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Can you get to Kraid WITHOUT the Varia Suit in Metroid Dread?

2021.10.24 04:06 MonadoTV Can you get to Kraid WITHOUT the Varia Suit in Metroid Dread?

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2021.10.24 04:06 WeakestConstitution I hate when people make posts about celebrities "not ageing" or being "immortal"

All those posts about people like Paul Rudd or Anne Hathaway being immortal or not ageing in twenty years are so annoying. They have all clearly aged, they've just aged well which isn't the same thing. This is especially true since they are celebrities and have access to things that would help with ageing like people to do a lot of things for them, fancy cosmetics, hair products and such.
And there are so many of these posts, hundreds of the same dry take by every outlet like its a new revelation or some amazing accomplishment. I just don't get the hype around these people looking relatively similar to what they did when they were younger. Don't get me wrong I like a lot of the celebrities that get this treatment for what they do, I just don't think having good genetics and more money should be at the top of the list of things they're praised for. I'd be less mad if it was about ageing well instead, but even that isn't that much of accomplishment.
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When ever i click "accept" on a friend request, nothing happens and the button just reappears.
Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?
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2021.10.24 04:06 Antares_Carinae Kiger and Magnite owners. How be the mileage..?

Leaning towards these two options.. but wondering how the mileage would be like for these in the city..?
And what are the relatively safer cars with a decent mileage in city under 10L onroad.?
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2021.10.24 04:06 ElderBlackOoze Overwork Vol. 1 [part 2] - The Tired Slime (ヘロヘロヒーロー, ヘロヘロさん) [WIP] [the part where the new words actually are!]

Part 1:
Herohero watched as Momonga cupped his chin and thought for a moment.
"I see… Moving on, [Napalm]."
"How is it, Momonga-san?"
"It's quite different from the game, but it feels incredibly natural and easy. Instead of operating the console for targeting, I can just mentally visualize the range and area of effect. Cast delay and other such statistics instantly pop into my mind when I think of a spell and seem to be naturally tracked mentally. I think I even have an eidetic memory of all the spells I can cast."
"Uwah… That sounds scary efficient. Looks like those shitty devs really screwed up the balance on magic casters for this patch, eh?"
"Hahahah, that may be true. Let's see… I suppose I should test magic items as well. The Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown might be a little overkill though…"
"Why not? We worked hard to make it, and I would love to see it in action for once."
Looking at his friend, Herohero saw just the smallest hint of excitement in his unchanging, skeletal face. Or maybe he was just projecting his own excitement on Momonga.
"Yeah, that's true… Yeah, let's show Aura and Mare the power of the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown!"
The twins, too, looked over to this development with great excitement.
"I-Is it really alright for us to see the power of the legendary weapon of the highest order which only you may wield?"
"Indeed! Witness the power of the staff which was created by the combined effort of all of our guild members! [Summon Primal Fire Elemental]!"
As the Primal Fire Elemental rose from the great cyclone of fire, Herohero truly felt the impact of just how real everything felt.
"Oh man, if Primal Fire Elementals felt like this in the game, I don't think I would have had the guts to face them."
"Fufufufu… Aura, Mare. I said we were going to do some combat testing, but you haven't had much of a chance to participate yet... Do you want to try fighting it?"
"Eh? Momonga-san, I know they're level 100, but to pit two children against such a monster…"
"Eh? I… I hadn't considered that…"
"Ah, it's alright, Herohero-sama, this'll just be a fun exercise for us!"
"B-But if we don't have to..."
"Momonga-san, let's leave it for now, and maybe we can take it on ourselves later."
"I see… It would be good for us to get practical experience as well. But the staff can summon several more elementals today if we need to. And with Aura and Mare's skills they should be just fine..."
Aura nodded along eagerly as Momonga spoke, clearly wanting to fight the elemental.
She really wants to do it, huh… Ah, I don't know… If Yggdrasil's world became a reality, should we respect their wishes as people? Or should we be reasonable adults? Well, Mare at least clearly doesn't want to fight the elemental…
"If Mare doesn't want to fight it he doesn't have to, right?"
