Let's do it

2022.01.19 02:02 TrickyMidnight1481 Let's do it

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2022.01.19 02:02 Ambitious-Umpire8915 RIP 😭

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2022.01.19 02:02 c0viDOMME Grocery stores could close if labour, product shortages worsen: experts - National

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2022.01.19 02:02 Defiant-Anybody-9218 Field office N400

Has it happened to any of you guys N400 interview was scheduled in a field office that is not yours, but in the same state, and is there a reason for that? Do you need to call USCIS
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2022.01.19 02:02 Some-Championship894 Acne Scarring

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2022.01.19 02:02 Ok_Author8132 401k Rollover 60 day penalty?

Requested a rollover check from Merrill Lynch to my new job that is managed by Fidelity. The date of check is October 18th,2021. I had a Roth IRA and 401k. The check addresses “FIIOC FBO F/B/O then my name Account #XXXXX Since 60 days has passed, am I at risk of a penalty tax? I’ve heard differing things online and neither ML or Fidelity told me about a 10% penalty.
Literally have my masters in Accounting. Exhibit A of how accountants do not know taxes lol.
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2022.01.19 02:02 Tight_Builder_5866 Add my Snapchat girls james_m7154

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2022.01.19 02:02 Arctic_Yeet How do i do image recognition + clicking

I need some sort of mac software (doesnt have to be automator) to identify a specific image on the screen and click it once. It sounds very simple but i cant find anything like it anywhere. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.19 02:02 Fancy_Alternative_34 When dealing with a small child/infant what is less destructible something rigid that could break or something that every detaches easily?

I live in very close proximity to my nephews the oldest of which is almost 2, soon I plan on buying a VERY expensive model for a hobby of mine but I’m concerned that how k build it may have consequences if he becomes determined to attempt to destroy it. My two options are trying to build it was sturdy as I can with nothing detachable (means $700+ down the drain if broken) or should I make everything detachable which in my opinion could possibly mitigate the risk of one thing breaking and ruining the entire thing. Parents please give me your wisdom
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2022.01.19 02:02 MattGreg28 1 Day Clean

I am, once again, 1 Day Clean. My Spring Semester at college has begun and it was exhausting. The classes themselves were alright, I am helping to form a study group in one of the 2 classes I had today and fingers crossed that I can put some feelers out for the 2 I have tomorrow. I also resumed my job at the campus bookstore and I was plenty sore and starving afterwards. Needless to say this kept me off of my addiction for the day. Let's see what Day 2 has in store for me.
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2022.01.19 02:02 Kranic [Preliminary/Abstract] Covid-19: Peak of viral shedding is later with omicron variant, Japanese data suggest (Reference to original data within)

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2022.01.19 02:02 Rumana67 BITChro

I trust in this project, and is sure that it will prove to be very powerfully in the nearest future, and for investors it is a good opportunity to consider, I wish to of explosive growth!
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2022.01.19 02:02 dorzasegna Echo Dot Promo Code $1

Here is the Echo Dot Promo Code $1
And also you can discover more Amazon coupon codes, deals, Up To 30% OFF discounts, promo codes on there.
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2022.01.19 02:02 yakinator2567 [SPOILERS] Predictions for Season 4!

Predictions for Season 4!
The first part of the last season comes out on Friday, so in honor of that, I thought it would be cool to do a prediction thread. Things you think will happen, could happen, or things you just pray happen. I’ll start with one:
Note: Since this is a prediction thread, spoilers are kind of needed.
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2022.01.19 02:02 Exotic-Win-1676 RNG HMV A2 Heavy Multi Purpose Vehicle

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2022.01.19 02:02 amnesiac7 Three Pennsylvania officers charged in shooting death of girl outside football game

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2022.01.19 02:02 CamicomChom First 4 elections in a new series I might do called "The Butterfly Effect", where only 1 small difference happens, and it leads to entirely different results. These are my first ones, I'd love constructive criticism. I might have made mistakes here and there.

