TIL that there is incredibly strong evolutionary evidence that the Appendix is a useful organ. It has convergently evolved in 30 separate animal lineages. There are no known cases of an appendix evolving and then being taken away by evolution.

2021.10.21 19:03 Alkahest_oceans TIL that there is incredibly strong evolutionary evidence that the Appendix is a useful organ. It has convergently evolved in 30 separate animal lineages. There are no known cases of an appendix evolving and then being taken away by evolution.

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2021.10.21 19:03 ColdBlackWater A Rabbit As King Of The Ghosts by Wallace Stevens

The difficulty to think at the end of day,
When the shapeless shadow covers the sun
And nothing is left except light on your fur—
There was the cat slopping its milk all day,
Fat cat, red tongue, green mind, white milk
And August the most peaceful month.
To be, in the grass, in the peacefullest time,
Without that monument of cat,
The cat forgotten in the moon;
And to feel that the light is a rabbit-light,
In which everything is meant for you
And nothing need be explained;
Then there is nothing to think of. It comes of itself;
And east rushes west and west rushes down,
No matter. The grass is full
And full of yourself. The trees around are for you,
The whole of the wideness of night is for you,
A self that touches all edges,
You become a self that fills the four corners of night.
The red cat hides away in the fur-light
And there you are humped high, humped up,
You are humped higher and higher, black as stone—
You sit with your head like a carving in space
And the little green cat is a bug in the grass.
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2021.10.21 19:03 Droupitee Rocket failure delays US hypersonic weapons test after China fired second missile

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2021.10.21 19:03 Littlebigman57 Our Lab/Border Collie mix pooches.

Hunter (RIP), right, Sassie, left.
Soon Sassie will have a new playmate.
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2021.10.21 19:03 SsjAndromeda Golden Apple Archipelago area logo

I’m in the process of converting all the area logos (Mondstat, Liyue, Dragonspine, and Inazuma) to vector (.svg) but I can’t seem to find a good/detailed image of the Golden Apple Archipelago. Does anyone have one by any chance?
I’m considering turning them into 3” iron on patches but I’m undecided… LMK your opinion please!
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2021.10.21 19:03 catherinebasos Etude cardboard/oil „Summer“ 30/40 cm. 2014

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2021.10.21 19:03 wasabijane My poor pup’s first trim. I can’t stop laughing.

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2021.10.21 19:03 SnooFoxes2302 I need some advices to run a game of Sailors on the Starless Sea

Here are some questions I have to run a game of Sailors on the Starless Sea :
1) Is it an option for the players to combine the strenght of their different characters to open some difficult doors (difficulty of 23 or 30) ? If they want to pick up the Felan armor, can I imagine they pull up the pieces of the armor together at 2 ? They add their results to get more than 23 twice.
2) How can I reveal the whole story of the fortress to my players ? Do you think it is a necessity for them to know the whole story about Molan and Felan that ruled the fortress ?
3) I didn't get something about the traps or the crumblings of the wall. The crumblings get a +5. Should I play it as the charachters can avoid the attack with their armor class ?

Thanks a lot for your time !

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2021.10.21 19:03 Jbstout7 Is this telepathy over the television?

So about for years ago, and spending a lot of time in meditation using a "yidam deity", a Tibetan technique to attain siddhi (supernatural abilities), I was staying up all night using cocaine, and the next day when "Ellen" came on, I stared at her and felt kind of energy kind of surround my body and affect her, and she hung her head down and said "Somebody's watching"...and then it happened with one of her guests again, he said the same words and Ellen said "Yeah? You feel that?" Then I remembered reading about the work of a man named Rupert Sheldrake who researches telepathy and various other abilities, and one of his experiments proves telepathy can pass through closed circuit television...so I thought "Hey! I can use telepathy to mess with those damn reptilians!"
So I waited until the next live program was on, Jimmy Kimmel live, and before the show began he was talking to someone off camera and nodding his head very obediently, and his eyes looked intense. What I would do is either focus on the center of their head, their throat, or visualuze their eyes rolling around in their head, and sometimes saying odd sounds with my mind, and I can tell when I'm affecting them. They claimed that Jimmy had a child with birth defects that night, and that is why he was "upset". I looked on google that day and saw the top two most searched for thing was "The Ellen Show" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live". This happened I think in the spring about four years ago, maybe somebody with more computer knowledge than I have could verify this?
I also did it to Good morning America too the next morning. They were saying things like "you can feel the energy!", "it's the signs of the times", and "we'll figure something out". I even got one of them to touch their ear piece, look to the side, and cut to a different clip. They also showed two suggestive clips, first they showed a clip of a girl with an iguana stuck in her hair, as if "I caught the reptilians in my trap". Then they said "look at that, we git it out..." the second clip they showed was of a girl who was injured by an alligator, and she "plugged the alligator's nostrils" and the girl was freed from its bite (meaning I "plugged up" the reptilians, and they let the humans go). I have readon to believe they thought I was female, because my energy is very feminine, why they used girls, even though I'm a male (one time my urine showed up female on a urine test, an entirely different story) Maybe somebody remembers seeing these odd clips? My mother said she saw them, so I wasn't imagining them.
But then it got scary. I began to hear serpent-like slithery voices come from the bottom of my stairs saying my name over and over. So I thought "Okay! No more!" And turned off the television. If I'm walking by a television I still do it sometimes these days, every time I start they look off screen "get a nod" and if it's a reptilian it usually smiles and if it's a human they usually get this look on their face like "damn, it's him again". I only mess with them from time to time now. I also rememver the next day everyone I knew kept bringing me food for some reason, maybe some strange form of karma?
Yeah, weird stuff. A LOT of things like this has happened in my life, the time I kept teleporting, the time they tried to snipe me, the UFO that started to appear outside my window after the telepathy incident, the inter-dimensional travel, I've seen the slenderman eight times now (and a couple other beings)...now I have no control of it at all...I've been told the archons are using me as some kind of telepath as a "timeline splitter" now, scary stuff has been happening, the dreams, the whacks and bangs in the morning down the hallway...I heard someone crying walking into a room last night and a deep male voice asked "Did you see what they're doin' to him?" To be honest, I'm scared.
I've written three novels about all this, they're entitled "Manic Winter I, II, and III"...there is only one hundred and two copies in print, but yeah that's part of the story
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2021.10.21 19:03 MTPokitz Real Estate Agents: What’s the home buying experience like in a very, very bad neighborhood, the ghetto or the slums?

