Review of the Game before Buying

2021.12.03 22:43 aurumfire213 Review of the Game before Buying

What are some of y'all's opinions on the game? It's on sale on PSN and my wife and I were thinking about getting it. Any thoughts or words of caution?
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2021.12.03 22:43 sadistic-insanity My SIL lied to my in laws about a lot and it’s bothering me.

My SIL [26yrs] lied to my [19yrs] in laws about a couple of things. Back when I lived with my In laws like 4/5 months ago. I didn’t have a license back then, so I would ask my SIL for help, like how HER parents wanted me too. Well she was getting tired of it, and I understand why ya know. It’s irritating sometimes. But instead of coming to me, she would go to her parents and let them know lies, like I wasn’t giving her gas money ( even though I was the one paying for her whole tank when she would take me to appointments ) or that I was asking for rides to go to my mom’s house or even to go get food and she would have to sit there and wait for me to finish eating. Well, I’m glad I had the receipts to all of those accused times.
One day, I had this super fucking important appointment and she didnt want to take me so I pushed it off and asked my mom for help. But she wasn’t in town at the time. So I was panicking, stressing about it, mainly because I was moving onto a military base, and I needed an ID to get in to my new home. My SIL comes up with the bright idea that I should take my husband’s car without a license. She said something along the lines about, you’re studying to get your license, you might as well take it. You’re a good driver ( she let me drive with her to practice, used to have a permit but was taken from me cause I was an idiot so it had been a while since I drove ) I asked her, if she was sure, she wasn’t gonna say anything to my in laws or anything. She agreed and said no, she wouldn’t say a word if I didn’t. So me, thinking I had a good relationship with her. She wouldn’t say shit. Well I would drive around to my appointments, not thinking much. A day later, i finally got my license and was ready to drive out to my new place with my son. Husband was excited, we were both having a good time with the fact that I finally got my license.
Days were coming to an end, we got our place and now I had to pack up our car and drive out there. I had one last night of freedom left, so I decided, hey why not hang out with my two friends for one last time before I move myself across the country. Friends and I made a plan so that I can have fun but also take care of my son. Well later into the night, my father in law calls me and tells me how bad of a mother I am for drinking and smoking while taking care of my son. I asked him why he thought that, or who told him that. Cause at that very moment I was in the car, driving to Starbucks with my girls, so they basically heard my FIL calling them pieces of shit, horrible people and calling me a bad mother. FIL blames my husband for telling him about me going out and “having a crazy party”. Well I pushed it away and decided that I’d call out my husband face to face when I see him.
So a week or less go by and I’m out there with husband, setting up our apartment. Next thing I know, my in laws are calling. They didn’t know I was out there with my husband. So I answered the phone to them yelling at me about taking the car out without a license when I lived there ( husband knew everything that was going on at home, including the car situation ) so I basically ask them who told them. And they say my husband did. My husband laughed and they stayed quiet. Asking who I was with. And I said I was with him. MIL was stunned and starting stuttering before basically calling out her daughter, mind you. On accident. Husband and I were both furious about the fact that SIL went and told them after telling me that she wouldn’t say anything. She told them I would take it out and leave for hours upon hours at a time. That, she would tell me to stop and not do it. She’d take me or whatever. Which hurt, then I asked if they would listen to my side of the story and said no, cause I’m just a child ( I’m 19. ) but then they would proceed to tell me not to contact her or anything cause she doesn’t want the drama or that im just being rude to her.
Fast forward to present day/thanksgiving, we went down to visit. My husband decided to ask his parents if SIL was planning on coming down too. MIL said no, cause she can’t. But FIL tells my husband she didn’t want to come down cause she found out that they told me everything and doesn’t want to face me, cause she’s scared. I’m not mad about taking the car out. I’m more or so mad about the fact that I was called a piece of shit mother for supposedly going out and drinking/smoking/partying by my FIL while my friends were in the car.
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2021.12.03 22:43 brs5879 Wifi kinda works

So the other night I go to stream some music from the Sirius XM on my Xbox One, I get an error message saying it cant connect to my internet. So I restart the xbox and reset my router same issue. Then I notice that I cant connect to Xbox Live either. But I can get Netflix and Paramount plus no issues. So i boot up my Xbox 360, that one is connecting to Xbox Live and Netflix but nothing else. Any insight as to whats going on?
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2021.12.03 22:43 International_Bee653 Introducting Yellow Snow!

