iyy2t t6k5r 45d72 k8s89 z54by thsb8 dns3b af7n9 id4ra r4983 8tt2z bf7yh 532in 3kyy3 y76ki 75b63 44hhr 7kz47 7yyt6 9fey5 7e23s I’ve gone from being forced to watch this movie in 6th grade to fully appreciating it as an adult |

I’ve gone from being forced to watch this movie in 6th grade to fully appreciating it as an adult

2021.12.03 22:23 frcisacult I’ve gone from being forced to watch this movie in 6th grade to fully appreciating it as an adult

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2021.12.03 22:23 JungleHiker [USA-USA] (H) New Pokémon Snap (W) 45$ PayPal

No case unfortunately
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2021.12.03 22:23 ASJEXX Felt like this belonged here

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2021.12.03 22:23 Shart_eater Rainbow High is making their animated series more boring with each episode

So I just watched the newest episode of kontent with Karma, and I have now lost any hope I had about rainbow high having an interesting story.
So it turns out Miss Wright isn't Sunny's mom and Sunny literally calling the woman "mom" was just "sunny being Sunny".
I feel like this is just Rainbow High getting rid of all the things that made the series so interesting in the first season. Just like how they never told us how Bella got back into Rainbow High, or how she reunited with Jade, or how the school knew she took pictures of her work!
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2021.12.03 22:23 Bluecomments I finished watching the original Digimon Adventure.

I first picked it up because I wanted to see more of the Adventure kids after the recent reboot ended. And one thing it does better than the reboot is that there are more interactions between the kids and less splitting. And the kids go through emotional development. That said, the main flaws of the series have to be the digital world, which kind of gets sidelined when they get to the real world. And the villains are mostly flat. Or when they have some depth, are not often delved into into. Aside from Tailmon, the partner Digimon were not the deepest as characters but still manage to be likable. The OST was beautiful and I liked the themes that were played. I enjoyed the series and will look forward to 02. Do you have anything to say on Adventure? Anything to expect from 02?
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2021.12.03 22:23 Aylabear730 Wedding Photographers of Reddit– I need your help.

I am a new wedding photographer, and I have found myself in a little bit of a mixup. I shot my first 8 hour wedding for a couple, and we agreed upon 100 final, hand-edited images with an additional fee of $2.00 per image if they wanted more than that. I tried doing my research beforehand, but now I feel as though I am up-charging them unfairly. My wedding package cost $720 for 8 hours, and I bought a new 1.4 aperture, 50mm lens for their wedding ($450.00). Should I include all 250 final, processed photos for no additional charge, or stand by my word with $2.00 per extra image? In the future, how many final, edited images should I give a client? I want to be as fair as I can be, and I’m willing to go back on my agreement with my original client in order to fulfill that fairness. Thank you in advance!
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2021.12.03 22:23 Puzzleheaded-Fix8763 My first ever meme ik its trash but chill

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2021.12.03 22:23 kamz316 Bengali cousin gets me rock hard

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2021.12.03 22:23 maimebeebo Why Dr. Oz Will Win His Senate Election; Doctor + Bad Medicine + GOP Ignorance

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2021.12.03 22:23 hyperopx New player here!

Hey all, new player here. I'm on PC. I just bought RDR2 on steam during a sale and started playing it. I haven't played the single player portion yet because I don't have time to invest in the story at the moment, so I'm still figuring out gameplay mechanics and whatnot in online.
I'm a casual player looking for others to play with. I'm mid 20s F so I prefer to play with those 18+ :)
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2021.12.03 22:23 Euan1909 Beard oil

Quick question, my beard growth isn’t dense so does beard oil help grow new hairs or does it thicken existing hair?
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2021.12.03 22:23 ap00013 I-10 Eastbound, Joshua Tree, California ;)

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2021.12.03 22:23 AnaRaeLaye In search of auto insurance with suspended license

I'm not sure what what community to put this under so I just did the most broad one that relates to it. I have a suspended license but I still need insurance on my car just to have it parked on the street but the cheapest insurance I can find is $400 a month with progressive which is insane considering it won't even be driven. Do you guys have any suggestions or cheaper insurance companies? Thank you in advanced!
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2021.12.03 22:23 GanjaBlowingGee Rease this man gonna get his NBA contract pulled 😭😭

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2021.12.03 22:23 death2bots Time to Deliver a Pizza Ball

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2021.12.03 22:23 rulevoid Change Windows NBMiner default API port

I use Deluge as a service locally which uses 4433. Anyone know how I can just get minerstat to use a different port for NBMiner API?

It looks like regardless of the api config parameter used, minerstat will tack on --api so then I end up seeing this when it runs:

nbminer -a ethash -o us1.ethermine.org:14444 -u XXX -p XXX -cmd-output 1 -long-format --api --api 
This is on the Worker Config page when changing NBMiner section to Advanced and adding " --api​" to the end of the command.
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2021.12.03 22:23 squirreltrap What’s the most suspicious thing you’ve done in public?

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2021.12.03 22:23 theshafti Yay vs tenz vs Cned

Title. Who's better overall? Both op and rifles. Imo feels like Cned is best with op but tenz and yay both better rifling and yay is best overall and tenz after him and then Cned. Also haven't really seen him play other than that breeze marshall play but does heat match up to these three?
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2021.12.03 22:23 Vagscaper Thoughts on NVDA during this pullback?

I’ve had a decent size holding of Nvidia for about six months. Roughly 50k. I just recently enlarged that position significantly and now we’re seeing turbulence. I know, poor timing. These recent events have me wondering what my fellow investors honestly feel about where Nvidia’s share price will go from here. Thoughts?
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2021.12.03 22:23 plump_goose A newbie question about my saftey selector issue

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2021.12.03 22:23 wallpapersdance Which lightweight windows laptops with antiglare have similar battery life/less heat like M1 macbooks? Which are the closest options?

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2021.12.03 22:23 SalmonFlats My first ever pour. I’m pretty happy with it!

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2021.12.03 22:23 WidzGG I completely suck at this game. What some basic things to try or work on?

E.g. my defense is terrible. Feels like people can literally just run past all my players and "defense" if you could call it that lol
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2021.12.03 22:23 gem_3000 Beautiful

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2021.12.03 22:23 Hector-Voskin My first attempt at YouTube Poop after being a fan for years

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