4n9f4 a7t6t zn9az 7296e i9ik5 4siab s4rs9 fs63i nk3nn khaid fyds8 7frfh s397e 9b265 9fe2y t96yi 947bh 58rfd 3263y 92zzs rz3yh My personal top 3 favourite PSP games: | PlayStation®5 | Play Has No Limits | PlayStation

My personal top 3 favourite PSP games:

PSP InfiniStripWIND is an infinitely configurable channel strip plug-in based on PSP's 20 years of experience in developing handcrafted plug-ins for tracking, mixing and mastering.. PSP InfiniStrip can be used for mixing, tracking, or live streaming/broadcasting anywhere you need a great sounding and easy to configure channel strip, without having to worry about latency! The Sony (PSP) Playstation Portable) packs a powerful multimedia punch within its slim build frame. With wireless internet, video and digital music playback, and incredible data storage and connectivity options, the Sony PSP is a complete solution for the mobile digital lifestyle. 2.) Assassins Creed 2 (my first platinum on PlayStation) 3.) Bioshock (still my favourite game) 4.) Batman Arkham Asylum 5.) Dirt 2 (still my favourite racing game nothing tops Dirt 2 for me) 6 ... You can also click the "Extract ISO" button to remove the ISO from the eboot and play the game in your favourite PC emulators Spoiler: If your PS1 game has multiple Disks If your PS1 game has multiple disks and you wish to make them into a single eboot simply bring down the dropdown menu, click on File 2, and select your next ISO. One of my favourite games (drawing with persona 4) great port. has many great features that the other versions didnt get. Animated cut-scenes like the PS2 version would have been nice though. Still the best JRPG game on psp! Read more. Report abuse. aj. 5.0 out of 5 stars just so you know. So today we are here with WWE 2K20 PSP iso file, we will guide you through on how to download and install this game on your android device using PSP emulator. The WWE 2K20 is a new wrestling game for the year 2020 and you should not be left out as you can play this PPSSPP game right on your android device without owning a PSP game console. MadLoader is One Site To Get Android Apps & Games, 3DS Games, PSP Games, PC Games, Windows Softwares & Tips & Tricks. We have put together a collection best PSP roms, which you can download for free. Using PSP emulator run your favourite games on your PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device. On the other hand, the iso and cso file format don’t require further extraction, just load it from your PPSSPP – PSP emulator app and start playing PPSSPP games smoothly. This game dropped on all consoles back in 2006, but the PSP version was my favourite handheld port. It wiped the floor with the GBA version, even though the graphics were simplified. You just can’t beat playing on the PSP’s wider screen! In true RPG fashion, players can uncover different endings depending on which characters are in their group. Everything you need to know about the PlayStation®5 console and PlayStation®5 Digital Edition - the best PS5 games, PS5 accessories, and introducing the DualSense wireless controller.

2021.12.05 11:33 GamerG2000 My personal top 3 favourite PSP games:

  1. GTA Vice City Stories
  2. GTA Liberty City Stories
  3. Midnight club 3 What are your top 3 favourites?
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2021.12.05 11:33 butterjack Meow_irl . #CatsOfTwitter #aww

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2021.12.05 11:33 Money_Ambassador_559 Last picture is 4 months post op and others are 5 months post op.please rate i am worried for density.and also how is the hair line

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2021.12.05 11:33 -NyxNova- Daily eresh #211- Proof that there's always light, even in the deepest darkness.

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2021.12.05 11:33 aHornySimp1 600 dollars down the drain?

So just 2 days ago I purchased a brand new powercolor 6600xt. A upgrade from my previous gtx1650. I followed countless videos to install it correctly wiped my old drivers and installed the new ones from amd’s website. But as soon as i try to play any games by pc goes black and the fans kick in at full blast and shuts down completely. I thought the culprit was my psu so i bought a new one and installed it, but that didn’t solve my issue. I even reinstalled my old gpu and it works just fine. Please if anyone has ever encountered this issue help me.
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2021.12.05 11:33 wayneroberts386 R710 running esxi & external storage

Hi folks,
Ive got a r710 running quite a few vm's under esxi, currently i've got plex running on a dedicated dell t210 tower ( i think) and would like to move plex to a VM on the R710, however...storage, the t210 has 3 3.5 inch drives within (the r710 takes 2.5 inch sas).
Can someone suggest a way to make use of those drives for the plex vm, my thoughts are;
1) mount them over smb / nfs. would prefer to power down this machine
2) Some sort of rack mounted enclosure? rack mounted coz i like the blinkies
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2021.12.05 11:33 QuarterMaestro Question about Puerto Rican national identity in relation to the U.S.

