[USA-TX] [H] 2x 360hz 1 ms 24.5 inch asus rog strix monitors [W] paypal, local

2021.10.21 17:47 DrVanilla1997 [USA-TX] [H] 2x 360hz 1 ms 24.5 inch asus rog strix monitors [W] paypal, local

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/0D2Jgst
I have 2 pretty much Brand new 360hz 1 ms asus rog strix monitors, both in perfect working condition.
One has no box, one still has full original packaging.
Looking for $500 shipped +3% paypal fee each or $450 local (77484) will drive 50 miles out of 77484 in any direction to meet
Will sell both local for $825 cash
That’s all for today, stay safe swappers!
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2021.10.21 17:47 Jikken-one_arm Any tips for taking pics I got a new top but I’m not very good in pictures

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2021.10.21 17:47 Beautifullove000 Well LKWD I hope you’re happy with what you’ve done 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️…and I’m most certain that I’m not alone on this

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2021.10.21 17:47 luckylilcat4161 Ears_irl

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2021.10.21 17:47 mcconcon Steering wheel for racing games

What brands would you guys recommend and what are the most reliable?
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2021.10.21 17:47 CanadianFutFan Who did you pack today?

A little experiment because my son and I packed Goretzka in different packs, 15 seconds apart.
View Poll
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2021.10.21 17:47 Redfern23 New Ash Skin - Chaotic Emerald

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2021.10.21 17:47 mrglockenspiel2022 I need someone to talk to I'm going crazy !!!

PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. My brain isn't working right now. I'm a 16 year old boy and i just wanted someone (preferably female) to talk/vent to in a private chat because I don't have anybody to talk to. I'll tell you more in private. I guess thats it. Also i don't know why but i just feel more comfortable telling my problems to women idk I'm weird.
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2021.10.21 17:47 Status_Archer_8406 Middleton couldn’t pull through

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2021.10.21 17:47 SeaAd4211 I know you're niqabi, but show me your face

This is my first post, I'm a mexican closeted trans woman, and when I was muslim I used to be niqabi (hidden from my family ofc). For a strange reason that I don't want to remember, I found out that Pakistan is one of the 2 islamic countries in the world that legally recognize transgender persons, so by magic I started learning urdu and making contact with pakistani people in a shitty language-exchange app called 'Speaky'. My experience was actually good, everyone was quite respectful, except for one person.
This guy (whose name I don't want to remember) and I were talking about Pakistani and Mexican cultures, he was muslim too and he knew I was transgender. Everything was fine, but suddenly he asked me for my picture (even though in my profile I had put I was niqabi), then he repeatedly started videocalling me, I asked him to stop and told him that I wouldn't show my face since I was niqabi, and he told me "yeah but it's the first time I meet a transgender plz show me your face", and I was like dude wtf you're muslim you should know what being a niqabi means.
Well, this guy didn't give a shit about the religion and the niqab just because "he wanted to see a transgender", and he was insisting so much that I got pissed off and blocked him.
Now (that I'm not muslim anymore), when I remember it makes me laugh, but at that moment I was really upset not only because his acts were quite transphobic (I felt like he assumed that "transgender people is strange or non-human"), but also because he, being a muslim himself, didn't respect my niqab and my religious reasons for wearing it (I was so f*cking religious at that time).
Pretty sure nobody cares but I just remembered it and wanted to share it on this subreddit, thanks for reading.
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2021.10.21 17:47 kcxstrange Price Check: Gourmands Explosive Gatling Gun

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2021.10.21 17:47 robbaflockaflame Young adult novel with a basketball theme where one of the characters never speaks.

There’s a basketball theme to this young adult book, I believe the book cover was green and had a picture of a kid with a basketball on the front.
Spoiler below -
Of course at the end, the main character’s friend uses his voice and it surprises everyone because it’s deep now.
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2021.10.21 17:47 Spyman767 spooky mix 3021 is out now on Spotify!! Please leave a like & share with friends. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!❤️‍🔥🎃 (sequel to spooky mix ‘19 & 2.0) [DM for playlist story arc guide & synopsis]..thanks👽 [Party]

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2021.10.21 17:47 SkepticDrinker This belongs here

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2021.10.21 17:47 Expensive-Duty1893 Have a 93 day log in streak, a growing tribe and good islands. Will light torches ant try to send keys as often as possible.

Please friend me and join my tribe. FC:92079729MH
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2021.10.21 17:47 JuniusPhilaenus Soler is back!

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2021.10.21 17:47 christinems88 I’ve been painting with everyday objects. This was painted using a penny! 😈

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2021.10.21 17:47 ArrowHead21360 Rising Tempo + Intimidating Counter + Wrath of Sarugami = Profit

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2021.10.21 17:47 Accomplished_Egg1707 FREE NFT | Blockchain Bubbie | My Kitty 🐱 | Opensea | Polygon | 100 Minted

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2021.10.21 17:47 Meand9Balls Suche 3 Spieler für Die Maschine Penthaus XP High Round

Suche für High Round bei Die Maschine zum Stuff Lvln und co.
added mich auf DC: Meand9Balls#4974
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2021.10.21 17:47 BadgirlLina I'm available for hookup,this my number(724) 300-3870 hit me up via WhatsApp or snap Linaescort_sexy

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2021.10.21 17:47 siehmonster 5 gal pot from the start or start small and transplant? is there a benefit to transplanting?

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2021.10.21 17:47 ProactiveFlailer Troof! The biggest elephant in the room in the history of the universe.

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2021.10.21 17:47 Ikarus04 Settings/Pressets Difficulty Single Player

Hi !
What presets/difficulty settings do you recommend for a person who will be playing Single Player and doesn't even have 10 hours of play?
I want to play Single Player, but it's very difficult to kill a dinosaur alone or harvest resources, so I would like suggestions for difficulty presets to start a new game.
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2021.10.21 17:47 Redheadraph How would you start to change S.A for the better?

I pose a question to many people asking how they would start to improve S.A If they were the leader with unlimited power but you need to remain honest. Some answers I have received is to create an independent council that watches over members of parliament, some say to pay teacher more. Another says to give government more money but if they don't meet deadlines they dont get a cent. What are your ideas?
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