Cool new NFT called WeirdO’s intriguing art style and cool utility with the book could go to the moon eventually

2021.12.05 12:15 WeirdOwenpostz Cool new NFT called WeirdO’s intriguing art style and cool utility with the book could go to the moon eventually

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2021.12.05 12:15 anonymustanonymust Statistical Approach Pro-posal [Humanities]

Hi all. I'm trying to design a basic (before and after) experiment on city sidewalks and pedestrians. but for some reason, I feel my research is flawed.
Additionally. I have difficulties defining my dependant variable and independent variables to test. And I think I am approaching it wrong.
In short: I want to make use of a sample size of 1000 people (total strangers) to measure if they feel safe on a street before something is changed, and after changes are implemented. (simple Likert scale 0-5 answers)BUT my research sample of 1000 should contain 500 people (residents) and 500 (strangers) people who are not from the area.* reason for ½ and ½ is to test the residents who live there and others to get a combined score
The expected outcome/hypothesis should be that once changes are made on the street, people see the street as better than before. So they would give it a more positive rating on the Likert scale the second time the servay is conducted.
The test will be based on a servay (Likert scale) a before and after scenario of the upgrading of a city/neighbourhood street.
P.s. this is a bit of an Urban planning [humanities] / psychology experiment.
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2021.12.05 12:15 Lasagna_Lover_87 So I was in a bit of a christmas mood and wanted some christmas horror. I found this video along the way. Im not sure if its analog horror or not but it is eerie none the less

So I was in a bit of a christmas mood and wanted some christmas horror. I found this video along the way. Im not sure if its analog horror or not but it is eerie none the less submitted by Lasagna_Lover_87 to analog_horror [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 12:15 HJ1195 I just got this machine with a broken spool holder and it looks like the old one broke off and is stuck 😭. I don’t know anything about vintage machines, is it possible to use the other one to sew or do I need to get it repaired?

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2021.12.05 12:15 Suspicious-Nail-949 Something Important was Stolen from the Supernatural Protection Agency: We Have to Get it Back