I remember in Anthony Bourdain's show about his travels to Puerto Rico, he asked his local guide, "Do Puerto Ricans consider themselves Americans?" The woman responded, "Puerto Ricans consider themselves to be Puerto Ricans with the privilege of having a U.S. passport."
Then during Hurricane Maria, some left-leaning journalists in the U.S. criticized Donald Trump's response, saying "These are Americans who need help!" I think even the mayor of San Juan said that when speaking to English-language media. Was this just a smart political move on her part during an emergency?
I'm talking about the English-language use of the term here, not the Spanish "América/americanos."
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2021.12.05 11:33 RetalyR what ah sound(s?) does Turkish use ?

like I'm not sure which one it is, I feel like all of them(ä, ɐ, ʌ) are acceptable but ä sounds best to me and I don't know why also ɑ is used to transribe it
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2021.12.05 11:33 ZeusGato 🚀🚀🚀🚀

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2021.12.05 11:33 4stars Before your government goes full retard mode, GO TO BANK AND WITHDRAW CASH.

Sell your stocks. Have your money in your hand. Regardless of what you think cryptocurrency won't save you.
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2021.12.05 11:33 Ender358 Pregnant or something else?

Cardinal tetra, had the whole school for over a year. I doubt very seriously that I am over-feeding them, but this doesn’t seem the right time of year for them to breed.
Most of the school do not have the swollen bellies, about 25% do, but this little dude (or dude-ette) is the biggest.
Any idea what’s up?
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2021.12.05 11:32 cracksnacker69 Sorry for the bad lighting.

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2021.12.05 11:32 DigvijayDhruvah About Eiden

He is one of the central characters , would you guys think there would be an option to either letting him live or die for good ?
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2021.12.05 11:32 walaxy Starxo dancing for Brazil Players xD

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2021.12.05 11:32 FreeHumanity15 I'll just leave this here........

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2021.12.05 11:32 Griezzmiha I can't boot anything but Slackware

I have Windows,Slackware and Lubuntu on my PC...Before i installed Slackware i could choose what os i want to boot by pressing F1-F4-F5 keys....But since i installed Slackware 14.2 i just get automatically to Lilo and can only enter the Slackware OS. Is there a way to get to WIndows anyhow? I have no idea why this is happening.
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2021.12.05 11:32 YOW-Weather-Records With 6cm of forecast snow, tomorrow could be Victoria-Airport's snowiest Dec 6th since 1958.

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2021.12.05 11:32 International_Cup143 Ghost of Tsushima Legends: Endgame

