potential VGF2 views

2021.12.04 17:53 ihrtriviera potential VGF2 views

potential VGF2 views I've been playing around with view counts for VGF2 and thought I'd share what I've come up with (right or wrong!) ...
90 dsp (lake)
84 dss (garden / pool)
28 dst (theme park)
  • 28 dst (theme park)
  • 90 dsp (lake)
  • 84 dss (garden
... which would mean +1,779,844 points (+71% to VGF); if I'm wrong on the dsp / dss split, for every dsp you move to dss, subtract 1,513 points
I don't quite follow the current views of the existing Big Pine Key hotel rooms (credit to CastAStone who shared these with me), even after looking it up on [URL='https://touringplans.com/hotel_maps/disneys-grand-floridian-resort']touringplans.com[/URL] ...
  • 28 theme park 👍
  • 58 lake view, sure if you consider some are obstructed
  • 107 garden view, 84 pool side + obstructed lake side
  • 5 deluxe garden view, I think these are the tower / turret rooms but there are only 4
  • 1b garden view, 5th floor (top, center and one bay left when looking at entrance) will be 2x dss (garden)
  • 2b lake view, 5th floor (top, center three bays) will be 3x dsp (lake)
but the math for total rooms works out, even if the views are off ...
202 = 28 + 58 + 107 + 5 4 + 2x 1 + 3x 1 = 28 +90 + 84
a few notes about the building ...
  1. next to the main entrance (pool side) and from the 1st to 5th floor there is a column of bays that looks to be for housekeeping so there are no rooms
  2. the ground floor of the tower / turret is also a cast member area
  3. on the lake side, the center section has an exit / balcony of some sort that knocks out the center room on the ground floor
so what do you all think, will they cut down the trees to increase the number of lake view rooms? or just call them lake view anyway?
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2021.12.04 17:53 NicXes21 This post will have more than 12 words.

Your father jokes: Your father is so ugly he's never met a woman yet, I know, how are you here? Your fathers so ugly when the wind blows it tries to cover his face with snow, dirt or whatever else it can find under short notice. Your fathers so fat he had to weld two pick-ups together so someone could drive him around town. Your fathers so fat he has to legally avoid walking downhill just in case he slips, turns into a human bowling ball and mows down people in his path. Your fathers so tall trees aspire to be like him. Your fathers so ugly he is the only known object in the universe other than black holes that doesn't reflect light, but in his case the reason is unknown, some theorize the photons have gained consciousness and actively avoid his face.

Your mother jokes: Your mothers so ugly when she looks up at the sky the odds of a meteor hitting Earth become zero. Your mothers so ugly when she walks by aggressive dogs they stop barking and pick up a bible. Your mothers so short mice shove her aside when shes in their way. Your mothers so short school buses are constantly following her around telling her to get in already. Your mothers so skinny when the wind blows she grabs on to her husband and turns into a cape. Your mothers so dumb when she met your ugly dad she knew he was the one. Your mothers so ugly the wind guides bird poop to her face.
Temperature in Toronto: It's currently 3 degrees Celsius and cloudy, and Monday it might get high as 10 degrees Celsius. Isn't that nice?

Conclusion: Your mother is so ugly she was banned. And your fathers so ugly, he had to beg your mother to marry him and she still almost said no, and have you seen her. God help us all. God help us all.

It's quite chilly in Toronto today but if you were clothes and maybe have the heater you should be nice and cozy.
Summary: I'm selling some red PS5 controllers if you guys want. Brand new, never opened, I live in Toronto and am only willing to drop them off at a specific subway station. Ok.

That's all for now. If you want to read or buy more stay tuned. Maybe someone you know has a PS5 or something. Ok. That is all. Thank you.
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2021.12.04 17:53 Final_Special_451 Hello, I just realized I’ve made lots of posts on here trying to ask questions on who I am. I realized this is really up to me to figure it out, not you guys. Sorry for wasting your time. Thank you though.

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2021.12.04 17:53 delareye can i still see someone's number after deleting them from my contacts

i don’t want them to see my whatsapp photo
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2021.12.04 17:53 SuperDuperRipe AEW's FTR is the best Tag Team in the world today. Change my mind if you can.

