2022.01.27 10:35 pouncing55555 ✋🥺

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2022.01.27 10:35 chicagogamecollector MiSTer FPGA January News! PS1 Core Update! Sharp X68000! PS1!Arcade! Neo Geo Pocket and More Fun!

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2022.01.27 10:35 purplebluebananas Where do you start?

I’m receiving my hobby 3D scanner next month (revopoint 2.0) and I want to start reading and figuring out the programs and how things work. I would like to read and get the basic before I get the scanner. Any suggestions on where to begin? Or do you just start scanning and take it from there?
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2022.01.27 10:35 crytoloover Avalanche AVAX Flash Loan Arbitrage Tutorial - Easy Profit Method

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2022.01.27 10:35 Clipperswiree Discord?

https://discord.gg/VUxqH4pYtd over 300 members in a week
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2022.01.27 10:35 united-verdict-bot Unanimous "Not the A-hole" with 6 votes

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2022.01.27 10:35 nsmsi I like waking up to the smell of bacon, sue me.

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2022.01.27 10:35 kingofmylunchtime Was with two women on a holiday.

So basically I was abroad in my dream and there were two women with me. I had the feeling they were both attracted to me. I fancied one more than the other and she was stunning.
I was leaning against a wall at one point showing the one I liked my Facebook or something and she was close to me and put her head on to my chest. I felt my heart throb in a good way. Almost like butterfly’s type feeling.
What could this mean?
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2022.01.27 10:35 yung_cab Does Riot play their own game?

Because Tahm Kench have +15 damage and damage reduction in URF is an absolute joke
No but literally do they play their own game? In all my years of playing league this has to be the most unbalanced season ever
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2022.01.27 10:35 FrankBurly3000 card shops in KC area

What the title says - does anyone know of any good card shops in around a 50 mile radius of Kansas City?
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2022.01.27 10:35 united-verdict-bot Unanimous "Not the A-hole" with 35 votes

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2022.01.27 10:35 igot_aids_379 Wearing bladee shirt to school

Wondering how to wear bladee merch in public without getting bullied
My fit consists of -Red Light tee -slim fit dark blue jeans -Jordan 1 mids to match the shirt
have any of you worn bladee merch to school or anything similar? how fast did you get laughed at? advice?
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2022.01.27 10:35 footwit Триппьер раскритиковал Леви

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2022.01.27 10:35 Vel203 What is optimal use of desire points for f2p?

Is it worth paying 1000 gems for a specific supporter in a desire shop or it's better to buy low price tickets and spend gems on something else?
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2022.01.27 10:35 MoxDraftz When I Get To 100 Acre Wood in KH2.5

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2022.01.27 10:35 Tharoufizon My first jarrarium!

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2022.01.27 10:35 rogo725 Anyone here work for a national insurance company full time? IE: travelers, State Farm, progressive, etc.

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2022.01.27 10:35 p3rm4rl3m [MO] Is it worth it to go to HR/Employee Relations about a person that is making everyone's work life miserable? Or should I cut my losses and start applying for new jobs?

I have this coworker that is a complete and utter nightmare. The picture of corporate office politics. They've lied and manipulated their way up by throwing people under the bus and even orchestrating situations to get other people in trouble. Every person in our department, outside of their team, hates them. This person and their team makes everyone's lives harder. They don't listen to us, so they bring in more work than we can handle. They do work they're not qualified to do (and that we already have people on staff to do). They won't tell clients no, and they make everything our problem. I have personally talked to at least a dozen people that say their work life is now significantly worse because of them. To demonstrate how awful they are, this person has a team of 6 people. They've had 9 employees come and go in 3 years. Some were even longtime employees. At least half of those explicitly said this person is why they left, but I suspect that the majority agree.
Moreover, this person is now trying to steal my job. The area they control is shrinking, so they are looking for a land grab. I'm young and kind to them, so they think I'm an easy target. I'm not unreasonable. I've tried compromising. When I give an inch, they want to take a mile. I swear, some days I spend more time worrying about their next move and gathering evidence to back myself up than I do working. I'm constantly stressed and angry. I can't even relax when I'm off work. I get headaches multiple times a week -- all because of this person's antics.
The worst part is that the work I do is very visible. So, when their team tries to do things and it goes over poorly, people think I did it. They've even been talked to by our Legal department and C-suite about some of the shit they've done. But, of course, everyone initially assumes it was me. It's a pride issue as much as it is a risk issue. Another example is that I've practically been begging to add a FTE to my team for over two years. I have way too much work for one person, so I made the case for it. In 2020, it was approved, but we didn't get to finish the hiring process because of the pandemic. Now that this person wants my job, I cannot get approval. Meanwhile, they've gotten approval for two FTEs in 6 months that are supposed to do parts of my job. It's maddening, and it feels deliberate. They've literally stolen job posts that I put up for other positions (not FTEs) and copied them nearly word for word. Now, I don't think they'd fire me because I just got a promotion and this company never fires anyone. But I'm being prevented from effectively doing my job.
I've talked to my boss, and they agree with me. However, the head of our department does not and is basically grooming the problem child for management. They get whatever they want, to the detriment of other teams. Several people have gone to the head of our department about this person, and they get beat down every time. The boss refuses to see that this person is a problem. We even have clients that refuse to work with their team. But still, they get away with whatever they want because they kiss ass, and our department head responds to that more than just doing good work and getting results. The department head is another big problem, and most people feel similarly about them, too.
I've never really dealt with HR. I've heard from other people that, when it comes to issues with coworkers, they've been told by HER to work it out amongst themselves with their manager. I don't know if there's even a case here or if she's just a shitty coworker that I will have to live with if I keep my job.
So, /AskHR, how should I handle this situation? I feel like HR is my last hope, but I'd rather just quit my job if it is going to be a waste of my time.
Thanks for reading.
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2022.01.27 10:35 jolowietje Max th3

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2022.01.27 10:35 footwit "Челси" предложил 3 млн. фунтов за своего игрока

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2022.01.27 10:35 ChefTim98 Best portal I've ever had

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2022.01.27 10:35 FichyFich I'm bored as hell and kinda feel down to [voice chat]

Hi, I'm 14m and as the title says really bored (beacause I'm quarantined). If you- yea YOU- somehow are around my age and also want to vc just hmu. ъ(・ω・)
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2022.01.27 10:35 smallsnake580 This is a group of 6th graders about to board american airlines 77 which slammed into the pentagon killing everyone onboard ?

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2022.01.27 10:35 Pretend-Ad-3854 One moment I’m about to send wedding invites, the next I’m grieving a BU.

I had all my wedding vendors booked, was ready to send the invites, when a random conversation turns into a reveal that he has cold feet and wants to postpone. That turns into discussions about how he’s worried I’m not smart enough, I won’t challenge him in his life enough. Agonizing conversation after the next reveals he wants to break up, he’s just worried he’ll regret it. 6 years we’ve been together, I grew up with that man. I feel hollow and terrified. I was picturing my whole life with this guy. I love him so much it hurt me to see him in pain as he was breaking off our wedding. I held him as he cried and told him everything would be okay as we broke up. I’m so thankful for this page, I’m sad that I’m here posting on it, but I’m so grateful to be able to see that as bad as this is I’m not alone. Wishing you all peace.
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2022.01.27 10:35 Natural-Strength-385 FML!!!! What do I do now!!!! Help me out guys how do I fix this

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