Brand New Base! / PS4 Normal Mode / Odyalutai (Video Available)

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2021.12.05 12:13 The_watcher_100 What are your opinions on parents being like "I didn't have it in my childhood so neither should you"?

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2021.12.05 12:13 --InZane-- Im not really feeling it anymore

Last year, after a long relationship ended and the world was slapped with covid, I sat down and created a homebrew world for my players and me to explore ( - sorry that its only in german) We managed to play every three weeks (not much but it had a rythm) and did that for over a year and a half. Some things happend and we werent able to play for about 3 months but we are back in Action for 4 games now.
I have to mention that im the DM for everything for about 4 years now. I made one shots, I started and ended different themes and I create yearly events for halloween and birthday celebrations. Some of my friends tried to dm but failed, just gave up or are Stuck in "developement hell" if you will so it always comes back to me.
Here is the point: I do love my world and characters, I love to play P&P, I love my friends and there afford and I certainly love to write the adventures but I dont really feel excited anymore to dm them. Im pretty hyped up beforehand but as soon as we start I just loose interest and am pretty bored (my players will never notice that) or I have total writing blockade (I wasn't able to Update the Website because of that). I just want to be a player again but noone thinks they can do it (better than me) or refuse to try...what can I do? It feels kind burned out tbh...maybe it's just the situations in life im in but it sucks since we are often occupied and the only thing we all do together anymore is playing my adventures...
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I am posting this for a friend. No budget provided but we assume around $500-$750.
Budget: $500-$750 Uses: Browsing web, Excel/Word, Printing, Emails Requirements: Battery life, 17inch (15in minimum), SSD, 8gb memory
If any other info needed please let me know. I couldn’t find the template questions.
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2021.12.05 12:13 YesThatMoses The Hero of Station 774-3 [9]: The Unluckiest Ship Ever

