[Repost] I am a research student doing research on GMO Food Labeling. Please help me and complete my survey for this project. Thank you.

2022.01.19 02:06 teapoiah [Repost] I am a research student doing research on GMO Food Labeling. Please help me and complete my survey for this project. Thank you.

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2022.01.19 02:06 Commando_NDF I killed 12 Magisters.

I killed 12 Magisters, the unkillable holder of the Crossing.
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2022.01.19 02:06 EggmanPandora When's chapter 370 coming out

When's chapter 370 coming out
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2022.01.19 02:06 isdifjonto1 THIS VIDEO WILL ACCURATELY GUESS YOUR AGE AND NUMBER [4,600 views]

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2022.01.19 02:06 SpicyCurrie23 An almost perfect season... all because of a buzzer beater in a nonconference game...

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2022.01.19 02:06 SadFix17 What does someone do to deal with absolutely giving their all and working hard while still being stuck in poverty?

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2022.01.19 02:06 tyrionpapers For quick access to any paper that can come up for mocks, DM me. I sell fast, cheap and easy. 1000+ buyers in the last few months. Reviews available.

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2022.01.19 02:06 TransRational Can we beat the Niners, and can LA beat the Bucs, so we can have the 'Toe Bowl' please?

Rodgers has long given accolades to Stafford as a worthy and underrated foe. I really want to see them face each other for the NFC Championship. It's the battle of the injured toes! The seen vs. the unseen.
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2022.01.19 02:06 EntireHelicopter2 [M4F] Cake Day Harem-- or, My Sudden Ascension to Godhood