May 13th, 2003
After my first excursion into the supernatural, I had a relatively eventful few months. I worked several jobs, met some new people, discovered new creatures, and risked my life a fair amount of times. I even was in on a rather impressive heist at one point that led to me laying low for several weeks, but the point is, I’ve been active. I’m sure I’ll eventually get around to telling all the stories of the past three months, but for now, you’ll have to be satisfied with this one.
As I said before, I’ve been busy working various jobs for whatever members of the supernatural community were willing to pay for it, and it’s brought me to some interesting places. You know about the Wendigo den in South Dakota, but since then, I’ve been to a devil-worshipping cult’s home base in Centerville, Texas, a haunted mountain town called Snowshoe, West Virginia, and my personal favorite, an exorcism in Ordway, Colorado, but, to be honest, even that pales in comparison to this job.
It was a Tuesday morning, and I was feeling good. A few nights ago I’d returned from a particularly difficult job, and by then, the fatigue had worn off so that only the adrenaline remained. I had long since moved from my apartment to where I now live, a little room above the Gold Tooth, one of the many benefits of having befriended Danny, the bartender.
I woke up feeling rested and accomplished, and walked down to the bar to see if anyone was there this early.
“Hey, Danny,” I yawned, nodding at him at his position behind the bar. Even since I’d lived there, Danny always seemed to come in well before I arrived and leave well after I headed upstairs.
“Morning, Charles.” He replied, glancing up from a mug he was in the midst of washing. “Agent Osborne phoned ahead early this morning, said he’s coming to town and wants to see you.”
“Osborne?” I asked, thinking back to my first job. “What’s he want?”
Danny shrugged. “He didn’t say. He’ll be here around ten, though.”
I checked my watch and saw that it was just six. Something about being around so many agents had rearranged my sleep schedule for me, and that was around the time I usually woke.
“I guess I’ll have to see,” I said, sitting down at the bar. “I’ll have some eggs when you get the chance.”
“Sure thing.” Danny nodded, walking off into the kitchen to inform the cooks.
I’d met quite a few people since my first day at the Gold Tooth, but I hadn’t bumped into Agent Osborne since he’d convinced me to become a full-time contractor, which had been the very same week of the South Dakota job.
He’d left me with the confounding explanation that he ‘Had a backlog of business in Roswell’, and sent me off into the world of the supernatural to fend for myself. If he was back in town, I figured the least I could do was buy him a drink.
However, as I would later realize, Osborne wasn’t coming to New York just to catch up with me over drinks. No, it was a much more interesting reason, although it was certainly more dangerous as well.
Ten o’clock rolled around, and with it came Osborne.
His punctuality was like I remembered it, but very little else remained from our previous encounter. His face was unshaven and, like his normally meticulous suit, disheveled. His eyes were slightly bloodshot, like he’d spent an unhealthy amount of time without sleep, and they darted around the bar for a moment after he entered.
“Agent Osborne, you look like…” I said, but trailed off searching for a comparison. “Man, you look terrible. What happened in Roswell?”
“Roswell?” He sighed, walking over to the bar. “Roswell was fine, nothing to write home about. That was months ago, though.”
“Well, what have you been doing since then?” I asked as he sat down next to me.
“That’s why I’m here.” He told me. “There’s a bit of a problem.”
Intrigued, I sat forward. “What’s wrong?”
“This about the thing in Santo Domingo?” Danny interjected, having listened in on the conversation. “I heard about that, some heavy stuff.”
“It’s more than just that,” Osborne replied. “It’s connected to a world of other things. Oh, if Santo Domingo were my only problem.”
“What happened in Santo Domingo?” I asked.
“A disaster, to sum it up.” Osborne told me, running his hand through his hair. “It started with a woman, an absolute nut job, named Iris Botin. She’s past the Clarkson Threshold, I don’t know how, but she is. Right, sorry, Clarkson Threshold’s what we call the line between civilian and supernatural.
“Anyway, this lady knows about our world. Like I said, she’s a bit crazy, so one day, she wakes up and decides that we’re not running things right, and that it’s up to her to fix things. She puts together this… nifty little contraption, a device that was designed as a sort of beacon for supernatural creatures, that summons them. She sets it off under a highway overpass in downtown Santo Domingo, and dozens of creatures show up to her little party invite, end up causing plenty of trouble, and I have to clean it all up. Worst part is, she gets away in all the confusion. I’d been tracking her with relative success until around a week ago, when she just… disappeared. Right off my radar. She was on the road, she stopped at a rest stop, and didn’t come back.”
I waited for him to continue, but after a moment, it became apparent that he was waiting for me. “Well, I… I mean, I don’t know what to say. It sounds like she’s gone.”
“She can’t be gone,” Osborne said, shaking his head. He looked at me with his tired, bloodshot eyes, and I could tell there was more. “She can’t be.”
“What else is there?” I coaxed.
He sighed a deep, regretful sigh, and elaborated. “There’s… a lot more. We didn’t realize it until far later than we should’ve but she wasn’t working alone. She had a partner Stateside, and while half the Agency was shipping out to deal with her stunt, this mystery partner was able to get into our compound and steal what we like to call the W.A.F. drive.”
“Why do you call it that?” I asked.
“Well, it’s an acronym. It means if it ever gets stolen, we’re all f-”
“Alright, alright, that’s a bad drive to get stolen,” I interrupted. “What was on it?”
“It contained designs that were given to us nearly forty years ago, designs for a weapon with a… scary amount of power. The kind of thing that, you know, warrants the acronym.”
“That didn’t really answer the question,” I said. “What was the weapon?”
“That’s the thing.” He replied, wagging a finger at me. “I don’t know. All the higher-ups will tell me is that it’s some dangerous, deadly weapon that’s going to mean a lot of trouble if she can put it together.”
“Where was she when you lost her?” I asked.
“Going east across North Carolina via I-40. Stopped at a gas station in a town called Hickory.”
“Alright, what happened from there?” I continued.
“We established a perimeter around the gas station, and when there were no tracks signifying an escape had already been made, we went in. I spoke to the clerk who told me she’d gone to the bathroom, and upon entering the bathroom, we found that she had vanished. Disappeared.”
“Nothing left behind?”
“No, barring some stray energy signatures that couldn’t be traced to anything.” Osborne replied, putting his head in his hands. “...And that’s where we’ve been for about a week now. No leads, no clues, nothing.”
“So you came to me?” I asked, a grin creeping onto my face. “When all else is lost, the mighty Supernatural Protection Agency comes crawling back to the lowly Charles Kelly?”
“I figured she’s a civilian, you’re a civilian.” He offered meekly. “You think like her, you could maybe offer some insight into what she did.”
“I’m truly honored,” I replied, patting his shoulder. “And what’s more, I think you might be right.”
“Do you?” He mused miserably. “And why is that?”
“Because I just might know where Ms. Botin is,” I told him. His eyes widened.
“You do?” He asked, gripping me by the shoulders. “Goddammit, Kelly, I knew it! Alright, let’s go! Take me there, we can get this over with!”
