2022.01.20 03:03 hejdhehehgrgeg Failure

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2022.01.20 03:03 tsnud ich_iel

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2022.01.20 03:03 DeltaData Darker Night and True Nights not working

Obviously I want my nights to be darker since the vanilla night is way too bright, but when install either of those mods they don’t work. I do run True Storms and really don’t mind switching to Vivid Storms (which doesn’t work either) I also use a lighting mod. I just wanna get it to work. Thanks!
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2022.01.20 03:03 Snoo-69690 holy shit it's hard sometimes

I'm in an LDR with someone who goes to an isolated school in a different state, like a growth program in the mountains. It's been a bit under a year of this and after being together for two weeks this Christmas, it's agony having to go back to long distance. She gets a maximum of 4 hours of internet a day, all mid-day times, and it's nowhere near enough with how much I miss her. I just can't imagine a whole 'nother semester of this, and I don't know what to do. I think my feelings are starting to fade? or at least I'm so hurt by circumstance I find it difficult to be my normal cheerful self on the phone and facetime.
How do you guys handle the separation and the pain that comes with it
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2022.01.20 03:03 jorteken İlk cu

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2022.01.20 03:03 Fizzlebang_Wonderpop Free Crypto Faucet, Bitcoin Faucet, ETH Faucet and more different cryptocurrency!

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2022.01.20 03:03 swagNextTuber Most ‘Havana Syndrome’ Cases Unlikely Caused by Foreign Power, C.I.A. Says

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2022.01.20 03:03 ChirpingSparrows NDTV

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2022.01.20 03:03 EthTraderCommunity World’s first DeFi ETF to be listed on the Brazilian stock exchange in February

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2022.01.20 03:03 Pepix99 Hey im 22M and have been balding/thinning since 19-ish. Ive been using minoxidil and started derma rolling with 1.5mm about 3 weeks ago, should I add Finasteride? (doctors adviced me against it as im still "too young" for it) And any other tips to improve hair thickness?

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2022.01.20 03:03 ChookieLord Old Man Jankins

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2022.01.20 03:03 GameOnBrother Here's What Lessons Nightingale Will Draw From Mass Effect, Dragon Age, And Anthem

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2022.01.20 03:03 OrganicAnybody1747 Are you a Jedi or Sith?

You don't have to pick a side. It's worth considering though, which side of The Force you lean more toward. Everyone's conditioning is different. Know thyself and all that.
That isn't the point of this post though. This is to look at the reality of The Force and to recognize that, you are actually a Force-sensitive. This isn't simply a belief. It's a provable fact. Let's take a look.
In your environment right now there may be any number of objects, including this digital screen and your body. The space between each of these objects is obvious, isn't it? So obvious in fact that it's ignored and taken for granted.
The space between objects in your environment is literally the screen of Consciousness. Awareness, whatever that word points to, is the subtle sense of interaction with that screen. There's a subtle sense of being aware of these words, or the digital screen upon which they appear, is an assumed interaction. It's only a sense,
because the screen itself doesn't move. This is where some get away with saying that Nothing is happening. Quite literally, Nothing is the only thing happening. And the subtle sense to recognize this in whatever way it appears, is also the Nothing, happening.
Free will and independent agency don't matter in this context because each would assume there's something apart from Nothing. Which is obviously never the case, because all of this is appearing on an empty space, a canvas of imagery, clear immovable Consciousness. In fact, no concept matters.
But also, every concept matters.
Let's look at the concept of The Force again. From Star Wars, it's a mysterious momentum and or catalyst that acts as a binding agent. There's immediate correlation with the Dao, Zen, Shakti, Flow, Grace, all of that which implies effortless being. What does it feel like though? How can one know it?
Sit still, and give attention to what that feels like. Without immediately jumping to conclusions and trying to describe it, simply be with it. Be, Awareness. This is The Force.
Discerning between the Light and Dark is easy, and easier the more acquainted you become with feeling. So use time to reflect when it's convenient. Just before bed, if you're so inclined. May The Force be you.
"Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." - Yoda
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2022.01.20 03:03 savessh Mola Ram vs Indiana Jones

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2022.01.20 03:03 Room_Psychological I hate being stupid

I'm inheritly dumber then everyone. I know about random subjects but compared to others that know about it I'm an idiot. I had to. Quit because I couldent take it I was to dumb and had to friends. I'm really tired of myself I'm never going to have a job
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2022.01.20 03:03 lasocs 1940: The Duluth Zoo

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2022.01.20 03:03 TitanBP Im Sorry WHAT?

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2022.01.20 03:03 Ksn_dev Cycle of gamdev

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2022.01.20 03:03 MotionInTheeOcean Crypto Scam Alert! Pig Butchering Scam

There is a scam going around which my friend recently got caught in called the Pig Butchering Scam. They target mainly Asians on dating apps. We found other posts on reddit that others have been caught in the scam before but it was too late by the time we found out about it. I've linked to one of the posts below.
Link to article:
The scammer was able to get her to transfer her Ethereum to some fake Boerse Frankfurt website and covert it to a coin called QCC or QCash.
This scam seems like it just started recently in the US about 8-9 months ago but it was rampant in China.
We believe we were able to trace the wallet address to a Tokenlon exchange but it's hard to say since they were moving the crypto in and out of many wallets. But this address has about $7.5M so we think this might be it.
There doesn't seem to be a report option on Tokenlon and even then I don't know if they can even send the funds back to the victim because they have moved it through so many different wallets.
I hope I can get the word out and help innocent people avoid such trauma. No one should ever have to go through this.
If you or anyone you know who uses dating apps and they talk about how they found the perfect guy/girl (e.g. good looking and making a lot of money trading crypto) it's most likely a scam.
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2022.01.20 03:03 keepitswolsome Hubby with our cat (not me)

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2022.01.20 03:03 cone8042 This is what it's getting to at this point

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2022.01.20 03:03 FindingAxieScholars Pega Scholarship

Looking for managers! Already know how to 0lay and ready to play
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2022.01.20 03:03 bucket--bot in his feelings of it

you re listen to leave i hope someone and over when you do i donate a girl
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2022.01.20 03:03 Madhabistudio Modeling Comp Card Template Fashion Model Comp Card | Etsy

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2022.01.20 03:03 jbhack Phishing Playbook Ideas

I am looking for ways to improve on our phishing email containment. How does your organization deal with phishing emails?
Our current process.

  1. Users report phishing emails.
  2. Email is reviewed for attachment, links, and sender.
  3. Sender is blocked, attachments and links are reviewed in virtual machine with no internal network access. This requires decoding attachments, blocking phishing site, and blocking site where information is being posted to.
  4. Block domains at firewall. This also requires looking up IP and domain logs to see if we missed any users visiting these sites.
If the user clicks on the link, we have follow up questions, did they provide info, regardless to play it safe change the users password. Verify logs on O365 if there were any authentication attempts around the time of the email arriving or user reporting the phishing email.
What else should we be doing?
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