upozornění zkazí ti to den

2022.01.27 11:40 ondrasrek upozornění zkazí ti to den

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2022.01.27 11:40 Iwason3000 Master and apprentice

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2022.01.27 11:40 CanYasar-Odyssee "Amanita muscaria" design Stained glass Mirror that I made. Figures placed on asymmetrical mirror. 🍄

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2022.01.27 11:40 onlineweirdness Just ordered a S22i. 🙄

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2022.01.27 11:40 dirtyharrison Poll: Most Americans Fear Coronavirus Is Forever

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2022.01.27 11:40 Acrobatic-Clothes248 [Serious] People who have been bullied for bullshit reasons, what's your story?

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2022.01.27 11:40 dreeeeeeeam IU

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2022.01.27 11:40 mmagallan18 Pigs fighting

I just caught my second pig about 20 mins. ago (yes, CAUGHT) they are both pot belly pigs. the first one I caught back in September of last year and it has been in an old hog pen we had for when my sisters showed pigs (about 10'x5') I put the new pig in the pen with the 1st pig I had caught and they immediately started fighting, very scary being that I was in the pen with them and they both have about 3 inch tusks that are very sharp and I was wearing shorts and boots because I was only going to feed my animals and did not expect to see another pig by our hog barn. Is it normal for pigs to fight on sight when first being introduced? they aren't fighting anymore, they actually started to breed immediately after, was it just a dominance thing for breeding or should I separate them?
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2022.01.27 11:40 Expansive-Mind-1800 Next steps ??

Recently graduated in June 2021 with my Masters of social work newly licensed and working as a therapist now. I am unsure of where to go from here of what the next step is and should be. I have tossed around the idea of going to law school to be a lawyer for those with mental health issues but I am not sure what the next step is. Should I pursue a PHD if so what degree field will help me grow.
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2022.01.27 11:40 sir_Gamerman Arduino 4 camera build

There is a project where i have to put 4 cameras on an Arduino to take a picture. All 4 will have color lens and will be taken at the same time. Being fairly new to Arduino what parts would i need? What camera would be recommended to buy 4 of? Is there anything else i would need to purchase to pursue this project or is there an easier solution for this project?
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2022.01.27 11:40 di_ry 33/EU/ PS4, PC - looking for people to fuck around with, chat, and kill time. Serious gaming is also in.

I work remotely, and I have time to kill pretty much every evening. Sometimes I kill time with video games but none of my friends play games unless it's a button masher like MK, overcooked, or jackbox. But I always played a lot of games since NES, never was any good tho.
Here's what I currently play:

  1. Gran Turismo Sport
That's it, that's the list of games I currently play.
What I used to play / enjoy playing / would play (just multiplayer stuff, I like other games too)
Here's what I don't play:
What I'm open to playing: Pretty much everything, even the games on the list above.
My other interests: cars, sports, formula 1, marketing, movies, electronic music, animals, oceans, space, tech, people, psychedelic drugs.
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2022.01.27 11:40 Wide-Equivalent701 Divine Name of Light