Caleb woke, sweating. The others were asleep elsewhere in The Reparation, exhausted after another day spent running around the ship. Soon, they claimed, they’d be back at Trudar.
Nibbles appeared the moment he stirred, sensing the human’s concern. Immediately it began nibbling away on his fingers—his metallic ones—the way it always did when it greeted him, and Caleb stroked it with his free hand. Slowly, his eyes adjusted to the darkness, taking in the stillness of a room he was desperately glad to find empty.
The monsters were back.
Even in his sleep they whispered to him, clawing their way into the boy’s dreams. He’d woken, terrified to find himself alone and in darkness, for the briefest of moments fearing it had all been a dream. Moses, Fuzzy, Marshal...his heart raced at the thought he’d imagined it all.
But Nibbles was there and the moment passed. He was okay. His friends were all here with him, safe and sound in their quarters on their ship.
But he was far from alone.
Getting up, Caleb crossed the room even as the whispers jeered at him. He could feel them, thousands of them, reveling in his fear. He wanted to run. More than anything he wanted to dash into the room Marshal was in and wake the man up. Maybe they’d stay up together to watch another movie, or if he was really lucky Marshal might tell him more about “Earth”—an entire world filled with people like them! When the voices were gone he dreamed of it. Imagined himself walking through a crowd of people, each of them hurrying off to the places he’d seen in Marshal’s movies. Caleb switched on the light and looked to the door, debating.
The ship decided for him. It shook, and Nibbles skittered over to the human, alarmed. Caleb grabbed it.
“It’s alright,” he whispered, as much to comfort the creature as himself. The ship shook again, throwing him off balance and he yelled, startled; in an instant Marshal appeared in the doorway.
“You okay?” He asked, bending to help the boy off the floor. Caleb nodded. “How come the ship shaking—”
But the ship shook again, this time throwing both humans off their feet. Once all was still, Jones’ voice could be heard booming around The Reparation. “Who’s playin’ with the bloody gravity AT FOUR IN THE MORNING!?”
A moment later, he popped his head through the doorway to scowl at Marshal. “Better not have been you.”
Indignant, Marshal opened his mouth to point out they weren’t anywhere near the gravity switch when the ship lurched again; Jones steadied himself against the door.
“Can you guys not touch the gravity while we’re trying to sleep?”
Moses appeared as well, looking disheveled. He was still in pajamas like Marshal was; little astronauts dotted his pants. Shelby stood behind him, arms crossed across one of Moses’ T-shirts.
She yawned and looked pointedly at Marshal. “What’s going on?”
“Why do you guys just assume it’s something I did!?” Marshal cried defensively, throwing his arm in the air. His other one was somewhere in his quarters; seldom did he sleep with it attached. “Seriously, I didn’t do anything! For all we know grievers could be boarding the ship again...”
Every one of them paused, horrified. With the exception of Caleb.
“Not grievers,” he informed them, glancing at Marshal. Who gave him a funny look.
“You’re sure?”
Caleb nodded. The voices had faded as fast as they’d come; the monsters were gone. Or maybe not gone, but at least they weren’t here.
“I’m sure.” He said simply.
The adults exchanged a look. But they didn’t argue; instead they stormed out of The Reparation. Caleb trailed closely behind.
The humans were greeted by chaos. Vezrek crew members raced around the bay of The Carefully Struck in no discernible order, panic-stricken, their posts abandoned. They caught sight of the still groggy humans and adjusted their course. Soon they surrounded them. They gazed at the humans expectantly.
The humans—tired and annoyed—glared back at them as the silence stretched on. At last it was Moses who broke the stalemate, unable to stand it any longer.
Flinching, the vezrek captain stepped forward. “We are...under attack,” it began, hesitating at the expressions on the sleep-deprived humans, “by scavengers. They will try and board us, I am sure of it. They will likely succeed.”
“What are scavengers?” Moses groaned. “Not that I can’t guess. I mean—why are they attacking us?”
The vezrek captain shrank away from him. “Th-They aren't interested in us, only our cargo. Or maybe they want our ship...I don’t know,” it said miserably.
The humans stared at the captain, at last understanding. Marshal grinned.
“...So they’re basically—”
“Don’t.” Jones growled, glaring at him.
Before Marshal could say it anyway the ship lurched, throwing the assortment of humans and nonhumans around the bay like baggage. Recovering, the humans raced back into The Reparation to arm themselves, literally in Marshal’s case. He pulled Caleb aside as the others dashed back out into the bay.
“You need to stay on the ship, understand?”
But Caleb shook his head. He pictured the krr’eneo panicking as he and Fuzzy made their way through the festival. Remembered the vezrek deferring to the humans, the way all the nonhumans did (except maybe the qett, but they were scary). The humans were strong and the monsters weren’t here; why did he have to stay behind?
“How come I have to stay?” He wailed, “I want to be brave too!”
Marshal beamed at him. Looking him in the eye, he said, “You are brave. We’re gonna teach these clowns a lesson, but it’s still dangerous.” He glanced at Nibbles; the creature had attached itself to Caleb’s back. It stared at him lazily.
“Someone has to stay here and look after these guys,” he laughed. Smiles was on the ceiling. It bared its teeth at the humans when they looked to it, then disappeared into Moses’ quarters. Caleb glanced again at Nibbles and nodded; he could do that.
Marshal gave him a quick hug, assured him all would be well, then dashed out of the ship after the others. Caleb stared after him. And smiled. Marshal had said to stay on the ship; not in the ship. Running into Moses’ room, he peeled the fuzzy fiend off the wall and giggled as Smiles attached itself to his back also, the way Nibbles had. The white whatever-it-was reacted to this by climbing up onto his head. From there it looked down at Smiles, as though offended, and Caleb emerged from The Reparation wearing the both of them.
Nobody stopped him. The vezrek vessel shook again, throwing him backwards though he managed to stay upright. Nobody noticed. The bay was oddly empty. The vezrek had retreated to one of the higher decks, the adults had disappeared.
Caleb hesitated.
Then took advantage of their absence to climb onto one of The Reparation’s thruster locks; from there, he scrambled up onto the top of the hull. He wanted to watch whatever happened—but nothing was happening! The enormous bay lay empty with the exception of the crates and the handful of smaller vessels docked beside The Reparation.
Where was everyone?
In an instant the recently repaired side of the trader split apart, again, an entire segment of the The Carefully Struck’s hull blown away by a mini- explosion. Temporary shields—shimmering blue— kept the air from escaping the ship. Then a mix of decidedly not humans stormed through the door they’d made, weapons drawn, and Caleb flattened himself against the top of The Reparation, wishing he’d stayed inside the vessel he now trembled against.
Somehow, he went unseen. He could probably have jumped up and down for all the attention they would have paid him; their (eyes?) were fixed solidly on the griever vessel. They had not expected to find such a thing sitting in the vezrek trader and it showed.
Warily, the aliens approached the griever ship.
