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What is this thing? UFO sure, but can y'all identify it?

2021.12.03 22:13 MidwestSnowflake What is this thing? UFO sure, but can y'all identify it?

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2021.12.03 22:13 Spheeenktor Chloe Bennet

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2021.12.03 22:13 onur_ramazan [Academic] Effectiveness of Different Types of Messages About Influenza (Everyone, 18+)

This study aims to understand the effectiveness of different types of messages about influenza. Everyone aged 18 or above is welcome to fill in the survey. It will take around 20 minutes. We would like to have your participation. Thank you in advance!
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2021.12.03 22:13 SilverCurse With my chance to upgrade to full version a week or two away, looking for tank role suggestions for a proper secondary toon

Also known as the idea of a bun tank is far too amusing to me to pass up
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2021.12.03 22:13 JohnnySinsFan3000 He really improved since Assassins Creed Odyssey.

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2021.12.03 22:13 Buttershy- Anime where character has flash cards about her classmates

I recall an episode of a show where someone went to one of their classmates/friends houses and found flashcards about all of their other classmates and the things they like, dislike etc.
I think they had them because they were trying to be friendly with everyone and they were working hard.
I'm pretty sure they were both female and I think the show had an English dub.
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2021.12.03 22:13 Key_Farmer3830 Homemade Christmas Ornament I made during the 2018 season

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2021.12.03 22:13 Catdoctor_15 Does anyone know which video Trisha says that she wants a boyfriend with no job, family, or friends so he can spend all his time with her?

I’ve seen a few people bring up this quote but can’t find it anywhere. I’m writing a paper on Trisha for my Psyc class , would super appreciate being able to cite this!
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2021.12.03 22:13 LBlaze1906 There’s always that one person in Arena

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2021.12.03 22:13 Puffin_fan Prairies on Fire in Montana Amid a Record December Heat Wave

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2021.12.03 22:13 deadasdisco_stl Just sleeping on mom’s head nbd

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2021.12.03 22:13 memoriesofcold Marcus Lamb died of covid-19 after his network discouraged vaccines. But some Christian leaders don’t want to talk about it.

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2021.12.03 22:13 Aggyx One year later

It has almost been 1 year since my best friend, my whole world. Dexter, has passed away. I lost him on Christmas eve and usually Christmas time is a time people look forward to yet for me each day that draws near I feel more pain. He was my life, we were glued to the hip. Ive never loved a soul more than I loved his, I carry so much guilt even now its still a burden. We spent that christmas morning together walking around our neigborhood, we went to get a pupicinno from a starbucks nearby and he ate it up so fast. He was fine up until he got home, then the next hours were a blur. I lost him to a lung condition he developed when he got hit by a car when he was a few months old. The vets didnt detect it until last year It was bought to my attention. Yet I didn't take it seriously because even at the age of 13 he had the soul and energy of a puppy. That night I took him to the emergency room I couldn't even sit in the back seat with him because I was so hysterical and afraid and shaken up seeing him breathe the way he was. How could I do that to my own son at that state? It was during the peak of covid so when they took him in they wouldn't let me in with him. I should have fought until I couldnt anymore to be next to him. He never came back out. Till this day that night still haunts me to my core and I can bawl instantly just thinking about it. Any one here loose their loved ones years ago and how do you cope? Any advice is greatly appreciated
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2021.12.03 22:13 oh-man--fuck-me Kickers in Buffalo

Bass and Folk are two of the best kickers this year. With the weather in buffalo looking awful on Monday who are some other options you’re turning to, or is it best to just roll with them?
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2021.12.03 22:13 Faith-xoxo What's this thing that spawned on my farm last night?

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2021.12.03 22:13 Appropriate-Claim190 New Starburst for those of us who avoid artificial coloring/flavor

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2021.12.03 22:13 davisrekoj 29a aqui chama pv ae

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2021.12.03 22:13 Gunpla-in-the-Arctic NWD. GA2000 HC-3A.

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2021.12.03 22:13 Falling-cat Tonight for Friday night magic we try out a Mardu Sorin/Vampire tribal deck in historic!

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2021.12.03 22:13 digital-bolkonsky Has anyone tried duloxetine and is it helpful and safe?

