we're only talking about film adaptations but why not about musical stage shows? ok, maybe because Spider-Man on Broadway was crap.

2021.10.21 17:24 OrionLinksComic we're only talking about film adaptations but why not about musical stage shows? ok, maybe because Spider-Man on Broadway was crap.

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2021.10.21 17:24 JoshM_01 The Jungle: Jankos Says MAD Lions Will BEAT DAMWON?! | LoL Worlds 2021 Preview

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2021.10.21 17:24 DavetheAuthor 10 Fun Facts About "Paranormal Activity 3" (in honor of its 10th anniversary today)

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2021.10.21 17:24 Acti0n9809 H: legacys, grolls W: to bundle for uncommon/rare legacys

AE gatling plasma 1
AAE90 gatling plasma 3
AAE50 laser rifle 2
AAE tesla 3
BE25 gauss rifle 3
BE25 tesla rifle 2
BE25 uc laser rifle
BE+A cyrolator 1
BE50 cyrolator 2
BE15FR gatling plasma 3
BE25 ultracite laser rifle
BE15FR laser rifle
BE25 gatling laser
BE+A gatling laser
BE50 head
DE gatling plasma 2
ExeE gatling plasma
FE50 laser rifle
IE laser rifle 2
JE+A laser rifle 4
JE+P gatling plasma 3
QE+P assaultron head 2
QE ultracite laser rifle
QE50 laser rifle 2
StE50 laser rifle
StE+P gatling plasma
SuE15fr gatling plasma
TSEFMSWA assaultron head 4
TSE50 laser rifle
TSE gauss rifle
TSE tesla
TSE uc laser rifle
VE25 gatling plasma 2
VE laser rifle 2
AS50vhc15fr railway rifle
AAE25 combat shotgun
AA2525 handmade
AA50vc25 hunting rifle
AA2590 .45 smg
AA50vc15vcf fixer
AAE15fr western revolver
AA2515fr minigun
AA25aim15fr missile launcher
AA50vc15fr flamer
AA25aim50 minigun
AA50vhc250 enclave plasma w. reflex and stabilized stock and align automatic barrel
AAE15fr railway rifle
Ari50vhc15vcf plasma rifle
AriE15fr lmg
Ari50vhc15fr fixer
AriE25 lmg
Ari2515fr lmg
B2525 10mm smg
B50vch25 plasma rifle
B2525 handmade
B2550% fixer
B50vhc15fr tesla rifle
B2515FR handmade
BE50% railway rifle
BE90 lmg
BE90 minigun
BE25 10mm smg
B50vc15vcf gamma gun
B25aim90 gamma gun
B2515fr gatling gun
B2590 combat shotgun
B2590 gatling laser
BE25 fixer
B50vhc90 fixer
B2525 .50 cal
B2515fr .50 cal
B2525 gatling plasma
B2515fr gatling plasma
B50vc250 fixer
BE90 combat shotgun
B2590 .50 cal
B2590 fixer
B50vhc90 gauss rifle
B2515FR tesla
B2525 fixer
BE15vcf 10mm pistol
B50vhc250 fixer
BerE25 assault rifle
Ber2515fr pipe rifle
Ber2590 tesla rifle
Exe25aim90 cyro
ExeE15fr fixer
ExeE15fr fixer
Exe50vhc15vcf handmade
Exe2515fr hunting rifle
ExeE15fr pumpgun
Exe50vc90 radium rifle
Exe2590 10mm smg
Exe50vhc50 fixer
F2525 enclave plasma pistol
GouE90 fixer
IE25 10mm pistol
IE25 assault rifle
IE25 gatling gun
J50vhc25 fixer
J2515fr handmade
J2515fr tesla
J2515fr railway rifle
J50vhc15fr cyro
J2525 combat shotgun
J50vc15fr handmade
J50vc15fr flamer
J2515vcf gamma gun
J50vc90 handmade
J50vhc15fr combat rifle
J50vc90 lever action
JE25 railway rifle
J2515fr auto grenade launcher
J2515fr pipe rifle
J2525 handmade
J2515fr .50 cal
JE15fr 10mm smg
J2515vcf radium
J50vc90 plasma rifle
J2515fr pumpgun
JE25 handmade
J2515fr tesla
JE15vcf fixer
Jug50vhc15fr fixer
JugE25 lmg
M50vc25 gauss rifle
N2515fr flamer
NE25 pipe rifle
NE15fr blackpowder pistol
QE fixer
QE15fr combat shotgun
Q2515vcf tesla rifle
Q50vhc15fr ultracite laser rifle
Q50vhc15fr western revolver
Q50vhc+P enclave plasma rifle w automatic barrel and stabilized stock
Q2515fr single action revolver
Q50vc15vcf hunting rifle
Q25FM fixer
Q50vhc+A fixer
Q25ffrFMSWA lmg
QE handmade
Q50ld15fr gatling plasma
Q50vc15fr fixer
QE90 fixer
Q50vhc25 western revolver
QEGhost lmg
Q2515fr tesla
Q2590 handmade
Q2515fr railway rifle
Q2515fr hunting rifle
St2525 railway rifle
TSE90 minigun
TSE25 handmade
TSE25 combat shotgun
TS2515fr gatling plasma
TS2590 broadsider
TSE15fr lmg
V50vc250 fixer
VE15fr 10mm pistol
V50vc15vcf tesla
V2590 gatling laser
V2515fr minigun
V50vc250 railway rifle
V50vc+A railway rifle
V50vhc90 cyro
VE90 handmade
V50c15fr railway rifle
V2515fr 10mm smg
ZE15fr minigun
Ari50vc25 switchblade
AriSS15vcf sheepsquatch
BSS+S bear arm
ExeSS15vcf bear arm
Exe50vc25 sheepsquatch
ExeSS90 sheepsquatch
ISS+A tenderizer
ISS+S sickle
JSS+S multi purpose ax
JSS90 sheepsquatch
JSS+S fire ax
VSS50% tenderizer
Jetpack ultracite LA Assasins/Ap regen/Weapon weight reduced
Jetpack ultracite RA
Van/Agi/Sent T51 RL
All old rare fastnacht masks
Red asylum dress
Emmet mountain hazmat suit
Full clean Spacesuit outfit
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2021.10.21 17:24 DriveTribeAmmad Are folks here fans of Maybach reviews?