“It’s just a few minutes away from here, did you drive?” I asked, standing up. “If we go now, we might be able to time it right.”
“Yes, yes, let’s time it right,” Osborne said, jumping out of his seat and nodding vigorously. “Come on, I’ll drive.”
Now, I may not have been being completely honest with Agent Osborne. I didn’t know where Iris Botin was, but I had a hunch I knew a guy who did. See, in my months working paranormal jobs, I’d met quite a few characters, some more savory than others, but then again, some less useful than others.
The man I was taking Osborne to… he was neither.
Danny had actually been the one to introduce me to Gordon Douglas a few months before that, I’d told him I needed a certain bit of knowledge, and he’d told me Gordon was the man to see.
Gordon’s place of business, if you’d even call it that, was just a few blocks over, on West 26th Street. He operated out of an abandoned department store forgotten by New York’s overworked DPW, and I think he lived there, too. He had a few friends with him, all of the same general build as him, short, gangly, eyes darting around suspiciously, and when Osborne and I entered, they seemed to jump slightly, all eyes quickly snapping to focus on us.
“Gordon, it’s Charles,” I said, holding out my hands in a subtle gesture to show that I was unarmed.
“Charles, yeah, yeah,” Gordon called across the empty room, nodding to his friends before shuffling over towards us. “It’s been a while, my friend, where have you been? What do you know? You got anything for me? Who’s he?”
The barrage of questions was normal, it was as if discovering information was in his nature. If I wanted a bargaining chip, though, I couldn’t tell him anything. “Gordon, I need some information.” I told him, ignoring the questions.
“Then you’ve, you know, come to the right place,” He said, his head bobbling ever so slightly as he spoke. “Come in, come in,”
He waved us deeper into the dark, musty store, behind even where his friends were, and proudly led us to several tattered couches he referred to as his office. “Have a seat, and don’t be trying anything.” He subtly directed the second part of that sentence to Osborne. “We’re going to get along just fine, I know that, I do.”
I saw Osborne glance over his shoulder and I followed suit, noticing what he must’ve. The group of strangers had moved to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, obstructing a path of easy escape.
“So, my friend, where have you been?” Gordon asked, and I turned around to see that he’d already sat down. I took a seat on the couch across from him. “Talk to me, talk to me, it’s been too long.”
“I’ve been staying busy,” I told him, nodding as Osborne gingerly took a seat next to me.
“Busy pays well, eh?” Gordon replied with a smile. “So, what’s this information you want to know?”
I nodded to Osborne.
“Anything you have on Iris Botin,” He explained, reaching into his pocket, a move that seemed to startle the group watching us. He paused and said, “It’s just a picture, it’s just a picture.”
Gordon held a hand out to his friends. “It’s fine, fellas, any friend of Charles is a friend of mine. Show me your picture, yeah, show it to me.”
Osborne resumed, producing what seemed to be a drivers’ license photo of a girl far younger than I’d expected, maybe sixteen, curly brown hair tumbling down the side of her head, and a strange, oddly determined look in her gray eyes.
Gordon took the photo, examining it for a moment, and tucked it into his pocket. Osborne seemed like he was about to protest, so I dug an elbow into his ribs and shook my head.
“Of course, of course, yeah, I know Iris,” He nodded, sitting back on the sofa. “She’s gotten up to some trouble, now, hasn’t she? Isn’t that right?”
“‘Trouble’ might be an understatement, but yes,” Osborne said.
“Can you tell us anything about her current location?” I asked. “Os- uh, my friend, he tracked her to Hickory, North Carolina, and she disappeared.”
“Iris Botin, yes, stole the drive, didn’t she?” Gordon asked. A slight smile spread across his face as Osborne struggled to contain his shock. “Yes, I know Iris, don’t I? Didn’t help her, though. No, sir.”
“You mean she wanted you to help her?” Osborne asked, surprise still plastered across his face.
“Everyone wants me to help them,” Gordon replied, tapping a finger on his knee, a tic I’d seen before in meetings with him. “Yes, they do. Everybody comes to Gordon Douglas, everyone who wants something done.”
“What did she want done?” Osborne asked, surprise turning to suspicion. “You didn’t help her steal the drive, did you?”
“I did not, no I didn’t, though she did have information.” Gordon replied, wagging a finger. “Yes, she did. Good information, too.”
“So what did you give her?” Osborne asked, suspicion growing.
“I didn’t give her what she wanted to know, I did not, because that was too valuable.” He said, clicking his tongue. “I did give her information, though. That’s how the deal works. Yes, it is.”
“What did you tell her?” Osborne said through gritted teeth.
“That’s information, isn’t it? I’ll tell you all about that, but you need to give me something. That’s how the deal works.”
“Osborne, calm down,” I hissed, instantly grimacing as Gordon’s ears perked up.
“Osborne, is it?” Gordon asked, smiling. “That’s information, that is. I’ll tell you what, Osborne. You’re remarkable, aren’t you? I think-”
“Osborne’s an agent,” I blurted out before he could continue. “He works for the SPA, and he’s good at his job. One of the best.”
“Very good, very good.” Gordon nodded, smiling.
“What was that for?” Osborne whispered, wary of the long looks he was now getting from Gordon’s friends.
“He was about to figure it out. You’re well-known in the community, if he figured it out on his own it wouldn’t have counted as information we gave him.” I replied. “Isn’t that right, Gordon?”
“You’re a tricky one, aren’t you, Charles?” He said, letting out a laugh. “Alright, I’ll tell you where to find Ms. Botin. One thing, though. I can’t tell you how to find her, as that’s an entirely different story, yes? She’s difficult to find, slippery, and that is valuable information.”
I nodded. “Alright, that’s a deal. Tell us.”
After Gordon informed us of Iris’ location, a rather surprising one at that, on the banks of Lake Michigan in Empire, Michigan, we hastily left. Osborne was a little annoyed at having to deal with a man who had obviously done business with a fugitive, but he had information. He had a location, which is a hell of a lot more than he had before I introduced him to Gordon, so he was practically bubbling with excitement as we walked to his car. It was strange, seeing him so open, emotional. I’d always had him on about the same emotional level as, I don’t know, a gray shirt.
But something was bugging me. “Hey, Osborne, I have a question,” I told him.
“Yeah?” He replied.
“How did that sixteen-year-old girl manage to trick the entirety of the SPA and steal your most protected item?” I asked.
He nodded, turning somber on a dime. “That’s exactly what we’ve been trying to figure out.”
“You didn’t think it was important to mention to me that we were looking for… a child?” I returned, shaking my head.
“Would that have changed how you went about things?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. “She’s a criminal. It doesn’t matter how old she is, she’s putting humanity at risk.”
We reached his car, and as I went to open the passengers’ side door, Osborne reached out his hand, pushing it shut. “I need you 100% on this if you’re going to help. I hope it doesn’t come to this, but we might have to kill her. Everyone on the case needs to be willing to take the shot.”
I didn’t know what to say, he’d caught me off guard. I didn’t know if I’d be able to kill a kid. But I sure as hell wasn’t missing out on this case, so I did something that, whenever I do it, I come to regret.
I lied. “I am.”
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2021.12.05 12:15 AlaawiiGames The Ultimate Archer Guide *With Progression*

