rtkt7 6b8br zesb8 9227i d64f2 7aa4t kfb34 8t56y hr33t 22eiy srnf2 bb2d6 erbfd 5ezz9 f6r8y 8yhb7 5tif3 8h5zk 2553a 8teye e49y3 Not to seem like am a dickrider but have you not seen ever since Kay got locked the bronx been falling apart - no one dropping , clue etc idk🤷‍♂️ |

Not to seem like am a dickrider but have you not seen ever since Kay got locked the bronx been falling apart - no one dropping , clue etc idk🤷‍♂️

2022.01.22 06:28 Putrid_Society4631 Not to seem like am a dickrider but have you not seen ever since Kay got locked the bronx been falling apart - no one dropping , clue etc idk🤷‍♂️

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2022.01.22 06:28 Usual_Database307 Turns out Mariella was insane all along. Vote next for who you want eliminated. Rules are in the comments.

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2022.01.22 06:28 zetec image test post

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2022.01.22 06:28 BMGPlayer90 Bored Apes

Die Bored Apes und die NFTs die er bewirbt sind in etwa wie Rolex vs. Uhren aus Istanbul! Bored Ape ist quasi wie eine Mitgliedschaft in einem exklusiven Club, ein Promi hat damit angefangen und jetzt wollen da alle dabei sein. Ist aber keinesfalls übertragbar auf Scam NFTs.

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2022.01.22 06:28 ArmandPierce The last week in Texas.

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2022.01.22 06:28 operationmusicman where/how to watch the live at rockefeller DVD?

youtube doesn’t have all the songs, amazon isn’t selling it, is there any source to buy or stream the whole live performance? thanks in advance!
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2022.01.22 06:28 thefellybeel Looking so pretty

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2022.01.22 06:28 miskzeana Shifting before Freshman Year

Is it possible to shift to a course before even starting your first year in college?
I already applied for ADMU for health-allied courses but I am now leaning towards studying social science courses. I was wondering if it is possible for me to shift courses in the case that I passed the ACET and the courses I applied for.
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2022.01.22 06:28 Ithinkimdepressed- 23 days and 28 mins

I’ve been clean for 23 days and I think I’m about to ruin it. I ate so much and I’m so scared. The last few times I decided to get sober was bc it got so bad I had petechiae. But it hurts so bad, purging is the only relief. I’m scared
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2022.01.22 06:28 ricearoni3989 Do quest follow your current level in new game plus?

So I’m getting ready to start a new game plus save and I’m curious if quest I have already accepted follow my level as I level up or does it stay at the level I accepted it on?
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2022.01.22 06:28 ItsDaddyAJToYou Weve all had this moment

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2022.01.22 06:28 Evildominion37 Why can't Naruto and Sasuke give eachother Rinnegan?

After Sasuke lost Rinnegan he could technically still get a new one. He only needs senju/uzumaki dna, which he can get from naruto through a simple blood transfusion. They could both get rinnegan with relative ease, and naruto can probably still use it effieciently because he still has large chakra reserves without kurama. Just Imagine Naruto using his shadow clones like Nagato with the 6 paths of pain, each of them sharing vision.
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2022.01.22 06:28 Undercoverspy007 Haze Valley Farm?

So I got to Geiger’s Paradise on PS4 and I can’t find farm. Is there some kind of locator?
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2022.01.22 06:28 Paronomasiaster Bollocks. The depths people will go to for internet points. I can only wonder what the staff were thinking.

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2022.01.22 06:28 Apprehensive-Sir1511 a man in need of help

The other day my girlfriend realized she had not backed up her iPhone in a couple weeks. So I backed up the phone for her, after the backup was complete i was using her phone. All of a sudden when i went to her Messages, there was an iMessage thread to her ex boyfriend… but the most messages were from 2019 (we weren’t together)… So im confused. Can someone elaborate on how that could happen? Why would text messages that are deleted come back on the phone if all i did was do a routine iCloud backup? Much appreciated if anyone can help.
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2022.01.22 06:28 CooperPotato Rodan Remodel Prediction

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2022.01.22 06:28 Know_Your_Shit_v2 [YouShouldKnow] YSK about uBlock Origin, Sponsorblock & Bypass Paywalls Clean

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2022.01.22 06:28 MinnieDA Testing new colours, drew Natsuki for a friend

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2022.01.22 06:28 Sam_Jack_ Yes, yoga

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2022.01.22 06:28 Leonidshu [PS4] W: uny/ap/wwr scout set H: TSE*2 Gp, TSE50resist laser, BE25 fixer

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2022.01.22 06:28 Isbot2000 Hourly Wholesomeness

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2022.01.22 06:28 thsvnlwn Sleeping mode

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2022.01.22 06:28 StandBoth so i almost astral projected

i tried to astral project
got the state between sleep and awaken after that i opened my eyes to see my self in my room and also traped in my body, no matter what i do i couldn't push my self out of my body , any tips?
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2022.01.22 06:28 girliebussyboii does cerave cream ruin my serums?

so in my morning routine, i apply:
• isana niacinamide 5% serum (15-20 drops)
(isana is a german drugstore brand)
(it has like no occlusives nor emollients. has glycerin, niacinamide and hydrolyzed HA and is in a light gel consistency)

• neutrogena bright boost neoglucosamine serum (3 pumps)
(this serum is more hydrating, glycerin and dimethicone including one)
and then apply a reasonably generous amount of cerave cream.
my question is: i feel like the cerave cream is kinda mixing with the serums and taking them off. is it true? after i apply my cerave cream my skin feels kinda wet but dries in like 10mins.
i rub it in like a normal person.
am i rendering my serums useless?
please help.
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2022.01.22 06:28 lochydjango r/Witchbrook Subdirect Statistics

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