False cord feels like singing a high note

2021.10.18 18:28 TanteGrete_ False cord feels like singing a high note

Is it normal to sing a rather high note when false cord screaming? I just recently got the technique down but this seems very odd. I can also make the high pitch more audible until Im full on just singing. When I try highs you can always here the note im singing. Can I make it go away?
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2021.10.18 18:28 cbekel3618 Black Widow and the Winter Guard: An MCU Project Pitch

NOTE: Obviously I don't expect this to actually happen nor do I think this is a better idea that anyone at Marvel would have. This post is simply for fun. Also note that I did take the criticism I've heard from the first film into account while writing this.

Black Widow and the Winter Guard:
Set in the present day, Yelena Belova has now left Contessa's control and has returned to Russia, hoping to reunite with her family. She returns to the hideout of the Widows where she rejoins her parents. She returns to find that her parents have now begun training the Widows so they can protect themselves and keep themselves safe, taking on the role of their mother figure.
It's here we see how the death of Natasha has affected the family. Melina has now entered a mix of being overprotective yet emotionally-closed off, wanting to make sure her newfound children aren't hurt.
With Alexei, he's now putting on this facade that everything is okay, trying to keep being the smiling jokester but clearly hasn't fully-accepted Natasha's death. And finally, there's Yelena who's still saddened by Nat's death and is diving right back into her family in the hopes of finding someone to fill that void.

However, trouble brews when Department X (the Russian government's equivalent of SHIELD) announces its newest line of defense: a Russian superhero team being called the Winter Guard. Members of the team include:
-Lyudmila Kudrin: An acclaimed scientist, the Fury of the team and their mother figure
-Mikhail Ursus (Ursa Major), a giant bear-man and Alexei's ex-cellmate
-Alexander Nevsky (Crimson Dynamo), a young fan of the Vankos and Russia's answer to Iron Man
-Laynia Krylova (Darkstar), a young woman who can control Darkforce energy
-Nikolai Krylenko, Laynia's brother and Russia's newest Red Guardian (which causes a lot of anger for Alexei).

While they seem like genuine do-gooders to the public, we see that they're being sent out to attack the Widows, with it appearing as though Department X and the Russian government seek to wipe out any traces left of their history with the Red Room.
So now, we have our heroes on a mission to publicize the Russian government's involvement in the Red Room and the activities of the Winter Guard. But to do this, they need help. We see the return of Rick Mason, who serves as an Alfred-type character for Yelena as the two strike a friendship.
We also see the return of Antonia. I go into more detail here, but basically, she split off from the Widows right before the Blip and during the five years, grew to become closer to her comic counterpart: a snarky independent mercenary only in it for money.
But over the course of the story, what starts as a straightforward good vs evil story grows more and more gray as we see both Nikolai and Melina descend into more dangerous paths and Yelena growing to question her own role in this.

Like the first film, the big themes of this movie would be independence and family. The death of Natasha and how her family reacts is going to play a large part in the arcs of these characters as we really get a sense of how much she meant to them.
Yelena's grief towards Nat is at the center of much of her arc, as she tries to figure out how to uphold Natasha's legacy and what she's willing to do for her family, which leads to a lot of moments where she questions how far she's willing to go.
The dynamic between Yelena and her parents would be a major element. Despite their issues in the first film, it's clear she viewed them as her true family, and they view her as her daughter. So as we see Melina and Alexei descend into more questionable moments, we see Yelena's loyalty be further tested.
We'd also see an interesting dynamic between Yelena and Antonia. Like with Nat and Yelena, there'd be a lot of snark between the two, though Antonia would be a lot more bitter and deadpan by comparison. It can be fun but at the same time, you can get the sense that Yelena wants to use Antonia to "replace" Natasha, leading to a strong desire for Antonia to stay with the family, which conflicts with Antonia's strong desire to be on her own.
At the same time, their differences in morality would be highlighted, as while Yelena has a sense of loyalty and, thanks to Nat's influence, grows to have questions, Antonia, much like the comics, is only in this for the money and has no loyalty outside of what they can pay her for.

With the antagonists, a lot of the goal of this pitch is giving them more depth compared to the first film's.
With Melina, we should understand her motivations. She lost her daughter and now the rest of her family is at risk of being wiped out as well. And we know she doesn't want to be in conflict with Yelena and that Yelena genuinely loves her, but Melina won't let anyone hurt her family again, no matter the cost, leading to her slowly becoming the Iron Maiden.
While Alexei would still have lighter moments, we would see how Nat's death has broken something inside of him. Outside of more fight scenes, we can see that Nat's influence has led him going overboard in his loyalty to Melina, as he's blinded by his love for her that he goes along with her pursuit. His dynamic with Nikolai can be both funny but also have shades of his prior desire for fame coming back up.
Nikolai would basically be what would've happened if Walker was allowed to go full-antagonist. You sympathize with him at first, you understand he wants to serve his country and admires Alexei, but that desire to be a part of something and be revered slowly destroys him, showing what would've happened if Alexei didn't go through character development.
The rest of the Guard would be similar. They don't need to have major amounts of character development, but I would like there to be a sense that they're also loyal to their country and view one another as a family, serving as foils to the Widows.