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2021.10.21 17:24 Toledor7 Looking for a scholarship!!

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2021.10.21 17:24 AcanthocephalaSuch46 Should I be worried?

My partner and I have had a very rough few months recently. He has not been able to get over certain things in my past and has been torturing me with questions and illogical insults daily. We took a break because I couldn’t handle the judgement …sometimes we have entered arguments where I would get so frustrated that I would lash out and shout and throw pillows when he would humiliate me. It was toxic…. But tonight I threw a pillow at him (without force) and he remembered in the past when I threw it out of anger and he said to me… if I throw one ever again he is going to take my face and smash it I the floor. And that he knows he will get in trouble for it but he promises he will smash my face either on the floor or on the wall.
Let me be clear… I’m not saying I was right to be physical with a pillow. BUT
Should I be worried… that someone could even say this? Would you ever say this to someone you love even in my situation, if you were healthy ?
This is a stupid question. But I’ve become so used to his irrationality humiliating me and gaslighting me over jealousy about my past that now I wonder if I am actually in trouble…
He is 40 and I am 30.
Ridiculous I know for the age we are at. I’ve stayed this long because I love him but it isn’t always enough and that’s proving to be the case slowly.
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2021.10.21 17:24 ouyawei There is no 'printf'

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2021.10.21 17:24 Protato20 I'm gonna trigger 50% of the player base

Console players are the most toxic, hear me out before raging. Because consoles are a lot more accessible than PC's, there is more kids on it. Just a fact, sorry guys. I am sorry if you are a console player and are not a kid, I did not mean to offend you.
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2021.10.21 17:24 SFpoopfart BTW im 5.7 (Okayy buddyy 7.3 my as)

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2021.10.21 17:24 Grandebaby520 SUB4SUB

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2021.10.21 17:24 0xshiv Comprare auto trentennale, conviene?

Volevo comprare un auto trentennale, dato che non mi serve per andare a lavoro o per null'altro di critico e la userei molto poco (5-10k km all'anno a farla grande), e volevo approfittare delle agevolazioni su bollo / assicurazione / passaggio di proprietà per le auto trentennali, nonchè avere una cosa un po più interessante dell'utilitaria / crossover medio
è un ragionamento che conviene fare oppure non ne vale la pena sommando la ovvia manutenzione che queste auto richiedono? budget 4-5000€, considerando eventuale impianto gpl che sono obbligato a fare
Su autoscout stanno sempre i soliti modelli tra il 1985-1991, alfa 164 / 75, molte mercedes 190/200, poche bmw, lancia gamma, una marea di fiat: mi fido ad andare verso le alfa? le tedesche sono messe meglio con i ricambi? rischio di spendere più in manutenzione di quello che pagherei in tasse con un auto moderna?
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2021.10.21 17:24 dziad_borowy DSM7: slow first access

On v6.x everything was instant and fast. I had disks set to go to sleep when inactive.
Then I upgraded to 7 and: when I don't access the shares for a while and try that - it's very slow to connect and load the folder (on a mac, via afp).
Consecutive connections are instant as before.
I disabled disk sleeping but it didn't make any difference.
It looks like my ds 918+ goes to sleep or something.
Has anyone seen sth. like that?
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2021.10.21 17:24 trucktruckmahcuck Jacking?

Has anyone ever jacked an apple cyser? If so how did it go? Thinking about performing this myself.
To save someones time, jacking is the process of freezing water out of a brew and removeing it, most commonly on apple cider to increase abv to about 40% this apple jack.
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2021.10.21 17:24 Megells Made a Post About This Card Last Week, Overjoyed to Now Add It to My Collection

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2021.10.21 17:24 praha_the_botv mellow @mellow_003 フラッシュさんとファル子マジで好きですたい…フラファル増えて…

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2021.10.21 17:23 Mxxnlxghtxwl the tangled generators auras show up in orange !

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2021.10.21 17:23 baddomrown How to repair/stop further damage to this carpet

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2021.10.21 17:23 JonoLith Cringy Liberal Talks About "The Poors".

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2021.10.21 17:23 emibelll looking for 2 tickets for the pryzm show!

helloo, has anyone got 2 tickets for the show on saturday? xxx
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2021.10.21 17:23 questionoftheanswer Ne olursa olsun bayrağınızı savunmaya devam eder misiniz?

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2021.10.21 17:23 DepartmentWeird7546 Ali Babacan kötü

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2021.10.21 17:23 Rontomm Wolf Rin-chan (Daily Nya #613)

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2021.10.21 17:23 BronzeHeart92 What's a videogame level that feels the most relaxing to you?

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2021.10.21 17:23 neptune_dragon Indonesian spice mix?

I’m U.K. based and a while ago I had an Indonesian tofu curry with Indonesian spice mix but I have no clue what that’s made from, I checked the spice thread but it’s not on there.
Does anybody know what it’s made from? I’ve been looking everywhere
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