Post Game Thread: FC Bayern München (BuLi #14)

2021.12.04 16:31 rish234 Post Game Thread: FC Bayern München (BuLi #14)

Borussia Dortmund 2:3 FC Bayern München
Brandt (Bellingham) 1-0 (5') -
- 1-1 (9') Lewandowski (Müller)
- 1-2 (44') Coman
Haaland (Bellingham) 2-2 (48') -
- 2-3 (77') Lewandowski (Penalty)
Lineups Borussia Dortmund: Kobel - Meunier, Akanji, Hummels, Guerreiro ( Schulz '82) - Bellingham , Can , Dahoud ( Malen '60) - Reus, Brandt ( Wolf '70) - Haaland ( Tigges '82)
Bench: Hitz - Zagadou , Moukoko , Reinier, Schulz , Tigges , Passlack, Knauff, Papadopoulos, Malen
FC Bayern München: Neuer - Pavard, Upamecano , Hernández ( Süle '74), Davies - Goretzka ( Musiala '65) , Tolisso - Sané ( Gnabry '65), Müller, Coman ( Nianzou '88) - Lewandowski
Bench: Früchtl - Richards, Süle , Gnabry , Roca, Nianzou , Tillman, Musiala
Gifs Vote for your MOTM here!
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2021.12.04 16:31 Smokester121 No longer able to make purchases due to "profile addresses"

For some reason when I go to buy things in the Xbox store whether it be on my pc or Xbox. It asks me to add a profile address. However it incorrectly puts my location in the states, so adding my address doesn't work for obvious reason as I'm in Canada. What exactly happened this never used to be an issue and all my billing info is correct as I have previously purchased things on xbox a lot. Now I'm unable to buy things on xbox, I've made sure my address in is correct and it is. This entire thing has made me so frustrated, anyone have any clue as to what to do? And point me in the direction of the dumbass who made these changes so I can flame them.
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2021.12.04 16:31 TheRedEngine INTJ or INFP?

Please ask me questions to help me determine if I’m an INTJ or an INFP or Te grip.
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2021.12.04 16:31 testarogue Gemma Arterton

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2021.12.04 16:31 Assa47 New addition. Big Peat Christmas Edition.

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2021.12.04 16:31 Nyanflan [LF] Gear Apparatus DIY, Recycle Box Items, Gyroids, Villager Photos [FT] Lots of DIYs (2.0/1.0/Seasonal), 2.0 Nook Seasonal Items (Bathtub w/ Yuzu, etc.), Gyroids, Villager Photos, 300+ 2.0 Furniture & 150+ 2.0 Clothing/Bags for Cataloging

I'm looking for the following:

For trade I have these:
Happy to trade multiple for the Gear Apparatus DIY. Mostly looking for 1:1 trades for other items, but would prefer to save my moss/vine DIYs to trade for the gear apparatus. For my regular 1.0 DIYs (not seasonal or Celeste) you can choose 5 for every item you have.
For cataloging I have these:
For every item you have, you can catalog up to 18 items (not keep - just pick up and drop). For clothing and bags, if there is no color listed it means I have the complete set available for cataloging.
Please comment what you have and what you'd like for them. Thanks!
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2021.12.04 16:31 RLCD-Bot [Crimson Octane] [Pink Octane: 10dril] [Jak'd: Obverse]

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2021.12.04 16:31 Specialist_Head3012 BabyShibTrillionaire | 7% BUSD Rewards for holders | Diamond Handed Community | Huge Roadmap Inludes a NFT Marketplace | CG Listing Expected!

The RICHEST in the SHIB family has arrived and stealthlaunched on the BSC! Baby Shib Trillionaire is a BSC BEP-20 token that pays 7% BUSD rewards just for buying and holding the token.
UPDATE CG FAST TRACK CONFIRMED! Expected listing on or about 11/25/21!!!
💪Strong active community!
✅ AUDITpassed with Coinscope!
🐦Consistant daily twitter giveaways!
⬆️Ranked top 10 on
🗨DEVS in VC daily
💼2% marketing
🤝100% community driven!
💎🙌 Nothing but diamond hands!
Baby Shib Trillionaire is focused on generating passive income for all, while creating a great sense of community!
10% tax on every buy and sell transaction.
💰7% rewarded in BUSD
⛲1% to LP
💼2% to Marketing
Thats 2x the BURN!
Huge roadmap milestones include
NFT Marketplace!
BST $wap!
📋Contract: 0xa679b3b578c452ce000aaa0ca47ee14d1baf5a92
Buy Here:
Renounced Ownership:
🔐Liquidity locked:
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2021.12.04 16:31 LouMing Plaster of Paris? Bullsh*t!

