Dangly Gunk Seeds over here!

2021.12.04 16:29 revv-it-up Dangly Gunk Seeds over here!

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2021.12.04 16:29 PurpleCottonball squid games❗️❗️

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2021.12.04 16:29 DanielJ27 Obscure demigod

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2021.12.04 16:29 ttystikk From the "It's A Great Big Club And You Ain't In It" Files: Ivana Trump Recruited Schoolgirls For Epstein?

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2021.12.04 16:29 Leinad6969 [XBOX][H]Christmas Items[W]Credits


Stuff Idk which year was released
Ty if you read this!
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2021.12.04 16:29 indeeddo How to spend tickets on Beesmas?

I got everything I need that is buyable with tickets.
What I'm asking is there going to be anything new that you can buy with tickets (I'm talking mostly about items, like gingerbread,...), because I don't have gummy mask yet and I can spend my tickets on goo to speed up the process of getting it.
I don't know if I should save the tickets for beesmas or spend it on whatever I need and more prepared for it.
Is there any rumours about that and could you do that in the last beesmas?
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2021.12.04 16:29 Drkmint Saving the mother vs. saving the child

I would like to know the PL side's opinion on the following hypothetical situation: a woman is pregnant with twins, however a doctor determines that because of a pre-existing medical condition she is extremely unlikely to survive childbirth. There is a good chance that the two children can be saved but their mother will die.
Should she be allowed to have an abortion? Why or why not? Should we tell her that she has to carry the pregnancy to term anyway, since this will save two lives as opposed to just her's?
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2021.12.04 16:29 beanbags999 BF5 Revive??

Fellow Battlefield super fans. The release of the 2042 has me very torn after playing for about a solid week now. My inner child bought the game with great enthusiasm as the trailer set up great expectations. Of course, now with game in hand and experience gained, I think we can agree it doesn’t have that “feeling” we all have come to love. A feeling of being part of the game.
The “feeling” of panic when surrounded by both teams, gas masks on, 10% health, but still knowing you’re capable of escaping and raging out with your infantry class and a well thrown AT grenade. The feeling of shooting the helmet off the enemy sniper you’ve been battling the whole game. Driving through buildings with your tank, setting up LMG nests in windows, finding crazy places to hide and flank snipe from behind. The fun of playing the objective or going lone wolf to ultimately benefit your team in one way or another instead of running all the time, [insert more example here].
Though BF in the past has always seemed to pull itself out of the hole, based on the feedback and what I’ve seen, I’m quickly losing confidence in that happening. This game is just so…….off. Empty if you will.
I propose we go back to what we love, BF5, and even 1 & 3!!! Why struggle when we can still play these games at the tail end of their prime. A hefty amount of people still play and they are fantastic!
Could this be movement? Possibly a boycott the tell EA, Dice, and Frostbite to get their shit together? Is it time we make them listen to ALL the fans? I SAY MOST DEFINITELY!!
We’ll look back at these games when their truly unplayable. We’ll miss them in our 80’s when game consoles and PCs will be a thing of the past. We will miss the experience of wanting to play until the wee hours of the night.
Let’s maintain that “feeling” we love and get back to BF5 and 1!!!!!!!!!!!
I know I’ll be there

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2021.12.04 16:29 nirman248 Is 20 mg is enough for severe anxiety and OCD ????

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2021.12.04 16:29 Lucarom1320 Kobe 5 hall of fame protro

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2021.12.04 16:29 mythix_dnb motion sensor not detected by formulas

I have a new motion sensor, works as expected in the hue app, and shows up in hue labs bridge settings.
however when I go to a formula that requires a motion senser, it keeps saying "no motion sensor detected" and i can not install the formula.
i tried resetting both the sensor and the bridge, same issue persists.
support only seems to be through facebook or twitter.... wtf.. i dont have those, nor do i want to create an account on a third party dickhead company just to get support for my expensive hardware i just bought. /rant
any body ever had this issue with the motion sensor?
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2021.12.04 16:29 imsobaka Best way to farm exp in post daimon?

Lvl 200 is the only achievement I have left. I know you can farm Death in the garden but he always escapes and I'm sick of this method. Is there another farm method?
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2021.12.04 16:29 KenchyAND Pretty happy with myself tbf

I aint a great player by no means, and I've just had a baby so gaming time is cut shorter then short so I've been doing my Hindsight Series where i can on Turbo where I record my game in silence as to not wake the baby and then take a look back and commentate on my own performance when the lil one is out! this is Episode 4.
looking for any feedback on play style, builds and just general advise...ohh and maybe a sub if you wanna keep up to date on new episodes :D
DOTA2 **TURBO** RANDOM** Hindsight Series Episode 4! Lich King! K&K Gaming - YouTube
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2021.12.04 16:29 Odd_Expression_9162 How do I install mods (nomad) from an IMac 🖥

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2021.12.04 16:29 Southern-Durian-3004 Why, do girls ego's go beyond the goddam solar system?

