Learning two languages simultaneously strategy

For those who seek to improve their employability by adding a second language there are certain languages that seem to be more highly coveted in the job market. Bilingualism in the workplace is advantageous, but according to Investopedia.com , if you speak Spanish, French, Mandarin, Arabic, American Sign Language, Russian, German, or Portuguese ... The two official languages are Standard Arabic and Tamazight. Moroccan Arabic (known as Darija) is the spoken native vernacular. The languages of prestige in Morocco are Arabic in its Classical and Modern Standard Forms and sometimes French, the latter of which serves as a second language for approximately 33% of Moroccans. This article may need to be rewritten to comply with Wikipedia's quality standards. You can help.The talk page may contain suggestions. (February 2013)Below is a list of languages sorted by writing system (by alphabetical order).

2021.10.18 19:38 Nobody_DNA Learning two languages simultaneously strategy

I've been learning Mandarin for 18 months now. Lately, my progress has been idle. So I started Korean. Initially, I underestimated the challenge of two languages at once. I thought I could do 50/50. Then, I realized my skills in Mandarin was much better than in Korean. The learning curve was also steeper. Therefore, for the same time, I was making more progress in Mandarin than in Korean.
I had mixed results with platforms like Italki, Verbling for Mandarin. I also tried an independent school.
My goals are to get HSK 6 and TOPIK 6.
What is the best course of action from there? I don't want to abandon Korean entirely as I'm already three months in. However, I thought getting intermediate in Korean would help me lower the rhythm later as I could maintain it at a slower pace once I'm better.
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2021.10.18 19:38 iceup17 Great news for me, not so much my collection.

So mods delete this if it's not allowed I'm cool with it. My school has offered me an application to a fantastic conservation opportunity for 12 weeks in South Africa this summer. If I'm accepted I'll be living on a reservation in South Africa learning everything from animal veterinary care to rehab and rehabilitation programs. Now down to the not so great news, this program is going to cost a literal TON so may be faced with selling off quite a bit of Ravens stuff. If anyone has some experience with the best ways to go about this I'm all ears I'll also keep anyone posted on jerseys/memorabilia I'll have for sale. Again if this isn't welcomed here I'm cool with it being deleted thanks for the help on advanced Go Ravens
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2021.10.18 19:38 Patterson9191717 This victory did not come from shady negotiations between corporate giants and their paid-for politicians. It happened entirely because of the self-organization of working people through the Tax Amazon movement around a class struggle strategy led by socialists

This victory did not come from shady negotiations between corporate giants and their paid-for politicians. It happened entirely because of the self-organization of working people through the Tax Amazon movement around a class struggle strategy led by socialists submitted by Patterson9191717 to socialistalternative [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 19:38 jefmkhtr #OleIn

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2021.10.18 19:38 pmz Microsoft's Data Science for Beginners

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2021.10.18 19:38 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://apnews.com/article/europe-russia-moscow-sergey-lavrov-f03d2f2f8e3086b0490d4f9e95cdf655

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2021.10.18 19:38 pppoopooperson Presidential Grindest rules: 1. wake up from coma 2. call Viktor Orban Andrej in Russian 3. refuse to elaborate 4. fall back into coma

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2021.10.18 19:38 Crafter164 Big shot moment

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2021.10.18 19:38 RollingCarrot615 I have arthritis in the joint of my big toe that has caused some damage. I feel like the pain is getting worse, despite following recommendations of the podiatrist I saw. What are my options here?

For the basic info; I'm 27M, 5'9", 180 lbs, white, have chronic arthritis in my big toe from injuries sustained when I was 10-12, have taken two different anti-inflammatory medications for it, and drink 1-2 drinks per night on average.
As I said, I've had chronic arthritis in my big toe for several years now. I don't remember exactly when it began, but do remember using a stiff walking shoe that my brother got after breaking his foot, and this would have been when I was 15. I went to a podiatrist about 3 months ago. He confirmed that I've got arthritis, and said it was the worst he has seen in someone my age. He prescribed an anti-inflammatory that I took for around 2 weeks before stopping because it was hurting my stomach. I didnt notice much improvement during that time. I stopped wearing slip on shoes for work, and got a pair that was more supportive. I also got a pair of thick soled, stiff tennis shoes that I wear most of the time away from work. I also ice the joint regularly.
Now, I've seen a big increase in the amount of pain I'm experiencing. Sometimes its enough that I'm unable to put any weight on my foot and subsequently even walk. Its constantly aching now, and isnt getting better by any means. I have ordered some carbon fiber insoles for my shoes to see if that helps. I am wanting to know mostly about surgery here. Whether it may be a viable option, how many times you can do that through your life, what kind may be available, and when its necessary. I also want to know if there is anything else I can be doing to help mitigate the pain and stop furthering the damage.
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2021.10.18 19:38 Bajstransformatorn Best way to integrate rucking in my everyday 1.6 km (1 mile) commute? large weight every other day or smaller weight every day?