For reasons that are still unclear (but I have begun to stop searching for answers) I have become a god. I was given little other than a letter of introduction and a pat on the back-- and that was it. I was still me in my cramped apartment, but I knew with all my heart that I was a god and could make anything happen. I could change the seasons or make everyone on the planet have purple hair-- all I needed to do was will it.
So naturally, I ran away.
I disappeared. It only took me a little while to figure out what I wanted to do with my godhood. First, I'll slip some scientists the cure for cancer and keep a careful eye on them to make sure they distribute it to everyone free of charge. I'll end all the wars I can think of and make sure there isn't an unhoused person on the planet. Will humanity know of my deeds or will I allow them to think that they've simply entered into a golden age? I haven't decided yet.
What I have decided on are my roommates.
I spent months creating a palace fir for a god: a sprawling mansion that exists miles above the Earth's surface. Even the richest people in the world can't reach this view (for very long, anyway). Of course, there were no issues with altitude or wind up here. I made it a special little pocket in the atmosphere to build my forever-home. I agonized over guests lists, figuring out who I'd like to invite, hemming and hawing over if it would be bad taste to invite two people who know each other or might be turned off by this invitation. It was hard to remind myself that I was a god and mortal codes don't really apply to me anymore. It may be odd to ask that my own family (just as an example) join my harem-- but I had to get over it.
I built personal bedchambers for all of them as well as a cavernous hall for myself with a bed to fit everyone plus more if and when I decide to expand. I built gardens and studios for art, gyms, bathhouses-- anything these women may desire, they may have.
Imagine the surprise on their faces.
--- Today is the big day. I've created a nice, wide, expansive patio wide enough for everyone to be spread out evenly. I'm standing on a balcony overlooking the pavilion, rehearsing a speech in my head. I haven't even looked at what these women are doing at this exact moment. They could be taking a nap, showering, cooking a meal-- they could be driving! But it matters not. The time to begin enjoying my eternal reward is now.
With a snap of my fingers, I summon everyone from my guest list to my sky-kingdom at once. Suddenly, dozens and dozens of women I've been fantasizing about since I went missing (probably should have left a note. Oops!) appear in front of me. As they all look around vaguely terrified or interested, I cough loudly, politely, to get their attentions.
"Hello everyone!" I bellow out. I must be instantly recognizable, even with my enlarged muscles and godly glow surrounding me. That is, I'm recognizable to the people I know personally. Not all of them can say that they do recognize me.
"I'm sure you're wondering what the hell is going on. I don't blame you. I'll keep it.... as short and you'll have to trust that some things will have to be explained personally." I pause, then power through the big reveal. "Loved ones, friends, strangers... I am a God. I can't explain it, but it's true. Look around, this is all the proof that you need." I gesture to the mega mansion behind me in case they somehow missed it in all the confusion.
"You may be wondering why have I gone away, or why I've brought you here. Well, I've been busy shaping the world and also.... figuring out what the rest of eternity is going to be like for me. And I've decided that I want all of you here with me. To have and to hold.... my goddesses. My lovers." I drum my fingers on the concrete railing in front of me. "This is no doubt shocking for some of you.... maybe not so much for the rest. But once the shock wears off... you'll find this is quite the life I've built for us all."
I start to descend, floating over the balcony but then suspending myself in mid air like only a god could.
"Know this... I won't force you into anything. If you wish to leave, I'll send you back to your lives and wipe your memory. You'll never have to do anything you don't want to. But for those of you who are willing to hear me out... to explore.... I give you the evening to explore your potential new home as I check in with all of you. It would be too much to address you all now. Please, explore, keep an open mind.... and I'll be with you before dinner." I bow my head and disappear before they can swarm me with questions, angry insults, or anything of that nature.
An hour later, once they've all started to explore the grounds-- I decide to pay my first visit to a woman staring out one of the many balconies at the clouds rolling around this place. I make sure only she can see and hear me so as not to attract others. I blink into existence behind her. "So, what do you think?" --- Hey Reddit! Apparently, I recently had a "cake day" (whatever the hell THAT is) on this godforsaken website. That seems to be a call for a celebration! Something special, a treat for a subreddit that is nothing but treats (even though I almost deleted my account at the start of the new year. Allllmost!)
If you're familiar with my posts (I certainly hope so!) then you know I love massive harem scenes, polygamous/polyamorous loving, group romance, luxury, dramatic storytelling, quality writing and cuddle puddles we can stuff into a scene. I still do! Scenes about gorgeous apartment buildings, incest dating sims, sailing around the world-- you name it.
Recently, a partner of mine (you know who you are!) told me when I search for harem scenes, if I want big and grand orgies, I should simply stop beating around the bush and ask for them. So, here I am! We can dress it up as much as we like, but I'm looking for a big harem scene.
Everything I always stress is still true: I always pull my own weight. I've been doing this a long, long time and know how to make this a fulfilling, rich experience for the partner I'm playing opposite of. I'm a quality writer and I will give you back 10x the effort you give to me.
So yeah! I want something big, bold and massive. A harem to end all harems. And it will still have plenty of fun elements: using my powers to make the dreams and desires of these women I've invited come true, creating demigods-- maybe even my own pantheon. Feuds between the women-- you name it! But a harem in the clouds is a harem in the clouds, baby. Buy the ticket, take the ride.
My kinks include: Multiple women, Group sex, lots of cum, tit sucking, tit fucking, dirty talk, hair pulling, pet names, rough sex, soft sex, creampies, public sex, heavy grinding, lap dances, outdoors, multiple orgasms, casual sex, loving sex/making love, neck biting, neck kissing, hickeys, love marks, make-out sessions, shower sex, sex in or surrounded by water, school sex, sex on top of a roof, tight clothes, teasing, casual nudity, love, romance, humor, incest, Celebrities or celebrities as face-claims.
Limits are your garden variety. Piss, shit, gore, vore, abuse, futa, bestialitiy. Anything else you're curious about, just ask!
I hope to hear from you!
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2022.01.19 02:06 GNU_Yorker 2 decades ahead of time Swingin' Ape Studios laid the groundwork for Microsoft's shared universe with this iconic commercial

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2022.01.19 02:06 tryism Pros and cons and what would you suggest for remodeling with old paneling in every single room of the house - joint compound in the grooves vs textured wall paper vs drywalling?

My home has paneling in every room. Some of the paneling is painted. Some is bare. Some of the rooms have what I can only call wallpapered paneling - it has indentations like paneling but has a color and look of wallpaper. Regardless it is ALL paneling and I don't like the look of any of it. I've seen videos of people using joint compound to fill in the gaps, sanding, and painting to look like drywall. I've also heard of a product that is supposedly a flaw hiding paintable textured wall paper to resemble drywall. Of course, there's always removing and drywalling as well. The paneling itself is in good condition. Has anyone here used one or all of these methods? Suggestions?
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2022.01.19 02:06 AggravatingNerve853 How often should I be taking a practice test?

