Bianchi Café _ Tripoli

2021.12.05 11:13 ItsmohammedArara Bianchi Café _ Tripoli

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2021.12.05 11:13 edutreasure Practical Web Design

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2021.12.05 11:13 Objective_Turnip_755 iPad mini shuts off at 100%

My iPad mini shuts off whenever it charges past 99%. If I unplug it at 100% and leave it, it’s off the next time I go to use it. I try to turn it on and it says to charge it which I do and after 15-30 seconds I can power it up and use it as normal. Last week I didn’t get to it in time and it charged to 100% but I haven’t been able to turn it on since. It just tells me to plug it in and I do and when I try to turn it on I get the dead battery symbol. I’ve tried holding the on/off button for 30-45 seconds and I’ve left it charging for six hours to no avail.
Has anyone encountered this before?
Is it totally gone or is this something that can be fixed?
Is it even worth fixing?
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2021.12.05 11:13 Environmental-Map168 Six waterplanets

Six waterplanets
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2021.12.05 11:13 jonesbbq-footmassag What is the best 2000s pop song out of these?

View Poll
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2021.12.05 11:13 Nelly32 Had to share. First block found in the wild. Loving this new update.

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2021.12.05 11:13 Leepri3st Does the horticulture upgrade do anything for the mongols since they dont have farms?

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2021.12.05 11:13 DeweyRice11 Experts recommend keeping your daily rituals even while working from home

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2021.12.05 11:13 Strichnine Rage CCG redesign (my fan concept) - Soyfa Softkiller with the incomparable Richard Kane Fergusun Art

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2021.12.05 11:13 heyitsme999222 My friend makes me anxious

I have a friend who I’ve known for a couple of years we get along really well and have a lot of similar interests we talk and text regularly overall they are a great friend and I can see us being friends a long time which is why I’m having difficulty dealing with something they do often. We will be texting and randomly they will say “guess what?” When I reply with “what?” They say “I forgot” THIS BUGS ME SO MUCH mostly because I’m an anxious person and I over think a lot. When they do this it triggers my anxiety. And it’s not the not knowing part that does it. It happens because I think I said something wrong and that’s why they aren’t telling me or the way they read my reply got them upset.
Our friendship is fairly new I dont know how to speak with them about this because I dont want to make them upset or lose a friendship
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2021.12.05 11:13 Coin-or-DeFi Homegrown

Homegrown's all right with me Homegrown is the way it should be Homegrown is a good thing Plant that bell and let it ring The sun comes up in the morning Shines that light around One day, without no warning Things start jumping up from the ground Well, homegrown's all right with me Homegrown is the way it should be Homegrown is a good thing Plant that bell and let it ring
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Neil Young Homegrown by Neil Young
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2021.12.05 11:13 Mac_Cheese78 Posting pictures of Moonbyul till her Birthday: Day -17

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2021.12.05 11:13 QuavoRuinedCulture3 Why did Jimmy tell Howard "That's your bear to cross", when he's the one who caused the insurance issue?

Howard told Jimmy and Wexler that Chuck's suicide was his own fault for forcing him out of the company over Chuck going nuts over the insurance rates. But isn't Jimmy the one who is responsible for finding out about Chuck's issues in the first place, since he told that lady about his breakdowns in court.
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2021.12.05 11:13 MutonElite Anyone wanna go to the game today?

I have a pair of tickets that won't be used. Free to someone that sends me an email address to transfer them to. I'll post in the comments when they are gone.
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2021.12.05 11:13 Loneliness_ Still looking for VAs for a Sci fi podcast in starting up. M and F.

I'm an audio/visual tech who has been out of the industry since COVID happened. Since then I've written a couple of scripts for some podcasts Ive been wanting to start.
I launched one podcast with amazing people. But because of schedule conflicts it fizzled and I cut it loose after 2 episodes. I planned on 5 episodes for the first "season" and have 4 episodes written. I'm almost done with the final episode.
I need 2 men and 2 women for the lead roles and about 4 other people (M or F) for small parts.
I write the music and do all the editing myself. I just need a dedicated team of VA's to record the first season and give it their best to, hopefully, help create a good following.
****Please DM me for my email for faster responses. No exp necessary but just be committed to giving it your all. Most of the dialogue is dark, somber and needs feelings of fear and sadness.
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2021.12.05 11:13 cardsrealm Innistrad Championship's Top 8 Standard & Historic Decklists

After fifteen swiss rounds, eight players will dispute for Innistrad Championship's title today, in elimination rounds.
Check out the Top 8's Standard and Historic decklsits!

  1. Yo Akaike — Izzet Epiphany // Jeskai Creativity
  2. Simon Gortzen — Mono-Black Zombies // Izzet Phoenix
  3. Christian Hauck — Mono-Green Aggro // Selesnya Humans
  4. Yuuki Ichikawa — Izzet Epiphany // Golgari Food
  5. Zachary Kiihne — Izzet Epiphany // Izzet Phoenix
  6. Riku Kumagai — Izzet Epiphany // Golgari Food
  7. Toru Saito — Izzet Epiphany // Golgari Food
  8. Yuta Takahashi — Izzet Epiphany // Izzet Phoenix
  9. Conclusion
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2021.12.05 11:13 gordolfograso Estabas

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2021.12.05 11:13 MichiganMemory What are some examples of creator’s statements contradicting what’s presented in their media?

