - Professer_TNT (S2-S7b, S10), Spongey (S3-S8, S10), glypper (S4-S6, S7b-S11), Potsie (S5-S6, S7b-S12), Austronomical (S2-S7b, S12), Fensua (S1-S3, S6, S8-S10, S12)
7 (3) - Wilsonkong (S1, S3-S6, S7b, S9), Vawqer (S6-S11), scoobysnacks3 (S1, S3-S6, S10-S11)
6 (6) - DJblak (S1-S3, S6-S7b), Sluggyg (S3-S7, S8), MercuryParadox (S1-S2, S5-S6, S7b-S8), BlackGarrett (S1-S3, S5, S9-S10), oDogLFC (S4-S7b, S10), GoldenNs (S2-S3, S8-S11)
5 (9) - iceshardeleven (S1, S3-S6), Pelargo_ (S4-S7b), SoulRawr (S3, S5-S7b), _mrcool (S3-S6, S10), Chasmic (S6-S7b, S9-S10), MajorWoof (S7-S7b, S10-S12), 78ford (S8-S12), Ryfri (S2-S3, S8, S10, S12), SiahStone (S3, S8-S9, S11-S12)
4 (5) - Arich_ (S3-S6), Chipzzy (S3-S5, S10), The22Scoops (S7-S8, S10), SummerBqsh (S7-S7b, S10-S11), MaverickMC_ (S5-S6, S10, S12)
3 (16) - JasonGamesFTW (S1-S3), RedSky (S2-S4), IzunaLoli (S1-S2, S5), Itz_Isaac (S4, S6, S7b), XeR0x4 (S6-S7b), Beastaxel (S3, S7, S8), DaPenguin19 (S6-S7, S8), Bacan (S3, S8-S9), wowjennawow (S7, S9-S10), Normoh (S8-S10), JamestheDouglas (S8-S10), WackoFlipper (S10-S12), buttergolem1 (S8-S9, S12), Flouzemaker (S8, S10, S12), Kiinako_ (S10-S12), ColdBacon (S6-S7, S12)
2 (24) - jus10_la3anca (S1, S3), patriotsfan75 (S3-S4), Do_You_Minecraft (S4-S5), Lucityy (S4-S5), maximum50 (S4-S5), TuxedoPenguin (S4-S5), dRawry (S5, S7), _undauntable (S6-S7), ShyGus (S6, S7b), chloesad (S7-S7b), DisturbedPeace (S8-S9), Abdalain (S1, S10), 3Dspoders (S9-S10), ScottPirie (S9-S10), TxTalonTx (S7, S10), Regifloat (S3, S11), ConnorExists (S9, S11), Just_Gerald (S10-S11), ZachMcD (S10-S11), Maxaa (S11-S12), Spacepod_ (S9, S12), QuilJ1 (S11-S12), Wizarde (S10, S12), Brodator (S11-S12), Bobbytheturtle (S6, S12)
1 (46) - LoliShiro (S1), ChainingVermin2 (S1), Dragon_slayer (S1), MlDouble07 (S1), KingsGaming (S2), MewtwoX (S2), CountryCutie (S3), IMSTILLALIVE (S3), Ryboh (S3), Septerinooo (S3), TalonIII (S3), TommySX (S3), CHOCK3N (S4), FazedMC (S4), Mincrooft (S4), Digitale (S5), Apex_Twinkie (S6), BushieHalf (S6), DianaB (S6), Fictional (S6), Hoookey (S6), KOKeowner (S6), PokeMemes (S6), Chessa (S7), YellowVitt (S7b), cubeh (S7b), miles1baseball (S7b), zCent (S8), TheBananaMonster (S8), swishduck (S8), Dee957 (S9), ElGavinoSupremo (S9), OnlyCosmia (S9), 6BU (S10), BSBrent (S10), BurningT (S10), Greeples (S10), jamietheelite (S10), Mathyy (S10), Pelycosaur (S10), vishs (S10), Emerric (S11), harryb2001 (S12), Charrlottie (S12), Fost (S12), LoafOZ (S12)
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2021.10.21 17:04 kmmmm12 Özgü kaya

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2021.10.21 17:04 Immediate_Question99 ❇ BLUE NEO BSC ❇ Stealth Launch ❇ Listed On PancakeSwap ❇ ❇ Liquidity locked ❇

❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇

💚 Wellcom to BLUE NEO BSC (BlueNEO/BNB) 💚

🔥 10 minutes ago FAİRLAUNCH

💚 Telegram

♻ Pancake Swap :

♻ Deeplock: Lock LP 90 Days

🟢 BLUE NEO BSC is funded solely through its own cryptocurrency, a BEP20 token leveraging a smart contract on the Binance Block Chain network. 🟢


💚 We set out below some key points for you to consider choosing us:
- No Pre Sale, No Air Drop, Just Stealth Launch
- Total Supply:
- No dev wallet (Dev will also buy at start)
- Ownership Renounced
- Liquidity Locked 100%
- No dev wallet (Admins will also buy after launch and keep feeding the liquidity if it is necessary)

💚 We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...
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2021.10.21 17:04 PandaBearJambalaya Autosaving manual folds not working