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2022.01.19 02:02 wakeupneverblind Has no one notice that now the Everdome Team and partners have 0 TGE. This does this mean they can now sell all there tokens without having to wait like the rest of us at presale. I think this is BS because they already have deep pockets. But hey we don't make the rules they do right.

I just hope they HODL giving the token to explode.
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2022.01.19 02:02 St_KOi44 Kana was super annoying

Kana was the worst character in the entire series in my opinion. She had a huge main character complex and thought that the world revolved around her. I hated how she obsessively followed Shinichi around like a creep and tossed her boyfriend to the curb like trash even though she barely knew Shinichi and probably knew Mitsuo longer. She was extremely selfish and stupid, disregarding how other people feel and trying to impose on Shinichi and Murano’s relationship. I don’t understand why people think she is “relatable”. Her obsession with Shinichi was unhealthy and she kept digging her nose in things she had no business with. I couldn’t relate to her idiocy one bit. She totally had it coming and I was glad when she died. Good riddance, I couldn’t stand her.
I also want to address something that I’ve seen a lot in this community. The question that Murano always asks: “you are Shinichi Izumi right?” I never once thought that this was annoying or out of place. I saw it more as a motif that existed to reflect Shinichi questioning his own humanity. The question is symbolic of the reality that he is not the person he once was, and people will notice. I think the question just adds to the existential themes of the story.
What do you think?
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2022.01.19 02:02 lolumloli How do blind people poop?

When blind people are done pooping, how do they make sure they’ve wiped their asses clean? Does someone help them out? Or they wipe once and done?
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2022.01.19 02:02 Medical-Assistant83 Can someone clarify please?

I recently acquired the Picaroon's Tricorne in the epic dungeon Cragmires's Crypt. Does anyone know if I can use unbind tokens on it since I already have one as an appearance item?
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2022.01.19 02:02 whatheway 10 days in – Steelcase Gesture factory return via Crandall