Some have been asking for a makeover for the End. Others have been anticipating a new combat update. But I’m here to suggest what Minecraft really needs; the update to perfect Minecraft and it’s gameplay: the Yellow Snow Let it Go update!
What is Yellow Snow?
-yellow snow is the key new block that would be added in the update. It would look like a normal snow block, with a yellow hue.
-Yellow snow can be obtained through either drinking a bottle of water when standing on a snow block, or over time when a dog sits on a snow block.
-The warmth of yellow snow makes it immune to melting
-Variants include the block of yellow snow, yellow snow layers and yellow powdered snow.
Yellow powdered Snow
-Yellow powdered snow is a special variant of yellow snow. It can be collected in a bucket of yellow powdered snow, which can be placed as a cauldron of yellow powdered snow.
-Since yellow snow is warm, mobs and players don’t take freezing damage. Instead, after standing a little while in the block, mobs will eventually realize why the snow is yellow actually is, and start taking damage due to shock and STI’s.
-Leather armour doesn’t block the damage, but instead lingers the effect outside the block due to leather soaking up the “yellow”.
-Useful to counter leather armour’s immunity to normal powdered snow’s freezing damage.
-When placing a bucket of yellow powdered snow in a furnace, a bucket of piss - a new liquid - is made. Piss can be placed on the ground, or in a cauldron and can be collected in a bottle of piss.
-Piss can be used to grow crops faster and produce better crops.
-Growing or dipping carrots in piss would produce golden carrots.
-The bottle of piss can be drank, or can be sold to villagers as lemonade, or to piglins as liquid gold.
-When placing piss onto a dripstone, it will create pissing dripstone, which can be used to farm infinite piss.
Yellow snow golem and yellow snowballs
-Placing a pumpkin on two yellow snow blocks would create the yellow snow golem
-Yellow snow golems throw yellow snowballs, which have a chance to give the target an STI
-When shearing a yellow snow golem, instead of a smiling face, the yellow snow golem has a face of pleasure like taking a piss after a ten-hour drive
-“The can”: smelt a bucket of powdered yellow snow
-“The loo”: Use pissing dripstone to fill a cauldron with piss
-“You’ve got AIDS!!!” Get an STI from yellow snow
-“Circumcision”: mine the bottom dripstone from a pissing dripstone
-“CBT”: cause a whole pissing dripstone to fall
-“Boner”: add a dripstone to a pissing dripstone
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2021.12.03 22:43 jjandre Eddie Kingston - Cardboard and Charcoal with Pastel.

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2021.12.03 22:43 wadz1996 Is the arena workshop worth getting?

Been tempted to finally get one for a while but going to buy it I’m now second guessing it
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2021.12.03 22:43 AgitatedText Nos condoléances à Matt Shiltz / Our condolences to Matt Shiltz

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2021.12.03 22:43 SnooLemons8535 Timeworks can you see this image

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guys pls vote for twice in the mamas!
here is the link for the mama voting site:
we are so close to top 10 but rose's vote count keeps rising, we can do it once! vote everyday for the next 5 days and maybe we can pull through... ily all sm <3
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2021.12.03 22:43 Jemrie My 40 Perf Ruby for Mal (or Um+Pul)

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2021.12.03 22:43 pg4321 Found an Aritzia jacket in the library

If this is yours let me know!
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2021.12.03 22:43 Crazy-Pumpkin1587 How do I "take things slow"?

