"new zealand flag"

2021.12.05 11:45 MANOJDASS0 "new zealand flag"

SatGuru imparts the true path of worship and teaches everyone to renounce all evils and leads them in the true and correct path of devotion to attain Salvation.
Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji is that SatGuru.
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2021.12.05 11:45 kwolzy Ps4-Want a fennec

I dont have a lot but am willing to give cristiano's and a few exclusive wheels for it and pissibly some extra things like decals
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2021.12.05 11:45 greggoryshine What’s your “you guys are getting paid?” moment?

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2021.12.05 11:45 Professional_Ad8372 Any good flight schools around Salt Lake City

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2021.12.05 11:45 e_Z_752 iNiS Rhythm Games vs. Guitar Hero: On Tour Trilogy

Which do you think was the better music game series that felt most at home on the DS: The iNiS rhythm games (the Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan duology and Elite Beat Agents) or Activision's Guitar Hero: On Tour trilogy?
(In the former, you tap and drag on-screen markers to the beat of music, while occasionally cranking the stylus to play "spin markers". In the latter, you plug a special attachment to Slot 2 (GBA) of the system that has colored fret buttons you hold as you stroke the stylus.)
View Poll
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2021.12.05 11:45 WTF-2 18f My requests are pretty simple

Hello. I was looking through all of the other posts and wanted to keep mine simple. I like to talk about arts and crafts, I have ADHD (sometimes I just get distracted in the middle of our conversation so don’t be offended I do) I love helping others and I’m pretty shy as well! I’d love to be your new friend.
P.S. anyone is welcome (:
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2021.12.05 11:45 ELZEKO_gamer Stranger

Yesterday we were locking eyes
Nothing but mere strangers
Today I look back and fantasize
To see where the dreams take us
The real world was romanticized
It makes a village sound like Vegas
But a major problem underlies
And it's quite a bit contagious
When I glance a bright, blue sky
I picture your eyes, so gracious
The thought takes me on an enterprise
Of which my crave for is voracious
I'm staring into space like the Enterprise
Yet my mind keeps going places
It takes me back to this one moment,
Or collection of moments at that,
Moments I've had to compromise
Then I fed myself words so mendacious
Contemplating more words that shall arise
But all of this is non-efficacious
Yet there you stand, a friend turned stranger
It really couldn't get any stranger
My eyes glued to you from afar
Though I don't really know who you are
Not anymore at least
But I know you just enough for the door to be kept ajar
O good old friend standing afar!
You're off in the distance yet you're shining like a star
Glistening and gleaming, you're the lights to my bazaar
You got my heart on strings like a guitar
The chords strumming away feels so bizarre
Stranger, oh, stranger
I'm done with staring from afar
I want to be up close
Inhale your smoke like a cigar
Write your name down in my memoir
Keep you forever like a scar
But until then,
Keep being the stranger that you are
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2021.12.05 11:45 trey_tallent A Run in the Park, Me, 2021

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Become a landowner in this crazy potential metaverse project. Economic, social, MMO game based on exploring and investigating the world, levelling up, choosing specializations, and increasing the strength of your company and your country.
find all official links thru their discord:
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2021.12.05 11:45 Original_Ad957 Hi CDPR why should we get 0 crown points when we get 2-0'd ?

Some decks have the power of 2-0ing your opponent like Relicts, especially since the PoP release. Why should we be giga penalised for losing against these 2-0 strategies while losing a game 2-1 would grant us at least 1(+1 bonus) crown points ? This has nothing to do with our personal skills or our dedication for Gwent. This just depends on the current meta, the matchups and our luck on ladder. Grinding for crown points and losing like 5-6 crown points at the end of the day is unfair and frustrating. In one season, this represents at least 2-3 levels missed because you're not playing an "unga bunga win round 1 bleed round 2" strategy found on TEB meta report at rank 3.
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2021.12.05 11:45 _miia Finally rolled an r in spanish

I learned Spanish for 4 years in highschool, and i always was self conscious of the way I pronounced certain words and avoided saying them at all cost.
I’m currently in college but haven’t given up learning Spanish, and though I’m nowhere near fluent, I have been practicing speaking alone to gain some confidence.
I was using Duolingo and the word was “correo electrónico” or email. I just kept saying it over and over, it sounded terrible. But I kept listening to the sample and saying it over and over, and then it happened. I did it. I literally thought I was incapable of doing it so I’m really please with myself right now.
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2021.12.05 11:45 blepinghuman Anyone young adults want to be my accountability buddy for a week?

Young adult daydreamer here, and I’m looking for another young adult daydreamer who’s trying to lessen their daydreaming.
I constantly promise myself I’ll control my daydreaming and I’ve gotten a whole lot better. But sometimes, I still slip into it and end up wasting so much precious time. Since I’m only promising myself, I’m lacking accountability. This right now is my attempt at being held more accountable.
I’m in GMT +8 but I’m okay with other timezones ranging from GMT +6 until GMT +10
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2021.12.05 11:45 PM_ME_SSTEAM_KEYS haha yes

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2021.12.05 11:45 alimjrx I had about 135,000 listening hours... anyone more?

I am a tad bit concerned with my excessive Spotify use in the past year LOL. I averaged about 6 hours a day ouch... anyone else had more? I know that was 99%tile here in Canada, but damn.
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2021.12.05 11:45 CanIGetAName4 I still don't give a damn about who we play

Because this team can beat anyone in the country. Bama, Cincinnati, Notre Dame, Georgia or anyone else
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2021.12.05 11:45 DontWorrycel Just some thing to prevent you from the rope

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2021.12.05 11:45 CryJazzlike5287 FOR SALE: SOMOGYI BULL ETH 0.12

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2021.12.05 11:45 irajb1 Free keto Recipes

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2021.12.05 11:45 GAM3R_ZA Lara makes a grisly discovery. A pair of jaguars have killed poor Miguel and now stalk her through the jungle.

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2021.12.05 11:45 Mr_GORO Help with choosing

Hey, its me again. I have done some research and a few teams caught my eye. I dont have problem with having more than one favourite team, but Iwanna be dedicated fan of only one team. So I wanna ask you, which team should I choose and why. They are: Boston Bruins, Chicago BlackHawks, Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs Thanks a lot
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2021.12.05 11:45 RadishCapital2502 How to make yourself feel happier?

If i read or see anything on the internet/tv that’s upsetting I can’t stop crying or feeling sad all day. I saw on the news about little Arthur who was murdered by his step mother and I cried for 2+ hours and didn’t stop feeling down all day. The school shooting I couldn’t stop crying for hours. These are just some examples from the last few days. It gets to the point that I feel so down I can’t concentrate or get on with my day. So, is there anything you do that makes you feel happier or more positive?
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2021.12.05 11:45 Brummelhummel Login queue: 104 -> crashed and now i can't even start the launcher anymore. any help? Tried everything i saw regarding this apart from a reinstall. My internet is working fine. What happened?

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2021.12.05 11:45 ccendo It took me 10 minutes to find if there's something wrong in my meme.

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2021.12.05 11:45 BigBlueMountainStar I believe in Father Christmas by Greg Lake is the best Christmas song, handsdown. This isn’t a debate, or opinion, it’s fact.

Well, ok, it is opinion really. But a fully justifiable one.
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2021.12.05 11:45 BirdBurnett On December 5th, 1973, Paul McCartney and Wings released "Band on the Run". The album spawned 3 hit singles "Band on the Run" "Jet" and "Helen Wheels".

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