Divine Name of Light
O my ignorant soul! You say, ‘The Oneness of the Divine Essence together with the
universality of the Divine acts, the Unity of Almighty God’s person together with His
unassisted comprehensive dominicality, His Singleness together with His unshared allembracing
disposal, His being beyond space and yet present everywhere, His infinite
exaltedness together with being close to all things, and His being One and yet Himself
holding all matters in His hand, are among the truths of the Qur’an. Yet the Qur’an is All-
Wise, and that which is Wise does not impose on the reason things which are
unreasonable. And the reason sees an apparent contradiction between these things. I
would like an explanation of them which will impel the reason to submit.’
The Answer: Since that is the way it is and you want to be certain and reassured,
relying on the effulgence of the Qur’an, we say: the Divine Name of Light has solved
many of my difficulties. God willing, it will solve this one too. Choosing the way of
comparison, which brings clarity to the mind and luminosity to the heart, like Imam-i
Rabbani, we say:
I am neither the night nor a lover of the night;
I am a servant of the Sun; it is of the Sun that I speak.
Since comparison is a most brilliant mirror to the Qur’an’s miraculousness, we too shall
look at this mystery by means of a comparison. It is as follows:
A single person may gain universality by means of various mirrors. While being a
single individual, he becomes like a universal possessing general qualities. For example,
while the sun is a single individual, by means of transparent objects, it becomes so
universal it fills the face of the earth with its images and reflections. It even has as many
manifestations as the number of droplets and shining motes. Although the sun’s heat,
light, and the seven colours in its light comprehend, encompass, and embrace all the
things which confront them, all transparent things also hold in the pupils of their eyes the
sun’s heat, and its light and seven colours, together with its image. And they make a
throne for them in their hearts. That is to say, with regard to Unity, the sun encompasses
all the things which confront it, while with regard to Oneness, the sun is present together
with many of its attributes in everything through a sort of manifestation of its essence.
Since we have passed from the comparison to a discussion of representation, we shall
indicate three of the many sorts of representation which will be a means to understanding
this matter.
The First: This is the reflection of dense, physical objects. These reflections are both
other than the thing reflected; they are not the same, and they are dead, without life. They
possess no quality other than their apparent identity. For example, if you enter a store full
of mirrors, one Said will become thousands of Said’s, but the only living one is you, all
the others are dead. They possess none of the characteristics of life.
The Second: This is the reflection of physical luminous objects. This reflection is
not the same as the thing reflected, but neither is it other than it. It does not hold the
luminous object’s nature, but it possesses most of its characteristics, and may be
considered as living. For example, the sun entered the world and displayed its reflection
in all mirrors. Present in each of the reflections are light and the seven colours in light,
which are like the sun’s qualities. Let us suppose the sun possessed consciousness, and its
heat was pure power; its light, pure knowledge; and its seven colours, the seven
attributes: the single sun would be present in all mirrors at one moment, and would be
able to make each a throne for itself and a sort of telephone. One mirror would not be an
obstacle to another. It would be able to meet with all of us by means of our mirrors.
While we are distant from it, it would be closer to us than ourselves.
The Third: This is the reflection of luminous spirits. This reflection is both living,
and the same as the spirits. But since it appears in relation to the capacity of the mirrors,
it does not hold completely the spirit’s essence and nature. For example, at the moment
the Angel Gabriel (Peace be upon him) is in the presence of the Prophet in the form of
Dihya, he is prostrating with his magnificent wings in the Divine Presence before the
Sublime Throne. And at the same moment he is present in innumerable places, and is
relaying the Divine commands. One task is not an obstacle to another. Thus, it is through this
mystery that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him), whose essence
is light and nature, luminous, in this world hears at the same time all the benedictions
recited for him by all his community, and at the resurrection will meet with all the
purified at the same time. One will not be an obstacle to another. In fact, some of the
saints who have acquired a high degree of luminosity and are called ‘substitutes’ (abdal)
have been observed in many places at the same time, and the same person has performed
numerous different acts at the same time.
Indeed, just as things like glass and water act as mirrors to physical objects, so the air
and ether, and certain beings of the World of Similitudes are like mirrors to spirit beings;
they become like means of transport and conveyance of the speed of lightning and
imagination. The spirit beings travel in those pure mirrors and subtle dwellings with
speed of imagination. They enter thousands of places at the same time. Despite being
restricted particulars, through the mystery of luminosity impotent and subjugated
creatures like the sun and semi-luminous beings restricted by matter like spirit beings
may be present in numerous places while being in one place, thus becoming like absolute
universals, and with a limited power of choice being able to perform many matters
Thus, what thing may hide itself from address of Oneness which is within the
manifestation of the attributes and acts of the Most Pure and Holy One through His
universal will, absolute power, and all-encompassing knowledge? The Most Holy One,
Who is far beyond and exalted above matter; free and exempt from any restriction or
limitation and the darkness of density; of the sacred lights of Whose Names all these
lights and luminous beings are but dense shadows; and of Whose beauty all existence and
all life and the World of Spirits and the World of Similitudes are semi-transparent
mirrors; Whose attributes are all-encompassing and Whose qualities, universal? What
matter could be difficult for Him? What thing can be concealed from Him? What
individual can be distant from Him? What person can draw close to Him without
acquiring universality?
Although by means of its unrestricted light and immaterial reflection, the sun is
closer to you than the pupil of your eye, since you are restricted, you are truly distant
from it. In order to draw close to it, you have to transcend numerous restrictions and pass
over many universal degrees. Simply, in effect you have to expand to the size of the earth
and rise as far as the moon, then you may be able to approach directly to a degree the
sun’s essential level, and meet with it without veil. In just the same way, the Glorious
One of Beauty and Beauteous One of Perfection is infinitely close to you, and you are
infinitely distant from Him. If your heart has strength, and your mind, eminence, try to
put the points in the comparison into practice. From Risale-i Nur Collections https://rnur.net/divine-name-of-light-46
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2022.01.27 11:40 ChewyPNewton How much does it matter if a party is Trotskyite vs Marxist-Leninist in the U.S?

