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[W] [US-MA] Any Free Servers

2022.01.19 01:23 Sure-Temperature [W] [US-MA] Any Free Servers

I run quite a few services on an old 2012 Mac Mini, but it’s starting to show it’s age, especially when it comes to hosting my Plex content.
Unfortunately, I’ve been unemployed for quite some time, so I can’t afford to buy anything more powerful.
Does anyone here have anything that they’re not using anymore and wouldn’t mind parting with?
Noise isn’t an issue, but power consumption can’t be anything crazy.
Distance also isn’t a huge concern, I wouldn’t mind driving an hour or two from the Cape to pick it up
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2022.01.19 01:23 333amelia Is it better to have a bad score or a void?

Testing 1/21.
My FL averages have been wack, I’m not where I want to be at all. I don’t want to no-show.
Should I void? Or should I just let it be scored and then work harder for my second attempt in a couple months?
Pls help give me advice
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2022.01.19 01:23 _Paper_Flower_ Are you lightning? Because you are my McQueen ;)

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2022.01.19 01:23 ImBLUEHABADEE Cover for my LLB (read my comment)

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2022.01.19 01:23 haRpoon-2oveRpow_e Ms.Sethi masturbating

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2022.01.19 01:23 Inevitable_Wolf_4265 "Yeh, Nah, He's Ok", Admits Aussie About Virat Kohli

As news spread of India’s incumbent Test Captain, Virat Kohli, stepping down from his position at the helm with immediate effect, across all formats of the game now, some of his harshest critics momentarily rested their swords to congratulate the great batsman on his achievements as the Captain of the Indian cricket team.
“Look, I’ll start off by saying, I still reckon he’s a flog for all that chirping he does. Just play the game nice and quietly mate. That’s how it’s played Downunder”, says Shannon, as he welcomes us into the guesthouse adjoined to his parents home in Western Sydney.
Amongst SENA nations - South Africa, England, New Zealand and Australia - Kohli’s love-hate relationship with Australian cricketers and their fans is, without doubt, the most tempestuous of all.
On his first visit to the island nation, a young Kohli adequately set the tone for years to follow when he infamously demonstrated to a polite and knowledgeable Australian crowd where they could find his middle finger.
From manufacturing eternal friendships with the likes of Brad Haddin, Mitchell Johnson and most recently, Tim Paine; to all-but labelling opposing captain, Steve Smith, as a cheat in Pune during the 2017 series (we’ll cover ‘Kohli, the fortune-teller’ in another entry), it’s been one helluva ride.
Sitting down in Shannon’s bedroom with an ice-cold brew of India’s finest - Kingfisher - the superfan proudly details the wide variety of cricketing memorabilia canvased across the room.
But like a supreme halo, one item glows bright among the rest. A framed, glazed and glassed MRF Genius stands tall.
“Mate, If I’m being brutally honest with ya, I didn’t really rate the bloke’s batting”, claims Shannon, as he goes on to describe the mounted piece of art.
“Yep, that’s his bat. The bat he used in his first Test as a Captain. Adelaide 2014.”
“I don’t really remember how he went that series with the bat though.”
After being floored first-ball by a vicious Mitchell Johnson bouncer, the master batsman never fell again. Collecting four centuries during the tour, including two in one match in his first Test as skipper in Adelaide, Kohli stamped his authority not only on the game but in some of world cricket’s most hostile conditions.
Before thanking Shannon for the beverage and tour of his Penrith home, we’re taken aback by an oil painting of Virat & Anushka Sharma (his wife), seemingly on their wedding day, hanging from the living-room wall.
“Oh..umm it’s me(sic) wife’s mate. She’s into artisan crafts and fascinated by Indian culture, and all that other corny stuff. Definitely not mine.”
“She’s not here right now, but you’ll have to ask her why Virat and Anushka just look so beautiful and happy, like they’re moulded in the reflection of the God’s themselves.”
“The God’s. Them. Selves”, Shannon suggests, as he wipes away the single tear dropping from his left eye.
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2022.01.19 01:23 Desperate-Tip8608 When PulseX goes live, Will there be a "POOL" tab feature? or will it be SWAP ONLY?

Hi, Im currently checking out the testnet and was at the DEX ("") portion where I played around. What i noticed was there is only the "SWAP" tab. Does anyone know if there will be a "POOL" tab added on launch day or before then?
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2022.01.19 01:23 frog-ghost foundations

for awhile now i’ve not been able to put foundations on my house, has anyone struggled with this ?
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2022.01.19 01:23 like_a_wet_dog Progress was made

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2022.01.19 01:23 Kunstkurator Etruscan incense burner on wheels. (1024X756)

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2022.01.19 01:23 Fugazi2112 Alexandria RPG Library seeking GMs and Librarians for Gen Con 2022