So me and this girl have both recently gotten into a relationship recently, however we're both new to being in relationships. When I texted her "ily", she said she loved me too, however she wanted to take things slow. What do I do to "take things slow"? I thought saying things like "I love you" is something you do in a relationship? Do I say, "I like you" in replacement? I know this sounds dumb but I'd rather have things work out between us rather then me continue to "keep things fast" and end up ruining it.
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2021.12.03 22:43 PilsburyEmployee Kaley Cuoco

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2021.12.03 22:43 Secretary_of_Dat_Ass Remote play just stopped working? iOS

Anyone having trouble with remote play on the iOS app? I was playing everyday just fine over the week of thanksgiving then a few days ago it just stopped working. I’ve tried on both my iPhone 11 Pro and iPad and I get the same error code each time (pasted below). I checked my Xbox and ran the remote play check, it’s all set up and passed all the tests. No updates were needed. I thought it was just a fluke but it hasn’t worked in over a week now. My phone is running iOS 15.1, it worked previously on this version.
cV: x5kWb0GqUgkSxSvzrIAVab.3
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2021.12.03 22:43 Whitet98 Trade

LF: Shiny Sceptile message me if you have it and i'll let you know my offers for it!
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2021.12.03 22:43 CurrentlyLyingSo ‘The Stand’s Whoopi Goldberg Reveals Her Approach to Mother Abagail: “Basically I’m Doing ‘The View’ !

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2021.12.03 22:43 LASince97 [WTS] Black Gucci Ace sneakers size 11US 9/10 cond. $365

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2021.12.03 22:43 InternationalElk7783 Which stims work IV on antipsych meds

I am a very high functional schizo and I can’t seem to find anything… I take ability 400mg every month and Cymbalta 30mg a day.
I really hate weed because it’s over sedating so I can’t even bother with it.
I don’t want to use anything IV but it may be my last resort…
However if there’s anything that works other then opiate downers like ketamine please let me know.
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2021.12.03 22:43 warmwarmbrownie 19nb - tell me something personal!

let’s not start off with “hey” or “what’s up”, tell me something that is worrying you or a secret or has made you happy recently!
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2021.12.03 22:43 RKL-808 Cronus Zen & Astro c40 tr controller

Controller won’t work if plugged into the Cronus zen??
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2021.12.03 22:43 MidnightQuirky6099 Reshiram raid on me add 6756 2384 7155 or 4086 3400 6724

Please be online! Will start when 10 have joined.
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2021.12.03 22:43 bluepineapples111 nothing is cool about having bpd pls fuck off

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2021.12.03 22:43 Academic_Flatworm_24 Day 90

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2021.12.03 22:43 NATERBATER83 38M Dad bod. Dresses up for a Christmas party. Am I hot?

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2021.12.03 22:43 milkonbeans Is this a red flag?

So I’ll lay down the situation.
I (24F) was with my ex-fwb / guy I’m exclusively dating now (29M) last night. We spend the weekends together, the assumption was that if we had nothing chalked up for the weekend without prior notice, we’d spend the weekend together. We stayed up until 1AM watching things from my phone and that’s the only time that he mentions to me that he’s gonna have dinner with a friend so I can’t sleep over already. He already has lunch with his family in the afternoon so that just scraps Saturday entirely.
I mentioned to him that I feel upset cause I’ve been trying to spend time with him the whole week since we had this big argument that almost caused a split, and this was the time we could finally spend personal time together. He turns down almost every time because he has a “persistent headache.” I told him I was looking forward to the weekend because of this but then he goes and just makes plans with a friend this Saturday without giving me a heads up. Apparently, he thought I’d be okay with it and that I’m making a big deal out of something. I’m already trying to be very calm to make it a discussion, but he throws me with the “I have to wake up early tomorrow,” and “what’s this? I can’t hang out with my friends anymore?” But that’s not really the point here. It’s the sensitivity of how I’ve been feeling the whole week after the incident, the ridicule and frustration in his voice like he doesn’t understand, and the downplaying of how I feel.
Tl;dr guy I’m dating is telling me I’m overreacting over him being inconsiderate of my feelings, and I’m at a loss on what I should think
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