Issue: Ghost of Tsushima Legends is arguably the most fun, best made coop multiplayer game, yet due to the fact it was a free update, it naturally has limited content. Unfortunately this translates to limited engagement compared to its vast potential. Players who still want to enjoy it have to conceive solo challenges to keep them entertained, yet these sometime end as well. Now that the multiplayer part is sold separately, it would benefit the game to revisit this.
Concept: The objective is to add hundreds of hours to Legends with minimal production cost, utilizing the existing content, offering further progression and tougher challenges. What this will accomplish is a Diablo 3 like loyal following with the same content after years. Legends definitely has the quality, it lacks the ever going Endgame.
Resources: As someone who has spent thousands of hours exploring Legends, the current resources (Blessing, Honor, Essence) stockpile with little usage for them after reaching Ki 120.
The first step to Endgame is offering options to spend these resources after a class has reached max Ki.
Unlocking Endgame progression: Each class has to spend 10,000 Essence to unlock its Endgame progression.
What they can do then is spend increments of 10,000 of each resource for a number of benefits.
For reference, after over a year of gameplay, my account has 28k Blessing, 444k Honor 1,722k Essence.
28k Blessing equals to 2 increments.
444k Honor equals to 44 increments.
1,722k Essence equals to 172 increments.
Here are the options:
Spend 10,000 Blessing on a technique Perk to unlock it universally for all other classes.
E.g. if a Samurai unlocks Defender Rank 2 then all classes will receive a base health increase of 25. Note that the samurai can still use his Perk 1 slot for another technique other than the one unlocked via this manner.
Spend 10,000 Blessing on a Class Ability, not for universal class unlocking but for a complimentary effect to his normally selected Class Ability.
E.g. if a Hunter has unlocked both two other Class Abilities, his class arrow will be both Explosive and Staggering and a spirit Archer will be summoned at the same time. When powers have different cooldowns, the longest will override the briefest ones. In our example, the hunter’s class ability cooldown will be 55 secs, since Explosive Arrow is the longest of the 3 (42s, 55s, 42s).
Spend 10,000 Honor on an epic item to sacrifice it.
What does item sacrificing do?
There are 39 item property stats (e.g. Melee Damage, Toxic Vanish Radius), out of which 30 are universal for all classes, 9 are class exclusive.
All Classes will have a common list of Passive Properties called the Kami Prayer. Whenever an epic item with one perfect stat is sacrificed, it gets destroyed, but the perfect stat(s) is recorded on the Kami Prayer.
E.g. A Moon Katana with 11.3% Melee Damage and 20.0% Ultimate Damage gets sacrificed by spending 10k honor. Its Ultimate Damage property is perfect.
So all classes from now and on enjoy a 20.0% Ultimate Damage bonus.
What if an item has two perfect properties?
Then both make it to the Kami Scroll. The player got two passive stat bonuses for the price of one. That is why this should not work with Legendary items, since it would be too easy to fill up the Kami Scroll with Legendaries.
What if a player sacrifices a perfect epic item and then another of the same perfect property?
This is the true secret to never ending progression. If a 12% Melee Damage epic item is sacrificed and then another epic with 12% Melee Damage, then the passive Melee Damage bonus will go up by 1.2%, meaning 10% of that stat’s perfect roll. If it sounds too overpowered, consider the time it takes to gather 10k honor with no exploits. (Exploit elimination will be discussed in the end).
Note: fully upgraded 120 ki items with 2 final slot perks should be considered god roll items when sacrificed even if they are not. The effort to take them to 120 should be rewarded and be considered the main course of action instead of boring save scumming to forge god roll items. (As mentioned in the end, save scumming should be eliminated).
Spend 10,000 Honor on a legendary item to sacrifice it.
What does Legendary sacrificing do?
The Kami Scroll will also list all 3rd perk properties (e.g. Fire Master, Deep Pockets etc). Sacrificed legendary items unlock the 3rd perk properties they have on the Kami Scroll.
E.g. a 110 Masamune’s Edge with Water Stance is sacrificed. All classes from now and on will have Water Stance available regardless of katana used.
Note: If a 120 legendary item with 2 third slot perks is sacrificed, then the scroll gets both perks for the price of one.
Note2: sacrificing items with the same perks over and over offers no benefit.
E.g. Sacrificing 2 Legendary Charms with Health Increase only activates this passive perk once.
Spend 10,000 Essence on an item to activate an extra Mastery Challenge.