I imagine this is one of the most awkward parts of how Death Battle does things since they do take creator’s quotes into consideration.
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2021.12.05 11:13 kira-is-a-shinigami hello besties, its 7:15 am here so imma try and sleep <3

ily all
free cuddles for anyone who wants em
[but also im a very heavy sleeper soooooo, im sure you understand my implication]
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2021.12.05 11:13 Th30verLord Give me your best font

So mine is : Product Sans Light and Hyperlegible
What is yours!?
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2021.12.05 11:13 evgeniya20 [25] This year I will celebrate Christmas alone. how i can entertain yourself

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2021.12.05 11:13 TrumperCR Hinter jedem Schild steckt eine Geschichte

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2021.12.05 11:13 terkinelogym Create Custom Token with Yearnlab backed by $YLB. PRESALE ON 7 DEC


Yearnlab is a 2.0 DEFI Protocol. Enjoy seamless staking experience with yearnlab and earn reward upto 150,384% APY. Create your own token with desired names and setup staking pool.

How about, I tell you that you can now create your very own cryptocurrency and trade it. Imagine having your own cryptocurrency that people buy and sell. Also, please imagine the lucrative opportunities that come with it. Moreover, the value it adds to your business is beyond monetary value.
In Addition to all the monetary incentives you will get, imagine the moral aspect of it too, the sense of fulfilment, and enlightenment you get after having something that solely represents your brand.
All things considered, creating your own token has been made more excited by Yearnlab. Solely because of the perks that it will provide to its users to create their own token. These include, marketing support by $YLB, enjoy larger audience and lower cost.
As lucrative as this idea might seem to you, at this point you are probably wondering about expenses, Or maybe you are wondering, I don’t know enough about it, or I like this business idea but I’m not a technical person. You might also be reluctant about the lengthy process you will have to follow, or lastly but obviously not the least, you are probably wondering, this might be expensive.
Most of the time, it is appropriate to assume that something will cost you one of the two, your time or your money. All business people abide by this. However, there are exceptions. And, this article is about one of these exceptional platforms that will provide you both, quality and quantity. It will enable you to create your very own token with less to no technical background, plus, its also very pocket friendly. Moreover, your token will be backed by $YLB itself.
By now, you have most probably made up your mind about creating your own token and you are very curious about how to create one. So let’s get to the point.
Let’s say Charlie wants to create his own token. He’s very excited to create it and launch it. He has even decided the name of his token $CHR, quite cliché. Everything is streamline so far. But there is one problem, Yearnlab requires at least 15000 $YLB tokens which is equal to 1 BNB, for Charlie to create his own token. These funds can be unlocked at any time later on. But poor Charlie do not have the required funds to provide at the moment. Charlie really wants to create his token. So he asks family and friends to lend him some funds. Sadly, they refused. He has another idea; he will open an ICO or conduct a pre-sale of his token. Charlie is good at marketing, he has people who believe in the success of his brand, so they participate in his pre-sale. Luckily, he has arranged the required funds. Now he can simple buy BNB token from pancake swap.
So far, Charlie is all set to convert his BNB into $YLB tokens to meet the requirement and create his own token. Now it’s time for him to follow a few easy steps to create his token in less than 5 minutes

Now that Charlie has created his own token, there is more to it. He can create his own staking pool. However, he cannot create his staking pool directly. For that, he has to use his authority to participate in governance and create a poll. Other stakeholders will participate in this poll and the final result will be delivered to the administration for approval. Upon their approval, he can create his staking pool.
Charlie is smart enough to make the right financial decision. He created his own token and staking pool with Yearnlab, to enjoy lucrative benefits. He also knows that, though $YLB is constructed on Binance smart chain it will soon become compatible with Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana, AVAX, and Polygon. Are you smart enough to take the right step for your financial betterment?

About Yearnlab:
Yearnlab is a cross-chain protocol. Unlike its counter parts, Yearnlab’s aims to bring the most updated service of DeFi to its users. A smooth a reliable trading between heterogeneous and homogeneous blockchains is the top priority of Yearnlab.
Social Links:
White Paper:

🏆 Already Achieved 🏆

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✔️ Twitter 39k,
✔️ Telegram 46k
✔️ Discord 26k
✔️ Staking Platform:
✔️ Governance Platform
📌 CEX Listing
📌 Banner Ads ( BSCScan, PooCoin, DEXTools)
📈 Tokenomics 📈
● Presale sale: 30%● Locked liquidity: 20%● Strategic partnership: 5%● CEX liquidity 10%● Staking pool: 17%● ILO Fee 3%● Team token: 3%● Airdrop/Marketing: 7%● Development funds: 5%
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2021.12.05 11:13 sal_ms_11111 Looking for a new friend!

Hey! I'm looking for a new friends. Let's dm me!! :)
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2021.12.05 11:13 SelenaScarlet33 Medium format Camera (OC: @mathieustern on Instagram)

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