What Prebiotic / Fiber is best? Rebuilding Microbiome

2021.10.21 18:47 Elliotbarton111 What Prebiotic / Fiber is best? Rebuilding Microbiome

What Prebiotic / Fiber is best? Rebuilding Microbiome
I have had a bad candida and SIBO issue...I feel like I am at the point where I can start adding a fiber supplement but unsure what to add. I have had issues with constipation. I have purchased Resistant Starch, Inulin, Guar Gum, and Psyllium Husk. I have tried them all at one point or another but have not been on any one long enough for any real effects. Another issue I have read is that you can get bad or increased bloating symptoms for some time before they start working...This was the case with resistant starch and inulin. I think when rebuilding your microbiome a blend is needed but which to start with. Oh and don't forget some are soluble vs insoluble.
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2021.10.21 18:47 dl613 Ottawa police looking for Baseline Road shoplifter who assaulted security guard

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2021.10.21 18:47 anExcellentRead HB Acoustics?

Heya! I've had some really good experiences with Harley Benton - as in I bought a TE-70RW and liked it so much that it's now my studio guitar! (seriously, plays better than some ~$1k+ Fenders) Now that I've got the electric department sorted out, I'm interested in picking up an acoustic from HB since they're mad reputable! I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the acoustics / are they as quality as the electrics? For reference, I'm not on a tight budget, I have some money to play around with so getting a high end HB would not be a problem for me. I just don't know what would feel slicker, an Orangewood or HB? I'm currently rocking a $200 Seagull that is simply a little hard to play compared to when I hop in a shop and play around with the higher end guitars (i.e. Martins, Taylors, Yamahas). Just interested if HB is anywhere near that quality! TY
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2021.10.21 18:47 Knario1954 Frases_&_Reflexiones

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2021.10.21 18:47 mrrpiuzz Join Trace Network bandwagon today. So many benefits in store for yah!!

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2021.10.21 18:47 rich4a1 Ben Levin Still Here

Ben Levin Still Here https://preview.redd.it/znljk8jcjvu71.jpg?width=800&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=fd0c1e4cecde298aae09a663389d7bb123c17885
Making a Scene brings you a review from Jim Hynes on the new release from Ben Levin "Still Here"
Still Here is the third release for the youthful pianist/songwritevocalist Ben Levin, who has already matured well beyond his years. When we last visited him on his 2020 release Carryout or Delivery on these pages, Levin was still in college, having just reached drinking age. And, as we said then, this still holds a mere year later that uninformed listener would likely guess that only a veteran could sing and play rollicking piano like Levin does. Having received two Blues Blast Music Awards for his first one and much acclaim for his second, Levin slims the guest list down even more this time, retaining just his fatheregular bandmate, guitarist Aron Levin, bassist Chris Douglass and drummer Oscar Bernal. Ben, a versatile keyboardist, sticks solely to acoustic piano here and takes the lead vocals. The slimmed down approach works to great effect, as this is his most realized offering yet.
Making A Scene is the #1 Resource for the Indie Artists and the Fans that Love them
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2021.10.21 18:47 keithjayallday Love you Nintendo but

I grew up with a super Nintendo followed bye my brother and I opening game cube on the best Christmas of my life.
In my teens I broke my neck and I don’t have as much dexterity control over my fingers. I love Nintendo but it’s kind of a bummer that my favourite franchises like Zelda and especially Metroid right now does not give any options when it comes to remapping control schemes.
Super Metroid let you remap everything. And most of the remastered Zelda games like wind Waker before breath of the wild let the Z targeting be a toggle rather than a hold.
I love you Nintendo, it just sucks that I now have to enjoy some of my favourite franchises through watching somebody else play through because you don’t let me re-map the controls
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2021.10.21 18:47 Accordion-Jo I fly…

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2021.10.21 18:47 JEM2216 In Case You Missed It: John's Birthday Photos from Last Week (Pt. 2) 🥳

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2021.10.21 18:47 IMBatUQ Ultraviolet light has helped find a new partnership between two proteins – The BReast CAncer gene 1 (BRCA1) and cavin3 – which could help shape future breast cancer therapies.