"I suppose so… But will Aura be fine by herself?"
"Should we find another NPC to support her?"
"Hmm, I'm not sure if we should risk meeting the other NPCs for such a reason…"
"Ah! How about you do it?"
"Eh? Me?"
"Ehhhhh? M-Momonga-sama supporting me?"
Ignoring the bewildered Aura, Herohero carried on as the idea solidified itself in his mind. The returning of the associated memories was a good feeling and he wanted to hold on to it.
"Yeah, as an all around wildcard type character, you should be able to handle this role, aside from healing magic, right?"
"That's true…"
"Momonga-sama's support… I'll do my best to prove myself worthy of your support, Momonga-sama!"
As an expression of relief washed over Mare's face, Herohero felt a great sense of satisfaction at his idea.
"Alright, then let's get started."
"Primal Fire Elemental! Attack Aura and me!"
Herohero watched as the battle began. In another direction of his omnidirectional vision, he noticed Mare watching the battle intently despite hiding halfway behind one of the Dragonkin.
The battle looked quite one sided from what Herohero could tell, so he allowed it to slip out of his attention. There were many things to think about after all, given the current situation. However, all that came to his mind was his job in the real world and everything he would have to do when he went there.
He was halfway through planning his next day's workflow and mentally organizing his tasks before he managed to cut himself off.
Ah… All I can think about is work. It should be about 3 more hours before I have to leave for it…
But if this is… If this is a real, other world, do I really have to worry about that? In all honesty, being able to live here instead of in Japan would be a dream come true, wouldn't it?
The worst case scenario would be if I got back to the real world, but enough time had passed that I became late for work, right? Ahhh… I can't think of anything not related to work.
Thankfully, around this time the battle appeared to end with the Primal Fire Elemental being destroyed by one last attack from Aura.
"That was amazing, Momonga-sama!"
"Fufu, it has been some time since I had the chance to support someone of your caliber, Aura. Well done."
As he praised Aura, Momonga appeared to reach into some kind of space, with his hand disappearing into it. Moments later, Momonga pulled his hand out, now holding a pitcher of water, and began to pour its contents into a cup to hand to a flustered Aura.
Water, huh… I wonder if I can still drink like this? I probably do need to eat, if I remember the lore correctly… And that was… His inventory, right? I should be able to do that as well.
Wondering what was still in his inventory, Herohero reached out into the space that should have been his inventory. However, as he reached out, he realized that he was instead instinctively driven to look within himself. It appeared that as a slime all of his items were contained inside his own body.
Rifling through his inventory, Herohero felt a strange but very natural sensation, understanding that within his own body he could store a volume of objects far greater than his actual size.
Meanwhile, Momonga had poured both the twins a cup of water, and retracted the pitcher. As the twins looked at him with gleaming eyes, he turned to Herohero and walked over.
"Now then, should we head to the treasury, Herohero-san?"
"Eh? Ah. Yes, let's do that."
"Are you doing alright, Herohero-san? You seem rather distracted."
"Ahhh. Sorry, there's just a lot to think about."
"Mmh. That's true. Once we have your items, let's take a moment to think about all of this. You remember how to use the Ring to get to the treasury, right?"
"Yes, if I remember correctly one can only enter it with the Ring, though the inner treasury becomes a trap when someone enters with the Ring on."
"Alright, let's go."
As they entered the treasury, Herohero's mind was filled with many memories of sorting through loot in this place and commemorating the acquisition of many items.
"Ah, how nostalgic. So you were able to sustain all the wealth we had built up in Nazarick all alone? That's incredible. I half expected to see something similar to when we found the Caloric Stone, haha."
"Ehehe, it was all worth it for this moment. Speaking of World Items, I suppose it would be prudent to have you carry one as well, Herohero-san. Which one do you want?"
Despite his prolonged inactivity, Herohero was quite happy to discover that he still remembered all the World Class Items Ainz Ooal Gown possessed. After thinking for a moment, he arrived at an answer.
"Hmm. I think [Depiction of Nature and Society] would be the most useful one. What do you think?"