They're style is old school but are the best in the ring, rugged, and hilarious as heels. They have the best heel interactions with fans, trolling them well. Their annoying theme music and the recent Mexican flags on their ring gear, is just a way for them to piss off Mexican fans.
They have unmatched wrestling intelligence and high respect for wrestling's tag team history, which is why they ditched WWE, despite being offered a higher contract. They left on their own terms. They are true students of the game and want to perform without being held back. Despite their kayfabe disgust toward fans, I hear they are the nicest guys behind the scenes. They are close friends with wrestlers Sasha and Bayley, who are crazy over FTR.
And plus, they're cool as hell with their basic theme music and how they walk out with their million dollar robes like they are above everyone. All their matches are great and are a perfect matchup for any team on the planet. No flips needed when you're that damn good. The best in the world folks.
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2021.12.04 17:53 MikeKarakachanov Aorus RTX 3070 Master , Watercooling with AIO NZXT

I have the RTX 3070 Master and I'd like to Water Cool it , I saw there is Waterblock for it and I'd like to ask if it's possibly to Cool it with an AIO from NZXT .
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2021.12.04 17:53 cat_lover09 Do they like me?

In my class, some guys would ask if I liked anyone. I said no. (i lied) when I said no they said they were just trolling but I was so confused because one of my classmates asked his friend to tell me if I liked anyone.
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2021.12.04 17:53 TN_Egyptologist Bodkin

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2021.12.04 17:53 omrsafetyo Public IP Address

My Public assigned IP Address gets discovered as from Argentina by some services, making those services unavailable due to regional restrictions.
For instance, if I navigate to https://www.whatismypublicip.com/, my IP says I am in Argentina. However, if I go to https://ip.me/, it shows I am in New York.
Netflix is one example that has different services based on region, US vs. Global - some shows are only available in the US. There are other services that limit their services based on your region/country as well.
We'd noticed one of our shows stopped being available a month or so ago. We switched to watching on another service for a time, but one day we went to Netflix again, and it was back. Something similar happened again today, and so I took a look again. This time I used my phone to troubleshoot and found that when I am connected to my wifi, certain titles are unavailable, but if I switch to data it works. This seems to be based on the location that is being reported for my Comcast issued IP address. What can I do to fix this?
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2021.12.04 17:53 Woohoo_Soopapoo Kinda pop art Joe thing idk

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2021.12.04 17:53 Funktokenman If Disney actually decides to purchase IOTEX the coin will go up in value exponentially 50x possibly. This is some exciting stuff!

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2021.12.04 17:53 DocteurFiction02 TheowlPhibiaTimeFallsOverUniverse

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2021.12.04 17:53 GrandmasterAli NF Is The Best Rapper In The Industry (Analysis)

The level of production of his music is truly unmatched. Every song is about a different aspect of mental health. The cinematic videos, orchestral beats, deep meaningful lyrics. Make it feel like a movie. His music speaks for itself. Every song has it's own identity.
From my perspective he's not only the best rapper alive, but the best rapper to ever exist. He doesn't comply to all these unecessary social norms. His songs are a part of him. He puts a piece of his soul in every song.
Every time I listen to his music. I break down in tears. The way he expresses emotions is beyond my understanding.
Real music till the day we die!
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2021.12.04 17:53 ii4v4il My friend said it was the Sri Lankan worker's fault

I told about the lynched news to my friend and this is how it went.
Me: Bla bla bla bla... He was accused of blasphemy after tearing off Islamic stickers. They beat him up to death and burnt his body while chanting 'Allahu Akbar!'.
Friend: Well, it was his fault.
Me: (I look at her in surprise) What?! I just told you he was lynched and burnt!
Friend: (She looked at me in surprise too when she saw my reaction.) Yeah, it his fault bcus he should not commit a blasphemy.
Me: No, that is wrong. What if we switch our place with him. For example, what if you take down a Christian cross and break it but someone saw u do that and accuse you with blasphemy. Then they beat you up to death and burn you while chanting 'Jesus!'
How would you feel?
Friend: (Silent for awhile) .... Angry
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2021.12.04 17:53 angrynakedant Short shifter?

