Please help! "Requested by person A to person B"

2021.12.03 23:00 intergalacticmantis Please help! "Requested by person A to person B"

"Your information will be retained during the period requested by the sponsor to the investigator."
Is the sentence above grammatically correct?
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2021.12.03 23:00 Rhodechill Just a quick question - Soft or Extra Soft toothbrush? Which is better?

For the general adult which is better?
Well, I know medium and hard are big “no”’s, but I didn’t know extra soft existed until I saw in the store recently – just basically wondering if extra soft is considered a big red flag or something or otherwise considered worse.
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2021.12.03 23:00 VanillaTyce Driving from Harrisburg to French Creek State Park, Pennsylvania

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2021.12.03 23:00 RedditReadsBot Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston [History](2017)

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2021.12.03 23:00 denkhetnietneef Tokens are designed to reward any interaction within the social network.

Hyper deflation occurs when the purchasing power of currency rises drastically in a relatively short period of time. This increase results in debts being more pronounced, as the real value of goods and services increases and the value of the currency falls.
There are hyper-deflationary tokens designed to reward any interaction within the social network. $CRYPT is a token in the heart for on the platforms. They are even tagged on MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, Yahoo news, and Coin Market Cap!
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2021.12.03 23:00 smartybrome SUPPLY CHAIN SKILLS : Logistics Optimization Tools

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2021.12.03 23:00 CryBoi1738 Age of Empires Dad Jokes

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2021.12.03 23:00 SuperLegenda I have finished the Dragonwatch series: My full review (Complete spoilers)

What. A. Ride.
Fablehaven was a series I held dear, and re read the books a good amount of times, now, Dragonwatch?
It is the kind of books that I wish just kept going, since now I'm disappointed that the lecture is over.
Those 5 books managed to hold me captive, like if my chair was a sticky mushroom as I stare at the screen, enjoying each word, returning to certain pages and sentences I enjoyed a lot, and now that it's over, the last thing I can do is give a good review of those series.
The first book: A shocking beginning for the new saga, the siblings are now caretakers, new cousins are introduced, and there are lot of dragons. By the way, I'm a massive fan of dragons, especially certain small silver dragons (so that was not nice, Raxtus btw). From the beginning you can see how those are Seth's books, he does so much in each one, and sacrificed more than nearly anyone else. I give the first book, a fiery 9.
The second book: I'll be honest, this was the weak link of Dragonwatch, but I don't mean it's a bad book, no, it's just a great book compared to the amazing other four books, it had very good world building and we were introduced to important species and characters, but honestly, it kinda falls off in the second half, despite being an incredibly Pattonish thing to do, I found the Pattonbulb really too much of a convenience compared to about nearly other convenience in Fablehaven or Dragonwatch, and the plot inside of Stormguard Castle didn't really catch me that much, it is impossible to hate that ending though, and poor Seth... I give this book, a 8.
(Though I must say, I did open book 2 a bunch again for the illustration with Raxtus.)

Book 3: Oh boy, I bet this was rough for many Seth fans, it was. Wyrmroost being already destroyed, and by Seth, was a shocker, and Agad dying, since, to be honest, Brandon doesn't really kills off much characters that weren't already introduced in the very current or previous chapter or just for that one book. The constant doubts from Seth, how he was being used, and Ronodin being a constant presence... wow. Though to be honest, for when we actually see Ronodin in a duel, and him being bested in a horse sword fight, with neither side actually using any magic... was kinda lame. Also, goddamnit Sphynx, just give it up! This shall take a ghostly 9.

Book 4: Quite a meaty book, with a lot of moments, very good twists, and strong moments, like Kendra throwing fruit to Ronodin! I hope that ruined his suit. Anyway, Seth's side just keeps being the most interesting, meeting once again a hermit troll in a 4th book, Virgil (......), Merek, his acquiatances were the most interesting, and Winged Seth is BADASS. My boy Raxtus also came back! This is not to say only Seth's side was good, Knox and Tess were awesome (I re read a few times the part with dragon Emery and Tess, it was very nice.). Some consequences actually happened to a member of the core cast, Vanessa turning blind was a big surprise.
Book 4 also has the most goddamn epic ending there is, c'mon, Seth reclaiming once again the Vasilis, stronger than ever, as he slashes his cell? I got shivers. 10/10.