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2021.12.03 22:13 allenbyNY Message to new users, outsiders. There has been a large influx of new users (relative) to this sub…

I’m putting the TL, DR immediately following this paragraph, and again at the bottom of the document. I’m not requesting nor requiring anyone to read this post (I’m thorough, and write, often, for clarity)
TL, DR: We’re no a Covid-based sub. This is a conspiracy subreddit. Please message me if you have any issues with this subreddit. I’ll hope to work things out.
Users may message me, or the mod, for approval to post and comment (almost everyone gets approval who asks)
There’s been a large influx of members That id like to address. I’m aware that preceding this influx, it is being discussed on numerous subreddits that a certain, disease-related sub has become inaccessible.
So I just want to be clear, this is a conspiracy theory themed sub. This is not a Covid-centered discussion. It so happens that, according to conspiracy theorists, Covid is a massive, ongoing, oppressive conspiracy to literally end our lives.
As such, it’s a large part of the conspiracy discussion..similarly, one can turn on alex jones and see that much of his multiple hours a day of broadcasting are centered around Covid, tho it’s not the single theme. There is more going on in the world than just that one, but it is a large part of our lives each day.
I want to further stress, briefly, that I have no intention or desire to get in the way of any other subreddit. I have no intention of subverting anyones beliefs. One can see in my profile history, I almost exclusively post here, on this subreddit.
Occasionally I’ll post to other, mostly small subs, and conspiracy. I don’t really venture out of the conspiracy realm, sometimes I post on fauciforprison, or bidenbuzz, churchofcovid, conspiracymemes and conspiracymemesII. I don’t dilute the purity of normies’ conversations out in the broader world.
And this subreddit, please, should not be considered factual, or reliable, or informative.
We are nut jobs, I am a nut job. I don’t want anyone to consider factual whatsoever they find contained in this sub.
By entering the sub, you are agreeing to that. If you don’t, then please, I implore you, post somewhere else, or by all means, make a new sub, and I’ll be glad to tell people about it as an alternative.
Speaking of which, you may go to ashleydoverawards which I think may be more centrally themed around the one topic. Also churchofcovid is a wonderful sub, as are the others previously mentioned.
Thank you for your understanding and your time.
I’m trying my best to get along peacefully with the outside world. I’m not trying to be a terror. I maintain that allowing us, and myself, a place like this to post, it keeps us out of the way of the greater Reddit, at large. Hence, it is genuinely a home to many of us, and it’s lessened my participation in the rest of Reddit’s subs.
I’ll also say, much of what’s here is a repost or a crosspost from elsewhere on Reddit, i part so that we can discuss it privately, amongst ourselves,, on this subreddit.
Many posts here are findings from conspiracy. And others are from numerous other subs—i am essentially an aggregate, an RSS feed. I don’t know how much im introducing to Reddit that wasn’t already on the platform. This is basically just the collection of what I consider to be most relevant, or that I like most—it’s as simple as that. I filter subs like r conspiracy, and others—I choose the posts I like the most, and I present them here alongside the choices of mine from other subs.
Then, and this is something I love about reddits design, the people vote on what makes it to the top of the feed (unless you choose to sort by ‘new’).
I figuratively toss in posts and material which I would think is worth the readers consideration. And after that, it’s left to the members to decide what among that they like to have rise and what to fall.
Reddit is a lovely system, and I mean that. Similarly, I think one of the greatest things in the world is market-value, because real-time, on a large scale, something’s value is being determined by the interested parties.
Democracy is also in this same line of thinking.
People, users, members—vote on what of my posts they like the most, and what they like less.
Actually, I just became active on GETTR, and one thing that makes me nervous is that it’s up to me to order the posts. I like having people vote and decide what takes priority.
Because I’m trying to speak to people here, it’s a conversation with whoever takes part—whoever agrees to look at all this a fiction, and whoever identifies as a plague rat…
I’m not trying to subject people to anything, I’m offering up my findings, that they can be voted upon by the great plague rats which you’ll find here. And which I’m glad and honored to be affiliated with.
I don’t t mean to imply that I’m the sole, only source of posts on the sub, nor do o want to be. I know that I could modify the sub to only let persons with certain flair, assigned by the moderator, to be able to post.