"It'll be a bit risky to use, but I think I agree."
As they made their way through the hall filled with Blood of Jormungandr and past the mountain of treasure, they eventually arrived at the door to the armory. As he looked at the black void which filled the doorway, Momonga looked to Herohero and spoke in a bemused tone.
"Herohero-san, do you remember the password for the door to the armory?"
"...Ahh… Wasn't something latin involved?"
"Hmm. That… might be a problem, because I don't remember it exactly either. Let's try the master password then. All glory to Ainz Ooal Gown."
In response, the jet-black door displayed a series of words: “Ascendit a terra in coelum, iterumque descendit in terram, et recipit vim superiorum et inferiorum.”
"Ah! I remember now. It was By this means you shall acquire the glory of the whole world, / And so you shall drive away all shadows and blindness."
The void filling the doorway collapsed into a small sphere in the air, leaving the passage clear.
"Eh? You remembered that? That's kind of impressive…"
"Haha… I might have listened to a few too many of Tabula-san's lectures on alchemical lore."
As they passed through the long hallway of the armory, Momonga appeared to be deep in thought, so Herohero returned to his own thoughts as well.
I guess this must be concerning for Momonga-san as well. What should we even do? If, hypothetically, we really are in the world of Yggdrasil, what would that imply for us?
...Find a new job? Nonono, I'm basically rich now, right? Just look at that massive pile of treasure back there. It wouldn't have amounted to much in the game, but objectively speaking, isn't that an absurd amount of money?
Ah, I wonder what it looks like outside the Tomb. All the NPCs out there and towns and such. Since it was a game before, it was fine to only have the relevant NPCs, but I wonder if the towns will be more populated with other characters now? I mean it would be kind of weird if they just lived in ghost towns.
Ooh, I kind of want to meet Mephistopheles as a real person. But where would he even be? There can't be multiple of him at once, even if he is in multiple places in the game, right? For that matter, as a plot relevant NPC, at what point of the story would we meet him? I guess it would make sense if he would be as he is at the end of the story. But then he would have memories of meeting the player, but that doesn't seem right since there must be many thousands of people who completed that questline.
Mmh. Wait. The whole game is structured in that sense. Characters from completely different points in the story exist simultaneously. Ahh, if I think about this too much I'll probably hurt my… brain? Do I even have a brain right now?
Herohero snuck a brief peek at Momonga.
Haha, it looks like Momonga-san, at least, no longer has a brain. I can only imagine it would be the same for me right now though.
As they approached the end of the hallway, Momonga made the sound of clearing his throat.
Doesn't seem like you need a throat to clear it so I guess thinking without a brain is a no brainer, hehe.
"Ah, Herohero-san, let's actually not go into the treasury."
"Hm? Why is that? Do we need something from outside to go in or something?"
At this moment, a third voice chimed in from just ahead.
"Normally, I would take the form of one of the Supreme Beings. But! In the presence of not only my creator, but another Supreme Being, I shall present myself as I truly am! I bid you both a fond welcome, Momonga-sama and Herohero-sama!"
"...You seem quite lively."
"Indeed! I burst with energy every day! Speaking of which, may I know the purpose for which you have come? And to think I would experience the blessing of being in the presence of two Supreme beings!"
"We will be going into the innermost vaults to retrieve a World-Class Item and Herohero-san's old gear."
"Of what do you speak?! Has the time come to unleash their power?!"
"...Pfh… Hahahaha!"
"Sorry, sorry it's just. And I thought Ulbert-san's chuunibyo was bad, hahaha!"
As Herohero calmed himself, Pandora's Actor simply gazed expressionlessly at the two, patiently waiting for their attention to return to their conversation.
"Ah, sorry about that. Yes, we will be withdrawing [Depiction of Nature and Society] as well as the equipment on the Avatar which resembles Herohero-san."
"Hoh. Am I to take it then that Herohero-sama plans to return to his former glory? Shall the world once more know the terror of the Elder Black Ooze?":
"Indeed! The time has come for the world to remember the very form of eternal decay!"
