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2022.01.19 01:18 meadowbrook-design Perfect Landscape Design Ideas | Landscape Tips and Guides

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2022.01.19 01:18 DMCer_YT City at Night (Eevee)

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2022.01.19 01:18 Diopetes Kingdom Hearts Series - Official Nintendo Switch Cloud Version Trailer
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2022.01.19 01:18 Echo_Foxhound Hopeful future L322 buyer looking for advice!

Hi LR family,
First time hopeful buyer here. I have posted a couple times in here seeking advice from the community on defenders/LR3s and the like.
After heavy research and consideration, I believe I have found the model I will pursue heavily in acquiring: the L322. The comfort-performance-timeless look have bewitched me.
I understand the main issues too look for and that should be sorted upon purchasing: air suspension, timing chains (more commonly on the 09-12s), gear box issues, infotainment display, sneaky areas of rust, gas tank level sensors, etc. (please feel free to add any major ones I missed in the discussion below)
My main questions to you experienced LRR owners are:
1) what are the main issues/causes/fixes you’ve done on your L322s? I feel like this is a special group of people undeterred by the overblown horror stories of Land Rover unreliability, but if I’m about to buy a ticking time bomb, please let me know.
2) Are there years I should stay away from? I’ve heard to shoot for 06-08 and 09-12.
3) if anyone is in the greater Los Angeles area, are there any reputable places to look for used L322s? I feel like I spend an hour or more a day scanning through CL, the countless online (Carvana/CarMax), and used dealerships. It seems like used dealers have the best selection, but they’re just so darn sketchy. Any advice on where to buy would be great. I’m also not opposed to travel outside LA or go to a used car dealership.
4) any red flags to look for when inspecting an RR at a used car dealer or PP?
5) the average mileage is about 120k - 130k miles on these used L322s. Anything that typically goes around this time?
6) I have a budget of about 25k (but it’s flexible). My hopeful plan is to purchase an L322 for about $14k-$18k and have 7k in reserve for spot fixes and overhauls. Feel free to also let me know if that’s fool-hearty.
Thanks for all the help in advance. Really look forward to hearing everyone’s responses.
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2022.01.19 01:18 Smol-Brownie_3641 Stuck on 10-4. I need help.

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2022.01.19 01:18 NolanHockeyPodcast Jets Game Reaction 2021-22 35/82 WPG-3 WSH-4 OTL —Perfetti Pity Point—

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2022.01.19 01:18 BaconJacobs For Your Consideration - My Wiring Diagram for a 12V or 24V ESC Install with LOTS of Features and 3 Speeds

Good day, ladies and gentlemen.
For your consideration, I'd like to present what I believe to be the safest and mod-friendly wire diagram for a custom ESC installation, in this case 24V. I believe I have wired in two separate fail safes, both of which can be triggered by driver and one of which can be triggered remotely if desired. My wiring diagram can be used for 12V or 24V installations but for 12V you need to basically correctly choose your relays, ESC, and put the 12V LEDs in parallel so they're getting full 12V instead of stepping down 24V. You can also eliminate any or all of the features and just stick to the switches, relays, and ESC for still a very safe, very fun, very fast custom ride on toy.
My design eliminates the need for running the motors in series to fake a low speed for reverse and low gear which helps eliminate traction issues when in low gear aka running in series. I believe running motors in parallel is the only way they should be run, especially with an ESC.
I think the most complex part is that I completely rewire the stock shifter. You can run ESC signal through stock shifters to control speed and reverse, but I decided to use it as a real reverse and speed controlling shifter.
The main physical modification you need, ignoring ALL the custom wiring, is to re-use a stock throttle pedal as a brake pedal and install a Hall Effect Pedal next to it.
I think you could use 18V tool batteries IF you use a step down to 12V, then you'd run a standard 12V ESC. If you want to hot rod your motors straight to your batteries, this is not for you. I like my gearboxes intact.
Features my wiring diagram includes:

Here are my wiring diagrams for both the chassis and the Throttle Control Circuit:
Here is a diagram explaining how the 10k potentiometers are used to eliminate pedal dead spot and limit top speed with a Hall Effect Pedal, and the forum thread I discovered it:
Glad to be part of the community. I will be putting my work to the test in the coming weeks as I build up my kid's first two-seater Power Wheels for spring... Look for updates on that later.
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2022.01.19 01:18 Corona4100 bottega veneta low sneakers

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2022.01.19 01:18 TeamMerry Recommendations

Hey, all. I've gotten CBD from all over. Can anyone recommend a go to?
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2022.01.19 01:18 OzBargainBot Free Coles local delivery @ Door Dash

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2022.01.19 01:18 awsomemason Looking for Crazy Tuff Lunas! Any condition. Any color. Just need one to go with my current putting putter.

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2022.01.19 01:18 DnDisappear Building my Swashbuckling Rogue...

We’re currently at level 3 and the DM indicated that we’re close to leveling. I had intended to take the Dual Wielding feat at level 4, but after reading more about it (mostly that it's a suboptimal build), I’m feeling apprehensive.
Originally, I was going to take DW, then Elven Accuracy, and then bump Ability scores until they hit 20. However, I feel like there may be a better build to achieve my goals of being hard-to-hit and crit often. I’m not opposed to potential multi-class dips, but I do very much want to play a Rogue.
Stats are 8, 16, 14, 10, 12, 16 Half-Elf
Thanks in advance
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2022.01.19 01:18 Glum-Fail4244 Issues with Prusa Mini +

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2022.01.19 01:18 Androntel The view my duo had as we were leaving crackhouse.....