I answered a question and i was wrong she said the right answer. but While she was saying the answer she was moving her hands and her head all fancy like. she looked at me with an "hah your wrong" typa face. So I said "why tf are you smiling" and she said " cuz you dumbass got it wrong". There at that moment I also caught a jail sentence.
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2021.12.04 16:29 -Endless Do you think the 'protest at sea' laws introduced by Simon Bridges back in 2013 should be repealed?

These ammendments were added to the Crown Minerals Act in response to increased protest to the oil exploration off New Zealands coast. Leading at one point to Russel Norman being charged.
The ammendments are:
A Intentional Damage or Interference with Structures or Operations Section 101B
(1) criminalises intentional conduct by any person that results in:
a) damage to, or interference with, any structure or ship that is in an offshore area and that is, or is to be, used in mining operations or for the processing, storing, preparing for transporting, or transporting of minerals; or
b) damage to, or interference with, any equipment on, or attached to, such a structure or ship; or
c) interference with any operations or activities being carried out, or any works being executed, on, by means of, or in connection with such a structure or ship
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2021.12.04 16:29 Notnot-not-not-human It's true

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2021.12.04 16:29 soxfaninfinity How my views have shifted over the last 18 months

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2021.12.04 16:29 Hopeful-Cobbler4724 Transfer

If I transfer my Bitcoin from Blokfi to Voyager and it’s over .01 will I receive/earn interest or do I have to buy Bitcoin from Voyager to receive/earn interest?
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2021.12.04 16:29 Queasy_Chocolate_907 Alguien?

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2021.12.04 16:29 Raksixs I honestly don’t feel embarrassed for how stupid I was!

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2021.12.04 16:29 CarlTheCrab3790 R/teenagers in a nutshell

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2021.12.04 16:29 Phoelia To quit or not to quit…

I really need some advice. On October my doctor recommended to finish my Lexapro treatment since I finished my thesis which was the whole reason why I started taking it in the first place. I thought I was ready so I agreed. Long story short, after 1 month of tapering I’ve had huge physical withdrawal symptoms which limit my normal routine and it’s become really frustrating since I really wanted to start working and enjoy my life post-thesis. I went back to my doctor and she told me that probably the depression is gone, but my anxiety isn’t. I’m not a depressive person, but I am for sure an anxious one, so this part of me isn’t going away anytime soon. My doctor recommended me to start the Lexapro treatment again until my “new life” becomes stable.
On one side, I don’t know if I agree with my doctor. I don’t think my anxiety will ever go away and I’ve been a functional human for the past 25 years of my life. Of course it’s not easy, but I don’t see the medication as a necessary permanent solution. On the other side, my parents freaked out and they are kind of brainwashing me with some retrograde ideas about antidepressant being for sick people while I’m not sick. They are truly biased and this bias is getting inside my head lately. I’m not mentally stable right know due to the withdrawal symptoms and I truly need some rational advice.
I don’t know who should I trust and I feel so sad I can’t figure out myself, since I’m feeling sick as hell lately. My Lexapro treatment was truly great, I have 0 regrets so far and I don’t mind to use it again in the future. I’m just not convinced I need this permanently and I’m afraid I’ll generate some kind of dependency (in the self-confidence field) if I’m not able to quit it now that my life is okay-ish.
Also, in case I finally decide to get back to the treatment, I need to find the words to explain this to my parents. They’ve always been super supportive and I think they’re just worried, they are not bad people. But they are just too much. I might cut them off completely from this topic, but we actually have a good relationship so I don’t think it’s a battle worth fighting.
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2021.12.04 16:29 Bakker_Bart Nothing like sitting in front of your pc with a hot mug and a snack

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2021.12.04 16:29 ConsiderationTop9050 Authoritarians, economics aside, how does your ideal society provide the people with freedom, safety, and stability better than libertarian societies?

I have not looked into politics too much but i really value individualism and free will, and seeing how authoritarian societies are usually heavy on punishing victimless crimes and regulating people’s lives, i want to know if there are authoritarians who believe in the importance of freedom or if they literally believe that the government should shove all these laws and propaganda in people’s faces throughout their lives
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