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2021.12.04 16:31 chennakeswarao1 Free 5Tb cloud storage for early adopters.

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2021.12.04 16:31 SandSnake21 2253 2382 6600 new account for our dog ...🙄... might as well!!

GRINDING!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 2253 2382 6600.
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2021.12.04 16:31 Soggy_Tomatillo1337 ARG =

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2021.12.04 16:31 cejadirn HOLY F***ING SHIT AIB THIS IS ABYSMAL, can't use my card because they randomly disabled online payments

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2021.12.04 16:31 justin_quinnn UConn women’s basketball tops Seton Hall, 74-49

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2021.12.04 16:31 Gainsberg s there a way to connect two echo dots, working as a pair, to a windows or a mac?

Recently I read that it was possible to pair two Echo Dots to work as a stereo system.
So I decided to buy two more of them (already had one) and paired them.
But I want to use them as the pc speaker system.
I've been trying to make it work through bluetooth, but all I get is audio from one of the Echo Dots, instead of the stereo system.
Do you know if it's possible?
Thank you in advance!
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2021.12.04 16:31 McPoyal Got one!

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2021.12.04 16:31 Ginalynnhudepohl Out with my sweetie last night

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2021.12.04 16:31 YakAfter8018 Looking to improve my appearance help appreciated 21 (M).

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2021.12.04 16:31 DiscoNicP1 Best skin for event

I wander if it is better that I use the skin mary gold or jinx of arcane for the end?
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2021.12.04 16:31 RaspberryTwilight Minden második poszt itt mostanában (szatíra)

Úgy érzem, itt minden poszt, ami nem egy szar poszt, arról szól, hogy az emberek kapcsolatba kerülnek, vagy elveszítik a szüzességüket egy szóval vagy egy fwb-vel stb. MIÉRT ÉN VAGYOK ITT AZ EGYEDÜL, AKI MÉG MAGÁNYOS SZŰZ? Komolyan úgy érzem, hogy én vagyok az egyetlen, és ez sem tesz jót az önbecsülésemen, ami amúgy is nagyon alacsony. Azt hiszem, borzalmasan nézek ki (nem, nem mutatom az arcom), de sokan mondták, hogy jobban nézek ki, mint a legtöbben, de nem hiszem el, mert senki sem akar velem beszélgetni, még akkor sem, ha én kezdeményezek. Milyen szerencsések az emberek, amíg itt vagyok, és az idő múlásával egyre depressziósabb vagyok, mert úgy érzem, én vagyok az egyetlen, aki nincs kapcsolatban, vagy még mindig szűz, ami miatt úgy érzem, alkalmatlan vagyok, de megpróbáltam mindent, amit csak lehet, de még mindig nem elég.
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2021.12.04 16:31 francescovirgolinii Alguien ha enviado a Nueva York a través de COTEL (EMS?) Cuanto demoró en llegar?

Quiero enviar un paquete mañana mismo pero la persona se va de viaje en 20 días.
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2021.12.04 16:31 essimouprod PHonk!

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2021.12.04 16:31 Dry_Rabbit_1601 amazon (can anyone help me)

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2021.12.04 16:31 Jakomojo Jako for governor that is all

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2021.12.04 16:31 crustyvegan56 Anyone who is into mid century pottery knows what the vase I circled is? Found at an estate sale today. I didn’t manage to get it, but I’ve been thinking about it all day and it bugs me that I can’t figure out what it is

Anyone who is into mid century pottery knows what the vase I circled is? Found at an estate sale today. I didn’t manage to get it, but I’ve been thinking about it all day and it bugs me that I can’t figure out what it is submitted by crustyvegan56 to Mid_Century [link] [comments]