That’s not my intention. At some point, I may decide to preserve to some degree, the quality of the sub, if I see that the posts are taking it in a different direction, but that would likely just mean being selective in who can post, separately from those who comment.
There are a number of posts which come from other people, but it is the case, as it has always been, that I’m the source of, conservatively, 90% of the posts here, oftentimes more, and historically as much as maybe 95% or more.
I’m not trying to make the sub focused on me, tho I’m not saying definitively that it’s not, nor that I don’t like being the voice.
I think if there were a sub which, to a greater extent than anything else out there, was filled with posts I liked, I wouldn’t have this sub here.
It’s also become vital to me to have a restricted sub, that’s cut off from allowing anyone comment or post without approval.
I contend, as I think has been proven, that 60% or more of the internet’s browsing, and I would say participation, is done by bots. Having a restricted sub keeps the participants human, and it makes people that much more responsible for the things they say. There aren’t such an abundance of voices to hide among, and people send a message first to get approval, which I think adds a degree of responsibility to the users who do so. In a similar way, customers in stores buy more when they’ve been spoken to by an employee. I think this is because they have some degree of accountability for having entered. People also steal less when there’s a mirror, or a photograph of eyes pointing at them.
When we’re less anonymous, we’re a little bit more accountable, and here, I think that results in people acting more humanely.
It’s worth noting, mostly to the outside reader who may be inclined to criticize, that I’m not particularly selective with who gets approved, and thus, who posts and comments.
There are..I think 6 people who requested approval that didn’t get it. One of them was outspokenly, repeatedly rude from the start, in their application for approval. (Mind you, usually people just say ‘can I be approved’ and I approve them)
And additionally, I think two people have had their ‘approved’ status revoked—once for repeatedly trolling from their first comment, to their last, and the second time when someone started posting on other subs requesting that people unsubscribe to this sub.
I only found out about that because people kept applying for approval, saying they’d read about this sub in other posts elsewhere, so I investigated and found someone who kept trying to defame us, and myself.
They had commented here plenty of times, and interacted with me. I hadn’t known they were upset. The first thing I did was sent an apology, saying as much, and that I hadn’t meant to upset her, didn’t know she’d been upset, didn’t know there was any issue at all, and I was sorry for having mistakenly, unknowingly upset her.
She had claimed elsewhere that a post I’d made was false—it was a photo of a Romanian protest that happened recently at the time of writing this. In posting it, I said something shouting out, acknowledging, giving credit to the Romanian member(s) of this sub, as it had previously come to my attention that we had at least one.
Anyway the user—not the one Id prior become aware of, but one I didn’t know was Romanian—said it was a photo (she said this not to me, to my knowledge, but in her posts on other subs, most of which were deleted promptly by mods) that she claimed was from a different protest, not the one happening recently. I didn’t know this, I still don’t know this—it was a repost from something found on conspiracy. I deleted the post I made, since it had upset her.
She never responded, and I removed her from the ‘approved’ members list.
Anyway, that’s all mostly I think relevant to persons outside of the more right-knit userbase, here. I’ve seen sentiment by outsiders, like in the post on..r parlor, I think it was, that make me think critics of this sub might take issue with the fact that members get approved here.
So to them, I say that most of the critique, as far as I understand it, isn’t relevant, because I’m not particularly selective in who gets approved. Nor do I silence dissenters.
All but a handful of people who requested approval were approved. Most recently, the person who didn’t received approval had been arguing to me on behalf of socialism, after I’d explained to them my concern with socialistic views and how they play into the greater conspiracy we’re facing.
Had they simply approached the matter differently than they did, like, say, not argued the way that they did, and with the subject matter they included—I’m saying the tone, if you will, the stance, and the subject, in response to my concern which id expressed to them—I probably would’ve let them in. If they’d said ‘I’ll check my socialism at the door’ that would’ve been fine with me.
But I’m not interested in someone who insists on their socialism being heard—let this be clear, anyone who wants to debate with me, or who will allow their flair to be something like ‘socialist,’ I would allow them in.
I would love nothing more than to debate with anyone who argues on behalf of socialism.