"...So it is. We shall be heading to the Mausoleum now..."
"Momonga-san, the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown!"
"Ah. Yes. Hold on to them for now, Pandora's Actor."
"If that is your wish, so - it - shall - be - done!~"
Having now calmed down after the initial shock, Herohero actually found it quite endearing how the NPC of Momonga's creation overacted everything. With good humor, he followed the clearly embarrassed Momonga into the inner treasury.
"Haaah. What was I thinking when I wrote the settings for him?"
"Haha, was that why you had second thoughts about coming here?"
"Haaah. Yes, I thought about it and remembered, only it was too late by then."
"You don't have to worry about it, It's actually a little endearing once you get over the initial shock."
"Uwah, you made all of these in the shapes of everyone?"
"Ah, yeah. I don't think I made them look all that good though…"
"...While it kind of makes it feel like I've died, it's a really cool idea for the final treasure room! Plus, I think having them look a little off only adds to the creepy experience."
"...Creepy… I guess that might be true. Ah, there's… you, Herohero-san."
"Haha, I guess it's pretty hard to capture the essence of a slime with the solid body of an Avatar."
"I'll go get [Depiction of Nature and Society]. You can take your equipment off of it, it shouldn't activate since we entered here without the Rings."
With that, Herohero protruded a pseudopod and made a saluting motion.
"Please don't do that, Herohero-san. I'm already dying of shame here."
"Hehe, sorry sorry, I couldn't help myself."
As he manually, physically, equipped his old gear, many old memories resurfaced of acquiring the materials for all of his Divine Class gear. It surprised him how well he remembered at least a little bit of the history of each of his items.
"Uwah, it feels quite weird to see like a human again after I got used to my slime vision."
"Is that so? Here's [Depiction of Nature and Society]."
"Thanks. Yeah, it feels like I can both see better and worse at the same time."
"Can't you use both simultaneously?"
"Oh, yeah I guess that's true."
"...Anyway. What do you think of all this, Herohero-san?"
"I don't know. But you agree this seems too real to still be a game, right?"
"Yeah. Rather, anyone who witnessed the NPCs as they are now and don't think they're real would be the delusional ones."
"Agreed… So what should we do now?"
"I think our first priority should be to assess the situation around us. Safety first, after all."
"Ooh. As expected of our guild leader, he thinks of everything pragmatically! Personally, I got stuck on thinking about how Yggdrasil NPCs would end up like in all this..."
"Huh. That's true, there's a lot of things which could go in various directions outside of the NPCs here in Nazarick."
"Yeah! I mean just think about all the characters who are in multiple places in the game."
"I guess we should see how Sebas and the Pleiades are doing on scouting. [Message]"
"Sebas, how are the surroundings?"
"A plain… not a swamp?"
"In other words, the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick has been wholly transported to a different place? …Sebas, is there anything floating in the sky, or did anything like a message appear?"
"What! Did you say night sky?... Is there anything suspicious around you?"
"Is that so… is that so… Return in 20 minutes. When you come back to Nazarick, head to the Throne Room. We will receive a report there."
"Then, gather as much information as you can before you return."
Uwah… I can totally hear Momonga-san's end of the conversation with [Message]. Wait, does that mean that Albedo heard that whole-
Wait, what did he just say?
"So it seems. An empty field under a clear night sky with the only visible structure being the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick."
"Well, at least the world seems to have remembered the time."
"Haha... But it seems we need some way to gain more information on our surroundings. I can't imagine it's just an endless field of grass out there."
"Yeah… Since you mentioned it earlier, I'm also worried about the presence of other players out there."
"Let's head back to the throne room to see what else Sebas has found. Sorry, I guess we'll need to leave your training for later."
"...That's alright. I don't actually think I'll need it all that much. I didn't really think about it before, but I can recall everything about my skills and abilities perfectly right now. It's actually kind of scary how intuitive it all feels. It must be something similar to how you can remember all of your spellcasting stuff perfectly."
"That makes sense."
"As long as you make the call outs, I could probably even handle a real PvP right now."