I just started the 7sage curriculum, and although there is a detailed syllabus with each lesson in a specific order, practice tests are not woven into the curriculum (or at least not often). So, how often should I be taking a full practice test?
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2022.01.19 02:06 Megadoodle315 I'll let reddit decide Neons needs a nerf or not

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2022.01.19 02:06 Igobet 📅 19.01.2022 | ⚽ Football predictions today

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2022.01.19 02:06 timcrutch Regional Australia ownership

Long time reader, first time poster. Last year my wife and I decided that we were going to go electric. A bit of background first:
We’re in Australia and live in a regional centre in New South Wales. Now, there are probably around five model 3’s in the town in which we live (population ~ 65,000 as of writing), so it was a pretty big deal to us. To put it bluntly, we feel slightly like guinea pigs.
I have had a lot of questions from my family, friends and work colleagues, most of which are along the lines of “What happens when it runs out of charge?” (My answer is usually something along the lines of “What happens when you run out of petrol?”). I thought I’d sum up a few bits and pieces here for my fellow regional New South Welshmen in case, like me, you are trawling this subreddit in excitement but have a few concerns. I’ll try and skip over the usual hype around acceleration, storage, panel gaps etc.

  1. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries are brilliant. Although we’re just barely in the first chapter of our EV experience, from what I understand (based on the heinous amount of posts on this subreddit regarding LFP batteries), LFP batteries don’t do so well in the cold.
Where I live:
Mean max temp - 31.9 °C (89.42 °F)
Mean min temp - 2.8 °C (37.22 °F)
I mean, it’s only been a short while, and we’re in the midst of a warm-ish summer, but so far so good. I plug it in when I get home from work most days and don’t worry about the 80% max charge issue/idiosyncrasy of the previous batteries. One less thing to worry about.
  1. Insurance. We upgraded from a 2018 Holden Colorado (diesel ute/pickup) and we’re saving $20 a month on insurance. We’re with NRMA and have full comprehensive. This puzzled me, so when I was on the phone transferring over the insurance from our ICE vehicle to the EV I asked why. The helpful gentleman on the other end of the phone said something along the lines of Tesla being one of the safest car companies, yadayadayada. I wasn’t going to argue. We’re paying $70AUD a month (at agreed value).
  2. Maintenance. A lot has been said about this, so I will keep it relevant to regional Aus. Tesla informed me that if I needed assistance with the vehicle for any reason, they’ll send someone from a metropolitan area (or a licensed someone from a regional area) to come and take a gander. Now, I don’t know what this means in a real world scenario (and hopefully I don’t have to find out), but it sounded legitimate enough. The website states: “Roadside Assistance is available 24/7/365 during the first four years, or 80,000 kilometres for cars covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty (more on this in the next point).” Roadside assist policy - https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/downloads/roadside-assistance-policy-en.pdf
  3. Warranty. The Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty covers your vehicle for 4 years or 80,000 km, whichever comes first. The Model 3 SR+ (now the rear-wheel drive) also has 8 years or 160,000 km, whichever comes first, with minimum 70% retention of Battery capacity over the warranty period. “Tesla’s belief that its electric vehicle is fundamentally more reliable than petrol engine vehicles,” and that it is designed to provide owners “peace of mind” by combining the guarantee with eight years of roadside assistance, which includes flat tyre support.
  4. Rebates. Although we’re under a conservative liberal leadership at the moment, the rebates aren’t HORRIBLE. No stamp duty (as a rebate, $2,250) and an EV rebate ($3,000). For that second bad boi of 3k, applications can be made until 25,000 rebates have been claimed so it’s a limited time deal.
  5. Charging. Mainly in the wall at home using the included mobile charger (get about 17km per hour) which does us for most things. Will be getting a Gen3 wall charger from Tesla soon, so that’ll be something. The NRMA chargers scattered around regional NSW (https://www.mynrma.com.au/cars-and-driving/electric-vehicles/charging-network) are currently free, but will cost $ if you’re not a NRMA roadside assist member sometime in the future. We’ve been on a few road trips and haven’t run into any issues so far. Also, PlugShare. Just get it already.
We did the classic ceramic coat and tint just to make life easier with cleaning (touch free carwash, then a quick chamois after). We have a three-year-old so have a cabooster seat in the back and that’s all dandy. Honestly, a great family car. A great family car for regional areas just as much as it would be for metropolitan areas. We’re a one-car family and it’s serving us well. Sure, we get a few stares, but who gives a shit.
Happy to answer any questions or clarify things if needed.
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2022.01.19 02:06 jsakic99 ACS January-19-2022: Brooke Burke

