Fennec says what a lot of us are thinking...

2022.01.20 02:35 illexthesquid Fennec says what a lot of us are thinking...

I believe it's some good self-awareness on the part of the writers and a nod to the different approaches the two have that Fennec straight up says "your time with the Tuskens made you weak." Boba outright says it makes him strong, and from then on, it's easy to see their partnership as a yin/yang competing philosophies thing. Regardless, I think she said what many of us are/were thinking, and I'm glad the writers addressed it head on. It was like Boba was answering all of us, and whether you are satisfied with his answer, you now know it.
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2022.01.20 02:35 enasNsane Baby Doge Coin Surpasses All Time High

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2022.01.20 02:35 JaedanLikesGames Is it worth stopping retainers to correct tongue posture? To be more specific a 14 year old

I heard that when you have proper tongue posture but also a slightly narrow face (which I have) it widens your arch a little but this makes my teeth really sore when I put on my retainers. And also teeth wiggling back and fourth is bad for tooth health.
The reason my teeth were crooked before was because I was a mouth breather, theoretically speaking, if I have proper posture and stop my retainers my teeth will not completely relapse.
Im not a profeesional I need your guys help.
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2022.01.20 02:35 big_Boy1561 HP ENVY x360 Convertible laptop

Is this laptop good for computer engineering?
Specs: Windows 11 home 11th gen i7 processor Intel Iris XE graphics 16 GB memory, 512 GB ssd 15.6 inch diagonal touch display
I don’t game on my PC at all so I don’t need a crazy graphics card. I am not sure if CpE would require software that use heavy graphics in the future so I just need an opinion. This laptop will cost me about a grand.
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2022.01.20 02:35 Thud2 PsBattle: Torn wallpaper portal

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2022.01.20 02:35 regyrar33 Should Matt and Shane go through with their idea from episode 29?

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2022.01.20 02:35 yokeo18 Who else remembers Goodnight Nurse?

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2022.01.20 02:35 GenMars They can’t keep getting away with this

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2022.01.20 02:35 Lucius_Magus Sponsorship idea for Greg

Now that “Back in My Day” has been retired Greg needs a new weekly feature. May I suggest he beefs with someone or ones every week in my new favorite show bit: “Where’s the Beef?! With Greg Cote. Brought to you by Wendy’s”
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2022.01.20 02:35 M13T Anyone know where I can find this septum ring?

Anyone know where I can find this septum ring? Hi there, My favorite septum jewelry just broke and unfortunately the site I got it from no longer carries it. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with it and can direct me to a site I can purchase it again from.
The site I bought it from labeled it as followed: "16G 3/8 Clear Gems Gothic Bee Hinged Segment Ring"


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2022.01.20 02:35 Moonrise513 I am tired of being reduced to a "person" and not a woman

I am a liberal biological woman. I grew up a little bit of a tomboy (is that even ok to use anymore?) I practice yoga regularly. I went to college at a liberal arts school. It took time, but I now wholeheartedly embrace and celebrate being female. I like to think I'm open minded and take others feelings into account. But I am starting to feel like by taking other communities feelings into account, I am sacrificing my own.
I recently gave birth and am part of a postpartum group ran through my yoga studio. It is a group of 6-10 mothers, all biological women, and it is centered around sharing the struggles women go through as new moms. So why are we being described as "birthing people" in these liberal/feminist leaning communities. Why on the Mommit subreddit are we "people" mucking through parenting. But on the Daddit subredding, they're Dads. The men aren't being called "sperm contributing people" so why are we ok with being called "birthing people." How many birthing people in the US aren't women? I would really like to know that number.
Why aren't more women upset by this? Maybe for my own, I just go along with it, I don't want to ruffle any feathers... I want to still be included and thoughtful in my liberal communities. But I'm starting to feel very uncomfortable by the language and it might be the last straw for me. I love being a mom, I love that by being a woman my biological body was able to give birth and life to my son, I don't understand why I would want to use the flat, colorless language describing myself as just a birthing person.
Edit: Reading some of the comments, I realized I made it seem like being a new mom made me notice these terms in online communities. I posted this because I am hearing this language in my real life experiences. My birth prep class referred to all of us as birthing people as well as my postpartum mothers group. Both of these groups were very small and all of us are female and female presenting.
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2022.01.20 02:35 RelevantDay4 Should I get a PO Box?

In May I’m set to graduate college. Before this month ends, I need to apply for graduation. This requires me to insert a mailing address. However, in April, I’m set to move locations. At the moment, I have no idea where the new location will be. I probably won’t know until next month or so. I don’t want to put my current address as I’m afraid my diploma will get tossed or lost by the new people who will live at my current location. I don’t know anyone else who could hold my mail. Should I get a PO Box for now so I can get my diploma sent directly there?
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2022.01.20 02:35 two-waythreat Should 2K Give Ja the [Chef] Badge?

Let me know your thoughts below
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2022.01.20 02:35 BlackShadow007 [HIRING] Head of Community at Swash

Apply here: https://crypto.jobs/jobs/head-of-community-at-swash
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2022.01.20 02:35 potnblow Hiiiiigh assss fuuuuuck

Bored and mind is racing, cant concentrate on shit.
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2022.01.20 02:35 Appropriate-Talk-244 @thelockclub on Twitter Bucks -6.5 💰

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2022.01.20 02:35 IllustriousFeed3 Biden just said the bottom 40% of American workers got a pay raise in the last year. WTF NO WE DID’NT!

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2022.01.20 02:35 Ecstatic-Ad5850 we do a little bit of trolling

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2022.01.20 02:35 miserablemagicalmess Eyeliner for beginner?

Hi, so as the title says, I have never tried eyeliner before but want to try! Anyone have suggestions? Maybe a pencil and a pen, both affordable? They don't have to be perfect, just something good and cheap that I can practice with!
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.20 02:35 Live_Return_4504 Telly Hankton (New Orleans)

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2022.01.20 02:35 david_ogden Gold price rallies $30, silver price surges more than 3% as investors flock to safe-havens

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2022.01.20 02:35 IvoryEevee24 Just made my neon cow! im so happy :)

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2022.01.20 02:35 VietKoala303 Ok now judge me

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2022.01.20 02:35 Chaos_Ender Behold! The man eating thingy I found!!!!!!!

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2022.01.20 02:35 heatherlee1414 Swrious question. Do you believe in the death penalty? Why?

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