"...Let's try to avoid such a scenario."
"Ahaha, yeah, I wouldn't actually want to get in a real fight…"
After picking up their Rings from Pandora's Actor, the two of them headed back to the throne room.
"Then, your report on the surrounding conditions."
"Yes. To begin with, the terrain surrounding us for a kilometer in each direction is a plain. There are no signs of man-made structures. I spotted some small animals, but there were no humanoid or large creatures."
"Were those small animals monsters?"
"No, they were life-forms which had no combat power."
"...I see. Then, were the plains you spoke of covered in frozen grass which would cut you as you passed them?"
"No, it was simple grass. There was nothing special about it."
"And you did not see any sky castles or similar buildings?"
"No, I did not. There was no sign of man-made illumination in the sky or on the land."
"I see, so there was only a starry sky… Thank you for your hard work, Sebas. Do you have any questions as well, Herohero-san?"
"Ah, none that I can think of beyond what you confirmed, Momonga-san."
"I see. Then, Albedo, how is the exchange of information between the Guardians of the various floors?"
"Each Floor is administered by its respective Floor Guardian, but Demiurge is the overall defense commander, and everyone can share information with him."
"Then, Sebas, report your findings to Demiurge on the 7th Floor. Let him know to have all the Guardians increase the readiness of each floor by one level. We are unsure of what has happened, so let them know not to act incautiously. If they encounter an intruder, they are not to slay them, but capture them alive at all costs. When they capture them, do as little harm to them as possible. While I would like to speak to each of the Guardians personally, our first priority should be to gather information. Therefore, we will be heading to the Frozen Prison on the 5th Floor first."
"Momonga-sama, I take it you will be meeting with my sister?"
"Umu. I plan to have her use her divinations to scout out the surroundings and keep an eye on potential enemies approaching. The probability that other players are in the same situation seems exceedingly high, since Herohero-san is here. You should come as well, as the Overseer of the Guardians."
Having been invited, a look of bliss came over her face, but for a moment, Herohero could swear he saw her glance at him with a slightly different look.
Ah, that's right. She's 'in love with Momonga-san' now, after all, haha. I wonder which of us will end up as the third wheel here… I already feel like I can't keep up with this official business talk.
After some minor preparations, the three of them teleported to the 5th Floor. Just the look of the area inspired one to feel cold, as one gazed upon the massive iceberg in the distance through chilling winds carrying frozen vapors.
Thankfully, either slimes could not feel cold, or having resistance to the element made Herohero immune to the freezing air.
"Momonga-san, what should we do after this?"
"Hmm, I suppose it depends on if we find anything nearby. But if it seems like we're safe from external threats for the time being, I want to visit the Floor Guardians individually to sort out internal safety concerns."
"Ooh, I see."
"As for the order… Let's start with the 7th Floor and move up. We can leave the 8th Floor be."
"The 8th Floor, huh…"
Even Herohero could not help but reminisce over the day on which Ainz Ooal Gown triumphed over an invasion of over 1500 players. Watching the video that circulated on the net and the reactions to it might have been one of the best few days of his life.
"Haha, I guess there would be no safe way to check that floor if we weren't sure every NPC was loyal to us, huh?"
"Fufufu, yeah…"
As they reached the door of the quaint mansion which stood in the midst of this frozen hellscape, Momonga pulled out a flame patterned cloak from his inventory and handed it to Albedo. She looked over with sudden surprise, but appeared hesitant to say anything, perhaps not wanting to butt in on the conversation. Instead, she simply bowed deeply and put the cloak on after a nod from Momonga.
Uwaah, Momonga-san aren't you smooth?
"We're almost at her room. I'll go retrieve the doll, so be prepared."
"Ahh, I almost forgot about the horror part... "
"Hm? Herohero-san, do you not do well with horror?"
"Mm, ah, that might be…"
Suddenly, Herohero had an idea. He looked over to Albedo and mentally nodded to himself.
"Ah, you two can go on ahead, I'll just wait out here."
"Are you sure? Well, not that you'd be missing out on much I suppose."