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2021.10.21 19:03 gwenna11 Looking for a relocated new grad!

Hey all! I am a senior IxD (Interaction Design) major at the University of Washington conducting research on new grads who have relocated to an unfamiliar city for a job. I was wondering if anyone on this community (who fits that criteria) would be willing to an hour-long interview via Zoom with me & one other member of my team? If so, please let me know and we can schedule a time for the next couple weeks! Appreciate you reading this!! -Gwenna
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2021.10.21 19:03 Confident-Wheel-6267 Doing Soft unlock all services, Custom classes!! Doing also perk swapper, get ghost and overkill in the same class!! Im online right now Discord: FreezeStylez#2327

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2021.10.21 19:03 YourDoseofCring Why my fucking lord Why?

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2021.10.21 19:03 ResearcherOk2588 W/F/L i did my death shard for red fire

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2021.10.21 19:03 Agreeable-War9161 Aos amigos da engenharia

Pra quem aí está no ciclo básico da engenharia recomendo darem uma olhada em uma plataforma chamada responde aí, excelente. Tem todo o conteúdo organizado e bonitinho, dependendo da faculdade já organizado conforme a sua grade.
E tem a resolução de todos os exercícios de vários livros usados pelos professores, Stewart, guidorizze, halliday, boulos etc.
Excelente. Tem uma parte grátis e outra paga. Mas vale a pena. 19 reais por mês no plano anual. Facilita demais a vida. Bons estudos e tmj.
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2021.10.21 19:03 synonyco 2007 Michigan License Plate 200M11

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2021.10.21 19:03 thyxchuu Yellow Cab Chill pop beat

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2021.10.21 19:03 jakemelch PPR Who to Start

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2021.10.21 19:03 nastia3p HELP IT ALL ROLLED ON ATK

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2021.10.21 19:03 Mauri416 https://ottawacitizen.com/news/justice-of-the-peace-facing-removal-from-office-over-newspaper-column-seeks-leave-to-appeal-ruling

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2021.10.21 19:03 Price448 Mega Gengar Raid! My add is below

Again, mega Gengar raid My add is 8884 9321 2643
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2021.10.21 19:03 lorealpaca Boyfriend [20M] says that he wants to communicate more with me [18F]

My boyfriend and I just started talking again yesterday since my life went kinda crazy in May 2021 and I had to move out from my mother's home. He came to see me on Tuesday since he now lives 5 minutes away.
We were sitting in his car and talking about our past together and he told me that he wants to actually communicate more with me in order for our relationship to be healthy. He was (and still is) always there for me, even when my mother was being terrible to me and he would drive 30-40 minutes just to see me 2-4 times a week. We never did any serious talking and he said that he wishes we could've from the beginning.
I really don't know how to have healthy communication with any relationship, but I am going to therapy for this and he is being very patient with me, which I am thankful for.
I used to think that he was using me for my body, but after he said that, I don't think that's the case now.

TLDR: Need to know how to have good communication.
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2021.10.21 19:03 SilentSora418 Anybody know what the rewards are for winning a server?

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2021.10.21 19:03 shar081 Structural defect - architect and structural engineer refuse to take responsibility

We hired an architect (and he hired a structural engineer), and a contractor to complete an addition (2 stories) to our home. After the framing, the contractor brought to our and the architect's attention that we had some sag in the cantilever part of the second story of our addition, beyond the normal acceptable level.
Our architect was adamant that there was nothing wrong with the design, and that sometimes things just happen and there is no answer for them. He designed a fix for the floor which has been completed and has corrected the problem. Fwiw, this is a prominent architect in our region with great references, who has done work on many homes in our area.
We had to pay for the fix and the architect billed us for his time to design the fix.
We hired an independent structural engineer to evaluate the project. His conclusion was that the cantilever was designed improperly. We also showed the architectural plans to a friend of ours in another state who happens to be an architect, and he agreed. Further, I spoke to our contractor and his framing team, and they all said it was a design flaw - the architect and structural engineer's fault.
I sent the independent structural engineer's report and the conclusions of our friend the architect and the framing team to our architect and requested that he pay for the fix ($9,000) and refund us the money we'd paid him for his time spent devising the fix ($3,200). He has refused and says his structural engineer says the original design is correct.
Any idea where we go from here? We are thinking special civil part of small claims court as they allow for collecting up to $15,000 and we can represent ourselves. I'm just not sure it makes sense to also start pouring more money into this problem by paying a lawyer as then we risk losing that money too and outrageous attorney fees. I was also planning to post a negative review of the architect on Houzz, Google, etc.
Any ideas? Anyone have a smaller scale construction defect and be able to collect on it?
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2021.10.21 19:03 uncool_loserr gettin buff with tangy

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