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2021.12.05 12:15 sugar-soad The mother screamed as I ripped the newborn out of her hands, before throwing it to the ground and caving in it's skull with my boot

She lay there weeping as I explained to her that she should have carefully read the terms and conditions before agreeing to the new IPhone update
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2021.12.05 12:15 chiirpy biscoff cookies 😌

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2021.12.05 12:15 MoneyRager Has anyone been able to moderate?

I would say my real goal is being able to Moderate, I’ve done it before just Friday-Saturday we’re days I would allow myself to get high. The start COVID-19 quarantine pushed me to everyday, I’m hoping I’m able to get back on two days or even once a while. Anyone else been able to do this successfully?
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2021.12.05 12:15 Jaded_Doctor7715 Twitter uj CEO-ja

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2021.12.05 12:15 OldEvile HENCHMEN?

Where did theu come from? And that short nigga thats always with them is their founder? Is he from Atlanta?
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2021.12.05 12:15 Megamax3001 Kaico N64 adapter VS Pixel FX chip without smoothing

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2021.12.05 12:15 menchimatest NEURONET (NCH) - We are implementing revolutionary technological solutions using artificial intelligence. | BSC Token | Exchange 0% | Card - Cash anywhere in the world

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2021.12.05 12:15 beerlightpunk First full color tattoo I’ve done!

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2021.12.05 12:15 MorganSchmeeman Ambush

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2021.12.05 12:15 Carrymy8ss [EUW][Tier 4-3][CLASH]

Hi there!
looking for a clash team for tonight, available at 19:30 CEST onwards for tonight, maybe earlier.
Play top lane, can play whatever is needed.
Add me: ssiboy
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2021.12.05 12:15 topper4125 Google pixel deactivated inactive apps

I got a notification today that a few apps have been deactivated due to inactivity... Mostly games that I haven't played for a few months.
But one of the apps was Google's "find my phone".
Is there a way to make it so that "find my phone", and other important (but rarely used apps) will never be deactivated?
Device: Google pixel 4a 5G
OS: Android 12
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2021.12.05 12:15 Neurobruh What are the best home in the wall restaurants in Durham?