I contend that it does not hold up to even basic levels of logic and intelligence. That’s it. I contend that I have a basic level of intelligence, and a basic level of logic, and I would gladly debate socialism with whosoever wants to.
Otherwise, a plague rat, in my book, is not pro-socialist. This should be good news to the critics—you can have the socialists, as ‘normies,’ out in the greater Reddit.
We’re a bunch of filthy, conspiracy theorists who advocate democracy, and the constitution.
And I ask, please, that anyone who takes issue with this Reddit, message me. I would love to work things out, in a way that hopefully makes as many parties happy as possible..even if you don’t want us to be happy, I would argue that it’s in your interest to keep us happy, because then we’ll stay more out of your way.
People like us exist. I post here, not for game or celebrity or attention, but because these are the posts and topics that are true to me.
That’s why I do what I do. Other subs have been deleted in the past, and it doesn’t silence the voices, it just relocates them.
So let those here exist peacefully under the pretext of being filthy plague rats, cut off from society, on the pretext of self-describing as insane, lunatics, heretics, with disgusting views, the people you hate—all of which, I’m only trying to permit on the pretext of all of us agreeing to acknowledge as fiction.
I’m not trying to protest with this sub, I’m not trying to preach to the outside world. I’m speaking to a small collective who’s willing to meet on the grounds that we acknowledge ourselves as plague rats! That we agree that we’re not trying to persuade outsiders, or any of the like. My goal is to have a place that we are allowed to exist where we won’t get in anyones way.
And numerous times, in various places—including the very description of the sub—I’ve stated that we’ve not contending that any of the information here is true. I don’t want anyone to take any of this as true, or to tell others is factual.
Every individual will think what they want, regardless of what your or I say and do.
This sub is fictional. What people believe was never up to me or you.
And the more you take away the platforms on which people speak, the more you might find they invade your places or otherwise ‘normal’ discourse. And I’m not saying this in any way as a threat, but just from what I observe—people just look for new places to speak.
As such, this is probably—this is the least-evil I can think of, that I propose for your consideration, please. I appreciate the outsiders who read this and who take this into consideration.
The format that I propose here, is what think is the most agreeable to you.
The terms are that we’re crazy, lunatics, plague rats, outside of society, not asking for new people, not asking for outsiders.
The post on r parlor , i contend, had to go out of its way to find a post in which I didn’t express my full views on the matter of this subreddit. They had chosen there, a post I made when I announced that the sub would become restricted—because the plan had been make a sub, approve to conspiracy minded people for the first week, then make it restricted—so that we would have some userbase to start with. Had they used any of what I’ll call the establishing, or founding, posts, or writings, or even the very description, I think it would exonerate the sub. They chose one that was easiest to attack.
So again I’m outlining everything here—and asking please, anyone who has an issue with this sub, please message me.
I have not gotten one message from anyone who complained about us, or who didn’t like us. Or who didn’t like the sub.
I want to make this as appealing as possible to everyone, and again, I think that’s in everyone’s interests, even if you want us to burn in hell, cause then, this way, we’ll have our hell to burn in, and we won’t get in the way of your other, normal subs.
Thank you again.
TL, DR: We’re no a Covid-based sub. This is a conspiracy subreddit. Please message me if you have any issues with this subreddit. I’ll hope to work things out.
Users may message me, or the mod, for approval to post and comment (almost everyone gets approval who asks)
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2021.12.03 22:13 retcon-ytrewind What’s going on in this sub?!

Seriously, it’s overrun with trolls who are just here to argue. I followed this sub to get news on the prolife movement, but I barely see any of that because it’s so clogged up with “questions for pro-lifers” that are genuinely just thinly veiled insults and straw men that don’t have a single question mark to be found. I’m not normally in favor of taking down posts that don’t violate any major rules, but it’s getting to be too much at this point
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2021.12.03 22:13 Giddyup445 🍼

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2021.12.03 22:13 Mike_Michaelson My Milo Baughman for Glenn of California room divider, SW PA USA.

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2021.12.03 22:13 fillfee Posting tiktok videos

I wish i could post content on tiktok of what we do at costco but ik corporate is going to say something about it that could maybe cost me my job
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