Are you a solo GM planning to run (non-D&D 5E, non-Pathfinder) events at this year's show? Have a session of FASERIP Marvel Super Heroes adventure you're DYING to get in front of folks? Palladium Rifts? Rolemaster? That super-crunchy, super-broken version of Shadowrun 2E? Do you have a favorite pet system from yesteryear that needs to live again?
Don't run your game solo -- Consider running games with us!
We are the Alexandria RPG Library ( - and we will be bringing a selection of hundreds of RPG source books, modules, game aids, splatbooks, supplements, representing the breadth and depth of 40+ years of roleplaying game history, and making them available to the Gen Con audience.
We are seeking GMs like you to run your wacky, oddball, dead game, obscure indie. Your custom hack of Dread, your WEG Star Wars D6 smugglers one-shot, your homebrew one-page system you scrawled onto the back of a napkin at the Steak and Shake and are SUPER EXCITED to share with fellow RPG enthusiasts.
We. Want. You.
We are actively seeking volunteers to run games under our banner, or to be Librarians and Game Sommeliers to help answer questions and share stories with Gen Con attendees at our Library display.
If this sounds like you, please fill out our Call for GMs and Librarians form, to help us gauge interest, discover our capacity to provide volunteers with rewards (e.g. T-shirts), badge and hotel support, and overall help us in our planning to bring an amazing presence to Gen Con (and our other shows) this year.
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2022.01.19 01:23 Round_Badger6836 what matters in life the most

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2022.01.19 01:23 Tiny9915 I asked my girlfriend for help and she said no.

I lost my job when COVID began, and depression set in hard over the last year and a half and I'm trying to dig myself out of it. I gained weight and have been lacking in motivation. I'm the king of making excuses and not holding myself accountable, so I asked my girlfriend if she would help so I had someone else to be accountable for getting my ass in gear and doing what I need to do. I know once I fall back into a routine I'll be fine, I'm just struggling with getting back into said routine. Well as the title says, she said no, that she didn't want to be my keeper. I respect her honesty but it kind of feels like now our relationship is on two levels. I am always helping her out and offering help and I would do anything she asked if it was something she needed. Having her flat out say no without discussion or trying anything really has made me question our standings with each other. I look at this relationship as a partnership, we're each other's people, and we have each others backs. I don't think what I asked is unreasonable, and I get that she doesn't want to me mommy, but it just really hurt that she flat out said no. How do I move forward when I'm now questioning so many things?
TLDR: asked girlfriend for help keeping me accountable to someone other than myself and she said no.
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2022.01.19 01:23 GianMarcoDAir99 do uSpain scores create false hopes?

I decided to redo content review after a fiasco on my first attempt (aug 2021). For my first attempt, I had about a month and a half to study and take practice exams. I went through uSpain but I feel like I did not retain much (or rather forgot a lot due to rush) on my first run through. I remember scoring in the 60-70s overall. This time around, I treated uSpain as a kaplan end of chapter question set after going through the respective chapters and started to avg 85-90%. I still have chem and phys to go through but should I get my hopes up to see a significant improvement on FLs? The real deal is crazy anyways, so my main focus will soon shift to taking as many FLs as I can before retaking the actual test.
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2022.01.19 01:23 sekiprodit Pinot Noir D69

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2022.01.19 01:23 Different-Spinach699 Uno viene a echar desmadre y salen con sus mamadas..

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2022.01.19 01:23 Big-Tennis6060 First go at using oil paints! Tips welcome

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2022.01.19 01:23 undecidxd GENESECT 9626 9198 8225 10 PPL HUNDO HUNT

Lets PoGo !!
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2022.01.19 01:23 haRpoon-2oveRpow_e Ms.Sethi masturbating

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2022.01.19 01:23 peliculin Sam y Tusker, socios de 20 años, están viajando por Inglaterra en su vieja casa rodante visitando a amigos, familiares y lugares de su pasado. Desde que a Tusker se le diagnosticó demencia de inicio temprano hace dos años, su tiempo juntos es lo más importante que tienen.

Sam y Tusker, socios de 20 años, están viajando por Inglaterra en su vieja casa rodante visitando a amigos, familiares y lugares de su pasado. Desde que a Tusker se le diagnosticó demencia de inicio temprano hace dos años, su tiempo juntos es lo más importante que tienen. submitted by peliculin to pelis28 [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 01:23 queenclumsy Meanwhile in Australia

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2022.01.19 01:23 laffingriver blunder drills?

are there drills or ways to practice blunders and traps other than trial and error ? i find myself in games where i dont see the whole board and walk into dumb situations. sometimes i do it even when i saw it a move or two earlier.
there are mating drills, what about “avoid losing your queen with a pin in two”?
im a casual player so with trial and error its hard to retain lessons ive learned the hard way if i even learn at all ?
ive been playing for like 30 years but just got into online chess and its much more challenging
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2022.01.19 01:23 Intelligent_Tune_392 Thanks Marvel and SONY

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2022.01.19 01:23 Illiria_x Sold a working juicer, now buyer is asking for a refund.

I have sold an item on Facebook marketplace, when I had it at my house it was working, but once sold the customer took it home and has said it is no longer working, and has asked for a refund. I have refused said refund as it was working at my house, and the customer has stated she expects a refund and will be taking it further. Is there anything she can do? Should I give the refund? It was working when I tested it a few weeks ago, but upon inspection she was saying the juicer entrance was quite small and asking for a cheaper price, I declined as I had all pics and measurements on the ad. But she's now said it's not working. Not sure if she just wants a refund due to change of mind by saying it's not working 🤔
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2022.01.19 01:23 c0viDOMME Colorado doctors say hospital system is on 'brink of collapse' due to staffing issues

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