When he saw Albedo nodding furiously behind Momonga, he knew it had been the right thing to do, sounding off a mental yes!
After that, Momonga and Albedo approached the wall with the dilapidated painting of a mother and child and opened the door there. A cacophony of hundreds of babies crying began to sound out.
Geh! I forgot about the sound effects! I should have asked them to let me get further away first!
As he began a tactical retreat from the source of the sound, he heard yet another blood curdling voice call out.
Followed by the sound of something shattering against a wall.
Ngh...! Couldn't they have at least shut the door before activating the event?
At this point, I might as well have gone with them!
After finally taking a turn in the hallway, the frightening voice was now only a distant mumbling.
Haaah… Tabula-san, why would you make something like this… And Momonga-san too! You were screaming just as much as me the first time we got dragged in to see this! How can you play it so cool now!
...Haha... In truth, it feels like I'm really enjoying this after all. In a sense, this is a dream come true. More than the horror here, I'm afraid that this spell will break any second. Then I'd have to get back to my life on the other side. But if this is... if this really is my life now…
"...I can't afford to lose it."
Suddenly, he noticed that the hallway was quiet. A different, far deeper fear suddenly took hold of him and he rushed back to see the doorway through which Momonga had disappeared.
Getting no response to his admittedly quiet voice, he rushed over to the door and looked into the room. With great relief, he saw that Momonga was still here.
"Mm? Herohero-san, what is it? Did you think of something?"
"Ahhh, no I... just realized that the horror stuff ended, so I thought I would pop in after all."
"Ah, alright. Well then, let's continue. Nigredo, I want you to keep surveillance on the areas surrounding Nazarick for the time being. I know it will be exhausting to keep it up continuously, so I'll have some assistance sent from the Library on the 10th Floor to take shifts until we can establish a surveillance team for scouting outside. Albedo, as the Guardian Overseer, can you take care of that?"
"Yes, Momonga-sama."
"Momonga-sama, keeping up surveillance continuously, even indefinitely will be no problem for me."
"Eh? Ah, even so, I'll still send for some additional manpower…"
"If we call on the Chief Librarian, we could have them work on a map of the surrounding areas."
"Hoh. That could certainly be useful, Albedo. Then, have them inform us if they discover anything of interest in the surrounding areas as soon as they spot it."
"...Can you handle that, Nigredo? I apologize for giving you this much work, but it is an emergency situation."
"There will be no problems, Momonga-sama."
With that, the trio left the room with Nigredo and the Carrion Babies behind.
"Then, can I leave organizing the remote surveillance team to you, Albedo? We will be visiting the Floor Guardians."
"Yes, Momonga-sama."
"...Good. Then, [Gate]."
As they stepped through the [Gate], Herohero could have sworn he saw Albedo hug the cloak Momonga had given her and stuff her face into it.
After his vision momentarily went dark, they emerged on the 7th Floor. The gloomy, red glow of flowing magma surrounded them and the sheer contrast from the frost of the 5th Floor almost made Herohero feel the heat for a moment, though in actuality that was only his imagination.
"Puhaaaah! That was hard!"
"Hahaha, you worked hard, Momonga-san! I couldn't keep up at all with that kind of talk."
"Ehehe, well it's a bit hot here, but let's take a quick break."
"Oh! Guren should be here, right?"
"That's true, I wonder what kind of personality it developed."
"Guren! Come out!"
With a dangerously large splash of magma, the massive, crimson Hell Slime emerged from hiding and landed on the glowing stone just in front of Momonga and Herohero. It appeared to quiver from excitement in front of the two.
"Ooh! Kinda like a dog!"
"...Eh? Is that how dogs are?"
"Mm, I don't actually know, since I've never had one… but doesn't it give off that feeling?"
"Is that so? It must be because you like slimes after all, Herohero-san."
"That might be it, I guess… But just look at it, isn't it cute?"
As he said so, he started petting it with his pseudopods, though he wondered if this was something a slime would enjoy. Guren began to emit a sort of jiggly hum as it was being pet and slithered about Herohero.