And found it empty.
When they were sure it would stay that way, the invaders dispersed, conversing rapidly with one another and Caleb reached to fiddle with the translator Moses had given him. He wore the device in his ear the way all humans did; Marshal said the normal ones, implants, didn’t work on them. When Caleb had asked why, Marshal seemed bothered by the question, almost sad even. It was an odd reaction from the man who was always happy to answer his questions (of which there were many). They just didn’t, he said, quickly changing the subject.
Adjusting his translator didn’t help. The invaders weren't close enough for Caleb to hear whatever it was they argued about, so he settled for watching them from his perch on The Reparation as they advanced through the bay. Still wary, the aliens caught sight of the crates containing the explosives. Immediately they began pushing the crates towards the hole they’d made…
...or at least, they tried to. Evidently, whatever the crates contained was heavy. Caleb watched, timidly, while they struggled in vain; even the hixl among them could not budge the vezrek’s cargo. Yet another surprise. Caleb didn’t need to hear them to know the aliens were frustrated; one of the runig kicked the crate, outraged...
...and leapt away when Moses popped out of it, grinning.
A one-sided chaos broke out as the humans revealed themselves, bursting forth from the crates nearest their attackers. If they had been alarmed to discover the griever vessel, the aliens were downright horrified by the sight of four humans charging them. They fired at the humans to no avail; Caleb watched, amazed as his friends dodged, blocked or (in Jones’ case) outright ignored the energy emissions fired at them.
“Jones!” Marshal laughed, shoving two of the weaker creatures into a crate. He stacked a second crate on top of it, trapping them there. “They’re—”
Don’t say it,” Jones shouted over him. He faced off against a hixl; the insect-like alien struck at him with the blade it held. Jones ducked and Marshal jumped over him, swatting aside the blow with his metal hand and lashing out with the other. The punch landed. It sent the alien flying away from them and Marshal turned to Jones, grinning; Jones frowned at his friend.
Marshal opened his mouth to say it anyway but jerked and dropped suddenly to the floor. Shelby, Jones and Moses paused mid-battle, horrified.
Caleb joined them. “Marshal!” He wailed, terrified. Smiles and Nibbles puffed up beside him, alarmed by the sound. They tried to skitter away from him but he held on to both creatures, his eyes on his friend. Had Marshal been injured? But they were human! Humans weren’t supposed to get hurt!
As it turned out, Marshal was fine. In fact he was better than fine; he was pissed. The man sat up, holding his hands to his head.
“Ooooow. That hurt!” He moaned, rocking back and forth for a minute. Then he stood, carefully, and fixed furious eyes on the poor creature that had shot him. The runig seemed to realize its predicament; it took one look at Marshal, lowered its weapon, then tried to dash back through the hole connecting the pirate’s ship to The Carefully Struck. Marshal was faster. The human raced across the bay at impossible speeds— aided by the lighter gravity of the vezrek vessel—towards his target, grinning. Marshal caught up with the fleeing alien long before it reached the breech.
And sprinted past it.
If Caleb had been closer, he would have seen his friend disappear into the enemy vessel. He might have heard Marshal’s maniacal laughter as he barricaded the door, or the muffled shouts that erupted from behind it. He might have seen the look of horror dawned by the runig as it realized it had been locked out of its ship.
But The Reparation was docked on the edge of the fight; all Caleb could see was the alien skid to a stop, panicked. Its scaled skin flushed red with horror. Immediately it turned and attempted to flee to the way it had come, but Moses had it cornered by then.
“Hi,” he said, sarcastically, wiggling his fingers at it.
Moses lashed out and grabbed a hold of the runig. The human slammed it into the ground shouting “DON’T shoot people!” then did a one-eighty and proceeded to drag it behind him. The ruing did not resist. Moses reached a crate, opened it, and shoved the dazed creature inside. And laughed.
“First the grievers,” he muttered, dodging another runig, “now these idiots,” Moses ducked and kicked the blade away from the hixl behind it; it slashed uselessly at the human with its fore-legs. Moses caught a limb in each hand, spun in a circle then released it. The hixl was sent spinning into the side of The Reparation, where it crumpled upon contact. It did not get up again.
“This is the unluckiest ship ever.” He finished, jogging over to where Shelby was sparring off against a riiva. The copper-skinned alien fired at Shelby to no effect; the human dodged or ducked away from the blasts as she closed the distance between them. Moses arrived at her side, and together they drove the riiva backwards until it was backed against the temporary shield dividing The Carefully Struck from the enemy vessel attached to it. Marshal had reappeared. He stood just behind the barrier, unbeknownst to the riiva. He exchanged a questioning look with Moses. Then, shrugging, he dropped the riiva with a blow from behind.
Caleb watched it all, or at least as much as he could see from the top of The Reparation with a grin on his face. The battle was completely one sided. He even cheered—and ducked, guilty, when the adults spotted him—as Jones rounded up the last of their assailants, practically throwing the aliens into the walls or the crates. The humans were, in a word, unstoppable. His friends had suffered only minor cuts or bruises (or in Marshal’s case, a visible welt on the forehead where he’d been shot). The fools that had fought them were not so lucky. Doubtless the majority of them would have to spend time in the vezrek’s medical capsule.
Caleb gazed out at the carnage (and flinched when Marshal shouted at him to get down). He pictured Trudar. Glancing up at the vezrek that emerged from the upper deck of the ship, slowly, he understood. They didn’t leave the five of them to their devices to be courteous. They weren’t being friendly or polite by deferring to the humans. They weren’t just afraid of the stronger, faster creatures high-fiving each other in the bay below him. They were terrified of them.
And for good reason.
{Note: reupload from a new account. Will work on getting the rest of these back on here)
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Got a 2017 Imapala. Evaporator core is leaking. Anyone have this issue w/ 2016-2020 Impalas?
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2021.12.05 12:13 Sports_and_Laughs Why do people feel this arc is rushed?

I thought it was going well.

As to the dark triad fights, I thought it was solid enough. When the clover knights arrived they temporarily overwhelmed the dark triad. Then, the gate opened and they went 100% and then the dark triad overwhelmed the clover knights. So dark triad got their powerups after being overwhelmed. Then came magna, noelle, and yuno. Who overwhelmed the triad and beat them this time around. You can also add the fights before the spade kingdom too. So it was a good back and forth to me. Although, we still haven't gotten a full backstory on them but we obtained a lot of good pieces so far. Like:

I'm curious about your thoughts as to what you're expecting from the pace of this arc. What's going too fast in your eyes? What do you feel Tabata should be taking more time with? Is it fights? Storytelling? I would like to see.
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