A unfancy place not many people really know about but is insanely delicious.
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2021.12.05 12:15 McGrex Part One: The Not-At-All-Sad History of Libertarian Sea Nations

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2021.12.05 12:15 Likeminas 1 year of semi-lazy composting and it's time to start a new pile.

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2021.12.05 12:15 El_Barto17 Swiss chalet in Grindelwald

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2021.12.05 12:15 keinechili 4 step buttonhole, step 2 side is not “full enough” but the rest looks good

please someone help me figure out what im doing wrong. i have buttonhole foot and 4 step buttonhole setting on my test pieces are interfaced, im using the same fabric and thread that i would for my final garment. when i try to make step 2 (which is the left long side of the buttonhole) the seam isnt “full enough” there are gaps and the zigzag pattern is visible. but when i do step 4 (which is the right side) the seam looks perfect and there are no visible gaps or zigzag pattern. im not changing any setting im just switching between the buttonhole steps
im basically letting the machine do the work and not pushing or pulling the fabric because this is how i was taught before. but maybe this is an issue?
i cleaned my bobbin/feed dog area again but it didnt make a difference.
i made 8 test buttonholes and they all have the same problem :(
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2021.12.05 12:15 What-EvenISMyName 25 [M4F] USA EAST COAST - PLAYFUL Guy who is looking for his Life Partner: WILL you be the reason that I pull out my carry-on bag? I have a bunch of stories and ways to show my love.

I have life figured out and really, I'm looking for someone who I can enjoy life with. Of course we can start off as friends but my ultimate goal is to build a MONOGAMOUS relationship. I don't like sharing my partner and I don't like sharing my coconut pie (I'll chop your finger off if you get next to it😂) but almost anything else, I'll share.
Usually I'm laid back but firm; however, I can very easily be playful, outgoing, and just random. I do want to emphasize playful too. I'm the type that rarely ever gets mad or annoyed and I'm open minded.. seriously, this post really won't do it.
Too many to list since I'm open minded, but my top 5 is cooking, technology stuff, driving, radar detectors, and travel. Pleaseeee ask me about any of this and other of my hobbies also.
I’m the guy that has a few side-hustles, but my main hobby and/or job is… being a surgeon and bringing things back from the dead. This hobby is my business that I’ve been doing for a while now. Basically, I’m the guy that likes to work. I don’t play the lottery but if I did and if I won big, I can still see myself working.
If you want to get a better idea of my financial situation, then I currently have 6 credit cards. (“Jeez, why so much you ask?”). Because perks and free travel. I pay my bills in full before it’s due so I don’t pay any interest; plus, my cards give me travel perks and other perks just for using it. I've earned enough points just from my normal spending to where I can take a few free vacations. So because of my good money habits, I’ve basically built myself a better future with more options since my credit is through the roof.
I’m open to most music mainly because it’s not really all about the lyrics for me. Some songs that I like actually have trash lyrics but hey, it gets me in the mood (like when I'm at the gym working out). I'll give you some of my handpicks from a few of my favorite genres. Some of these songs are just lowkey head-bangers or songs that are just wild in the sense of being wacky: Playlist is here.
I don't have many disqualifications when looking for someone, but here's my list of DQs:

If it's not on the list, then I don't care about it. Meaning, I date all races etc orange, yellow, white, black and so on for example. If I pick you, it's because of you personally. I don't have many turns offs so I guess your looks doesn't matter to me for the most part. Just be at least 18.
Also look at my profile too :) yes there's some NSFW posts on there but just text-only (just being upfront) but you don't have to be into any of that. All that is only if you're comfortable with any of that because i would never do something if it means it'll make you uncomfy or miserable
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2021.12.05 12:15 CleverBee208 Snack hacks and secret weapon items

I've been off and on with a low calorie marco balanced diet for almost a year now. I only have 1 food coach under and my belt, and have started to realize there just may be a plethora of great snacks and food items that other people could suggest, that we all are unaware of. Obviously no one likes eating the same things over and over 👎
My most recent discovery: Starkist Tuna Creations as a snack
The ranch one is 1gF/1gC/15gP and 70 calories, which makes them low fat low carb and high protein, how perfect could you get! The other flavors have quite similar nutrient facts as well.
What are some of your most favorite snacks, and food hacks that makes your day to day eating just that much better? Meals, seasonings, desserts, simple snacks, high protein items, sauces, let's hear it!
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2021.12.05 12:15 CasinosAtlanticCity4 Gun violence US vs other countries. Can Michigan reduce this?

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