The final book: This is it, the end of Fablehaven, the end of Dragonwatch, it was hard to know it had to stop, but oh well.
As Seth becomes a dual wielding badass with a sword of light and another of dark (though technically with Seth, Vasilis was 70-30%) (Hi Roxas), Kendra searches once again for Eterna-Er, Dragon Slayers, who, like Eternals, most of them did literally nothing.
C'mon, one of them died literally without a single line, and in the final battle they took out a few dragons and died within about a minute, why does this keeps happening?
Meanwhile, Seth gathers the pieces of the strongest artifact in the world and travels across the world, and for the end of the series, Muriel returns for a while all the way from the first Fablehaven book!
Ronodin also, wasn't much this book, he seizes control of the Fairy Realm in book 4, but, he kinda lost his presence in book 5, and once again, his defeat is pretty lame.
Can't be a FH/DW book without betrayal, Virgil's sudden turn, really got me, after a whole book and 2 acts, like this? Damn.
Kendra's big development for the end of all is learning to shine brighter, btw, Seth just accepted being stabbed forever in the chest.
Seth took his thunder back from the last Fablehaven book, where after Seth did all the important work, got the Vasilis, and killed 2 big demons... Kendra took his sword, and killed the final boss in one hit. Now Seth beat about anything on this book, I dare say Seth by the end of this book is one of the most powerful single beings in the world. For the final battle he kills about thirty dragons within minutes, and slays the King of Dragons!
This book has everything, but, now, one thing brings it down.
They had to, ruin something...


"Yes, I rennounce the darkness."

Ever since Fablehaven's book 4, Seth is told how having darkness meant nothing, his choices mattered, Graulas, the Sphynx, Ronodin, despite being big jerks, they all agreed on that.
And then Seth jumps on light water, expunges most of his darkness, and is one with the light.

So much that the latest DW books talked about balance, we had Kendra and Seth, two sides, Light and Darkness... and then both are just Light and Light. That was disappointing.
So, 9.5 for the last book.
Overall for Dragonwatch: 9.5/10.

Now I will wait for a third series even though it most likely won't happen.
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2021.12.03 23:00 autotldr Washington Tried to Destroy Honduras’s Left. Now It’s Back in Power.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 93%. (I'm a bot)

In Washington, despite playing ball with the US elite, Zelaya's cardinal sin was forging closer relations with left-wing Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, who visited Honduras for the first time in 2008.
Under Zelaya, Honduras entered Petrocaribe, Venezuela's program for selling subsidized oil to friendly governments, and joined the Bolivarian Alternative for the People of Our America trade bloc, an embryonic leftist counterweight to US-led, neoliberal free trade in the hemisphere.
The pretext for Zelaya's removal was his move in early 2009 to hold a nonbinding referendum on rewriting the country's twenty-six-year-old constitution, ostensibly to reflect the "Substantial and significant changes" that had taken place in Honduras.
Zelaya's insistence on holding the vote, a power grab in his critics' eyes, put him at odds with the courts, the legislature, and military leaders, who refused to defy the courts by lending their resources to carrying it out.
In the end, Washington negotiated an agreement that required congressional approval of Zelaya's return to power.
The Lobo government, filled with military officials who had presided over the coup, moved immediately to roll back Zelaya's achievements.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Zelaya#1 country#2 coup#3 military#4 government#5
Post found in /socialism, /LateStageImperialism, /chomsky and /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2021.12.03 23:00 Background-Winter-28 At 1:00 one-year-old Mackenzie says "I'm a little man" and Anna says "No you're a little girl" and then Mackynzie says, "No, I'm a little man!" I seriously would love to see Anna's reaction if Mackynzie said that now at 12 years old!

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2021.12.03 23:00 nowmods Anti-Social NPCs allows modders to create NPCs that the player can't befriend. Creator: ubererdferkel Anti-Social NPCs in Stardew Valley Nowmods requirementsSMAPI - Stardew Modding API Mods

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2021.12.03 23:00 RogerG_476 How was Fluffy cut by the clown dude?

In season one Fluffy somehow gets cut while in episode one the blades get cut off
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2021.12.03 23:00 dagoncrow Zodiac Caverns Nerfed?