This is REALLY LONG. And more contextual, but there are plenty of much better hot takes on the Gesture, so just in case you want this sort of thing (oh, and 5’10, 160 lbs., 46 y/o M who was athletic and is a bit too sedentary now as he works FT from home and also grad school, but no gaming, so lots of chair time for task stuff):
I started looking around here last month and thought I wanted a Crandall Leap V1 refurb, but then I thought since I have really bad wrists/hands – I used to do powerlifting competitions, and deadlifting I fucked up my radial nerve tunnels – I would want the depth adjustment for the arms… so V2 then. I still wanted to actually sit in one of these things, but around here the Steelcase authorized dealers are all focused on selling for office setup EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE NO OFFICES SETTING UP. But I found one guy who loves talking chairs and had nothing to do, so he invited me in to see and sit on a Leap.
I really liked it. It had the lumbar thing, and that seemed overkill on top of the back shape and the lower adjuster, but while pretty broad the chair looked nice. (I know, I shouldn’t care about that part.) The seat was certainly firm, but I actually like that. Honestly. Most people say they like dry wine and they don’t actually like wine that is actually really dry. Or beds that are truly firm. And nothing wrong with that, but I do, and this is firm, and I am guessing that a company that wants to sell as many things as possible sells them at a durometer that many don’t love because it works well for ergonomic design. So lucky me.
But I didn’t love it. And that is fine. Even though I wasn’t psyched about the added cushion height that Crandall does – see above love for firmness, and belief that manufacturers do it for a reason – I’m sure Crandall does it in a way that works or, well, they wouldn’t. I would have just gone then and spent hundreds less, but the salesman who literally couldn’t sell me anything – they will only sell to offices – had me try the Gesture. BOOM. It just fit. I also thought it looked awesome. I knew that 30 minutes won’t tell you much, but it did feel way more of a fit for me than the Leap (which also felt 1,000x better than the crap thing I had).
Problem is that there aren’t $4-500 refurb Gestures with 12-year warranties. I see lots here get really awesome deals from private sellers and wish I would do that, but it is what it is… I’d rather pay too much and know that I feel sure about recourse if I have a problem. When I saw that they had the factory returns – so basically new, and very importantly I knew just what the dings looked like since pics were shown for each chair – I still went with Crandall. I am embarrassed to say what I spent when I see others spending almost nothing, but it was still hundreds less than I could find discounted brand new from an authorized dealer, and I can live with it. My only regret is that I didn’t spend more for gray fabric, which is what I sat in at the showroom. The Gesture really has a nice profile, but black looks like most other chairs unless you squint. I must not be alone, as the authorized return models were more expensive for that color, and also cheaper for add-ons that I (and now I realize others) didn’t want (like the stool add-on, the wrap-back, polished aluminum base, etc.).
Anyway, the chair was at my local delivery warehouse and out for delivery in just three days but delayed by weather. When it got here it was packed insanely well and the pictures of the condition were 100% on point. +100 for the seller. Setup was simple, and I suck at technical things.
To finally get to the Gesture, it is SO WELL DESIGNED. Really. The lumbar thing is on this one, but while I didn’t like it on the Leap, I do on this one. The back seems less aggressive and there is no lower adjustment knob, plus I can just shove it down such that I don’t feel it. I like to play around a lot – I brew coffee with differences for grind, water temp, brew time, filtering amount, and a bunch of other things because it’s fun – and there are a lot of options here. I thought the arms would be a little much in some ways, but as I type this, I have one arm all the way wide, straight, and pushed back, while the other is narrowed, angled in, and pushed forward (works for my keyboard/mouse/desk space/dual monitor alignment). I’ve found two ways I like to sit (straight up, chair seat forward vs. recline #1 with a little resistance added and chair seat back, plus a little different height off the floor for each and find that adjusting the arms differs a little to keep the same contact with my keyboard/mouse) and sit in on Zoom meetings and webinars leaned further back with the arms all the way in and angled in/back. I also stand about every hour or so. It took a bit of time getting used to, and wish I still had another few weeks to decide but have two or so days left.
Anyway, it is 100% YMMV. And also I think that while you should never think it is you that makes a chair (or anything else) not work, you have to accept that you have to adapt to ergonomics to at least a certain extent unless you are the perfect approximate of a test dummy. Case in point, it pushed my hips out until I very consciously sat back in it; I had no contact with parts of my back until I toyed with height/depth/tension until I did have contact, and that differed for every different overall posture setup; the only way I could be at the right height for my keyboard when sitting upright I had to wear my indoor slides (sort of like Crocs, just marketed to runners so that we can pretend we are cooler than that), and so on. If I were a little differently shaped or less mobile things might not have worked, but they did for me and only when I thought about it. But as much as that all seems annoying, apart from the part about when I wear my slides it was not anything I couldn’t just do if I decided to (and I imagine that will become second nature if I keep it).
I don’t feel that it is perfect, in that I don’t feel like my lack of good posture, inconsistency with strength training, and all that will be solved by any chair, and beyond that I still worry that I’ll keep it past this week and end up regretting it should I find it not feeling worth substantial cash, but I do think it works for me as well as I could hope for. I just wish I paid more for the damn gray color, I plan on having this thing for over a decade and don’t want its lovely profile to blend in so much!
(If Dave from Crandall is peeking in, or anyone else knows, is it as insanely expensive to redo the fabric as I imagine? I am embarrassed by how much I regret that choice but will absolutely not come up with a pretend reason to take Crandall up on their offer for a free return just because I picked the wrong color.)
If any of you finished this, congrats I guess? Sorry, some ramblings helped me and I’m discursive by nature, so there you go…
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2022.01.19 02:02 Fall_Of_Autumn Hear Me Out: - Call of Duty: Operation Trebuchet

Call of Duty "D-Day style" set pieces in which you are an ODST member in a battle for a colony against the insurrectionists.... Made by Treyarch.
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2022.01.19 02:02 anisurrups 📖 Constitution 📖