I've been wanting to try manual folding, but can't seem to get my folds to persist between sessions. Some googling around found adding the following to my dotfiles

augroup SaveManualFolds autocmd! au BufWinLeave, BufLeave ?* silent! mkview au BufWinEnter ?* silent! loadview augroup END 
But when I exit neovim all it seems to do is add -- {{{ and -- }}} at the end of the lines to my file. That would be fine if I was using fold-marker, but since I'm trying to use fold-manual this doesn't really accomplish what I'm looking for. Am I misunderstanding how this is supposed to work?
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2021.10.21 17:04 wagyuuq How would you calculate a weighted average if the teacher put 100%’s as 10/10 and 100/100

I’m having trouble figuring out my final grade when my teacher inputs full credit as those.
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2021.10.21 17:04 tjhytsikukyuw I am overjoyed because of this print.

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2021.10.21 17:04 nbailey73 Quite a beautiful backyard sunrise view from one of my houses

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2021.10.21 17:04 ahmd66c How to send a LOR if the teacher doesn't know English?

Asking for a friend: He is an international student, and he got a recommendation in Arabic from a teacher who doesn't know English. The question is, will the AOs accept it if he gets the recommendation translated from a certified translation company?
Is it also an option for him to translate it by himself or what will he have to do in this situation?
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2021.10.21 17:04 THEZUKUS Sugar Moon Bakery in Logan Square

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2021.10.21 17:04 ZombieAngelic Where does Christina Wilson rank amongst the winners?

View Poll
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2021.10.21 17:04 sundryspicey Is there anybody here that can help me? I am confused about myself right now dm please

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2021.10.21 17:04 justhereforthanudes Wichse auf jeden Porno, der mir geschickt wird! Bi, Gay, cuck, shemale, hetero…. Etc. Snap:Jan_behrens21

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2021.10.21 17:04 Studio_OOOMS I made a chefs knife with a handle of old skateboard decks.

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2021.10.21 17:04 _Not_Jim_Cramer Grave manque d'accessibilité aux services médicaux au Québec et particulièrement dans la région de Montréal

Ça fait plus de 10 ans que j'attends pour un médecin de famille.
Aucun r-v n'est jamais disponible sur le site du gouv du quebec (rendez vous santé quebec).
Beaucoup de cliniques mettent leurs dispos sur des sites privés (ex: bonjour santé) plutôt que sur le site du gouvernement.
Ce n'est pas nouveau non plus, c'était déjà comme ça avant la pandémie.
Pas d'option non plus sur le site du gouv pour les prélèvements ou études de sommeil, malgré que j'ai une prescription en main. wth?
À l'urgence de l'hopital Legardeur pour des os cassés et blessures assez graves on me met en basse priorité et on m'avise que puisqu'il n'y a qu'un médecin je vais attendre minimum 12h!
Vous faites quoi quand vous êtes malades? Comment vous faites pour vos checkups réguliers?
Comment on fais pour faire entendre au gouvernement que la situation actuelle est grossièrement innacceptable?
Mes connaissances et les employés des cliniques publiques me disent tous d'aller au privé. Mais comment puis-je donc me justifier de contribuer à l'État des dizaines de milliers en impôt chaque année si je dois encore payer pour les services?
Tous conseils pour obtenir un meilleur accès aux services médicaux seraient très appréciés!!
Il est grand temps que les Québecois se lèvent et dénoncent la situation. C'est vraiment pas correct. J'ai peur d'avoir des enfants dans ce système pourri.
Quoi faire? On écris des lettre à nos ministres et on vas manifester?
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2021.10.21 17:04 dvindemi dvindemi - love is in the air (Music Video)

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2021.10.21 17:04 wigginking 33 [M4F] USA/Online/Anywhere - Looking for a companion for this spooky season

I love October and I love Halloween. I am a huge spooky nerd. Honestly just looking for like minded people to chat with during this season. Maybe we can watch a horror movie at the same time and chat about it. I would love to just have a long term chat buddy who also loves Halloween. Basically this is my fav time of the year and I would rather not spend it alone. I can use pretty much any platform for chatting and I am willing to download and use your preferences as well. I really just want this to be as easy for the both of us as possible.
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2021.10.21 17:04 festival0156n Music Nice

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2021.10.21 17:04 Due-Enthusiasm-1802 No ads for the vaccine, and it's just a hint?

Snopes also has the banner asking for help to keep their website going. Maybe they're not getting enough of these drug company handouts? Link is
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2021.10.21 17:04 CaseyTappy It's that time of the year again - DeathSmiles !

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2021.10.21 17:04 Apocalyptic2020 Thank you OSU! Very cool!

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2021.10.21 17:04 Quik_Quak_ jajajja

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2021.10.21 17:04 zestysebastian The Beach Boys vs The Four Seasons

So I’ve been getting into Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons recently and was wondering if anyone had some insight into the rivalry between the two groups. I know that by 1964 they were the two most popular vocal groups from the US. The Beach Boys had called the Four Seasons out on the song “Surfers Rule”, and I remember reading that Brian had been taken aback by the Four Seasons single “Ragdoll”.
Does anyone else have further knowledge on this rivalry?
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2021.10.21 17:04 acertainman RF Playtime for Lunch

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