I have a manual Mk6, soon to be modified from stock. How many have also invested in a short shifter, and was it worth it?
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2021.12.04 17:53 Sparkythediety No swamp villages

Make is so kingdoms will not attempt to make villages in swamps.
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2021.12.04 17:53 KVPxMAS Tax Question

If I sold shares of a stock at short term gains and then a month later sold the same stock at long term capital gains. What rate will I be paying for taxes at the end of the year? Will I pay different rates for each sale or some sort of combined rate?
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2021.12.04 17:53 NLS2 NLS-2021-12-04T21:44:27

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2021.12.04 17:53 TuttiKaputti Lightweight casual laptop VS Gaming Machine

So I have a well enough PC (7700k RTX3070) that takes care of my gaming needs but I spent about 8-10 weeks per year away from home (in-laws, parents, vacation, etc.). I'm planning to get a laptop this Christmas that will keep me company when away from home: Casual browsing and social media, Netflix, some coding (only hobby, not for my job) and maybe some casual gaming. Cannot decide if dropping an extra 30% for a "gaming" variant with dedicated GPU is worth it or I should stick to a lightweight machine for only casual use that will also provide better portability and battery life. I don't mind paying the extra money for a unit with 3050, but I've heard so many concerns about overheating and short lifespan of gaming laptops (lifespan in context of them becoming irrelevant after couple of years) As I'm completely clueless to laptop benchmarks is a 4core i5 10300h considered any good or I have to aim higher? Because if I need and i7 11th gem then the budget starts to become an issue. Worst case, can Intel Xe handle league of legends, rocket league and some indies? I would still be happy. People who game on the go, what's your experience?
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2021.12.04 17:53 TwiceEqualsLove Best mask design for sleeping in your side?

I can only sleep on my side and the mask I have now is the one with the tube attached to the top and the clear frame that goes all around your head. I can't sleep on my side because the frame presses into me. I was thinking maybe an air pillows mask? Is there a mask type/style people find comfortable for sleeping on their side? TIA.
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2021.12.04 17:53 Trichoceratops PCV

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2021.12.04 17:53 Humble-Ad-6921 F25 Gym Gains

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2021.12.04 17:53 Lunonaught IIL quiet guitar with high distortion, WEWIL

A perfect example of a song that has what I’m talking about is the verses in California Halo Blue by AWOLNATION
I know it’s like weirdly specific, but it’s an incredible sound
Alternatively really any song like CHB would also be sick
Thanks for taking the time out of your day to help me out :)
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2021.12.04 17:53 AyemHerself Sheesh, why is everyone telling me to leave him?!?

Because believe it or not, that is the simplest answer to you finding peace.
Addiction is extremely difficult to overcome. Even with more traditional drugs, there's something like a 99% failure rate with recovery. And recovery is a lifelong effort - one may become "recovered," but they still must avoid their drug of choice forever. Those who don't recover will go to any lengths to acquire their next fix, no matter how regulated the drug is. It's strong enough that most traditional drugs have some serious regulations: who can acquire it, who can sell it, how much you can have at a given time.
Now consider situations where the drug of choice is porn. Porn is barely regulated by comparison: anyone can get their fix by clicking a few buttons or simply finding the right billboard. It makes avoidance harder and relapses easier. Our society frequently tells us porn is healthy and cool, bringing to mind the marketing campaigns around smoking from decades past. It's ridiculously easy to surround yourself with sexual material 24/7.
You think alcoholics have a rough time? Consider the porn addict. And that's if they want to recover. If they don't? Nothing you can do will change their mind. You can't fix someone else's willpower and brain chemistry. That's on them. You are powerless in this situation.
This doesn't account for the struggles with an active user or newly recovering partner. Show me an addict, and I'll show you an abuser. Physical, emotional, sexual, it doesn't matter. It will hurt you more than it hurts him. And there's nothing you can do about it. Even if he recovers, does that undo the terrible things you've endured?
You want to support him through his problem? The odds are not in your favor. The odds are high that you will endure this for a long time. There are some people here whose partners have recovered, but they'll also tell you it was a rough road with some breaks along the way. Some of them are still on that road.
Don't make the mistake of thinking your relationship status is more important than your welfare. Or the welfare of your child. Love is not enough. Before risking your well-being on the slim chance that he will see the error of his ways and magically heal, ask yourself if he would do the same for you if the roles were switched.
And if you can't fathom putting him in this position, ask yourself why you're worthy of this treatment for the rest of your life.
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2021.12.04 17:53 FantasticWestMan Raspbee running DeconZ drops Philips Hue bulbs after the bulb power cycled.

My network is solid and Im updated to latest firmware. I have to repair the hue bulbs every time they’re turned off from the power which makes them useless. Is this normal behaviour?
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