📖 Constitution 📖
The fundamental principles that determine the form of a state are called its constitution. These include the method by which the state is organized, the distribution of its sovereign powers among the various organs of government, the scope and manner of exercise of governmental functions, and the government’s relation to the people over whom its authority is exercised.
Nature of a Constitution: The constitution does not create the state but is the outward formulation of state existence. Therefore, every state has a constitution, in the sense that certain principles underlie its existence and its governmental system. If this were not true, anarchy would result instead of a political organization. Sometimes the state’s constitution is definitely formulated in a single document or a series of documents. Sometimes, it is found in an established body of rules, maxims, and traditions following which its government is organized and its powers are exercised.
Constitutional government is distinguished from a personal government. It is based not on the caprice and whim of those who possess political power but on rules so clearly defined and so generally accepted that they effectively control the actions of public officials. It is a government of laws and not of men. A constitution, therefore, may be defined as a collection of norms.
The legal relations between the government and its subjects are determined and following which the state’s power is exercised, or the body of rules and maxims following which the powers of sovereignty are habitually manifested.
Kinds Of Constitution: Constitutions have been classified based on several distinctions:
1. Written and unwritten. A written constitution is one in which most of the fundamental principles of governmental organization are contained in a formal written instrument or instruments deliberately created. It is usually considered special sanctity, different in character from other laws, proceeding from a higher source, and alterable by a different and more difficult procedure. An unwritten constitution is one in which most of the governmental organization’s fundamental principles have not been reduced to definite written form or embodied in basic documents. It consists rather of a mass of customs, usages, judicial decisions, and statutes enacted at different times. It was not created by a constitution-making body but resulted from the state’s gradual historical growth.
The distinction between written and unwritten constitution: Is one of degree rather than of kind. All written constitutions that are m in existence for a considerable period accumulate a large unwritten element. They are modified by custom and usage and by judicial interpretation. Political practices grow up that are not incorporated into the written document so that its text does not correspond accurately with the existing form of political organization and powers.
In the United States, for example, the organization and powers of political parties, the method of nominating and electing the president, Congress’s procedure, and the powers of the federal judiciary rest upon political usage, not upon the written constitution. A reading of the United States constitution would give a very inadequate and inaccurate description of the American republic’s actual constitution as it works in practice.
On the other hand, though not formulated in a single don went, the constitution of Great Britain contains a considerable written element, scattered in many documents of different periods. Magna Charta, the Bill of Rights. Parliament’s important acts concerning the Crown and the House of Lords’ powers, and those that fix the qualifications for voting and the system of representation in the House of Commons form an important mitten element in the British constitution.
2. Flexible and rigid: The distinction between a flexible constitution and a rigid one rests upon how the constitution may be changed and the relation, therefore, which it bears to ordinary laws. If the ordinary lawmaking body and procedure may easily amend a constitution, it may be classed as flexible. In this case, constitutional law emanates from the same legal authority as ordinary law and has no superior validity.
If a constitution requires a special organ or a more difficult procedure or amendment than required or the creation of ordinary law, it may be classed as rigid. Thus, its lines are hated and emanate from a source different from that of ordinary laws that must keep within the bounds fixed by the constitution.
For the successful working of a rigid constitution, some organ of government must have the power to decide whether or not laws made by the ordinary government keep within constitutional limits. A law which the constitution forbids or a law made by a body that has not been given authority by the constitution to act in that held would be an unconstitutional law, hence not a law at all. The constitution of Great Britain is an example of a flexible constitution that the United States is rigid.
3. Historical and theoretical: A historical constitution grows through evolutionary experience or that incorporates long-established forms and practices of government. A theoretical constitution is founded on speculative assumptions or abstract ideals. After the Revolution and the utopian schemes proposed by Plato, More, Bacon, and Harrington, the constitution created in France are examples of the latter type.
Requisites of a Constitution. There are several characteristics that a good constitution should possess. It should be definite to avoid avoiding an occasion for dispute. There should be no question as to what the constitution is or what it means. In this respect, if carefully worded, the written parts of a constitution are more satisfactory than unwritten customs and practices. The tendency in legal development has been toward definite statements so that the law may be known and preserved.