I’m reading through this party’s publications and am shocked to find out how poor the analysis on China is. They consider the Reform and Opening up period a betrayal of socialism and even a counter revolution. I looked at the sources of the book and of course most citations are Lenin, Trotsky and Sam Marcy.
I’m super disappointed in this as I am a Marxist-Leninist and want to work with a ML group. However I have been doing decent work with this group and I wonder if it matters that much in the American context?
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2022.01.27 11:40 Bruh_to_Vietnam_team Well, Vietnam has realized something too late, especially as far as I have known.

Think about what Vietnam has done World Cup 2022 up until this point.
And remember this also: (TL;DR warning)
"If you've watched Vietnam in World Cup 2022, you got the ideas. If you haven't, hear me out: Vietnam lacks proper skills, sets, talents and don't have enough training or discipline to actually compete, compared to much of the rest of the World Cup. So you believe that Vietnam tried their best, therefore making them did good, but in reality, that is vastly hindered and clouded by such lackings (not enough training, talents, etc., as mentioned above), effectively rendering them unable to truly try their best, due to limitations that the team failed to address in time. Obviously, spirit and ideals won't be enough. Now you all would be learning this the very hard way.
And to add insult to injury, you pretends as if it's a miracle, just because this is the very first time Vietnam ever tried to go to World Cup, while at the same time, you claimed to not have any insistence of winning any of the opponents, albeit with various other things I'm gonna explain. Those have various problems, each alone is rather insulting by themselves each, but all combined with lack of things from training to discipline to talents would further compounds and justify the disappointment:

These reasons very much justifies my disappointment towards Vietnam national football team. Lack of training and talents, excessive cheering distance and difficulty around it, secret intention of winning, difference between qualification and getting in, unknowingly grave underestimating of required investments and the resulting arrogance are all the very good reasons why I'm very disappointed in Vietnam national football team. So good of the reasons, in fact, there isn't much to shorten this post without compromising anything, nor there's much to do for Vietnam national football team... Well, it can't be helped anymore: the damage has been done already (you know what happened). Vietnam national football team absolutely messed up very big time.
I know what you would probably think of this post. You would probably try and debunk what I said. You may even try to correct me, or give me your doubt towards this. But again, what I said here is 100% true, even if you don't realize it. And more disappointingly, you pretends like "who cares?" or whatever. But what I said is already the truth. All the reasons I've explained contains various proofs, secrets and backed up by several things. And not even the football enthusiasts (who would assume and "found out" that Vietnam has now competed in the exact same level as the international teams across the world, just because all are qualifying for World Cup now) wouldn't know the truth. Vietnam may be in the same competition, but at the current state, they hasn't been able to truly compete on the same level as international opponents; in fact, for the reasons I mentioned and explained and that Vietnam team are just newcomers.
So if you try to explain what's wrong with this post, it would now takes at least centuries (if not eons or even millenniums) to even just vaguely explain what's wrong with your explanation to even a single person, in real life or social media, let alone explaining clearly to a bunch of people anywhere. So my point stands true even if you're able to "counter" it. I'm sure I'm right about this. Now I see, Vietnam national football team sucks because they've been underestimating the required investments, doesn't have enough training not enough talents, not smart enough either, hypocritically denied any intention of winning that's to qualify, and fails to realize that their fans has difficulty cheering them up properly (due to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many of the fans to stay in home).
So that sums up the whole explaination. Nothing else to say at this point, because I have limits. Well, thanks, and hope you understand and admit this post."
TL;DR, that's what I meant. I can conclude that Vietnam national football team has done terribly and unacceptable this time around. What's up with? Anyways, I hope you understand what I said. Thanks.
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2022.01.27 11:40 justafanboy1010 There are so many videos and so many different Theories on which video and which order goes first and last in the RGCU So I mad a suggestion

We sort them by phases first: Like the actual MCU, just sort them by first.
Another is that we focus on one series at a time. Let’s just say that The Future is Dumb/The 90s is a spin-off of The First Guy.
Really go deep and put the first guy videos and sort them like phase one are these videos, phase 2 are these videos, etc..
Just a suggestion, I decided.
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2022.01.27 11:40 chreesh1333 How do I register a car in my name that originally had a private plate on it ?