Tone-wise, to address a lot of the complaints of the first film, the humor would definitely be toned down and there would be a bit more emphasis on the morally-grey spy element, with Yelena now part of an entire spy squad trying to infiltrate the Russian government. At the same time, there would still be big action scenes given we're dealing with the Winter Guard.
The events of the film can see deaths on both sides, with Kudrin and various Widows being killed. This can be a final straw for both Nikolai and Melina, which leads them to go to full-on war with the Widows. Melina decides to blow up the headquarters of Department X, which would lead to the destruction of much of Moscow. This can be where Yelena turns and where Melina, regretfully, orders her Widows to defeat Yelena.
I would love a scene where Antonia is paid to join one of the antagonists (either Melina or the Guard) and is ordered to take down Yelena. But while Antonia has no loyalty to any faction, she has grown to somewhat like Yelena. So to side-step this without hurting her reputation, she bumps up the price so that they can't afford to pay her to hurt Yelena.

In the final act, Yelena realizes the lines she's willing to cross and sees that Natasha wouldn't have wanted this, so alongside Mason and Alexei (who also realizes Melina's going too far), work to stop the conflict before it can end in everyone's death.
Convinced by Yelena and Alexei that they're working for the wrong side, Nikolai (kind of like Walker choosing to save the truck) makes the choice to publicize the info himself. Mason, paying from his own account, can convince Antonia to rejoin Yelena and help him defuse most of the bombs.
The big final battle can be between Yelena and Melina, as this huge emotional final fight between a mother and her daughter.

By the conclusion, with Kudrin gone and the Guard now without a leader (or possibly even their government's support), Alexei can decide to take over as leader of the Guard. Yelena can finally realize that Antonia deserves her own free will and allows her to go off on her own. Melina can take the fall for the Widows and allow herself to be arrested.
The ending can have Yelena officially take on the mantle of the Black Widow as she takes on the role of the head of the Widows, hoping to make her late sister proud.
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2021.10.18 18:28 GibsonGirl55 One of My Latest Additions

One of My Latest Additions My first T. streptophylla is named Audrey, which spends the week in my husband's classroom and comes home for a bath on weekends. This is my second, which Michael has dubbed Max.
T. Streptophylla_Max
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2021.10.18 18:28 suen05csus Aero Bar Length???

Hello, just got my name down on a 2022 Outback Wilderness Edition and should be shipped soon. Does anyone know what size crossbars I need. I have some 55in Thule Aero Blades, will those fit the outback?
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2021.10.18 18:28 SadlyHappyRedditor Why you looking good today?

Don't be humble just tell me
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2021.10.18 18:28 scragry Some pictures of some stuff that I saw at Frank and Son’s, definitely has changed a lot since the pandemic

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2021.10.18 18:28 iwantrecovery If I like The Profit (man invests in an saves failing businesses), WEWIL?

Before people suggest it… I also like Shark Tank, but that’s not the type of show I want. I’d rather see the inner workings of a business. Another example is Undercover Boss.
Here is The Profit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Profit_(TV_series)?wprov=sfti1
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2021.10.18 18:28 -123_UwU_Street- Need help finding a group to play Advanced D&D 2nd edition with.

Hello so I'm semi - new to D&D as in I've been in the community for a few months but I've never played before and I don't know anything about the game itself and I have all these old Advanced D&D campaign books that I inherited from my Step - Dad and I want to learn how to play and I'd like have a group to play with as I don't have any friends nor do I know anyone that plays it and I'm just wondering if what I want to achieve is possible. Thanks
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2021.10.18 18:28 Genius_MD Would kids watch a Shiba Inu based Kartoon? Who would voice the main character?

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2021.10.18 18:28 TheRyanDuke My partner is a DV survivor. Can anybody suggest ways I can be of support?

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2021.10.18 18:28 romanoviskii [For Hire] Hii, I'm making full body and portraits in this art style! Dm me if you're interested, thank you :)

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2021.10.18 18:28 Nk_9120 I recently started drawing digitally wanted to share my most recent drawing :3 any suggestions on how to practice digital art

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