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2021.10.21 18:47 boislikepink2 H: DE flamer W: legacy offers

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2021.10.21 18:47 Hootie4u Worst customer service experience

Let me start by saying I just got a new account and new number that was transferred from someone else business to me and opened in Sprint. The process took over 3 hours on the phone to get it done. Due to them having issues they said they would get me my phone credit for a new phone after it went through.
So today (2PM est) I move to get a deal for the Pixel 6, and had issue utilizing the credit and spent 30 minutes with the online customer service. Online rep was polite gave me the number and told me to call the migration department.
Migration rep was very polite tried to look into things and 20 minutes later told me to call customer service.
Customer service rep looked into it tried to be helpful but said I need to talk to sales. Another 30 minutes down.
Sales rep was very rude and kept interrupting me and ended up saying I need to only go into a store to get it. I tried asking why but she kept interrupting me so I asked for her supervisor. I tried to be polite and asked for a notation that prior rep needed extra training. He then said he cannot help but eh will put me on an escalation to a "higher" department. I then got transferred to a regular sales rep. I asked for a supervisor right away, and I am still on hold. It is now 5:46pm and I am just trying to do something basic.
Hopefully this all clears up as this is one of the worst customer service experiences i have ever had.
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2021.10.21 18:47 turtleycool38 Is your empathy for other people's suffering/mental health invalidated/less likely to be believed, if you have little or no empathy for your own mental health issues/emotional problems

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2021.10.21 18:47 Butters0000 What is wrong with he servers after the Update

I've played both survivor and killer after the update and have noticed a few problem with both sides
Survivors get stuck in place unable to move unless your status is "updated" by another player (killer or survivor) after being unhooked. "updating" includes: a change in health state, application of deep wound, or being healed. Alternatively, you will be placed back on the hook unable to do anything for a few seconds.
Brown med kits sometimes wont heal you fully and will just leave you 99'd
Blessing a totem doesn't remove decisive
Hitting a survivor can sometimes cause the client to desync and they will just continue on their last provided movement path until they just phase out of existence and the clients resync, and the scratch marks dont update either
There are some Totem spots on maps where if the totem is blessed the killer is unable to snuff the totem.

Come on BHVR fix your game.
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2021.10.21 18:47 FG96 🔥Alice Returns to Madness😈} Willow, Dutch (Midnight), Cuddle Bow, Bobo, Combat Knife, Stark Splitter

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2021.10.21 18:47 beezyCoC [GA]- LA/OC- $0- floaters, still got more!

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2021.10.21 18:47 coldcathodes Best triband router with good ddwrt support

Which is the best router with triband support (2# 5ghz radios and 1# 2.4 radio)? It needs to have good ddwrt support and good range.
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2021.10.21 18:47 ravius22 Fafsa appeal question

Hey everyone, so in 2013fall and 2014fall I was irresponsible and dropped put of classes. I did not have fafsa, this year is my first time ever applying for it. But since I dropped out of some classes, they won't give me the fafsa because I dropped out of too many classes. My advisor said I can appeal if I had a illness or if a family member did or if they died. My grandpa who I lived with then, had numerous health issues. He's been on disability then, and even had bypass surgery and a couple heart attacks(although I'm not sure If those incidents occurred in fall of 2013 and 2014, which is when I dropped out of classes) So my question is, will I have a chance to appeal and get fafsa to attend classes? I'm older more mature and goal oriented now and wouldn't drop out of a class. Fafsa would help me a lot. Say in fall of 13/14 those incidents didn't occur and they haopend in spring or summer, am I just screwed? Will disability be enough? Keep in mind I did not have fafsa then but they said it doesn't matter. Any guidance would be appreciated. I'm just trying to better my career and attend college but this hurdle is preventing me.
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2021.10.21 18:47 Chewy-Richtofen Who should I cosplay, Reddit? ))

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2021.10.21 18:47 TheGame2526 Hypothetical: Goldberg in AEW

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2021.10.21 18:47 ZumbaDieHard I built my dream gaming/streaming setup!

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2021.10.21 18:47 antdude The Science of Pokemon's Deadliest Attack! | The SCIENCE of... Pokemon

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2021.10.21 18:47 gnomeyboy3000 This little meme I made.

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2021.10.21 18:47 Days-Have-Passed My apartment building caught fire 2 weeks ago

I'd just returned from the hospital, tired and looking forward to going to bed, and instead returned to flames and smoke.
At that moment, despite all my medical bs going on, I was grateful my partner was beside me- having accompanied me to the hospital- so I didn't have to rush to find him amongst the chaos. Then, I was horrified- we'd left our cat in the apartment when we went to the hospital.
See, we both come from poor backgrounds- in money and in relationships- and we'd started from nothing together. Despite how hard we fought for our apartment and everything in it- our textbooks, our electronics, our nice pillows- all we cared about as we watched the building being evacuated was our cat.
During all the chaos I even said to my partner- "as long as you and our cat are okay everything else in that apartment can burn. We've built from nothing before, we'll do it again."
The fire was put out. It didn't take the whole building- just one floor of it. It didn't even affect the overall structure- we were able to return home that night, just several hours later than planned, and we were able to hold each other and our cat. That's all that mattered. That's all that matters.
I'm now listing items for sale to help pay for the medical expenses- I thought I was done decluttering, I thought I was pretty minimalist, but finding peace in losing everything again so long as those you love are okay really highlights how unimportant everything else is.
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2021.10.21 18:47 MyCheeseShoes Fun little serving tray prototype to test out doweling bits and steaming/bending wood

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