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2022.01.19 01:18 _Paper_Flower_ Are you lightning? Because your my McQueen ;)

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2022.01.19 01:18 j3434 Buster Bloodvessel of Bad Manners

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2022.01.19 01:18 0brady0 Game Mode Challenges

Can we please stop getting specific game mode challenges unless you have made a playlist for that mode. The challenge should not be trying to get the game mode out of a playlist. And I shouldn't be forced to use challenge swaps because you want some money when I don't want to quickplay for 5 hours to get one game of the needed type, let alone if I have to win or something more specific then that.
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2022.01.19 01:18 Express_Swimming_866 Hunga Tonga Volcano Will Cool The Earth - Preliminary Measurements Estim...

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2022.01.19 01:18 fhx74 Tails vs. Exeller Artist: Mewter14

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2022.01.19 01:18 Opoyiss UP Elections 2022: Mulayam Singh Yadav's daughter-in-law Aparna Yadav to join BJP today

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2022.01.19 01:18 Ghostafied Pvp suggestions?

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2022.01.19 01:18 Jimmy_Cheese_ Can someone tell me what kind of plant this is? Thanks 🙏🏼

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2022.01.19 01:18 Whoosh_Owl A rant about my “friends” very smart decision (/s) of abandoning me after my suicide attempt

This is a note I wrote to myself to try to cope with everything that’s happened. I plan to read this off to my “friends” when they finally “feel comfortable to talk to me”:
Hello. My name is Jasmine and I have just been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Here are common symptoms according to NAMI:

I am a freshman in college. During college, I have attempted suicide five times, three which have resulted in hospitalization. This most recent hospitalization happened because my friend lied to me, saying that I wasn’t going to a psych ward. I came back only to be met by the EMS. For context, I have trauma from being hospitalized the past times. You would think in order to help a friend, you wouldn’t send them to a traumatizing place? A place that only makes things worse? Anyways A few days ago, I was discharged from my most recent hospitalization. I was met with all of my friends saying that they’re not comfortable around me, saying they can’t do this anymore, and have taken the extra steps to avoid crossing paths with me. The only explanation I got from ONE friend was “all of this has put me in a terrible mental state.” I’m ALL for giving my friends space when they need it, but they’re flat out taking extra steps to avoid me at all costs, with BARELY any explanation. Plus, if they needed space before all of this happened, they could have just said so. (This also confirms that I actually am a burden to them.) I KNOW I deserve a conversation, and I should have gotten one when coming back from being discharged from a psych ward. I would have LOVED to come up with a compromise with them. They have left me in a state of extreme confusion, extreme stress, and extreme loneliness when I just got diagnosed with a mental illness, am a recovering suicide attempt survivor, just got out of a traumatizing place, and overall just need more support than “normal” people because of my BPD. You would think that I would need support from friends now more than ever in my life, right? And isn’t it unfair how after experiencing a friend almost dying by suicide they get to support each other, but when I almost die by suicide I have no one there for me? Isn’t it fucked how I am getting the impression that I have to do something to earn back their friendship? Isn’t it fucked that they’re making me feel like I should be sorry for trying to kill myself? If I am the problem in their lives, then why are they avoiding the problem? Isn’t it fucked how they get to spend time shopping and watching movies with each other while I sit alone outside or in my dorm thinking of ways I can cope? Speaking of that, since I JUST realized I got diagnosed with BPD, I don’t know how to handle it. You know what would have been ideal? If the people who said that they would always be there for me were there for me while at the same time I try to figure out how to cope on my own. Why did my friends lie when they said that they would always be there for me? Why did they lie when they told me I wasn’t a burden? Why did they lie when they said they would tell me if I was hurting them or doing something wrong? Why does their recovery from MY suicide attempt come at MY expense? I know what your thinking, “well making sure you’re ok is coming at their expense” Ok, we’ll, why didn’t they say that to me when I asked a billion times if helping me was affecting them mentally? Why did they reassure me that I wasn’t a burden? If they would have just said that they needed a little more space from time to time I would have been fine with that. Also, I constantly asked how mason was doing. I always made sure that I was there for him. You know what he would always say? “I’m fine.” I KNOW I deserve an apology. now I have to hope that they don’t all come together to go against me. Now I have to hope that they can actually step into my shoes and realize how much this childish avoidance game has affected me. Now I have to wish that they won’t disregard my words just because I’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness, adding to the stigma. Now I have to hope that they won’t push me away even further just for speaking my mind and my truth. Now I have to hope that they don’t demand an apology from me. Because I know I don’t need to apologize for trying to kill myself. I know I don’t need to apologize for having a mental illness. I know I don’t need to apologize for not giving them space, because they NEVER ONCE told me that they needed space in the past. I don’t need to apologize for expressing my true feelings all the time, because they have all told me that it’s ok for me to express my feelings, and that I am not a burden. I don’t need to apologize FOR SHIT. Also, mason, you promised my MOTHER that you would always be there for me. You broke that promise, making not only my life hard, but hers as well.
So there’s my story, what I just wrote probably doesn’t even describe half the shit that’s happened.
Thanks for listening
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2022.01.19 01:18 SamwiseGingee Couldn't place what was familiar about today, then it clicked!

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