Comedian Eleanor Kerrigan is in studio at the top of today’s pod, filling in for Gina Grad. The guys begin by discussing Adam’s experience at the Rams’ game, including thoughts on Sonny getting snubbed for a free towel, and why he doesn’t like male cheerleaders. The group also discusses illegal street vendors, and how it applies to other rule hypocrisy in LA. Before the break, Jay Glazer joins the podcast to talk about the latest in the UFC, thoughts on the NFL catch rule, and the importance of balancing your mental health.
Brooke Burke is on the line at the top of Part 2, and Adam asks her about her time on Dancing with the Stars. They talk further about the drive it takes to win that show (which Brooke did), and then they discuss Adam’s infamous unicycle performance, and the Jeff Ross / Cousin Sal controversy. Later, Brooke talks about her fitness app, ‘Brooke Burke Body’, as well as her daily health regiment, and her path to success. In the last part of the show, Eleanor reads news stories about an Australian woman born with two vaginas, an NFL player’s naked brawl with cops, Michael Phelps’ comments on trans athletes, and an actress offering her husband’s sperm to friends.
“Possibly the laziest and most ill-conceived bit they've ever tried on the show, and that's saying something!”
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2022.01.19 02:06 NDRRSS Welcome MetaMorphz eth collection

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2022.01.19 02:06 GuacamolEBola NG/lvl121/PS4/Isz Chalice Layer 3

Need help with Ebrietas, starting to get the isz root chalice.
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2022.01.19 02:06 Zerofasek You can check it!

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2022.01.19 02:06 auntred23 This girl has made herself at home with us while her parents are out of the country 😍

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2022.01.19 02:06 warholsfactory Wish I had this sub in undergrad

I struggled so much, feeling alone and lost in undergrad. I was always a bright student and curious to learn but being in a big city I felt so lost… everything was overwhelming to me, I got caught up in bad things to distract myself as I’m a natural born escapist it’s in my nature, and found myself in a dark space I couldn’t get out of. I graduated with an okay gpa, but my dream was to go to physician assistant school, and I was not a competitive enough candidate. I felt isolated in my classes even though I knew it was just in my head, and I really think having like minded friends would’ve helped me.
I love medicine I always have, and it breaks my heart looking back to see that I thought I was too dumb or stupid. That my problems were unique to me and everybody else is smarter than me, that they have it all figured out and look at me and laugh. I read a post here that said “studying is fucking hard and life is difficult.” That’s the most validating statement I’ve ever heard. Obvious to some, probably, but for little old me who felt like studying came naturally to everyone else, it was like a big hug.
Well, I made it to grad school (MHA) and I’m currently studying for the LSAT. Not getting into PA school realized my goal of being in healthcare law, advocating for uninsured and underserved. I have a newfound love for school and studying, and I feel such a passion for what I’m learning.
I think being open about our struggles can unite us and make us better students and human beings. It’s good and reassuring to know that even the most successful and driven have struggled. This sub just made me smile, and I had to share :) Happy studies!
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2022.01.19 02:06 shotsfordays [SPOILERS] Most/least brutal deaths for the most/least deserved?

Most brutal death that was least deserved: -Shireen. Most brutal and the least deserving of it. -(Honorable mention) Old lady who told Sansa that "the north remembers" and to place the candle in the Broken Tower. Was skinned alive.
Most brutal death that was most deserved: -Ramsay. Deserved to die and it was painful.
Least brutal death that was least deserved: -Janos Slynt. He deserved to die and he got lucky it was quick and painless.
Least brutal death that was most deserved: -Eddard. He didn't deserve to die, but at least it was quick and painless.
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2022.01.19 02:06 Shad0wPanther Destiny really needs to unleash the most powerful bomb in his arsenal more often

Destiny has a debate ending nuke when he debates these hyper religious people, so far the results have have been catastrophic, you either walk into the embarrassment or pivot around it and jeopardize the strength of your faith, and that is the "Does God know all things" arguement, if they say yes then you hit them with the nuke head on that will throw them off and disgust them, or they pivot off of it and it makes them look like they aren't super bought in, and either way thats a huge W.
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2022.01.19 02:06 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Treason trial of Cambodian opposition head Kem Sokha resumes | Washington Post

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2022.01.19 02:06 deep_green_smoke ..----.. ..---.. ..---.. ..---.. ..---..

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