Via this means items can be taken up to 130 ki. To get a full character to 130, that would require 5 item slots x 10 etxra Masteries = 50 increments = 50 x 10,000 Essence = 500,000 Essence.
That is half a million Essence per build. That’s a long goal, especially for 4 classes, which translates to months of casual play.
Making Ranks Matter As is, past rank 20 there is no benefit.
At rank 100 a class should unlock a second charm slot. Combined with the aforementioned Essence usage that should further prolong a build’s journey to 130 Ki.
At rank 200 a class should open a Kami Charm slot.
What is a Kami Charm?
It’s a slot where each class can sacrifice 5 times a legendary charm to unlock its legendary power universally for all classes.
E.g. A 200 Samurai can sacrifice 5 Enjo’s Remorse for his Kami charm slot so all classes enjoy 15% bonus damage when at full health. Note that he gains no extra stats from these sacrificed charms.
Endgame Challenges Now to the million dollar question: How to keep players still challenged with all these new toys?
Make Nightmare Survival solo a stepping goal. It’s what all the veteran players end up going after and it’s by far the funnest treat Legends has to offer. The idea is not to make solo play the Endgame but use it as a stepping stone.
What should people gain by soloing Nightmare Survival? The class that accomplishes it (which should be significantly easier for a 130 ki character with a rich Kami Scroll) ascends.
What can an ascended class do?
First of all they get a permanent visual glowing effect of Ascension, like they do in chapter one after completing an ascension challenge. The bragging rights alone of that are priceless. It’s like saying “I soloed NM!”
Next, each time an ascended soloist fires a ghost arrow, it auto-fires two rapid shots.
Ascended soloists can open treasure chests on their own.
They are considered as having all colors when it comes to platforms, hooks and breaking portals.
Once they step on a button that button will be forever activated thereafter.
Iyo’s Eyes no longer trap them.
The above will encourage veteran players to play with new players just to show off their new “shinies”, and importantly keep veterans from lashing out to new players when they are not doing their part in raids (ascended can now do what the randos should do for them), will create a toxic less environment in a matured game, especially for new players - always the lifeblood of any game.
Finally Ascended players have two extra Nightmare modes:
The Torment of Iyo, all raids in one, hooks taking players from one raid to the next, but the Trial Version for each encounter.
Ascended players would be able to do it in 35 mins.
10,000 XP
3,000 Honor
5,000 Essence
No Ghost Wounded, Perfect Bonus: 150 Blessing
Items: 15 + 10 for all chests
First time per week it’s completed, one Blessed Item will be gained. The rest of the items have 10% to be blessed as well.
What is a blessed item?
It’s a perfect stats epic item (blue hue) that cannot be rerolled and has a special challenge to give a Blessed Token upon destruction.
Challenge: complete Nightmare survival with no ghost deaths.
Blessed Tokens can be spent to:
increase an epic item’s property by 0.1% up to its max cap,
allow a locked perk to be rerolled,
remove a perfect roll from one item and transfer it on another item.
E.g. 12% Perfect Parry Window can be transferred from a Dirt Throw (destroying the original item) to a Kunai and overwrite either of the Kunai’s two existing stats, even though Kunai don’t have Perfect Parry as an option.
Ascended Survival
Ascended classes can now load up a new solo Nightmare Survival mode where they can select the stage, modifiers (even more than one) and have leaderboards for each stage/class that never reset.
The more difficulty modifiers activated the higher the score.
E.g. Blood in the Snow, Hwacha AND Disciples, Empowered Foes AND Reduced Healing
Note: Eyes of Iyo should not be an option as ascended classes are now immune to them.
Note2: Kicking a Disciple far from Camp in Blood and Steel would be suicide with Hwacha firing. And even if the ghost rolls away, the Hwacha would most likely kill the Disciple, defeating the exploit’s point.
Existing Exploits Save scumming and server duping need to be dealt with before such additions go live. The idea is to burn all the currently useless hordes of resources, not urge people to accumulate them via exploits. The game needs more sinks, not faucets. Not to mention these exploits kill the fun.
Conclusion All the above require no new stages or graphics to implement. It’s all relatively economic, production wise, using existing mechanics that offer hundreds more hours of gameplay. The result will be to generate more commitment and loyalty to a game that fully deserves it, paving the way and building enthusiasm for its sequel and especially that sequel’s PS+ mode.
Thank you for reading!!
deimoscomics.com Youtube: DeimosComics PSN: deimoscomics
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2021.12.05 11:32 SweetAsakura Forfeit go brrr