Hey everyone,
Just purchased a used car in which the buyer is keeping their personal plate and has put the original plates back on the car.
I'm just wondering how I go about registering the car with its original plates again so I can sort out Tax and transfer my insurance over
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2022.01.27 11:40 Adelu1219 Disappear

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2022.01.27 11:40 spicytapsilog 27 [F4A] Looking for legit bagnet with feelings

I legit can't stop thinking about bagnet.
Any legit bagnet places in the metro?
Please send me some recos.
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2022.01.27 11:40 dirtyharrison Transgender 'Jeopardy!' Champion Amy Schneider Win Streak Ends

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2022.01.27 11:40 roadtrip-ne What are the odds?

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2022.01.27 11:40 RoggerUwU After many attempts, I finally managed to defend Poland from the Axis and avoid capitulating!

After many attempts, I finally managed to defend Poland from the Axis and avoid capitulating! I had to give eastern Poland to the USSR cuz 2 fronts is impossible for me...and since Germany couldn't get to Warsaw it couldn't do the focus to get wargoals against Denmark and Norway either.
Poland strong xD
I stormed Berlin
By the end of the war I caused 4 million loses to Germany but I forgot to screenshot it
And also Poland is now considered a major country
Italy was the only major enemy country left
I'm even the ally with the most war participation
Germany, Italy and Hungary are now Poland's subjects
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2022.01.27 11:40 hatewrecked2 Throwing up every couple days for several weeks (Post COVID)

My wife and I caught Covid and were diagnosed January 2nd. It’s now the 27th and she stopped all symptoms except vomiting. She vomits constantly.
There was a 10 day period starting about 1 week after first becoming sick where she would puke every single day. Now it’s more like every 2 or 3 days. She threw up at work Monday, went home to get better, then just threw up again this morning before work.
Took her to urgent care 2 weeks ago specifically for the vomiting but they didn’t run any tests and just said “yup that’s Covid” and sent her home with anti nausea medicine. She takes the medicine and still throws up. Now she worries her employer will retaliate because she has gone to work like 6 days out of the last 20 work days.
What can we do?
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2022.01.27 11:40 FabeaNN NA EUW EUNE RU TR Boost | FabeaN

EUNE EUW NA RU TR Boost ( Iron- D4) over 90% winrate
add me on discord to talk about prices :)
Discord : FabeaN#2194
VOUCH : https://www.reddit.com/Lolboosting/comments/nrxslc/fabean_vouch_thread/
Offline Mode (If u want)
VPN mode : ON
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2022.01.27 11:40 klausmox Destroy all humans classic is free on xbox japan!

Free without gold and nothing :)
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2022.01.27 11:40 ilolus Qu'est-ce qu'AntiTaff ?

Après la débandade antiwork et en faisant un petit tour sur les sub anglophones qui en parlent, j'ai remarqué qu'une large majorité de voix n'étaient pas vraiment « antiwork », au sens où ils seraient contents de faire 40h par semaine s'ils étaient payés plus (en gros).
Or personnellement je me considère comme « antiwork » : je suis pour la décroissance et donc l'arrêt de la surproduction, couplée à une diminution drastique du temps de travail (2j/semaine, puisqu'il y a peu ou pas de besoin superflus) via d'une part la répartition de ce temps de travail sur toute la population active (pas de chômage, tout le monde travaille mais pas en même temps), d'autre part une reconversion massive de la plupart des travailleurs du secteur tertiaire dans le secteur primaire et secondaire pour assurer les besoins de base, et une forte relocalisation de la production.
Je me base pour ce sur le livre de Philippe Bihouix « l'âge des low-techs » si vous voulez en savoir plus.
Bref, l'idée c'est effectivement pas d'arrêter de travailler mais ça va quand même plus loin que « juste » (car c'est vrai que les états-uniens partent quand même de bien bas) avoir la sécu, un meilleur salaire et cinq semaines de vacances par an. Donc ce petit post est là pour recueillir vos vues sur ce qu'est ou devrait être un mouvement « antiwork ».
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