More or less what the title says. I walk 1.6 + 1.6 km every working day. Would it be better to carry a moderate weight every day, or to go with a heavy weight every other day and have the in between days as rest days?
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2021.10.18 19:38 Commercial_Author963 BabyTezos is here to get you close to Bezos, 8% Redistribution in XTZ token, First of it's kind, Launching Now

Are you looking for the next revolutionary gem in the current sea of coins (most of them having no value or utility) ?
Look no further, as BabyTezos is BORN (Literally) !!!
BABYTEZOS is the first and biggest redistribution token that rewards XTZ token to all it's holders. Simply hold BABYTEZOS and earn 7% redistribution in Tezos coin🔥
The team is already in talks to have the coin listed on major exchanges ,and they're already working on features such as overall rating, social media strength, potential partnerships and new venture/development areas. New events in the first days will include KYC and audit services. Future enhancements include a staking/lending platform in Tezos coins, NFT Marketplace and more!
✅Total Supply: 1 Billion
7% Redistrubution to holder in XTZ token🔥
1% to liquidity pool🔥
2% to marketing wallet for project growth and development🔥
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🚀Poocoin ads
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Let's make this project the next big thing💥
Contract: 0x9a406995807f8f84bdf8451c8e442e74c4bae343
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LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x976b8d76072B816D0e4b81e230062524c2b4e65c
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x9a406995807f8f84bdf8451c8e442e74c4bae343#readContract
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2021.10.18 19:38 HumanTrashLovesCash Is that how this works?

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2021.10.18 19:38 gleamingcolt727 these are my picks for seven premium ships that should come in November and December

  1. Tachibana-tier 2 DD
  2. Kidd-tier 8 DD
  3. Austin-tier 10 CL
  4. Weimar-tier 7 CA
  5. Hyuga-tier 7 BB
  6. California-tier 7 BB
  7. Franklin D Roosevelt-tier 10 CV (im sorry)
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2021.10.18 19:38 DD163WALKER F*** Chris Collinsworth

This mean isnt that smart
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2021.10.18 19:38 DetectiveMohawk pain

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2021.10.18 19:38 caliborn94 Squad Up and Stick it to Big Pharma

Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to reach out to the Asthma Community about saving money on your co-pay for free. My cousin who I've been helping pay for a Spiriva Respimat inhaler has been paying over $500. Which is ridiculous and straight up highway robbery. He is in contracted work and in between jobs which leads to not having the best health insurance. I am sharing these links for free coupons on inhalers if you and many others cannot afford Spiriva Respimat just like my cousin. Through Scripthero.com I was able to get a free coupon code that brings it down to $150. THIS IS HUGE. I just found out about this website and am able to afford his inhalers for him and this works at his local pharmacy near him. Please like and share this because we live in a cruel world in America that we cannot afford medication PERIOD.
This is not a sales post but free discount codes that you can use at your local pharmacy.
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2021.10.18 19:38 Mythologicalcats Jessica says she would rather die by a bullet than get her vaccine, but it looks like her untreated heart condition and COVID will be responsible instead.

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2021.10.18 19:38 Khondor_ Countries whit Leonardo da Vinci codices

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2021.10.18 19:38 LucasJames_ #squidgame

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2021.10.18 19:38 victor_2001 The most boring drill in fifa?

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2021.10.18 19:38 Dr_Mime_PhD Photo Workshop

New to printing. I have a question about the Photon Workshop.
When I send the scene to be sliced, there is solid central post that is not being filled in correctly.
Any thoughts?
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2021.10.18 19:38 maffiaprincess Pancakes and sugar free nut cream that they spread everywhere (special treat)

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2021.10.18 19:38 TheGoodSirRyan A familiar player?

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2021.10.18 19:38 BitcoinGazete Bu 10 Altcoin, Parabolik Bir Altcoin Sezonu Için “Patlama” Aşamasında

Popüler analist Ben Armstrong, piyasa mevcut boğa koşusunun en parabolik kısmı olarak şekillenirken kazançları en üst düzeye çıkarmak için 10 altcoin'i açıkladı.
1 Listede ilk sırada , hızla yükselen merkezi olmayan türev borsasının simgesi olan dYdX (DYDX) yer alıyor. Analistlere göre, dYdX https://bitcoingazete.com/bu-10-altcoin-parabolik-bir-altcoin-sezonu-icin-patlama-asamasinda/
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2021.10.18 19:38 LoLFr3nkl1 when will the quarterfinals draw be held ??

any ideas when will the quarterfinals draw be held ?? with the group stages ending today just wanted to know if it was gonna be tomorrow or what ?
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