A constitution should be comprehensive; that is, it should cover the whole field of government. In a general way, at least, it should make provision for the exercise of all political power and sketch out the fundamental organization of the state. At the same time, a constitution should be brief. In outline alone, should the constitution organize the state?
An elaborate and detailed constitution offers many possibilities for dispute as to meaning. Besides, a detailed constitution indicates distrust of government. Legislatures deteriorate and avoid responsibility if matters of importance are removed from their authority and decided in the constitution.
Finally, a detailed constitution is soon outgrown. New conditions render some of its provisions obsolete, and, whether by frequent amendment or by strained interpretation or by the growth of practices outside the constitution or by nonenforcement. It becomes unstable and unrespected.
Details of governmental organization and policy are not properly constitutional matters but should be left to the government’s ordinary lawmaking powers. The constitution of the United States contains about four thousand words. The newer constitutions of European states are more elaborate. In recent years, the constitutions drawn up by some of the American commonwealths contain upwards of fifty thousand words, including minute regulations that have no proper place in a constitution.
The proper contents of a constitution demand consideration. A consideration intended primarily to set up a framework of government. Its purpose is to outline the nature, method of selection, and powers of the various government organs and prescribe the general manner in which their powers shall be exercised. It indicates the various departments and divisions of government. A constitution should also provide a legal method of amendment so that it may be changed without revolution.
A constitution should be stable and, at the same time, flexible. In fixing the amendment method, a compromise is needed, which will permit changes to be made and at the same time will ensure that changes will not be made until it is certain that they represent the real and not merely the temporary needs and desires of the people.
There is also an advantage in including a Bill of Rights, which sets aside a certain sphere of individual liberty with which the ordinary government is forbidden to interfere. The constitution, therefore, prevents the encroachment of one organ of government on another or individual liberty.
In a word, it locates sovereignty within the state since, in outlining the powers of the various governmental organs and in providing a method of legal amendment, it arranges the total exercise of the lawmaking power. The action of any organ outside the scope of its legal competence, or in any manner except that prescribed, is not a legal act of the sovereign state but a revolutionary usurpation of power.
An “unconstitutional law” is thus a contradiction in terms. If it is unconstitutional, it is not law. When a law is declared unconstitutional, it is not considered that a lower law has come into conflict with a higher law, but that the law in question never was law since it was not properly created.
There is, then, no difference in validity between constitutional law and statute law. If legally created and enforced by the state’s authority, is the law equally binding? From a legal Standpoint, all laws are commands of the sovereign, enforced by its authority. Any organ of government, acting legally within its powers’ scope, creates law just as binding as the constitution.
A distinction between constitutional law and statute law may be made as to the method of creation and content. Statute law is created by the regular legislative organs of the ordinary government. Constitutional law in many states is created by a peculiar government or by unusual procedure on the part of the ordinary government.
In some states, as in Great Britain, even this distinction does not exist since constitutional law is created and repealed by the ordinary government. As to its content, constitutional law properly deals with the fundamental organization of the state. The minor details of government and man’s ordinary relations to man are properly left to statute law or administrative regulation.
A good constitution’s final requirement is that the constitution shall correspond to the state’s actual conditions. Sovereignty should be legally distributed following actual political power. That is, the legal sovereign should coincide with the political sovereign. Otherwise, there is a constant danger of revolution.
No constitution can be perfect and permanent since the best form of government is a relative matter, changing as conditions change. Therefore, a constitution should be flexible enough to permit change when necessary simultaneously; its modification should not be so easy as to sacrifice stability. The adjustment of these requisites depends largely on the legal method of amendment.
Read more : https://www.politicalscienceview.com/constitution/
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2022.01.19 02:02 TheRealLucas2018 What character(s) do you think deserve their own novel or comic?

My vote is for Miranda Keyes! For being one or the main characters of the original trilogy, there’s very little external media for her. I would love a Miranda novel or something like that!
Who would you like to see?
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