"That's… well it does have a certain charisma."
Saying that, Momonga also started petting the giant slime.
"Ah, the burning aura is causing just a little bit of damage, but it really does feel like I'm petting a large dog."
After a few minutes, Momonga cleared his non-existent throat.
"Ah, sorry, I lost myself there in the bliss. My regeneration nullified the fire damage and I guess it's pretty obvious that a slime body doesn't really feel any pain..."
"Is that so? I'm a skeleton, but I still feel the tiniest prick whenever I take damage."
"Huh. Maybe that's because skeletons are supposed to be based on normal humanoids?"
"Regardless, let's go see the floor guardian, Demiurge now."
"Ulbert-san's floor guardian, huh. I wonder what he's like? I bet he's super chuuni."
"Momonga-sama, Herohero-sama! I apologize, I have not finished my preparations for a visit! Though I was given no warning, I should certainly have been prepared for this possibility!"
"Ah, no, that's alright. We just wanted to brief you on the current situation and personally confirm the ongoings of each floor."
"Of course! I have deployed my Evil Lords to the centerpoint of the floor and placed sentries at all possible entrances to alert them to intercept when necessary while keeping myself informed. I have established a system of regular contact with Shalltear, Cocytus, Aura, and Mare as well as further methods of emergency communication with the upper floors. Further-"
"That is sufficient, Demiurge. I can see you have planned for every possibility within your power."
A look of shock suddenly came over Demiurge, followed by a brief moment of deep thought.
"Sasuga Momonga-sama! I should have realized that I needed to further coordinate with the other Floor Guardians to establish a better defensive line on the upper floors! I will immediately formulate a plan which takes into account not only my own strength but that of all of Nazarick. I apologize for not realizing the true extent of your intent!"
Eh??? Wasn't that just a normal compliment? How did he interpret it that way? It couldn't be that Momonga-san intended this, could it?
"A-Ah, it seems you've understood what I meant, Demiurge! Well done. You have my genuine compliments. I shall leave you to your work."
Demiurge bowed with an expression of awe while shaking his head.
"I am not worthy of your words, Momonga-sama! I am once more filled with admiration for your infinite wisdom. Such must be the power of the one who leads the 41 Supreme Beings."
"U-Umu. Well then, we will take our leave. [Gate]."
Too confused by the flow of the conversation, Herohero eagerly took the portal to get out of this situation. He expected to arrive on the 5th Floor again, since they had already met with Aura and Mare on the 6th, but they instead emerged in the woods outside the Colosseum on the 6th Floor.
Before he was able to ask why they came to the 6th Floor, Momonga immediately broke the silence as soon as the Gate closed.
"Ehhh??? What the hell was that?!"
Ahhh, haha, I guess Momonga-san was just as confused as I was then.
"Don't ask me! It seemed like he just made something crazy up when you tried to compliment him!"
"W-Well, he seems loyal enough to Nazarick, so I guess that's fine…"
"Mmh, yeah, I wasn't even able to get a word in."
"Haaah… I hope Cocytus and Shalltear are more… normal. Well, Cocytus was made by Warrior Takemikazuchi-san, so he should be fine, but Shalltear was made by..."
"Peroroncino-san, huh..."
"Yeah, it's Peroroncino-san..."
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Heya! I just moved to Sunnyvale and my dating profile needs a revamp. Problem is, I'm usually the one taking photos so I have very few good ones of my own. Figured I'd see if anyone here would be interested in spending time where we can go around town taking pics in interesting places. That way both of us get (hopefully nice) pics and we can take turns posing and clicking!
I have a DSLR if we need one for good quality pics. DM me if interested!
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2021.10.24 04:06 AgateChristin FFX - Does Break HP Limit actually help in any case?

You look at it and you might think that it helps improve survivability, but I've seen attacks OHKO my party members who have more than 9999 HP, whereas those who have 9999 HP as the limit survive (Greater Sphere's Hydraulic Press, for instance). So it got me to wondering: are there any situations in the endgame where Break HP Limit helps more than it hinders?
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