I've kept all my beasts at lv 7 per the guide but the drops are way lower after the patch today and the ability to choose between previous levels doesn't seem to be available either. Anyone else having this issue?
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2021.12.03 23:00 Competitive_Set_2805 Cristiano Ronaldo Highlights
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2021.12.03 23:00 bookworm-dude I like this sub

Just wanted to say that i like this sub much more than many others i visited.
It's the right amount of discussion, art works and memes.
No disgusting content, no weird r34 shit, no stupid hot takes, no downvoting to hell. It's just great!
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2021.12.03 23:00 smartybrome NLP Course for Beginner

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2021.12.03 23:00 HovercraftNo7024 Day 0- No more excuses, its time to take control

(22M) 2021 is nearing its end and as i look back i realize that i have wasted another year being a slave to instant gratification, i haven't grown I've regressed. Im a pathetic obese, lustful, disgusting, disgraceful excuse for a man and i am utterly ashamed and sick to my stomach when i look at myself in the mirror. because i see a fatass, dead eyes life-less zombie. But tonight i say, enough is enough man, Im done submitting to my vices, i am going to FIGHT. I will not let this last month go to waste. i will enter 2022 with a new outlook on life and a pure mind. no more pmo, no more over eating like a pig, and no more being a broke lazy bum with excuses on why my life is shit. their comes a time in a mans life where he falls so low that he wants to kill himself, and this is where i am x10, but i refuse to kill myself, i refuse to give up. I will become the best version of myself. I will taste the beauties of life and it will overpower the bitterness of the evil. I will overcome, I WONT be tamed. and I will be VICTORIOUS once and for all.
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2021.12.03 23:00 AwesomeDeath8895 Don't know if this is possible, but here's a leaf I found in my granola, location is Albuquerque NM.

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2021.12.03 23:00 vinay_93 Citadel.One, as an active validator of Injective, is going to propose a “Trading Reward Campaign Boost Update” to be implemented on Injective #DEX The voting period will take 2 days ✌

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2021.12.03 23:00 Tandizojere My most recent ink drawing

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2021.12.03 23:00 Noooronly555 16.4FT Long Waist Trainer for Women with Loop, 6IN Wide Miracle Waist Wrap for Stomach Weight Loss, Plus Size Body Wraps Waist Trimmer. Price is $30. USA testers Dm me

16.4FT Long Waist Trainer for Women with Loop, 6IN Wide Miracle Waist Wrap for Stomach Weight Loss, Plus Size Body Wraps Waist Trimmer. Price is $30. USA testers Dm me submitted by Noooronly555 to ReviewRequests [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 23:00 pepeboyy Can anyone suggest a good deck for me? Those are the legendaries I have

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2021.12.03 23:00 _WonkaSuS_ i stopped having visuals almost completely. help lol.

so, about a year ago i was taking dxm every once in a while and would take 200-250mg hbr and i would get CEVs and some light visual hallucinations.( light swirlies, stuff moving a lil) i didnt do dex for about 10 months and now when i take 200-300mg hbr my vision is just kinda blurry and colors look cooler. i should mention that i went from 100lbs to 125lbs in that time, but i didnt think it would make that much of a diff. i dont wanna keep increasing my dose until get the hallucinations i want because the disassociation can get really extreme for me past 300mg, but i still want atleast some CEVs. anything i can do?
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2021.12.03 23:00 Hot_Nothing_4337 Husky Inu | Just Launched | 7% Reflections | Rugproof | Low MC - Huge potential | Liquidity Locked for 3 years 🔥

Husky inu is a new coin that is setting out to transform the crypto industry. They will focus on bridging the gap bHusky Inu | Just Launched | 7% Reflections | Rugproof | Low MC - Huge potential | Liquidity Locked for 3 years 🔥 together. We are the first project that not only has real world utility, but will give back to the world in REAL-TIME You do not want to miss out on this coin
Husky Inu is a decentralized Meme Token Based on the Binance Smart Chain,
Also known as the Shusky or the Siberian Shiba, the Husky Inu is a designer dog that is thought to have been developed in the United States some time during the last few decades. Their two ancestor breeds, the Siberian Husky and the Shiba Inu, are Spitz type dogs that share many of the same characteristics
Husky Inu will power a meme Dog NFT platform
📈Token Metrics
Name : Husky inu
Symbol : HuskyInu
Supply : 1 Billion
💰 Token Taxes
1% Auto LP Acquisition
7% Distributed to Holders
2% Marketing.
✅ No Presale
✅ Fair Launch
✅ 100% Rug Proof
✅ 100% Liquidity Lock
Contract: 0x8afe399ecb1936937e3bec9f809443380e031e06
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.12.03 23:00 coeruleumblue First case of omicron variant confirmed in Utah

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