My survival plan-gear

2022.01.27 11:10 what_iffff- My survival plan-gear

Get into a squad of 3-5 and then create a system of base-squad when we reach higher amount of people
It is basically bases with 20 people, and 3-6 people squads going around scouting and making new bases.
I would primarily use crossbows and moltows, but drones are also useful to have, and a knife
Food and water depends on what I can get hands on, but is mostly situational.
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2022.01.27 11:10 GottaBeHoobastank Song dedications...

let Forsythia help you with a personalized recommendation...
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2022.01.27 11:10 No-Aide-7872 Making a (very) large wooden box with a sliding lid.

Well, kind of. I'm a lighting designer and I'm working on a project which is basically a large (around 3x5m) installation that will be hung on a wall behind a bar at an upscale restaurant.
The installation consists of 731 small LEDs placed inside custom-made spherical diffusers and attached to a wooden board in a grid. In order to be able to access the components relatively easily for repairs in the future, I would like to make what I can best describe as a really large (but relatively shallow) box with a sliding "lid".
The box (more of a frame) will be attached permanently to the wall and should be around 3x5 meters, and around 10cm in depth. I want to have a sliding box kind of mechanism so that I can attach the lights to 3 separate wooden boards and then simply slide them into the frame. The purpose of this whole box/frame idea is also to hide all the wiring and components behind the lights.
My question is: as someone with very limited woodworking experience, what are some things I should look into / be prepared for / alternatives I might want to consider to make this work? I imagine that, due to the size, there might be some challenges. Since I'll probably have to join a couple pieces of wood to make a 5 meter piece, I imagine that cutting a groove (for the sliding lid) and making sure it's all perfectly aligned will be a big challenge. I'm sure there's a lot of other issues that I haven't thought of as well.
Please let me know your thoughts on this! Here is a quick 3D model I made to help visualize what I'm thinking of. The piece on the right is meant to go on at the end to close the frame and hide all the wiring. Also here's an early render of the idea for the project (without the frame, just in case anyone is curious). Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing people's thoughts on this!
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2022.01.27 11:10 Wonderful-Parsley858 Sharp feeling on skin when wearing quartz necklace

Today was my first day wearing a uncut quartz crystal necklace to work. Ive put the necklace under my shirt but it started to give a burning or a sharp feeling on the place of the stone. Was this the crystal doing some extra work?
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2022.01.27 11:10 caitlin547 [MLB the show 19] G.O.A.T. The Welcome to the Chip trophy was a pain but I’m now one of 243 who’ve got the platinum.

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2022.01.27 11:10 Aromatic_Argument842 Reddit mod starter pack

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2022.01.27 11:10 zrcodd searching for a sweet sweet notorious cow

have yet to get my hands on caedyn the cow if ANYONE is willing or has one for sale at a reasonable price pls let me know...i desperately want her and have been looking since she came out. simply not willing to pay the inflated prices people are charging on mercari and stuff. i will pay you and i am also an artist so like if you wanted i could make you a lil art piece or something as well 💖✨
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2022.01.27 11:10 awfylzitus 🤨

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2022.01.27 11:10 Teefs_art Starting my fourth genshin elemental family project with Qiqi and Ganyu!

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2022.01.27 11:10 bubblebubz The Netherlands beating Finland in being racist.

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2022.01.27 11:10 AlexaDinner Found this vintage floreal shirt in a flea market and immediately felt in love with it! 🌺 What do you think?

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2022.01.27 11:10 daphneebrazeau Did your cats meow less as they got older?

My cat is 6 months old and meows for my attention. I'm ignoring him and not rewarding his meows. Wondering if anyone had a similar situation that got better with age
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2022.01.27 11:10 MaegicRSlur Its tough out there

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2022.01.27 11:10 Far_Ad_3482 What drugs can you still take when your on antipsychotics

So I have to take Risperidone (4mg a day) I wonder what kind of drugs would still have an effect on me. Can I still drink alcohol or use amphetamines? My psychosis got triggered after a bad breakup with someone that has bpd that fucked me up very bad and didnt let me sleep but I was also on ghb which wont keep you awake as long as I did on its own but it was still called 'drug induced psychosis' even though my psychosis wasnt directly induced by drugs
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2022.01.27 11:10 PauperJumpstart Parents Concerned After Daughter Leaves Sweaty Biker Boyfriend for Control Player

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2022.01.27 11:10 memoriesofcold 'Bad news seems to keep coming': Morning Joe compares Trump's legal woes to Boris Johnson's political bleeding

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2022.01.27 11:10 skin-top-skin How much are you paying for your (family) health insurance and which company?

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2022.01.27 11:10 Alliedoll42_42 New plans for February

I started taking Lexapro about three weeks ago. It's helping.
I have a few new plans. I need to do laundry at least once a day. I need to make certain the sink is always clean and that all dishes are put away. I need to make the bed. The cats like to lie on the bed and they prefer it made.
I also need to tackle a completely trashed out closet room that is covered in clothes and stuff I've just never put away or dealt with.
I want to start exercising 30 minutes a day. I also want to drink more water and eat healthier.
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2022.01.27 11:10 marcooyoperez BSV breaks records yet again with 5M daily transactions

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2022.01.27 11:10 Mr0PT1C Bought the dip after months of waiting and watching

Bought a few more million. It’s only a matter of time before the market finally swings back in our favor. This is a long term hold coin. Let’s get after it.
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2022.01.27 11:10 nobodynone1 "Oh No I hAvE aNxIeTy" 😩

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2022.01.27 11:10 Child_of_the_Abyss I need to practice my aim

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2022.01.27 11:10 bellyjelly23 2 months at the gym+bulking:)

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2022.01.27 11:10 travelingkaw Letter for military waiver

Hey y'all. I have a super specific situation that no one in my practice could help me with, so figured I'd ask here. I'm a therapist in an outpatient setting. I have a client in the national guard who has suicidal thoughts/Intrusive thoughts. They have requested a letter to get them out of gun practice during drill weekends. Has anyone done this before and know best practices/how to write the letter?
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2022.01.27 11:10 ThatsisntDannemore Britains 'Friends'!! (Flag Copycats will be posted tommorow)

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