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2021.12.05 11:32 Heads_Off Let the people decide!

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2021.12.05 11:32 mynamestartswithCa Preacher - Season 03 [Blu-ray] is NOW (44% OFF!!!) on Amazon!

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2021.12.05 11:32 Esteban7593 ‘This but a scratch!

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2021.12.05 11:32 filexi Fakirlik anım

sene 1998. yaş 12. aile dostlarımızdan biri, çocuğunun doğum günü partisine çağırdı beni ama partiye 2 saat kala falan, muhtemelen son saniye akıllarına geldim ve ayıp olmasın diye bizimkileri de arayıp sordular. ben de o güne kadar doğum günü partisine gitmiş değilim. parti diyorum çünkü benim için o bir "parti", doğum günü değil. doğum günü, çoğu doksanlar çocuğu gibi benim için de, zigon zehpa üzerinde ödev yaparken, "hadi kaldır bakalım defterlerini" denilerek, muzlu rulo pastanın üzerinde yanan mumların üflettirildiği bir atraksiyondu. şanslıysak hediye olarak "çekmece çikolata" alırdı babam. neyse, buradan başka garibanlık anısı çıkarmaya gerek yok, konumuza dönelim.
çocuğun ailesinin durumu da bir hayli iyiydi. ben daha arap atarisi ile oynarken, eleman bilgisayarda mario oynuyordu.
ilk doğum günü partim olduğu için çok heyecanlanmıştım, hemen anneme gidip, hediye almamız lazım dedim. cidden bu kadar gariban mıydık yoksa ailem mi beni hediye almaya götürmeye üşendi ya da zaman mı yoktu bilmiyorum ama annem evin içerisinde hediye olarak götürülebilecek şeyleri aramaya başladı. dolapları açıp kapatıyor, daha önceden hediye gelmiş borcamlara bakıyor, babamın kıbrıs'tan gelirken getirdiği rakı şişesine gözü ilişiyor, yeni aldığı havlulara bakıyor falan derken bunların hepsinin saçma olacağına inanmış olacak ki, benim kıyafetlerimin olduğu şifonyeri karıştırmaya başladı. çocukla da aynı yaştayız bu arada. neyse benim çekmeceleri kurcalarken, yeni alınmış, halen yapışkanlı etiketi üzerinde (muzların, mandalinaların üzerinde bulunan etiketler gibi) beyaz slip donlarımı buldu. bulur bulmaz da, sanki hayatın sırrını çözmüş gibi, "haaah, işte bu, en güzel hediye dondur" dedi. anne dedim, yapma dedim, etme dedim, dondan hediye mi olur dedim ama dinletemedim. o zaman hiç bir şey götürme diyerek beni tehdit etti, şimdiki aklım olsa don götüreceğime elim boş giderdim ama o zaman utanıyor insan işte. mecbur kabullenip, donları hediye olarak götürmeyi kabul ettim.
dedim bari bunlara paket yapalım ama evde paket kağıdı falan yok tabi. annem de sağolsun hemen bir kaç hafta önce, muhtemelen bir pazar günü alınmış, hürriyet gazetesinden bir iki sayfa ayırdı ve üç tane yepisyeni cillop gibi bembeyaz donu gazete kağıdına sarıp oradan da siyah tekel poşetine iliştirip elime tutuşturdu.
babam beni çocuğun evine bıraktı ve gitti. salona bir girdim içerisi hınca hınç dolu. çocuk zaten arı kolejine gidiyordu, tüm arkadaşlarını da çağırmış. bilenler bilir, vestel marka plak, kaset, cd çalan bir müzik seti vardı, onda da açmışlar tarkan'ın şarkılarını, kızlı erkekli dans ediyorlar. bakın kızlı erkekli dans diyorum. benim bir kızla dans etmeye en çok yaklaştığım an "dansa davet" oynarken en son bana mecbur kalan kızın, "dans etsem mi etmesem mi" ikileminde kaldığı andır. etmedi tabi ki.
neyse, baktım hediyeleri bir köşeye yığmışlar, dedim herhalde buraya koymam lazım ama hepsi parıldayan kağıtlara sarılmış, nasıl güzel gözüküyorlar. koymasam mı acaba derken, çocuğun annesi elimden hediyeyi kaptığı gibi koydu yığının arasına.
parti devam ederken, ben de ortamın sıcaklığına kendimi kaptırmış, masada bulunan mercimekli köfteden, efendime söyleyim sigara böreğinden yiyip, dans edenleri izliyorum. o sırada pasta geldi ama pasta futbol sahası şeklinde, üzerinde zengin piçinin ismi yazıyor falan. mumları üfledi, pastalar dağıtıldı falan derken, hediyeleri açmaya sıra geldi. ben de olayın heyecanı ile unutmuşum tabi, gevrek gevrek alkışlıyorum "hadi aç, hadi aç" diye.
hediyelerin yanına geldi eleman tek tek açmaya başladı. işte bir açıyor, oyuncak araba, bir açıyor lcwaikiki maymunlu tişört, bir açıyor futbol topu. bu arada açtıktan sonra da soruyor "aa kimin hediyesi bu" falan diye. derken sıra benim poşete geldi önce baktı acaba başka bir yerden mi karıştı bu diye ama çıkardı hediyeyi istemsizce. lahmacun yaptırıp, getirmişiz gibi gazete kağıdına sarılı bir şey. neyse açtı gazete kağıdını, içinden donlar çıktı, güldü, "bunu da getirene teşekkür ederim" dedi.
işte dostlarım, asıl garibanlığı o zaman yaşadım ben, hediyeyi kim getirdi diye sormadı. şaka şaka iyi ki de sormadı amk, rezil olmaktan kurtuldum.
eğlence bittikten sonra babam geldi aldı beni, eve gittim. annem sordu, beğendi mi hediyesini diye, bilmiyorum dedim. "beğenmiştir, ne de olsa en güzel hediye dondur" dedi.
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2021.12.05 11:32 radioactiviti Which one would you buy ? Well, BBIG tops the list

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2021.12.05 11:32 Smenkhare26 self love subliminals

heyyy i know its really repetitive to ask for recommendations on here but i was wondering if you guys have any subliminals that helped you with self love/your mental health?
I've spent so much time focusing on physical results, but i feel like what i really need is self love. i have such bad self esteem issues even though i've been getting better recently. I also feel like loving myself will help me get more physical results later on as i will detach and not be as obsessed with getting them ? idk
so yeah !! any recommendations are appreciated <3
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